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So, for everyone who doesn’t know, I’m from the Philippines and today we held our National and Local elections. For others to get what my point is, let’s imagine this as an Obama vs Trump election.

We have a presidential candidate who is similarly alike with Trump. He’s so full of himself and as much as being a Filipino, we give imperative importance for our morals and values but it seems this guy doesn’t have it. He’s brave to criticize others and even might provoke war in our nation. Maybe he could implement MARTIAL LAW again. He is not what I want to be representing the Philippines and our people in other countries.

In the other side of the battle field, there’s this woman-Obama. She has run for the presidency for the third time but still, the people underrate her worth. She is impeccably intelligent and worth the position but I and other supporters of hers cannot and will not ever understand why other Filipinos didn’t vote for her. She is overly qualified for the position and I cannot imagine other people taking the position any better than her. This is something that we’ve been pushing as our principle the whole election season and I am very sad to see it go to waste.

Please help me pray for the Philippines and for our people. We had our chance and that was Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago but once again, the Filipino people have failed her. This is a sad time for us and possibly the most shameful moment in our country’s history. God bless the Philippines!

P.S. The photo is not mine, the owner of that tweet is seen in the photo.



1. Support Sen. Mirriam Defensor-Santiago’s Bill ver Political Dynasties
2. Pressure PNOY on his promised: Freedom of Information Act
3. Support Constitutional Reform: • Economic Liberalization • Shift to Parliamentary • Shift to Federalism
4. Believe in ourselves as a FILIPINO.

Lets Fight Filipino Ignorance

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Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago
Is worth to be admire. As you can see her initial Defensor is fitted to her personality. She never fails to defend on what she know is right. She never fails to stand her ground with a confident personality and not to mention she is not affected what people may think of her. She is not threatened to the death threat she recieves. She use that as a strenght to fight what she knows right for her country. Most of her life she serve as a public servant of the Philippines. When she was elected as a Senator, she was more vocal to her words. She never fails me to be amuse by her intellectual brilliance, fiery eloquence, and moral courage. Behind the public persona lies a combination of hard work and calculated aggression. Hers might be the only voice insisting on the politics of conviction. But her millions of fans continue to expect that someday soon, people like her will at last triumph over the politics of money, and the politics of opportunism. Whatever the result might be in the future, in our country today, there is only one person associated in the public mind with a combination of the rare virtues of academic excellence, moral passion, and burning integrity. The personality I love her the most is, she doesn’t care on money given by her job, but how filipino should be treated properly.