GOP still splintered over Obamacare after Pence meeting
The party is fast approaching a moment of reckoning on its years-long pledge to kill the law. By BURGESS EVERETT and JENNIFER HABERKORN

After meeting with Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Tuesday to hash out plans to repeal Obamacare, top Senate Republicans are no closer to resolving an issue that’s splintering the GOP heading into the start of Donald Trump’s presidency: how long to give themselves to replace the law.

Pence communicated that the incoming administration is prepared to work closely with Congress on the issue, senators said, but did not dictate how long the transition period should last. That decision will affect millions of Americans’ health care and send insurance companies scrambling to adjust.

“The view on that probably is in a constant state of evolution, based on who you talk to,” said Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 3 GOP leader. “The question is: What’s that duration? Structurally, it’s at this point an open question. We’re hoping to get some direction.”

The only firm plans are for the Senate to kick off the repeal effort as soon as Jan. 3 by passing a budget resolution — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling it the “Obamacare repeal resolution” — that sets the table to repeal the Affordable Care Act on a simple majority vote. Then, shortly after Trump is sworn in, Republicans aim to have a repeal bill on his desk to sign.

It’s what comes after that moment of catharsis that Republicans are struggling with.

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  • 34 Senate seats are up for election this year.
  • All 435 House of Representative seats are up for election this year.
  • A total of 469 seats in the US Congress is up for election in November 8, 2016.
  • In order to TAKE BACK the chamber, Democrats need to gain 5 seats.
  • In order to FLIP the chamber, the Democrats need to gain 30 seats. 
  • Democrats only have 10 seats to defend while Republicans have 24.
  • Confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice requires 60 votes in the Senate
  • Should Democrats fail to retake the Senate in 2016, it is unlikely that they will get another opportunity until at least 2020.

It’s incredibly important that we place attention not only to the presidential candidates, but to the Senators and Representatives that are up for election this year. 

For more info about who’s running, please check this website: https://ballotpedia.org/United_States_Congress_elections,_2016


Wondering what a call to your elected official actually sounds like? We got you.

If you’re on this website (or a human alive today) there’s a really good chance you’re afraid to call your Congressional Representative because you don’t know how the phone call will go. We’re trying to remove some of the mystery around calling elected officials to show you a few different examples of first time callers leaving a comment with a government official. It’s so easy!

In this call we see Lyric calling her Congressman, Brad Sherman, about Steve Bannon. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be confusing at first figuring out exactly who to call. As Lyric learned, you have to be especially careful that you’re calling somebody from the United States Congress, not your state’s Congress (unless you’re calling about a local issue). But don’t worry, this problem is easy to solve. If you have this post in front of you, you can shortcut the lookup process by using this handy website

If you don’t have this post in front of you, just google who your congressional representatives are, making sure you get the answer from a federal and not state website:

To find out who represents you in the Senate, just google “[your state] Senator.” Make sure you’ve found US Congress Senators, not state Senators. Google should also autopopulate with your state’s two Senators if you use that search query. There will be only two, no matter what. You can call either or both of them.To find who represents you in the House, google “Who is my representative.” The first google result should be a house.gov website that prompts you for your zip code. Enter it in and you’re good to go. You will only have one Congressional Representative no matter what. Once you get the name of your congressperson, google “[your representative] phone number” to get the phone number you need.

Read more about how to call your congressional representative here.

U.S. Democrats plan to give Israel an addition $225 million for military spending. The same bill also cuts $1 billion of emergency funds meant to deal with the 50,000 undocumented child migrants held in crowded and unsanitary border facilities.

Israel already received $504 million for the joint U.S.-Israel Missle Defense Program for the Fiscal Year of 2014. That is not including the $3.1 Billion the Obama Administration spent on Foreign Military Financing (FMF) for Israel for the Fiscal Year 2014.

17-year-old Vinnie Ream got to meet with Abraham Lincoln every day for 5 months straight. Senators hired her to sculpt a bust of her choosing, and she picked Lincoln, who gave her his time each day. She was also hired to sculpt his memorial statue, despite a senator’s warning that her age and sex would cause her to fail. She was the first woman commissioned by the US government, and her work still stands in the Capitol Rotunda today. Source Source 2

this week the senate will vote on whether or not to give the fbi warrantless access to your browsing data. this is extremely dangerous and a violation of privacy. not only would the fbi be able to essentially hack into your computers and internet service, but they might also hack into ones overseas. anything on your computers, they’ll be able to have access to. this is an extremely dangerous power the fbi is trying to get, and it CAN be stopped, but only if you guys are willing to put forth the effort.

how do you stop it? first, get the word out. twitter, tumblr, facebook, just get the word out by either making your own status or sharing this link

secondly, call your senators. on this website, just enter your phone number and it will give you a script to read off of. it will take you less than 30 seconds, trust me. you can also tweet them, send them emails, etc. all the contact info is on this site here. they will listen. dont know who your senators are? go here and scroll to the bottom. it lists all the senators and who you can call. also, you can tweet at them or send them an email. (all the links in this paragraph lead to the same source)

guys, it is extremely important this bill not get passed. PLEASE reblog this and at least tweet at them? you dont even have to think of anything to type. you literally click the tweet button and it does it for you. please, guys, please.


Wondering what a call to Congress actually sounds like? We got you.

If you’re on this website (or a human alive today) there’s a really good chance you’re afraid to call your Senator/Representative because you don’t know how the phone call will go. We’re trying to remove some of the mystery around calling your elected representative to show you a few different examples of first time callers leaving a comment with their Congressional office. It’s so easy!

On this call, you see Victoria learning that sometimes you have to call a few different offices to get through. You should also know that if you’re not calling from a big state like New York or California, you’re much less likely to have this problem. Either way, on average even the long calls take less than five minutes. Just make sure you call during standard work hours. Take a bathroom break to make the call if you have to. Promise it won’t take too long.

Read more about how to call your congressional representative here.

If you're an Australian horrified by Donald Trump, what are you doing about our backyard?

The House of Reps has passed the Life Time Ban on Visas Bill. This bill will seek to bar anyone who attempted to seek asylum in Australia by boat after July 2013 from ever being granted a visa to even visit Australia. The government is doing this to score points with One Nation in exchange for their support on future legislation.

The measure is cruel, unnecessary, and could have all manner of unintended consequences. Imagine a young person brought by a parent seeking to join their other parent whom has been granted refugee status and is already in Australia – the child could never even visit their parent here for the rest of their life.

The UN has already said that the proposed ban appears to breach Article 31 of the Refugee Convention (which prohibits refugees being penalised for seeking protection in an irregular manner.) Are we the sort of country that does things like this?

This measure cannot pass without the votes of the cross bench. Please email or call them, particularly if you are resident in their state and they are your representative.

* senator.hinch@aph.gov.au … (03) 9820 2222
* senator.lambie@aph.gov.au … (03) 6431 2233
* senator.xenophon@aph.gov.au … (08) 8232 1144
* senator.kakoschke-moore@aph.gov.au … (08) 8232 0220
* senator.leyonhjelm@aph.gov.au … (02) 9719 1078
* senator.griff@aph.gov.au … (08) 8212 1409

Hey Listen Up!

Even if Bernie Sanders does win the 2016 election, which I hope he does, he’s going to need to have a congress that won’t shut down just because he brought up an idea they didn’t like. This is why so many people think Obama isn’t keeping his promises, he cannot get them past congress. Start looking into your candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives! Keep yourself up to date and give America a greater chance of changing!