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The Modern Goddess

Aphrodite walks down the street, an unassuming young woman. She watches the men who follow women around, clawing at their hair, their clothes. She curses them on a watery tongue. They will drown on their own words tonight. 

Athena is at war in the senate seat, the streets, in her own head. She’s a strategist, a wise, nasty woman. She stands for the people who are thrown to the wolves, and gives them a sword so they can be the heroes she knows them to be. 

Artemis hunts down the abusers, the takers, the grim reapers. She shoots arrows of truth and revolution into the hearts of survivors. She is always just ahead in the tree line, crying for you to be free. 

Hera is the school teacher, the grandmother, a victim who notices your wounds and stays with you. She is a mother, firm grip on your shoulder as you stand up against violence, against anything bad for you. You will win today, you have no other choice. She looks at you and survival is etched in her face. 

Hecate is the friend that tells you to leave the asshole, who is a bodyguard, who threatens their tongues with their wrath. She cannot be moved, grounded in the earth. 

Hestia is a social worker who takes in runaways. She holds picket signs and feeds those who would not be fed. Who makes homes for the lost, the aged, the sick. She sees their strength and their trial by fire. She rewards them for their triumph up to this point.

Persephone knows how to fight for her love, how to break your mother’s heart for knowing who you are and what you want, realizing that was not what your family wanted. She waves pride flags, she sips wine at gay bars. 

"hamilton" summarised

act 1


aaron burr, sir: you’re an orphan? nice lets go mURDER THE GOVERNMENT (ft. drunk squad™)

my shot: im PAst patiently waitin im PASSionately SMAshin every expecTATion every ACTion’s an ACT of crEATion

the story of tonight: more drunk cuties

the schuyler sisters: FEMINISM GIRL POWER F U C K THE PATRIARCHY (ft. peggy bein a lil bitch)

farmer refuted: Sassy Ham™ (ft. dONT MODULATE THE KEY THEN NOT DEBATE WITH M E)

you’ll be back: king george iii is a psycho


a winter’s ball: salty + creepy burr (ft. LAAAAaaaAaAaaaADIES)


satisfied: did somebody say bitter (ft. goosebumps)

the story of tonight (reprise): drunk and gay (reprise)

wait for it: burr has secrets™


ten duel commandments: oKAY so we’re doing this

meet me inside: ham fucks up™


guns and ships: lAFAYETTE

history has its eyes on you: gwash has Feelings™

yorktown (the world turned upside down): that one line @ trump tbh, HERCULES MULLIGAN

what comes next: oh no king george is just hella salty


non-stop: HISTORY HAS ITSwhy do you assume you’re the smartest in the room why do you assume you’re the smartest in theNON-STOPhe will never be satisfiedISN’T THIS ENOUGHsatisfiedWHAT WOULD BE ENOUGH

act 2

what’d i miss: tjeffs is back from being a hoe in paris and he’s getting down to Business™ 😎

cabinet battle #1: FUCKN FIGHT ME ILL TAKE ANYONE — alexander hamilton, probably

take a break: spoiler! he doesn’t take a break (ft. UN DEUX TROIS QUATRE CINQQQQQQQQ)

say no to this: oh jesus what is that two letter word starting with n, ending with o, it has escaped my vocabulary completely

the room where it happens: so apparently aaron burr is Salt Personified™

schuyler defeated: bros don’t take other bros’ father in law’s senate seat wtf

cabinet battle #2: if u tie ur hair into a ponytail, u are a completely different person: confirmed

washington on your side: salty burr, jeffersalt, madisalt: the salthern motherfucking democratic republicans™

one last time: washington’s gone, thanks a lot jefferson

i know him: no it turns out that king george iii is actually a fCKN PSYCHOPATH

the adams admininistration: Great Googly Moogly, It’s All Gone To Shit™ (ft. sIT DOWN JOHN YOU FAT MOTHERFUCKER)

we know: so burr’s shady as fuck

hurricane: hoe don’t do it (spoiler! he does it)

the reynolds pamphlet: how to fuck up your own life for no good reason — by alexander hamilton


blow us all away: HE DIDNT MEAN LITERALLY ??¿ (ft. philip organising a threesome)

stay alive (reprise): count to ten in french after this without crying, i dare you


the election of 1800: alex likes causing drama. what a surprise(!)

your obedient servant: i have never talked shit about you. BUT IF I EVER DID here is a list of everything i said about you and when, it’s 30 years long, take your pick (ft. S A L T )

best of wives and best of women: he doesn’t go back to sleep

the world was wide enough: you done fucked up a-a-ron

who lives, who dies, who tells your story: eliza schuyler hamilton is an angelic cinnamon roll and the world does not deserve her, she singlehandedly made sure her idiot husband made history and she deserves more credit than she is given honestly (ft. your ugly crying)
Vulnerable Senate Democrats see fundraising surge ahead of tough midterms
Most of the Senate's 10 Democratic incumbents seeking re-election in states won by President Trump last year saw their fundraising climb significantly, ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Harry Reid told Elizabeth Warren she should run for president in 2020, report says

  • Former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid encouraged Massachusetts senator and progressive firebrand Elizabeth Warren to run for president, according to a new report from New York Times Magazine.
  • The news, pointed out by Vox, came out as part of a larger story by Charles Homans about the future of the Democratic Party.
  • Warren has already announced that she will run for re-election for her Senate seat but has declined in the past to say whether or not she is considering running for president. Read more (3/14/17 7 PM)
Key points

Does James Comey deserve to be fired? Probably.

Is it good that he’s being fired? No.

Why not? Because FBI directors are appointed by the President, and then confirmed by a simple majority in the Senate. Republicans currently hold 54 of the 100 Senate seats.

Is he being fired for his handling of the Clinton email investigation? That’s what they say, but no. Up until now Trump and Jeff Sessions have explicitly praised Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation. Trump specifically requested Comey stay on when he took office, after Comey had penned the infamous letter to Congress that they’re now blaming for his termination.

Why is he being fired, then? Because this will help Trump slow down or halt the investigation into his own administration. One small detail worth noting is that Trump specifically mentions this investigation in his letter of termination to Comey: “While I greatly appreciate you informing me on 3 separate occasions that I am not under investigation…" 

Is Trump still under investigation by the FBI? He claims he’s not. He is.

This is how it is: Trump gets sworn in January 20th. We’ve still got 2.5-ish months under the Obama Administration. Between now and then there’s the chance to make a media circus out of Donald Trump’s upcoming sexual assault trial, creating more friction between him and his party, giving us at least a little breathing room in congress. He’s appointing three new judges this term, so checks and balances (which weren’t really adjusted well for a two-party system) won’t be in good working condition for the Democrats (which counts third-party and non-voters and basically any minority because welcome to reality). 

So first thing: fight for that media circus. House reps will do ANYTHING for reelection. Friction within the party will force them to pick sides.

Second thing: VOTE IN 2018. Mid-term elections are a thing. ALL 435 SEATS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WILL BE CONTESTED. Go out and VOTE. We can win back the house. That’s one victory we sorely need. 33/100 SEATS OF SENATE WILL BE CONTESTED. We can win that back, too. 38 GOVERNORSHIPS WILL BE CONTESTED. If your county’s red, time to turn that around. VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH, 2018.

The clock is ticking guys.

useless facts about the founders of the US

george washington: had so many deadly diseases that no one knows how he survived to presidency. p sure it made him infertile. also basically caused the french and indian war by accident

thomas jefferson: was so obsessed with ruining aaron burr that he oversaw every part of his treason trial. made someone run back and forth between the courthouse and his home to keep him updated. is #inconsistent in his political ideas 

james madison: dropped out of college bc of anxiety and lied about it, telling everyone he’d been studying independently. tried to save the south from total agricultural dominance but was stopped by hi bff Jeffyson who was hot for farmers 

john adams: shocked everyone by doing the right thing and volunteered to be the lawyer for the soldiers in the boston masacre trial. when his wife wrote him a letter suggesting women may have rights in the new america, responded “that’s adorable” and probably told his friends

alexander hamilton: published letters under a pseudonym calling burr a ‘cataline’, a reference which implies mass murder, political conspiracy, and incestuous rape, because burr had taken his step-father’s senate seat #nochill

hercules mulligan: was somehow an effective spy despite being a very well known rebel (in every fucking comittee and member of sons of liberty) bc everyone loved his clothes SO much that they were willing to risk it. saved george washington from 2 assassinations mostly by accident. 

aaron burr: major speculation about if he wore silk when he dueled with hamilton bc they thought it could deflect bullets. everyone though he had a haram and warned he’d steal your virgins and pretty boys

benedict arnold: betrayed his country bc sempai didn’t notice him; was constaly ignored for his victories, got lots of texts from washington of ‘who dis?’, and was probably mistaken for benjiman talmidge frequently. 

baron von steubon: was too gay for europe. had a legit haram of pretty boys approved by president washington for his service in the war. is the reason one of adams’ sons ran across harvard yard naked. 

nathan hale: worst spy ever who no one should have let outside. they say he was hanged bc he was a spy, but i’m pretty sure they were angry his last words were such a sick burn

ethan allan: not always furniture. came to fight and had the fucking BEST time, may not have even known what the war was about when he joined

paul revere: sybil ludington road twice as long, through the rain, and over rough terrain to tell the local militia british troops were coming. went on with her life knowing she was better than everyone else

abigail adams: is the reason vaccines happened in the US which, coincidentally, is the only thing that kept the american troops from dying outright. salty as fuck and would have been a better president than her husband 


Tammy Duckworth wins Senate seat in Illinois

Democrat Tammy Duckworth has won the Illinois Senate race, beating out Republican incumbent Mark Kirk, the Associated Press reported at 9:03 p.m. Duckworth’s lead surged after Kirk attacked her family’s history of military service. Duckworth, an Army combat pilot who lost both of her legs in Iraq, talked about her Thai heritage and pointed out that her family’s military service dated back to the American Revolution. Read more
From Despair To Anger To Determination: A Ground-Level View Of The Democratic Evolution
Delaware's Stephanie Hansen had a unique look at how the party's mood was changing.

When Delaware Democrats nominated Stephanie Hansen on Dec. 21 to run in a special election for a state Senate seat, voting was just two months away.

She hit the campaign trail immediately. Although Democrats held a slight advantage in the district, she knew that special elections, like midterms, could be the party’s Achilles’ heel. Working-class voters tend to sit out contests not held in presidential election years.

As Hansen went door to door, she quickly realized she had an additional problem: utter despair and depression.

“All of the crazy things, all of the executive orders that created such chaos, hadn’t happened yet,” she told The Huffington Post. “What I saw on the ground, beginning in December, was that the Democrats in the community were very depressed, very sad. There was a lot of anguish, from Dec. 21 till right about the inauguration.”

Hansen had a unique ground-level perception of the electorate, a view that perhaps only her Republican opponent, John Marino, can share, as he also went door to door at the same time.

“As soon as the inauguration and the women’s marches [happened], Democrats and those who are like-minded became very angry,” Hansen recalled, citing the seemingly unending series of executive orders. “I watched that whole process happen. That anger turned into something different. It turned into determination.”

It was really a curious thing, going from sadness to anguish to anger and then into determination. From a sociological perspective, it was a great thing to watch that happen.

-Stephanie Hansen

As protests moved from airports to town halls, Hansen’s race caught the attention of Democrats around the country looking to channel their rage and newfound determination.

More than $300,000 poured in from small donors. Hansen said more than 12,000 individual contributors gave her an average of $24. Ultimately, she received more donations than votes. Still, she managed to crush Marino 58 percent to 41 percent in a race he had previously lost by just two points.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Burrcules dating secretly and when Aaron gets the senate seat he goes to his boyfriend all excited but Hercules doesn't know what to do since Aaron stole the seat of Alex's father in-law

Quietly hugs the headcanon that Laf only allows Hercules to call him “Gil” and even then only in private.

Send me a prompt if you want me to write something for you! If you use a list just specify old list or new list.

Herc stared at the TV screen, his face betraying none of the warring emotions he was feeling.

He knew he shouldn’t have gone to Alex’s Election Day party, but it was expected of him. It was the only way to keep up the appearance that he was single.

And now his Aaron had won a seat in the Senate, and he couldn’t celebrate because it meant that Alex’s father-in-law lost his job.

Alex was the first to react once everyone had processed the news.

“That son of a—!” Alex growled, his swear being cut off by Eliza’s elbow gently prodding his stomach. “Is he even a Republican?”

Herc knew it was now his responsibility to play the supporting friend, to comfort Alex, to tell him how awful it was. But how could he speak badly against the love of his life?

He felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He excused himself from the room and answered it without checking who was calling. He knew who it would be.

“Baby, we won!” Aaron spoke with the kind of intense emotion that only Hercules ever got to see. He was practically squealing. “I did it! I’m a Senator!”

Herc, lost in thought, didn’t respond.

“…Hercules?” Aaron asked, a mixture of fear and disappointment in his voice.

Hercules snapped out of it. “I’m sorry, I’m just… God, I’m so happy for you, honey. And I am so incredibly proud. I just want to kiss you and tell the whole world how proud I am of you. My boyfriend’s a Senator!” Herc hesitated and his tone became more serious. “But, I’m with Alex.”

“Oh,” Aaron said, understanding immediately.

“Yeah, and he’s not happy. I mean, the things he’s saying about you… I can’t just sit here and listen to them. Aaron, I want to tell everyone about us.”

“Are you sure?” Aaron sounded nervous. “Right now might be the worst time to tell them. What if they get mad at you? I know how much your friends mean to you.”

“I want to be able to support you,” Herc said with certainty. “I want them to know why I can’t be upset and if they’re not okay with it, well, it’s not their choice to make. I’m so tired of hiding how much I love you when right now my love is overflowing.”

“Okay,” Aaron said quietly. “If you think it’s the right decision, I trust you.”

“I’ll see you tonight,” Herc said. “God, I can’t wait to kiss you. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Herc hung up and went back into the main room, where he found Alex standing on a table and going on a tirade against Aaron.

“No one even knows what his beliefs are! Why would anyone—”

“Alex, can I talk to you?” Herc interrupted.

Alex jumped down off the table and followed Herc back out of the room. On the way, Herc also gathered John, Lafayette, and the Schuyler sisters. When they reached the hallway and Herc turned to face them, they all studied him with concern.

“What’s wrong Herc?” Peggy asked, seeing the nervousness on his face.

Herc took a deep breath. “I want to start by saying that I’m really sorry about Mr. Schuyler losing his seat, but I can’t be upset. Aaron… Aaron and I are dating. We’ve been dating, for quite a while actually.”

His friends stared at him with a range of different emotions. Peggy looked excited for him, the other Schuylers looked conflicted, John and Laf looked hurt, and Alex—well, Alex was pissed.

“How long?” he demanded.

Herc bit his lip. “Since a couple months before he decided to run.”

“A year?” John exclaimed. “You’ve been dating for over a year and you never told us?”

“Well we didn’t tell at first because we weren’t sure if it was going to work out, and then he decided to run against Mr. Schuyler and we didn’t know when the right time to tell was.”

“Definitely not now!” Alex said.

“I know I screwed up,” Herc said. “I’m sorry. But I love Aaron and I can’t hide that anymore. If you want me to leave I’ll go.”

“I think you should,” Alex said icily.

His friends went back into the main room and Herc went towards the door with his head held high, but he stopped when someone grabbed his arm. He turned to see Lafayette and it took all his strength not to crumble. His best friend was looking at him with tears in his eyes, with the kind of look people only get after going through the utmost betrayal.


“Why did you not tell me?” Laf said, his voice cracking. “I thought we told each other everything. I could have helped, I could have…” He trailed off and a sob forced its way out.

“Gil, I never meant to hurt you. I’m sorry. I should have told you.”

“A whole year…” Lafayette wiped at his eyes, then shook his head and walked away.

On the drive over to Jefferson’s house—that’s where Aaron was watching the election news—Herc tried not to think about his friends’ reactions, about the look on Gil’s face when he found out. Right now he had to focus on Aaron, on the biggest achievement of his boyfriend’s life. It was time to be happy.

Jefferson looked genuinely surprised to see Herc when he opened the door.

“Why are you here?”

Herc contemplated responding sarcastically, but reminded himself that he was there to celebrate.

“I would like to kiss my boyfriend,” Herc said. “After all, he did just become a Senator.”

Thomas frowned in confusion, then his face lit up in realization, then it went back to confusion.

“You and Burr?”

“Yeah, me and Burr. Now can I please see him?”

Jefferson stepped aside to let Herc in. Aaron was in the living room, chatting happily with James Madison. He heard Herc enter and looked up at him, surprise crossing his face.


Herc didn’t say anything. He crossed the room with a huge smile on his face, and then pulled Aaron into a deep kiss. Madison nearly dropped his drink in shock.

Herc eventually broke the kiss and rested his forehead on Aaron’s.

“I am so proud of you.”

Aaron grinned and stole another quick kiss. “How did it go with your friends?”

“That’s not important right now. What’s important,” Herc laced his fingers through Aaron’s, “is that you won.”

Jefferson cleared his throat, startling the two men back into reality.

“As touching as this is…” Jefferson drawled.

“Right,” Herc chuckled awkwardly. “Sorry.” He turned to Aaron. “D'you wanna go home?”


That night, after a hearty celebratory dinner, Aaron settled down on top of Herc on the couch. The election coverage was playing softly in the background and they were slowly drifting off to sleep when Herc’s phone rang.

“Babe, can you move?”

Aaron groaned but shifted so that Herc could pull his phone out of his pocket.




Aaron looked up at Herc with worry in his eyes. Herc gave him a smile that was meant to be reassuring.

I…I think I overreacted today. I’m sorry.

“It’s okay,” Herc said. “We should have told you earlier.”

Do you and Burr wanna come over? Everyone’s still here.

“Yeah, sure. We’ll be over in ten minutes.”

Aaron made a small sound of protest at having to get up, but he went to grab his keys anyways.


Alex greeted Herc with a hug, which caught the taller man off guard considering Alex’s aversion to touch.

Alex turned to Aaron and shook his hand. “Congratulations, Senator.”

“Thank you,” Aaron replied graciously. “I’m sorry about your father-in-law.”

Alex waved a hand dismissively and led them into the living room, where all Herc’s friends were gathered. Herc gave them a small smile as he entered, making sure it was obvious that he was holding hands with Aaron.

“Hey,” he said quietly.

The Schuyler sisters smiled at him, but John and especially Laf were still hesitant to meet his eyes.

“Hi Herc,” Eliza said kindly. “Hello Aaron.”

Aaron nodded politely.

“John? Laf?” Herc asked, turning his pleading eyes on his friends.

John broke first. He made the mistake of looking at Herc, and at how he was holding Aaron’s hand, and he couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey,” he said.

Herc saw that Lafayette would not be so easy.

“Laf? Can we talk outside?”

Lafayette reluctantly joined Herc in the hallway.

“Look, Gil, I’m really really sorry. I should have told you right away. Can you forgive me?”

He could see Lafayette debating with himself for what felt like an eternity.

Finally, he gave in. “Yes,” he said. “I forgive you. Just, please, never keep a secret from me again.”

Herc enveloped him in a bone-crushing hug. “Never. I promise.”

They went back into the living room, where the group spent the rest of the night laughing and drinking, all arguments having been forgotten. Hercules was happier than he had been in a long time, as he could now hug and kiss Aaron while being with his friends, and that was all he could really ask for in life.

uneventeeth  asked:

hi! i saw your post about midterm elections, did a bit of googling, and am still a bit lost. are midterm elections just regular elections??? cos they seem to happen every 4 years when presidents are elected. also, do i have to register to vote the day i turn 18 or the year i turn 18??? or months before??? i just wanna be ready cos i know whats coming is gonna be tough on us. thank you lots!!

The elections we refer to as Midterm Elections are held every four years, at the half-way point between presidential elections.

The big difference between a Presidential and a Midterm Election is, well, that you vote for the president in one and not the other. 

Midterm elections are held on a federal level because, by law, every House seat is open for re-election every two years, and every Senate seat is open every six years.

This is why in 2018 ALL 435 House seats will be up for re-election in 2018, but only 33 of the 100 Senate seats will be up. 

Also, midterm elections usually have state and local offices, issues, referendums, and propositions on the ballot. 36 of 50 state governors are up on the block in 2018. 

Please don’t underestimate how important your local issues are: whatever the federal government passes down, its usually up to the state how those laws will be enforced. See: like all of reproductive rights 

As for your questions regarding WHEN you can register:

Most states only require that you be 18 before the next election when you register. Check out the requirements for your state HERE.

So, for example, if you turn 18 ON OR BEFORE November 6th, 2018, you can probably register to vote now. 

Some states, like California, even give you the option of registering to vote on the same for that you use to register for a DL, a permit, or a state ID. 

HOWEVER: Not all states have the same rules regarding voting registration.

  • Alaska: Be at least 18 years old or within 90 days of your 18th birthday
  • Connecticut: Be at least 17 and turning 18 before Election Day

  • District of Columbia: Be at least 17 years old, and turn 18 years old on or before the date of the next general election

  • Georgia: At least 17 ½ years of age to register and 18 to vote.

  • Iowa: 6 months before 18th birthday

  • Louisiana: Must be 17 years old (16 years old if registering in person at the registrar of voters office or at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles), but must be 18 years old to vote.

  • Missouri: 17 ½ years of age to register, 18 years of age to vote

  • Nebraska: 18 years of age on or before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of the current calendar year.

  • New Jersey: 17 years of age to register, 18 years of age to vote

  • New Mexico: 17 years of age to pre-register, 18 years of age to vote

  • New York: 18 by end of calendar year that you register (note: you must be 18 years old by the date of the general, primary or other election in which you want to vote).

  • West Virginia: Must be 17 years old and 18 before the next general election. 17 year olds may register and vote in primary elections if they turn 18 before the next general election.

  • Wisconsin: Be at least 18 years of age on the day of the election to be eligible to vote. Persons who are otherwise eligible to vote may register to vote at 17 years of age if they will be 18 by the next election.
Hope this helps!
I Blame Us
It is our fault. We allowed it. We are allowing it right now.

Here’s the thing: Yes, Mitch McConnell is a terrible human being, and an awful influence upon the United States. We could make a long list of politicians equally craven and/or evil. That could be matched by the list of those who are “merely” stupid, foolish, or incompetent. And, for each of the very worst of them, there are – quite literally – millions upon millions of citizens who support them in their efforts to roll back civil rights, gender equality, and environmental protection accomplishments won over the past several decades (among other essential, and civilized, aspects of our society). There is no shortage of people at whom to point, and shriek, “Shame!”

But, it’s our fault. We let it happen. I blame us.

And, by “us,” and “we,” I mean the ones who know better. The ones who understand the atomically simple fact that the verb “progress” is the one to which a sane society ought to, and must, aspire. That the noun “progress” is something every sane society should aspire to obtain. And that the adjective “progressive” (whether describing someone who “gets things done,” or not) must accurately describe a society, and its leaders, or that society is headed in precisely the wrong direction, if it’s headed anywhere at all.

It is our fault. We allowed it. We are allowing it right now.

Because “taking” anything “back” in 2018 is not a strategy. It is an aspiration. It is also, I would argue, quite possibly a pipe dream. As of this moment, after all the excitement over a “merely” seven point loss in Kansas, there is still no hard evidence I have seen to support a probability of congressional districts, senate seats, or statehouses swinging left eighteen months from now. And, if I’m correct in this skepticism, “impeachment” is a concept even more fantastical, perhaps akin to a fever dream. Don’t count on it.

Besides, November 8, 2018 is too far away. Untold damage will be done by then. From my viewpoint, not only legislatively. I fully expect every effort to be made to fully deconstruct whatever remains of the already imperfect “fairness” of our representative democracy prior to then. Meaning, it might very well be impossible to “vote them out,” even if you could gather enough with admirable intent. Seriously.

In fact, the deathblow to our democracy has probably already been delivered, and absorbed. And that assault, and concomitant acquiescence, is probably the best example of how, and why, it is our own fault, and our own failure. Just this past week, twelve months after Mitch McConnell announced that he and his Republican cohorts would unconstitutionally refuse to allow Barack Obama to appoint a Supreme Court justice to replace the recently deceased Antonin Scalia, Neil Gorsuch was confirmed for a lifetime appointment to the Court.

Twelve months. A full trip around the sun. Four full seasons. A human Earth year. That was the time during which we – the ones who know better – failed to act, to implement, to demand, that what was wrong be made right.

And I truly believe the victory that has been achieved, and cemented, by the evil components of our society, along with their co-conspirators, could have been prevented. But we didn’t do it.

I’m not talking about turning out to vote. Yes, voting is essential. Voting might be one of the most primal, and crucial, expressions of agency in our world. It is also pretty much the most passive. Voting is a means for helping guide the general direction of the every-so-slowly turning ship of state. But it bears little relationship to the urgency of insisting upon something specific, and immediate. It is only distantly related to the act of saying, “We will not sit down, and we will not sit still, until you do as we say.”

So, what could have been different? Well, if 200,000 people had shown up on the steps of the Supreme Court on March 17, 2016, the day after Mitch McConnell announced his party’s usurpation of President Obama’s rightful appointment, and if 200,000 or so had stayed, or been consistently swapped and replaced, for days and days afterward, I highly doubt the coup-like theft would have occurred. McConnell and his cabal would have backed down. Quite possibly a fraction of that number could have done the trick. But, we didn’t do that. We relied on editorials, and opinion pieces, and petitions. We expected to win an election. And, so, the coup became a fait accompli.

Because editorials, and opinion pieces, and elections are not insistence. They are not effective resistance. They are statements. They are suggestions. We have, it appears, lost our ability to make demands.

That was twelve months ago. A full trip around the sun. Four full seasons. A human Earth year. In that time, an election was lost. Since then “usurpation” has become something quainter than it was in March of 2016. The assaults upon our society have been relentless, blunt, blundering, and, by political standards, perhaps, “ineffective.” But, in terms of their actual effects on our lives, and our times, they have been, and will continue to be, overwhelmingly impactful. The effective opposite of “ineffective.” Courts may have struck down Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban,” but people who were supposed to be protected are being deported. Rivers and streams are being polluted, where they weren’t before. Pipelines without prior permission are now pumping oil, while the Chinese are selling solar. The EPA is not only being defunded, but its troves of scientific data are being hastily deleted, and destroyed. Not only are policies being diametrically altered, but our scientific history and knowledge base is being anti-factually rewritten, or simply eliminated. No one should be fooled by legislative victories or losses. The bureaucracy is not only being dismantled, it is being transformed into a mechanism for destroying (to give an incomplete list) the poor, the vulnerable, the non-native, the non-Christian, non-white, non-male, non-heterosexual. Indeed, anyone outside of the administrative, and corporate, powerbase. In short, anyone who opposes the aims of those in authority. Which, if it needs to be said, is pretty much a definition of “authoritarian.”

I’m not exaggerating. If anything, the opposite.

This past week, hearings were held on the twelve-month-delayed Supreme Court appointment. The Democratic Party mounted a significant, if merely symbolic, attempt at obstruction. Attention was successfully drawn to the issue. The U.S. citizenry were handed another perfect opportunity to protest, and to resist. To make a demand. There was barely a whimper. Yes, phone calls were made. Petitions were circulated. Critical commentary was broadcast. Voices were raised, in what now passes for “protest.” None of this, by itself, is what was needed. None was sufficient.

I’d posit again that had 200,000, or half that number, or half of that, shown up on the steps of the Court, in concert with the Democratic filibuster, in tandem with revelations of Neil Gorsuch’s penchant for plagiarism; if 200,000 had stood, and had stayed, and had said, “No, this we will not allow,” that it would not have occurred. The so-called “nuclear option” would not have been as easy to employ, and I believe it would not have been implemented. Because 200,000 bodies speak more pointedly than Lawrence O’Donnell. They are also much less funny than Rachel Maddow, and I’m not among those who believe satire will save us. I believe the compendium of occurrences – the unprecedented natures of the theft, of the rule change, of the public outcry in the form of bodies lining the plazas of Washington, D.C. – would have averted the travesty.

In my own perfect dream world, would I have applauded if Barack Obama had thrown ex-presidential tradition to the wind and, adopting civic activism as his new mantle, led this campaign? You bet. Do I think the chances for forcing the abandonment of the current cabal’s opportunistic, kleptocratic, authoritarian takeover ambitions would have been increased if he’d been joined by Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George H. Bush; Maxine Waters, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris; hell…Sheryl Sandberg – all stating together that, “This is unacceptable…This is wrong…We condemn this together…And if you arrest any of them, you’ll have to arrest us, as well”? Yes, I wish it would have gone down that way. Because, a) I think, with such powerful and diverse civic and corporate leaders, masses of people might actually have followed, and appeared; and b) I think the presence of all surviving ex-presidents would have helped insure the masses’ success. Not all of them withholding endorsements during an election, as they did. All of them putting their bodies and freedom on the line, and encouraging other Americans to do so, in a joint statement of, “You have now gone too far.”

It was certainly called for. Why it didn’t occur, I’ll leave to others to speculate. No former presidents offered to lead the resistance to what I think is easily categorized as the most egregious authoritarian overstep the U.S. has known in my lifetime. In their absence, words of opposition were spoken by citizens and commentators. Gestures were made. Not demands. There were no demands. There was no insistence.

This is why I say it’s our fault. Because the one thing that, in my opinion, would have worked was not employed. We allowed it. It could have been stopped. That’s not to say Mitch McConnell isn’t “a cancer upon our democracy,” as I’ve seen him described. It doesn’t mean Donald Trump, and Mike Pence, and Steve Bannon aren’t the most despicable of villains, whose venality would make the merest resistance, much less progress, much more difficult than if they weren’t elected (well, some of them weren’telected), or, better yet, didn’t exist. But they do exist, as do their supporters, and enablers. And elections, and scheduled demonstrations, are insufficient, and will never be sufficient, to keep such villainy from triumphing. It will take massive resistance, yes. But much more active resistance than has been demonstrated thus far, in which demands are made, and insisted upon. Not outrage. Not protest. Not votes (because they can’t be depended on). Demands, which, unmet, lead to constant, escalating non-compliance, and disruption.

We didn’t do it. Even when a clearly stolen lifetime appointment to the highest court of our land, virtually assuring rollbacks of precious, and essential, rights was at stake. And, from my point of view, it’s quite possible that we will never have such a clear opportunity again. Not in such peaceful fashion, anyway. Because now that those in power have seen that there is no willingness to resist in truly demanding fashion, why would they ever acquiesce to any sternly worded request, or even harshly delivered threat, again? If the will to make peaceful demands isn’t strong enough, it’s hard to imagine people taking stands requiring real personal injury, and perhaps even physical harm.

That’s not to suggest it’s impossible that the future might be brighter than it appears to me right now. It doesn’t mean that determination to disrupt, and demand, won’t escalate. But, so far, in this nation, at this moment in time, aside from a few scattered subgroups (which have endured significant marginalization as a result), I have not seen such strength of will and purpose demonstrated. I hope I’m wrong. If I’m right, I hope the change is yet to come. But, so far, as of today, we didn’t do it. We let it happen. I include myself. It’s our fault. I blame us.

When Barack Obama won in 2008

The media claimed that the Democrats would hold power for at least 40 years because Bush was SO BAD that there was no way that the American people would allow Republicans to hold power again….. 2 years later they lost the House, 2 years after that they lost senate seats, and more seats in the house, 2 years after that  they lost the Senate, and lost more house seats, and then just 2 years later not only did they lose more seats in the house, and senate….. but they lost the majority of the Governorships, majority of American counties, and the GRANDDADDY of them all… the Presidency. 

all that, and Hillary Clinton was suppose to win in the biggest landslide in American Politics.

Moral to my story……The media is fake bullshit as usual. 

  • hamilton: i always considered you a friend
  • burr: i don't see why that has to end
  • hamilton: you changed parties to run against my father-in-law
  • burr: alexander, i'm going to say something, and i need you to listen
  • burr: it's going to hurt your feelings and you won't want to believe it, but it's true:
  • burr: not everything i do, has to do with you
  • hamilton: what?!
  • burr: honestly, you're the source of maybe 2% of my decisions
  • hamilton: bullshit, you made this personal by-
  • burr: 3% at *most*
  • hamilton:
  • burr:
  • hamilton:
  • burr:
  • hamilton: fine enjoy your stupid senate seat who cares
Hades and Persephone - Ch. 4

Summary: (Y/N) remains in Naboo for 3 weeks, trying to get her kingdom back on track. Though her time in diplomatic meetings go smoothly, she continues to be haunted by the thought of Kylo alone in his Emperial palace. Meanwhile, Kylo’s anger after these 3 weeks has disintigrated into more of a depression, convinced by his impatience and his tortured psyche that (Y/N) will likely never return to him.

A/N: Sorta angst, but I promise it gets better :) hope you all enjoy!

Surrounding a grand wood table, beams of sunlight illumintaing it, in the main hall of your palace senators of every rank from the surrounding planets sat. Despite all the formalities between dignitaries and their staff, you couldn’t help but to acknowledge the tension sitting in the air. After your assumed capture by the Emperor, everyone was on their highest alert. Whispers spread past the palace walls of your capture, despite the palaces best efforts to sweep it under the rug. Soon enough, everyone and their mother had something to say and something to fret over.

Much like your staff, the people of your lovely planet seemed to have a certain innocent perception of you. To them you were an endearingly innocent, endlessly caring and rather naive. Though you were caring and to a certain degree innocent, you were by no means as naive or innocent as everyone seemed to perceive you as. 

No one except one.

Goosebumps faintly raised from your flesh at the mere thought of him, sending a short shiver down your spine. Shaking your head faintly, you turned your attention back to the table before you.

“But will these increased measures of security be enough?”

“Senator Janub has a point. What if the security we impliment is not adequate enough to keep the Emperor out? What if he manages to break in?”

One senator, his eyes seeming to wander into some sort of frenzied state as he faintly trembled, leaned forward. Pausing for a long moment, he waited before he spoke in an almost hauntingly quiet tone.

“He’s not just an Emperor…you know that don’t you? …He is no mere mortal sitting on a throne. His force sensitivity is so entrenched in darkness…so incredibly powerful it has baffled some of the greatest jedi masters we have to date. Just when you think you have finished him, he only manages to become even more powerful than before.”

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