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Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

-U2, Pride

1. Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil rights activist; killed April 1968

2. John Lennon: Musician; killed December 1980

3. Mahatma Gandhi: leader of Indian independence movement and advocate for nonviolent protest; killed January 1948

4. Harvey Milk: First openly gay american politician to be elected to public office; killed November 1978

5. Robert F. Kennedy: Brother of JFK, american senator and democratic presidential candidate nominee; killed June 1968 during presidential campaign

6. Benazir Bhutto: Pakistan’s first and only female prime minister, first woman to be elected as the head of an Islamic state’s government; killed December 2007

7. Abraham Lincoln: US President, abolisher of slavery; killed April 1865

8. Indira Gandhi: First and only female prime minister of India; killed October 1984

9. Anwar Sadat: President of Egypt, won Nobel Peace Prize for negotiations of peace with Israel; killed November 1981

10. John F Kennedy: US president, passed civil rights acts; killed November 1963

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I'm also a huge fan of Senator Franken. Do you think he'd be a potential candidate for 2020? I think he definitely has the right personality for it, and his humor could definitely help and hurt him in the same way during a presidential campaign as during his first run for senate. Do you think he's interested, or would he be more valuable in the Senate?

Yes, I definitely believe that Senator Franken is a potential Democratic Presidential candidate in 2020 and I hope he does run. I think he’s one of the candidates that would do best against Trump because of Franken’s personality and past experiences. One of the biggest advantages that Franken has due to his background in comedy and television is that he understands messaging a lot better than most candidates – especially most Democrats. Franken spent his life as a comedian where his job was to write material that connected with an audience. In his previous career, Franken needed to build the body of his jokes up to the point where he delivered a punchline. That’s surprisingly useful training for a politician. Writing comedy is certainly not on the same level as political rhetoric, but they are both difficult forms of communication to master. Part of the reason that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 was because he was better at delivering his message. Trump’s message was intolerant and ignorant, but it connected with the people he needed it to connect with, and that’s a big part of his victory. I believe Franken could do a far better job of messaging than Hillary and her campaign did, and no matter who the Democratic nominee is in 2020, messaging and communication needs to be on point.

I’m not sure if running for President is something that Al Franken really wants to do, but I get the feeling that he’s considering it. On WTF with Marc Maron, Franken actually brought up the fact that some people have mentioned the possibility and suggested, only half-jokingly, that Trump’s election as President made the idea of Franken running for President less crazy than it previously seemed. When Maron pressed Franken on the possibility, Franken was non-committal and reinforced how much he loved serving in the Senate. He didn’t acknowledge any ambition for the Presidency, but he didn’t completely rule out the possibility, either. And, quite frankly, he gave the answer that pretty much every incumbent politician gives when they are asked if they are eyeing a run for higher office. 

Franken is a great Senator, he genuinely enjoys the job, he seems to get better at his responsibilities and gain more insight on the institution every day, and he loves representing his constituents and working on behalf of his home state of Minnesota. But if someone like Senator Franken has the opportunity to run against and defeat some like President Trump, I think it would undoubtedly be worth risking a Senate seat. No political party likes to gamble with a vacant seat in Congress (especially in the Senate), but giving up a Senate seat in Minnesota isn’t as big of a gamble as in other states. Since the turn of the century, Minnesota Senate seats have largely been dominated by Democratic candidates (or, since we’re talking about Minnesota specifically, DFL candidates), so if Franken vacated his seat to run for President there would be a pretty good shot for the Democrats/DFL to hold on to it on Election Day.

If Senator Franken does seek the Presidency, I believe it will be out of earnest public service rather than pure ambition, and because he sincerely feels that he’s in a better position to take on President Trump and defend the progressive values that inspired him to run for the Senate in 2008 – the same progressive values that were once the work of and are now the legacy of his late friend, former Senator Paul Wellstone. As I said in an earlier post, I’ve been on the Al Franken Bandwagon for a while now. We’re a long way away from the 2020 cycle, but I would like to see the Franken Bandwagon head in the direction of the White House.


Facebook proudly advertises ability to sway elections

  • The website where Facebook pitches its ad offerings to the clients that buy up user data for advertising includes a new kind of case study:
  • The campaign to re-elect Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey to the United States Senate.
  • Facebook shows off the way Toomey’s campaign used Facebook to spread the “best content to influence voters,” as New York Times writer John Herrman pointed out on Tuesday.
  • “This campaign used a made-for-Facebook, audience-specific content strategy to significantly shift voter intent and increase favorability for a U.S. Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, contributing to his re-election,” Facebook says on its pitch site for selling ads.
  • Toomey’s online ad buys, according to Facebook, resulted in a 19.4% increase in “voter intent” among women age 45-54, as well as a 10.5% increase for all people age 55-64.
  • The online social network is highlighting the Toomey campaign’s ability to make ads that performed exceptionally well on Facebook even as it downplays the ability of the site to influence elections. Read more (3/1/17 10:58 AM)

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A strange and unsettling thought: There is a room full of old white dudes, nearly 1000 miles away, who have no idea that I personally exist, yet are trying to pass laws in order to control my body.

These are the same old white dudes who could give a flying fuck what happens to the child that I might be forced to have as a result of their laws.

Spy game - Jonathan Pine/fem!reader (The Night Manager) Smut

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This is a birthday present for @gothams-darkest-desires (♥) who I asked to tell me what she wanted to read.

And I tag @ascoolasathestral and @amandajuly81 because I know you love Tom Hiddleston too.

Summary: You are a spy and so is Jonathan. You are targetting the same man, but not for the same mission. A confrontation is required.

Spoilers: Post - The Night Manager

Warnings: Dom/Sub, Explicit smut, Bondage, Spanking

The sun had just disappeared behind the horizon, releasing its last rays of light onto the clouds and colouring them in orange, and yellow and pink. Florence was a breathtaking city at dusk. From the rooftop terrace you had a nice view of the gorgeous sky and the Italian urban area but your attention was focused elsewhere.

Laughter was erupting from painted lips, expensive champagne coated the tongues exchanging pleasantries. False warmth, false trust, hiding underlying danger. This was your world and you knew how to slither through it. A long split cocktail dress moulded your curves perfectly, subtle make-up embellished your eyes and lips. You were surveying the guests, the waiters and the host: the Senate candidate Marcello Anconi, your mission. Yet tonight he wasn’t your target. A tall blond man was engaged in a light conversation with Anconi, who clearly appreciated his participation. Sharp cheekbones, strong jaw, expressive blue eyes, thin lips, it was very hard not to find this man attractive. Actually, he easily outshone everyone else on this terrace, from his looks, his charm and his eloquence. You needed to have a little talk with him.

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Just wanted to share few (kind of) thoughts about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

and what some (most) people seem to complain about.

One thing, before I start. I’m Italian, so obviously English is not my mother tongue. I want to apologize in advance for the (many) possible mistakes I’ll make.

I really, really enjoyed this movie, not only because it’s been 5 years (!) since Deathly Hallows has been released (so many years, I’m gonna cry) and I missed Harry Potter’s world so much, but also for many other (and deeper) reasons:

  • Eddie Redmayne. God bless him. Most people know him for The Theory of Everything and/or The Danish Girl, which are pretty recent movies. But I’ve known him since The Pillars of the Earth (2010) and I can tell you he was already an amazing actor. Through these years he even improved his terrific acting skills. Just think about how detail-oriented he is and how every expression he makes is thought out and calculated. He’s so talented, yet so grounded and kind. We can really consider him one of the best contemporary actors.
  • Ezra Miller. This young man never ceases to amaze me. I’ve known him since We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) and, like Eddie Redmayne, he was already brilliant at that time. This movie has only confirmed my opinion. His acting is extremely expressive, he elevated the quality level of the movie. Especially if we think that he played an abused and damaged character (two of the hardest conditions to impersonate for an actor) with admirable accuracy and realism in a movie that isn’t supposed to be angst and that the public opinion consider to be affable and enjoyable. I’m so proud of him for having been able to do that.
  • Tina Goldstein. A very well-played character. Didn’t really like her at first, but I changed my mind during the movie. She’s strong and determined yet quite insecure. Katherine Waterstone could show each trait, suiting perfectly her character.
  • Colin Farrell. Do we really need to talk about him? Don’t think so.
  • The whole cast. From the freaking scary little girl singing freaking scary songs about burning witches, to the stupid Senate candidate. All the actors played masterfully their roles.
  • The set. New York, roaring ‘20s, I don’t need anything else, I swear.
  • The soundtrack. I loved every damn track from this wonderful score (also, Hedwig’s theme had me crying the Niagara falls tbh).
  • The beasts. Colourful, sweet, majestic and fabulous. Love them.

Am I missing something? Hope not.

And now let’s talk about what so many of you seem so keen to complain about:

  • Johnny Depp. For God’s sake, are you really complaining about his presence in the movie? Fight me. First of all, he’s one of the greatest actors this damned planet has ever seen. He’s played so many roles, so different one from another and succeeded in every of them. Second of all, I figured out most of you criticize him not for his acting skills, but for what happened with Amber Heard. What does that have to do with it? Also guess what, we do not know what really happened! There aren’t any proofs proving what Depp was accused of. (Obviously I am NOT saying that beating a woman or whatever is fair, I’m just recommending you not to jump to conclusions and judge without knowing facts). I think you need to learn how to separate the person from the actor.
  • The lack of black people. Jfc, the fucking President of MACUSA is a black woman. Now, with this I don’t want to insinuate that there were plenty of black people, I’m just suggesting not to overstate the question.
  • The contextualisation. For all of those who “Rowling seems to have forgotten all the situations that were going on at that time in USA (ex slaves, natives, etc.), it’s so superficial”, shall I remind you that this movie is actually a slice of life and doesn’t represent the whole situation of the entire wizarding world in USA? It’s just a point of view, besides Newt’s one. Moreover this is the FIRST of FIVE movies, can’t you wait? Maybe in the next one those questions will be solved.

I think I’ve finished, but before the very end, I just wanna ask you: why, for once, can’t you just enjoy a good movie, with a really pretty plot, amazing actors and stunning special effects?

To the one who managed to read until this point, thank you, you were very brave. I’m sorry for the length. And for the bitterness, hope I didn’t go too far and didn’t offend anyone.

Okay, I’ve really finished this time. All the love.

July 4, 2017

The date I got called “unpatriotic” by a relative of Franz Kafka for daring to have to work on Independence Day instead of attend a former senator/gubernatorial candidate’s barbecue as the only two people under the age of 60

A new poll shows the health care bill could crush Senate Republicans
The poll numbers for Senate Republican candidates take an approximately 30-point hit when voters learn they’re supporting their party’s bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, according to a poll set to be released on Friday. The poll found that, in a vacuum, voters in 10 battleground states are split almost evenly about Republican senate candidates — with 21 percent of voters viewing them favorably and 20 percent viewing them unfavorably. Read more