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good luck!

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Good luck!

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good luuuuck!

Thanks, y'all!  I think it went well.  Only two out of four of us showed up for the group interview.  Just hoping I didn’t talk too much, but knowing me I probably did.  We interviewed them afterwards and I believe they were good questions.  I left feeling very happy.

Plus, I looked professional and cute.

It’s Finally out! The Je Suis ✖️ TKFV Feature on the @tokillafashionvictim blog. Read about my very adventurous day with Jazmin and an exclusive interview with yours truly by checking out her page and visiting the link in the Bio 💛

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A quick sneak peek of my mini photoshoot with the TKFV (To Kill a Fashion Victim) Blog for my feature on the blog. 

It was a fun day but boy was it a long one! Treading around Harlem with oversized bags of clothes, searching for the right locations with perfect backgrounds was quite the adventure with Jazmin Halls, the woman behind the TKFV blog but it was all worth it. The mini shoot, styled and directed by Jazmin featured myself, Designer of Je Suis as the Model. (That doesn't happen to often), and my ultra Mod and quirky haircut. 

Cant wait to share the final product with you guys!

Check out the TKFV blog