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Democrats escalates pressure on GOP to conduct investigation on Trump-Russia collusion.


Bernie Commercial That Would’ve Won Election If Aired Nationwide

All I could accomplish would be to make a fool of myself. I don’t hold public office. I don’t have a party position. I don’t have a party platform. I don’t have any troops. The only thing more impotent than a former President is a cut dog at a screwing match.

Former President Lyndon B. Johnson, when asked how involved he planned to be in the 1972 Presidential campaign.

(Pictured at top: Senator George McGovern, 1972 Democratic Presidential nominee, visits with former President Lyndon B. Johnson at the LBJ Ranch near Johnson City, Texas, August 22, 1972; Bottom photo: LBJ shakes hands with Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Sargent Shriver at the LBJ Ranch in Texas on August 22, 1972 with Senator McGovern and Lady Bird Johnson nearby.)
Vulnerable Senate Democrats see fundraising surge ahead of tough midterms
Most of the Senate's 10 Democratic incumbents seeking re-election in states won by President Trump last year saw their fundraising climb significantly, ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

“…I’ve just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” – President Barack Obama to ABC News’ Robin Roberts, May 9, 2012.
During the heated 2008 presidential primary campaign, then-Senator Barack Obama distinguished his position on LGBTQ-rights from other Democratic candidates by calling for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in its entirety, whereas other candidates generally called for the repeal of Section 3 of DOMA, which barred federal recognition of same-sex marriages, but not the repeal of Section 2, which allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.
In 2011, during President Obama’s first term, his Justice Department announced it would no longer defend DOMA, a crucial step in the legal fight for marriage equality. Nonetheless, President Obama avoided the direct question of whether he supported marriage equality, famously repeating that his views on the issue were “still evolving.”
On May 9, 2012, five years ago today, President Obama’s evolution on marriage equality came to an end, when, in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, he became the first sitting president to voice support for same-sex marriage.
The day before the interview, North Carolina voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment banning same-sex unions; when asked on May 6 about the impending North Carolina vote, Vice President Joe Biden told NBC’s David Gregory that he was “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage and that same-sex couples are “entitled to the same exact rights” as opposite-sex couples. While many believe Biden’s pronouncement to have been a gaffe, there are those who view it as having been a weather balloon for what, at that point, was President Obama’s inevitable announcement. #HavePrideInHistory

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Advisor: sir, Mike Flynn has been fired, Rex Tillerson had to resign, the DNC was hacked by Russia, fake news was being propagated by the Russians to benefit your campaign, the senate is investigating your connections to Russia, the FBI is investigating your ties to Russia, and Jeff sessions had to step down from the investigation for lying under oath. What should we do to stop people from thinking you have connections to Russia?
Trump: lets fire James Comey
Advisor: perfect
Behind closed doors, Republican lawmakers fret about how to repeal Obamacare
A secret recording of a closed GOP meeting reveals a party facing sharp internal concerns about its quick push to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

yeah motherfuckers you better fret

“We’d better be sure that we’re prepared to live with the market we’ve created” with repeal, said Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.). “That’s going to be called Trumpcare. Republicans will own that lock, stock and barrel, and we’ll be judged in the election less than two years away.”

damn straight you will

there’s this, too:

“[New York Republican representative John] Faso warned that by defunding Planned Parenthood in the reconciliation bill, “we are arming our enemy in this debate.”

Faso continued: “Health insurance is going to be tough enough for us to deal with without having millions of people on social media come to Planned Parenthood’s defense and sending hundreds of thousands of new donors to the Democratic Senate and Democratic congressional campaign committees. So I would just urge us to rethink this.”

this is why we need to keep calling and tweeting and signal boosting. every single gesture helps to create a culture where we can make our representatives goddamn terrified that they’ll lose their jobs. 

More about the College AU

@tokugawalady and I’s expanded universe of SLBP in our College AU Setting. Just sharing this for kicks.

Nobunaga: head of the fight club, was fwb with hideyoshi but broke it off when he met his current girlfriend. He a recently graduated polisci major and currently working as a field organizer/speaker for a senate campaign. He met his MC in school (she was also polisci, they met by getting into an argument about the merits of war in class.) They are engaged and she does advocacy work. She does not approve of the fight club but often makes dinner for the members.

Mitsuhide: He handles the fight club finances. He’s a TA getting his masters in accounting. He also has a tea club, which is where he met his MC. She’s getting her culinary degree and working at a local restaurant in town. She is 100% a bridesmaid in Nobu’s girlfriend’s wedding party, as well as helping to cater. They are a very quiet (and closet kinky) couple.

Saizo: (there is a fic for this) Dr. Kirigakure is a professor of creative writing at the university, he also lives in the same apartment complex as Ieyasu and Yukimura. His MC may or may not be the student he is having an affair with, that remains to be seen. If so, she is a senior marketing major with a communications minor and a reputation for being an overachiever. Saizo also buys weed from Ieyasu from time to time.

Yukimura: At university on a soccer scholarship. He is a physical education major with an honor streak a mile wide. In the same frat as Inuchiyo and Shigezane. Consistently trying to get Ieyasu removed from the apartments for growing weed. It never works. Spends alot of time on Saizo’s couch playing the xbox and also boxing. His MC is actually a physical therapy major, who met him after a sports injury. She spends a lot of her time patching him up and trying to figure out if Ieyasu is dating that girl lives with.

Masamune: Ecology major, one of his eyes is light sensitive so he wears the eyepatch for health reasons. He might be in science department but he spends a good bit of his time in kojuro’s office in the English department. His MC is a library worker (she works with mitsunari, poor dear). They spend a lot of of time reading on the veranda of the house he shares with shigezane. She asked him out first. They are adorable.

Shigezane: President of his fraternity, if you ask him his job he says he is “just here to have fun”. His major is communications and he has taken a lot of classes with Saizo’s MC. He was undecided until this last semester. His MC is a Risk Management/insurance major. She is very level headed but can drink him under the table. They are the couple that makes out in public bars before they are even that drunk.

Kojuro: a professor in the English department. Specialty in poetry. Tries to get Masamune to switch to english, he never does. His MC is a new professor of music. Her piano playing helps him write. She is the type of person who makes snacks for her students. Sometimes he takes his turtle to work.

Ieyasu: (there is a fic) senior pharmacy major. He has already been accepted into the school. Grows pot and sells drugs out of his apartment. Has a vicious bunny named ichigo. The smartest about science. His MC is definitely his bothersome new housemate. She is a psychology major. Yes. She does psychoanalyze him. They are really good for one another in the long run.

Mitsunari: Basically lives in the library, he is both a student worker and a library science major. He actually lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with inuchiyo, hideyoshi, and hanbei. He keeps the library extra quiet when he is on shift. His MC is a grade above him. She is also pre pharmacy like Ieyasu. They bond over books, she won’t leave him alone and one day he realizes he doesn’t want her to. His roommates are surprised when he brings a girl.home.

Inuchiyo and Hideyoshi: unexpected boyfriends. Long time friends and rivals, inuchiyo realized he loved Hideyoshi first. Hideyoshi, however, was too busy pining over Nobunaga. One drunken confession later and 2 months of friends with benefits behavior they made it official. It made their living situation a bit awkward but mitsun and hanbei are getting used to it. Inuchiyo’s best friend is Ieyasu’s MC.

Oichi: Saizo’ MC’s best friend since childhood and Nobu’s little sister. She is a fashion design major who pledged her freshman year.

Toramatsu: Social work major. Ieyasu’s old roommate. Long-suffering. He just needs a break.

anonymous asked:

What are your opinions about presidential candidates having to release cabinet considerations before elections? Do you thinking knowing that would have impacted Trump voters?

The problem with this idea is that Cabinet selections are picked for their ability to pass confirmation by the Senate. 

During the campaign, there is no way to tell what the makeup of the Senate will be. If the Democrats had gained control of the Senate in this past election, Trump’s cabinet selections would have been much different than they are now. 

This means that there is a good chance that the candidate would not actually be able to keep these promises, thereby making them meaningless.

Also, this carries a great deal of political risk. People turn down nominations, scandals are found for nominees. By releasing who they want to pick for Cabinet posts, they give a longer timeline for things to go wrong. While this is actually a good reason to have them pre-selected, this is the real reason why pre-selection of Cabinet nominees would never happen.  

Second, do you really think that Trump would not have lied about who he would be picking to be in his Cabinet during the campaign? He would have said one thing, then nominated someone else. 

It would have had little impact on the election since Trump would have just lied about who he was going to nominate

- @theliberaltony  

anonymous asked:

Hello! I really like your clexa fic (what a masterpiece really) and there's something about it that really intrigues me. Well since it's an AU, Clarke and Lexa lose some personality characteristics and get some other (which is perfectly normal), but you also chose to attach them to OCs and even "cast" other actors, giving them new faces and dynamics. What I'd like to know is, what do you think that makes you and us (the readers) still recognize it as a Clexa after all? Again MASTERPIECE <3

Thank you! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the story. 

In regards to your question, here’s the thing. I think more authors than people would like to admit write the characters and the plots they want to write and just happen to insert the names of existing characters as a way to make the story accessible. If a month ago I would’ve said “Hey guys, I have a nonlinear story following a couple that loses a child. Read it”, then I can almost guarantee you that maybe a handful of people would’ve opened it this far. On the other hand, when you frame this one story - however unrelated they may be to the original text - as an “AU” following two characters with an already existing fan base, then suddenly you have a minimum guaranteed audience to share your work with and as a writer, what you ultimately want is for people to read what you have to say. This is why it’s quite common for popular fic writers who create AUs to remove the names of these characters that belong to other people and then go on to publish their work with very minimal to no changes to the story at all. 

A significant amount of the most popular Clexa fics don’t read to me as “Clarke and Lexa”. At all. I can say the same thing for the Whouffle AUs for example. There’s a minimum amount of common personality traits that millions of people share and that when presented as XYZ character you could sort of see, but for the most part the character work that a lot of my favorite fic writers do far surpasses the development that was on the actual show or have no connection whatsoever to the show beyond these already established names. 

I don’t see my story as a “clexa fic” because I could publish it tomorrow with all different names and not run into any sort of legal trouble. Those are my characters in my story but my way to get people interested in it is to give them the names of these already existing characters. You get to attach familiar faces to my OCs when you’re reading and I get to share my work with people. It’s a win, win for both parties. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it and I have a feeling most of the writers I enjoy share somewhat similar views. 


Summary: A fluffy one shot with you and your good friend Ben Solo, who never ceases to make you feel warm. 

The cold had come suddenly, the temperature dropping seemingly overnight. After a few uncharacteristically warm weeks in October, this shift left little room to adjust. One day you’d be uncomfortably warm, the next it’d be gone. This was New England weather, erratic and extreme, and it left feeling as if you could never get warm again. You tried drinking hot tea, which only brought a short lasted heat. This made mornings more difficult, you had even less desire to leave the confines of your cozy sheets.

You missed Ben, a close friend of yours who was a human furnace. Ben was a very touchy kind of guy, and even if you had spoken about keeping your friendship (because you didn’t think Ben would want to be with you anyways, you weren’t his type) you missed his annoying acts of affection. Ben was busy off helping his mother with her campaign for senator, you were glad that he was finally taking some time to repair their damaged relationship, but it meant that he couldn’t be in contact with you very often, and it bothered you more than you liked to admit.

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Republicans sound alarm on Trump's troubles ahead of 2018
Donors, leaders and potential candidates begin to worry about an election that will be a referendum on the president’s performance.

With the party preparing to defend its congressional majorities in next year’s midterms, senior Republicans are expressing early concern about Trump’s lack of legislative accomplishments, his record-low approval ratings, and the overall dysfunction that’s gripped his administration.

The stumbles have drawn the attention of everyone from GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson, who funneled tens of millions of dollars into Trump’s election and is relied on to help bankroll the party’s House and Senate campaigns, to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Adelson hasn’t contributed to pro-Trump outside groups since the inauguration, a move that’s drawn notice within the party, and McConnell is warning associates that Trump’s unpopularity could weigh down the GOP in the election.

Potential GOP candidates whom party leaders want to recruit are afraid of walking into a buzz saw, uncertain about what kind of political environment they’ll be facing by the time the midterms come around — and what Trump’s record will look like.