@theloyalravenclaw asked for five headcanons from an AU in which Izumi was either dead or incapacitated in some way, and Iroh inherits the throne directly from his grandfather.

1. When Iroh is a child, and his sister is still a toddler, Izumi takes a tumble off the kimodo-rhino she was riding and suffers a severe blow to the head.  Even after she has mostly recovered, she still has terrible memory problems and is unable to control her emotions and finds herself crying over tiny things.  She struggles to follow the thread of conversations, and the duties of the crown princess completely overwhelm her.  She chooses to relinquish her claim to the throne in favor of her oldest child.

2. Zuko is heartbroken and desperately reassures her that she is still loved, and she is still worthy, and that he thinks with a little help, she could still make a fine Firelord.  Izumi knows she is loved, and is glad, but she knows her capabilities better than her father and refuses to change her mind.

3. After Aang dies, Zuko is left with a dilemma.  It’s pretty obvious somebody needs to fill the void of a moral and diplomatic conscience, and Katara is first in mourning, and then busy training the new Avatar, and Toph would be a terrible idea, so it falls to him.  However, he has a country to run, and his heir is still young.  He is unable to abdicate and the world suffers for it.  This means that during the canon timeline, Zuko is still Firelord, and Iroh is at home, nose to the grindstone, learning how to be a Firelord.

4. Bumi is the United Forces officer who comes to Republic City to help Korra fight Amon’s takeover.  Tenzin kind of wants to kill him.  Lin definitely does.

5. Zuko still leaves when the Red Lotus members escape, and goes to help the new young Avatar, leaving his grandson, the prince, in his place, to be advised by his wise and knowledgeable mother.  Iroh knows this is his first test and does his best to rise to the challenge.

Really fast, not good at al sketch of what I sort of imagine Izumi’s daughter becuse I needed a break. 

I think I’m alone in the fandom, who draw beautiful versions of her looking like an older Azula, with long hair and traditional clothing, and like the idea of her being an impish, spirited “Modern Woman” princess determined to bring the Fire Nation into the Modern Age. I like to think she’s impulsive and headstrong, which gets her and Mako into trouble, but he loves her spirit and she loves his nature, idk 

But, admittedly, the idea of her being traditional and falling in love with Modern Republic City, and thus probably Mako as hinted, is fun too.