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Mike Duffy: pig in the city

Canadian senator Mike Duffy, the porcine Conservative from Ottawa, has been caught in yet another scandal, this time for falsely claiming Prince Edward Island as his primary residence and  subsequently billing the Canadian taxpayers for related living expenses (more than $40,000 since 2010!). The truth is that Duffy hasn’t lived in PEI since about 1971 (a fact that is well documented by a long trail of official paperwork). His PEI residence is merely a cottage that he occasionally visits on holiday.

After this discrepancy started to bubble to the surface, Duffy ordered his staff to work on overdrive in a sneaky plot to cover up his offence, including scrambling to get him a PEI health card under false pretences. The fact that the faker clearly does not live in PEI means he isn’t even eligible to represent that province in the Canadian senate, meaning his senate position is totally illegitimate!

This is fraud and theft, pure and simple!

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For those not familiar with the puffster, he is a former public relations hack who pretended to be a journalist for decades, including on CBC and CTV. Desperate to be considered an Ottawa insider, his lackluster broadcasting career mostly consisted of blatantly kissing up to the movers and shakers of the political establishment in exchange for invitations to exclusive galas with rich gourmet cuisine.

Years ago, he was nominated for – and was denied – the Order of Canada three times, and this led the narcissistic  twat to write a letter to the selection committee, begging to be awarded that title while his dear old mother was still alive (Oedipus issues?) . He also sued the satirical magazine Frank for defamation, arguing that the reason he didn’t get the honour was that the magazine made fun of him. The owners of Frank settled out of court to avoid wasting thousands of dollars on lawyers’ fees.

Duffy is also the asshole who, at the funeral of former Liberal prime minister Pierre Trudeau in 2000, reminded his grieving widow that it was also the birthday of  her son Michel, who died in an avalanche in 1998. As a result of Duffy’s insensitive dig, Margaret Trudeau broke into tears and fell to her knees. The boorish ghoul grudgingly apologized, but the damage was done.

The height of his TV career was when he helped get the Harper Conservatives elected in 2008 by doing a hatchet job on Liberal leader Stephan Dion by airing interview outtakes that should have been deleted. In response to that sleazy partisan trick, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruled that Porky the propagandist had violated Canadian broadcasting  codes. He didn’t care; to him, the ends justified the means.

For his decades of loyal service to the Conservative elites, Duffy was rewarded with a senate seat, which is like winning the lottery. Duffy was happy as a pig in shit when he received that prize.

Soon after being undemocratically appointed by the hypocritical Stephen Harper (who campaigned on reforming – not stuffing – the senate), Duffy started jet-setting around the country on the taxpayer’s dime, openly campaigning for the Conservative Party and fraudulently claiming he was serving the public.

Senator Duffy is a real-life embodiment of the cartoon stereotype of a hoggish member of the upper class, and further proof that scum rises to the top. All that’s missing is the posh accent, top hat and monocle!

Like other gluttonous Tory welfare bums, Duffy provides no value to the world, and merely takes, takes, takes. There is simply no logical reason for him to exist on this overpopulated planet. Even the most ardent vegan would agree that it’s time to ship this swine to the abattoir.

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(For those who don’t recognize the man in this photo, it is actor Chuck Mitchell in the role of “Porky” from the Porky’s film trilogy.)

Senator Mike Duffy (Senate Scandal, has 31 criminal charges including bribery, fraud, breach of trust)

Senator Patrick Brazeau (Senate scandal, arrested for domestic violence, has been charged for Assault, cocaine possession, uttering threats, breaking bail conditions)

Senator Pamella Wallin (Senate scandal, RCMP allege she committed breach of trust and fraud)

Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu (being investigated by the RCMP as part of the Senate Audit, resigned)

Senator Don Meredith (Kicked out of Conservative caucus after it was revealed that he had an innapropriate sexual relationship with a 16 year old girl)

The list just keeps getting longer and longer. All of these people were appointed by Stephen Harper.

Eventually we have to point the finger at the PM himself. This shows very poor judgement.