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So I wrote to all Arkansas Senators, and this is one of the responses I got

I love the thinly veiled contempt he holds for my words. Can you spread this around so Arkansas residents know how unwilling to communicate about legislation that affects them he is?

Yeah, I got a similarly disappointing response (BY THE SAME SENATOR!) right after Beebe’s Veto of the 20 week bill:

Basically Senator Clark not only thinks it’s okay to make light of the fact that abortion is sometimes the only viable option for people with chronic conditions but also thinks that his constituents want him to vote this way and that “the most vocal are women”. I’d like to see these vocal constituents, as the only ones I know of are urging him not to vote this way.

*Edit: Since my screencap is so small and I can’t get it to be any clearer this is what was said:


Hi Senator, I am writing to ask you to uphold Governor Beebe’s veto of HB1037 and support sensible legislation. Unfortunately, HB1037 is not sensible for the following reasons:

1.) Most of the fatal fetal anomalies like skeletal displasias, malformed diaphragms, Edward’s syndrome, Anencephaly, and Patau’s syndrome are detected after 20 weeks. Forcing women to carry nonviable fetuses to term is cruel psychological trauma for women who have to tell well-meaning people in the bank and supermarket that the baby is not viable and yet she must carry it to term. Can you imagine having this conversation everyday around your town? Can you imagine your children or your daughters-in-law being forced to have this conversation with well-meaning strangers? It is an undue burden.
2.) The bill will be challenged in court since it is patently unconstitutional, which will be an astronomical cost for Arkansans, as Governor Beebe pointed out yesterday. In a climate where fiscal responsibility is an important consideration, this is an undue cost for Arkansas taxpayers. 
3.) While you may personally disagree with the medical practice, women who get abortions at 20 weeks or beyond really want their children but the medical complications threaten the fetus or the mother.

Everyone wants to reduce the number of abortions in the state but we do that with comprehensive sex education and contraception. The data is clear that more stringent abortion legislation leads to an increase in the number of abortions and those abortions are extremely unsafe. 

Thank you for your time and for serving all of the people in the state. Alan Clark: Thank you. I appreciate the time you have taken to provide me with vauable input. I will do my best to thoughtfully and carefully consider this matter and make the best decision.

1. The bill was amended to take into account the very issues you brought up.

2. There is every reason based on recent court decisions to believe the bill is constitutional The Attorney General budget will be the same with or without this bill.

3. Was answered in #1

4. My constituents sent me here to vote for this bill. The most vocal are women.

5. I agree with them.

State Senator