“Eritrean Muslim Community Club, Asmara, 27 June 1946

The photograph shows Muslim Youth Club in Asmara, which was the youth organisation of the Muslim League.

The writing on the back refers to three men, Yassin Hassan Usman, Mussa Idriss Mussa, and Abdulahi [unclear] Zeinulabodi(?).

They seem to have come from Senafe to a meeting at the club. Their names are written to commemorate their visit.

The turbans suggest they were of Eritrean Jeberti Muslims.

The date is 27 Rajab, 1365 [in the Islamic calendar] corresponding to June 27, 1946

The club was an active youth organisation established in reaction to the Unionist Party’ s youth organisation.

Its aim was to mobilise the Muslim youth for the case of Eritrean independence.

The writing in Tigrigna on the wall says Muslim Youth Association – which is repeated in Italian.

Credit: Martin Plaut”

Source: Historical photos from the Horn of Africa - Facebook