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Democrats escalates pressure on GOP to conduct investigation on Trump-Russia collusion.
Behind closed doors, Republican lawmakers fret about how to repeal Obamacare
A secret recording of a closed GOP meeting reveals a party facing sharp internal concerns about its quick push to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

yeah motherfuckers you better fret

“We’d better be sure that we’re prepared to live with the market we’ve created” with repeal, said Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.). “That’s going to be called Trumpcare. Republicans will own that lock, stock and barrel, and we’ll be judged in the election less than two years away.”

damn straight you will

there’s this, too:

“[New York Republican representative John] Faso warned that by defunding Planned Parenthood in the reconciliation bill, “we are arming our enemy in this debate.”

Faso continued: “Health insurance is going to be tough enough for us to deal with without having millions of people on social media come to Planned Parenthood’s defense and sending hundreds of thousands of new donors to the Democratic Senate and Democratic congressional campaign committees. So I would just urge us to rethink this.”

this is why we need to keep calling and tweeting and signal boosting. every single gesture helps to create a culture where we can make our representatives goddamn terrified that they’ll lose their jobs. 

you know what?  i’m not just pissed off that Trump won, I’m also still really fucking pissed that Clinton didn’t

she’s an amazing woman who’s spent her life fighting for us.  As a Senator, and on the campaign trail, she listened to what real people were concerned about and then took the time to research details of issues and policy and formulate ways to change things to make our lives better

She did that because her life passion is to change things in order to improve people’s lives.  And I know you’re saying, “Oh no, that’s all an act, she’s just ambitious” – because obviously if a woman has ambition she’s evil.  and obviously people can’t both have personal ambition and a drive to help people, and obviously those can’t dovetail together, and obviously politics is not the precise place where those would dovetail –

the point is, she is incredibly talented and she chose to use those talents to help people and we denied that, and listened to Republicans and Russian trolls.  We let them use psychology and a knowledge of how information spreads to convince millions of people that she’s a horrible person, and now we’re missing out on having possibly the best President we have ever had

and maybe people are gonna read as a version of “leave brittany alone” but you know what?  I am Hillary Clinton trash and I am not fucking sorry.

Stand Up (A Fanfiction Adventure)


The frustration Oliver was feeling over he and the Team not getting anywhere on the events that have happened over the past 2 ½ months was becoming dire. He was feeling those moments of anger he used to let consume him trying to barge back into his mind, and if he hadn’t learned over the years how to temper that anger, he would have already gone off the rails.

But Oliver was also feeling fear as well. The thought that another explosion or that weird thing that happened to Kevin and Felicity a couple weeks ago, happened again, was making Oliver unsure of himself and his ability to protect his loved ones. He talked to John about this after the incident in Kevin’s bedroom and told him to pass on the Senate campaign to someone else. Oliver was going to need the whole team on this.

But, he got a reprieve from this a couple hours ago, when Kevin came into his and Felicity’s bedroom. He wanted to talk about what happened to him and his mother.  And also, finally, he wanted to talk about his arm. Oliver turned his thoughts back to what Kevin was saying and feeling.

“…and I’m never going to use my bow again, aren’t i?”

Oliver looked over at Felicity and saw a small tear trailing down her face. He smiled at her and replied to Kevin’s statement. “Uh, son, that’s not true.”

“What,” Kevin responded. “Are you going to teach me to shoot arrows with my feet?”

“Kevin, honey,” Felicity said to him. “What you father is saying is that there might be a way to…uh, well to give you the use of your arm again.”

An incredulous look crossed Kevin’s face. “What?”

“Kevin,” Oliver said to him. “Do you remember us telling you about when your mother got hurt before you were born?”

Kevin nodded his head. “Yeah, she was shot by those bad guys and couldn’t walk anymore.”

“That’s right,” Oliver answered. “And do you also remember that a few months later, Uncle Curtis and Uncle Paul invented that little chip to put in your mom’s back that made her walk again?”

Kevin could only nod. Oliver saw a splash of hope fill his son’s eyes and he felt a large surge of love and affection move through him.

“Honey,” Felicity added. “Your Uncle’s have been working on a new technology that is pretty awesome. It’s called positronics.”

Kevin’s natural curiosity took him over. “You mean like the bionic man?”

Felicity smiled at him. “Well, I was thinking more like Data, from Star Trek.”

“Wow,” Kevin gushed. “That’s awesome.”

Felicity’s smile widened. “Yeah,” she replied. “Totally awesome. If this works, your arm will be whole again. It will look real, not clunky like a mannequin or something. Like a flesh and blood arm.”

Kevin began to smile and he was beginning to embrace what his parents were telling him. Suddenly, he leaped forward and threw himself into Felicity’ arms.

“Mom,’ he said. “This is great. I love you guys.”

Oliver watched this and a big grin was plastered on his face as well.  He was about to go over and embrace his wife and son when his cell suddenly chimed. He reached over to the nightstand next to him and answered it.


“Oliver, it’s John.”

“John,” Oliver responded, his smile still caressing is heart. “What’s up?”

“Oliver, something’s come up. Can you come to the bunker?”

Oliver’s smile faded a bit. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“Uh…. Lyla has some new information you need to hear.”

“What is it…?”

“Oliver, you need to come here. I don’t really understand what I’m hearing, and I think Lyla can answer you better. I’ve also called Curtis and Paul. If Felicity is up to it, she should come as well. This is a techy thing and we’re going to need all of our experts on this one.”

Oliver nodded his head. “Alright, John. Give me a half hour or so.”

Oliver turned to Felicity. “Honey, John might have something on what’s been happening. He wants us to meet him at the bunker. Wanna come?”

Felicity nodded. “Yeah. Did he say what it is?”

“No, but he told me Lyla has new information and that it’s techy. Curtis and Paul are also on their way.”

Felicity untangled herself from Kevin. “Mom, “Kevin said. “Can I come too?”

Absolutely,” both Oliver and Felicity answered together.


“It’s called Transference,” Lyla explained. “It is a technology Argus was working on a few years back, but I decided to shelf it because if it ever got into the hands of anyone who did not have the world’s best interests at heart, it would be catastrophic.”

Team Arrow were clustered around the conference table in the Bunker. Rene, Rory, Dinah, Curtis and Paul were all listening to Lyla with confused looks on their faces.

Lyla went on. “Transference is the ability to transfer thoughts through a device invented by one of our scientists, Professor Gustav. Do any of you remember those old X-Men movies that came out years ago?”

Rene answered her. “No, sorry. I’ve never been much of a Marvel fan. I’ve always leaned toward DC comics.”

Lyla smiled at him. “Whatever, “she replied. “Anyway, the device is a resonator that fits over the head of whoever is operating it. It has electrodes that tap directly into brain waves. It can perceive thoughts and project them into certain instances.” She paused for a second or two, then went on. “Well, like creating explosions or manipulating gravity.”

Recognition went around the table as everybody realized what Lyla was saying.

“Are you saying that that is what was used to blow up Oliver’s office what happened to Kevin and I?” Felicity asked her.

Lyla nodded her head. “Yes, I’m afraid so. Like I said, it has the potential to be a great weapon.”

Oliver was shaking his head. “Lyla, are you saying that someone is using this device. If you locked it up, how is this possible?”

Lyla shook her head. “Oliver, a little over 3 months ago, someone or someone’s managed to break into the facility where it is kept and take it.”

Silence filled the room as everybody took in the implications.

Oliver’s cell phone suddenly pinged. He looked down and it read an unknown number. He instinctively answered it.


“Oliver…it’s Samantha.”

“Samantha…what, how, what’s happening.”

“Oliver, I need to talk to you about William. Oh my god…he’s missing,”

Suddenly, the Bunker’s intercom system came on. Oliver’s past spoke to him from the speaker.

“Hello, Dad, It’s been a long time…”

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anonymous asked:

how did you get into political work? like where was your first position and how did you work up?

my first position was a senior in HS when i interned for OFA! it was a blast, i remember having to coordinate phone banks every thursday night and i would end up crying in our campaign office bathroom because it was so hard getting people to show up. but from there i made sure to always keep up with who was running in my state and interned on a few more house and senate campaigns then eventually started applying for paid positions, and luckily got hired as an organizer for HFA last january.

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