Finally managed to reach my milestone! Also, it’s my birthday~ So beautifully timed. Y’alls cool and shit for following. I don’t really do follow forevers because forever is commitment but here’s some blogs I really like! Bolded are mutuals because everyone seems to do that and I thought why not jump on that bandwagon. 

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Odd Type Pokemon Poll

A couple days late, but the poll is finally up!  We are voting on a Pokemon with a type that seems mismatched from its appearance.  For more details on the theme, see the contest announcement post.  Here are the entries (remember to click the links to see more details, like their actual type):

  1. Submission by stranded-on-mars
  2. Submission by catracho-flygon
  3. Submission by sollyinpurplepants
  4. Submission by skarmorysilver
  5. Submission by catracho-flygon
  6. Submission by mark-helsing
  7. Submission by scattered-embers
  8. Submission by stranded-on-mars
  9. Submission by utter-hypocrisy
  10. Submission by the-lightest-shadow

11. Submission by dryadese

12. Submission by stranded-on-mars

13. Submission by hotspark2

14. Submission by chaudoodle

15. Submission by chaudoodle

16. Submission by iris-sempi

17. Submission by sollyinpurplepants

18. Submission by mark-helsing

19. Submission by despairbot

20. Submission by bootheskeleton

21. Submission by cowsinsweaters

22. Submission by utter-hypocrisy

23. Submission by asianpikapika

24. Submission by asianpikapika

25. Submission by ryo-genken

26. Submission by utter-hypocrisy

27. Submission by asianpikapika

28. Submission by ehalcyon

29. Submission by skarmorysilver

30. Submission by Teresita (via email)

31. Submission by juiceboxjedd

32. Submission by toldentops

33. Submission by jdb1992

34. Submission by sableye-of-the-tiger

35. Submission by sollyinpurplepants

36. Submission by onyxtanuki

37. Submission by trakolock

38. Submission by whimsical-writer

39. Submission by mark-helsing

40. Submission by dryadese

41. Submission by dryadese

42. Submission by galladerocksgamer

43. Submission by galladerocksgamer

You get one vote!  Which design is your favourite?

Sempy - say wetin Ft chanp marley @SEMPYBLAQ
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Fast rising musical artist from the defunct music duo “HERITAGE” Sempy drops another jam “Say Wetin” a mid-tempo reggae track which is a must listen for all music lovers. While his previous track “Get Down” is still getting massive plays in the clubs and by Disc Jockeys, this song would keep you all glued to your headphones. Mixed and Mastered by the Legendary Suka Soundz. DOWNLOAD HERE

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So on my main blog I hit 18,000 followers. On this one there’s only about 600, but I wanted to do a special follow forever type of thing on here for all the Pokemon blogs I follow!

Aside from two blogs there’s about two not mutual so screw bolding.

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Tagged by: @transmorphers
Name: Abby
Nickname: ??????? I don’t have one
Star Sign: Scorpio❤️
Gender: Female
Height: 5′7" ish?
Favorite Colors: blue, purple, black
Time Right Now: 6:40pm
Average Hours of Sleep: like 6?
Lucky Numbers: 4, 25
Last Thing I Googled: chaos cards
Numbers of Blankets I’ve been sleeping with: 3
Favorite Books: Girl Online 🙈 Darren Shan and Castle
Favorite Musicians: I like songs more than bands tbh but Bowling for soup is up there!!!
What I Am Wearing Right Now: black jeans, vest and essentials!
When Did You Create Your Blog: I’ve made it multiple times. Exs have deleted it twice. So originally 2012 maybe earlier?
Current Amount of followers: 4113
What Do You Post About: Pokemon, Nintendo and other stuff!
When Did Your Blog Reach Its “Peak": came out of no where tbh!
Who Is Your Most Active Follower: right now: @blueeyeswhitegarden has CONSTANTLY supported me!
Why Did You Decide To Get A Tumblr: i can’t even remember. But I’m glad I did!
Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: no :(
How Do You Choose Your URL: Arcanine is my favourite Pokemon!
Rules: Tag 10 Followers That You Would Like To Get To Know Better: @blueeyeswhitegarden @i-dream-of-khoshekh @kkemical @colonelstutters @glaceons @it-started-to-rain @heliolisk @forx @kyurem @iris-sempi

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Top ten favorite characters from things! (in no particular order)

  1. Sonic-Sonic series (except Sonic Boom)
  2. Bolin-LoK (he’s gorgeous)
  3. Spiderman-Spiderman (Ultimate series to be exact)
  4. Korra-LoK (big brown thighs are my passion)
  5. Knuckles -Sonic (unlike Sonic he doesn’t really seem to snicker that often)
  6. Peridot-SU (birthstone and all that)
  7. Joseph Joestar-Jojo (even as an old man he still got it)
  8. Josuke Higashikata-Jojo (he gets it from his dad)
  9. Avdol-Jojo (his Stand is basically Blaziken)
  10. Silver-Sonic (it’s no use, I just like him)

Imma try to tag peeps that haven’t been tagged to do this yet (as far as I know).

@iris-sempi @odoh @sableye-of-the-tiger @castaform @ethnocircus @the-hills-have-sableyes @darkomaraven @bapouro

You don’t gotta do it if you don’t wanna and you can TOTES do it even if you weren’t tagged.