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Can you describe Miranda, Allen, Lenalee, Kanda and Lavi facing off in a cooking competition. There could be three courses and I could see Allen's mouth watering Lol

(I work harder on these prompts than i ever have on an actual essay for school)

Lavi was the one who initially thought up the idea of Lenalee, Allen, Kanda and him having a cook off and Lenalee was the one who endorsed the idea. So they start planning this extravagant cook off, getting enough equipment and a utensil, planning what was going to be made, who was going to participate. Lenalee told asked Kanda, Allen, and Miranda if they wanted to participate and nobody says no to Lenalee. Except Kanda but he never holds out against her. Miranda helps Lena and Lavi set things up in the kitchen while Kanda and Allen were sent out to buy all the food ingredients. Lena mostly sent them away together so she could actually get some work done instead of listening to them bicker the entire time.

Allen eventually gets kicked out of the cook off because he was eating all the ingredients before the competition even started. So Lenalee made him a judge instead and she put Miranda in his place because she had been so helpful so she wanted her to be a part of the competition.  The other judges were Komui, Tiedoll, and Cross. They had to have Cross because the other judges only wanted to say nice things about the dishes.

Lenalee made everyone aprons for the competition, even Allen even though he wasn’t cooking anymore but it was the best choice for him to leave. But Lena made it a judging apron instead so Allen still wore it. They were supposed to make three course meals, the appetizer, the main course, and dessert. But Lena ended up only making the dessert because it’s her favorite and she wanted to start with that first but she isn’t the best with time management. It was a beautiful dessert though.

Kanda definitely did not want to participate in the cook off and DEFINITELY didn’t want to wear the apron. But then Allen said that he only didn’t want to cook because he didn’t know how and would probably suck at it. And the only obvious thing Kanda could do now was do the fucking cook off and win and shove it in the beansprout’s face. He also ended up wearing the apron because Lena told him she made it and she would hurt him if he didn’t wear it. But Kanda doesn’t follow rules so he ended up just making soba three times. Because soba is an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert to him.

Miranda kept knocking everything down during the competition and causing fires and breaking things. Lena and Lavi kept trying to help her and Kanda kept yelling them to stop because it was cheating but Allen overruled it and Kanda was bitter. And poor little Miranda kept apologizing the whole time instead of actually cooking anything and didn’t have anything prepared at the end of the cooking time.

Lavi had helped Lena with the aprons, he actually made Kanda’s but he didn’t tell him that because then he definitely wouldn’t wear it. Lavi was the only one who actually followed the rules and made all three courses and they all looked amazing but the taste was bad because he had cut a lot of corners and he’s not that experienced in making food so he didn’t know the consequences, he just wanted to beat Kanda.

In the end no one really won, but Lavi and Kanda fought over which one of them was better because Lavi actually followed the rules so everyone else should be disqualified but Kanda insisted that he won because he did make three meals and they actually tasted good. Allen said that soba can’t be for any meal but Kanda disagreed. Komui piped in saying Lenalee won but she said she didn’t because she only made one item, even if it did taste amazing. Cross actually left before the judging even started but that didn’t surprise anyone. Tiedoll fawned over everyone in their little aprons and didn’t even judge on the food and said they all did equally good, even though Kanda called him out for lying because he saw him throw up a little in the trash can after eating Lavi’s.

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The boys had a long and tiring mission and lena comforts them with coffee kanda gets tea and what’s more comfy than sweaters!

dmgot4week, day four - Comfort | Terror

I took the mugs from hoshino’s instagram, idk what kanda’s says i just put what hoshino put :/ this took me forever to finish and i kept repainting and repainting… but all in all i think it turned out well :)

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