How do I even say this? The thought that ruminates within my head. A nostalgia of some sorts, perhaps?

Eight years ago, I decided to sign up for a site you may know now as tumblr. We were all so young back then and alone—alone in the sense of being misunderstood; but then came this place. It was as if I stumbled into this room and realized I found a hiding place for those just like me. A place to vent and feel understood. I have missed those days…a lot. But as is anything in life, things go on. This site has seen the worst and not yet defined self that I was trying grow into, but everyone has been so supportive of my growth. Well, mostly everyone.

A new blog later, I find myself again here. After 8 years I have been trying to make this site more professional, more filtered, more organized, more… But some things don’t fit in nicely wrapped packages.

“Some things you just get unwrapped.”

“Some things come cluttered and in need of assembly.”

There’s new faces here now, less personal but still the same. And I even wonder if the people I knew would still even read my thoughts just as I did before. But a piece of me still clings on to old habits. Maybe because a part of me still needs some time growing.

However, I would not want to confuse this with refusing to let go of the past. Just simply a new chapter in doing again what has worked in order to navigate once again the path before me.

I might be screaming into an abysmal void once more;

“But my thoughts have again begun to spin its gears and a void is exactly a good place to put it all in.”

So here is me—hi, this blog has once again found a voice.