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You live like a dragon but you burn like a phoenix…

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“Icarus Iscariot”

I was warming up yet again for commish work and this evolved… this is from all the TWD feelz lately… this is Daryl Dixon in case anyone was wondering. @_@


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The Side of the Angels - Art by Sempaiko

When it was over, the angel didn’t release her, not entirely; his hand moved from her mouth down to her shoulder, to her arm,gripping tightly as he spun her so that her back was once against to the grimy brick wall. He loomed over her, his blue-green eyes dissecting, picking her apart, seeming to gaze deep into her very soul…and when his lips curled in a dark, knowing smile, Molly knew that he very much liked what he’d seen.

She felt his hand moving up her arm, until he was gripping her by the back of her neck, tendrils of her hair caught in his grasp as he tugged her head back so that she was looking up, up at him, brown human eyes staring into unearthly blue-green. Then his head descended, lightning-swift, and his lips covered hers in a passionate, demanding kiss.

Angel Sherlock rescues Molly from her attackers. Sparks fly in more ways than one! From my fic The Side of the Angels. Goregous artwork by the ever-fabulous Sempaiko! Thank you so much for this!!

“Out of Control”

Thank you to the lovely Sempaiko for this lovely artwork to go along with this piece. More Genderswap Sherlolly smut for you guys! I hope you enjoy it. <3 day

Also can be viewed at AO3 & FF.Net!

Marc Hooper was utterly exhausted and he probably looked it. With his beige jumper shifted off his shoulder in an odd angle and the light blue dress shirt that had been wrinkled since he had to change at work after a spill in the lab and a shower under the emergency hose. His trousers felt a bit too loose though this was normal for him. 

He let out a sigh, as he slipped his keys back into his pants despite the fact he was in his own flat and wouldn’t be needing them. He just wanted to flop on the sofa and sleep for the next forty eight hours.

What he did not expect to see was the sight that lay before him quite literally. An only jumper clad, Sherly Holmes - his jumper to be exact. The one he was used to wearing with the slim fit that hung rather perfectly on his shoulders. It was azure in color and one of the first ones he had ever gotten in uni. A personal favorite, and it seemed Sherly somehow had found it and decided not only to strip bare but to wear it with only the first few buttons fastened. Her hair was down and flowing in long flowing dark curls that fell around her neck and ending a bit past her bosom. 

<>He wanted to ask why (she was here) and how (did she get in?) because he hadn’t given her a key. It was a stupid thing to want to ask but stupid questions constantly filled his head when she did things that took him off guard, especially to this extent. This was becoming a habit of hers; increasingly.

Marc stood there with his dark brown wavy locks in a messy way in all different kind of direction from growing utterly frustrated several times that day, mouth opening and closing completely unsure how to respond to any of this.

Sherly smirked watching him amusingly as she swung her legs off the sofa and walked straight over to him with a confident sway of her hips. She could be sultry when she wanted to be.

She pulled wrapped her hands around his tie which was loose. He was the epitome of disarray and she was only flustering him more at her close proximity. “Hi.” She muttered as his eyes took in her, a hint of a barely concealed blush on his cheeks.

“Hello.” His quiet voice wasn’t rough like any of the other ones that she had encountered before though she had never undressed herself to such an extent before. That dominatrix who had challenged her months before would applaud her for this risk but she didn’t think much of it. She did however find the lack of clothing rather liberating. 

She slept in the nude but when she let herself into his flat after discovering where it was a few weeks ago due to a sudden realization that she had been trying to work through since the day they had altered their companionship on the floor of the lab. Sherly Holmes was very intrigued by Marcus Hooper, her pathologist and she rather enjoyed how fluster she could get him. Even more so without much clothing. Though initially it was a different story. It wasn’t too hard to get what she wanted from him without it. 

The object of her desires was him, now. It was rather confusing but she didn’t think dwelling on the mechanics that went into it was necessarily, entirely at this moment in time. Perhaps later. 

“Do you know how comfortable this jumper is?” She asked him as he addressed her finally.

“Yes, it is mine.” He blinked. He looked rather confused as to why she would ask something she already knew the answer to. 

“Can I have it? Can I have you?”

Something changed in the man then. Sensing a trigger of sorts as he dropped his bag which he had been clutching moments ago for dear life as if he was on the brink of losing it. Then he had her pressed against him, Sherly grinned at him enjoying the boldness of the usually so calm man. “No, you can’t have it but I suppose I’ll be consolation.”

“In what way, Doctor Hooper?” She took in a deep breath feeling a funny high as she inhaled the minty scent that lingered from his mouth when he kissed her, then. She could also smell the cologne that should have been masked by the chemicals that he used daily in the morgue. He had taken a shower and that shouldn’t have matter too much but to Sherly it did. Her mind was spinning too much for her focus the way she hoped to when they did this dance again.

There was much less of it last time. There was adrenaline then too. This was something different. 


Marc was trying to find his footing again as his brain scrambled to try to find the answer to the questions that were soaring left and right through his brain. He could feel the soft slender nails that pulled him closer - insistent in their grabbing motion in his hair as her mouth did really exquisite things against his. Biting and tugging at him as if he were something utterly scrumptious. 

He almost couldn’t stand how much he couldn’t focus entirely for the thought of why this was happening again pushed against the primal stirring in his entire being buzzing away making it certain that yes, he liked this very much. He had gathered that already, though. 

His hands gliding up upon her barely covered arse which had been covered at a time by his jumper that she had greeted him in the first place. Only just. He pushed her closer to him and she kissed him soundly before sliding back a little. Her eyes were dark, her lips plump and redden from the assault of what they were just doing. It was a snog at its essence but the way she looked at him made it clear that her reasons for it was not for it to end there.

There was something more tangible afoot. 

Her words spoke more volumes to this notion, “I was waiting for you to do that. We can begin now.” Her voice came out a bit huskier than usual, eliciting to the notion that she was aroused and it was because of him. In more casual circumstances he was sure he would have probably remained silent and said nothing but instead he slid his hand along her thigh and up her waist gripping it in his hands momentarily before moving higher to her shoulders and then down the length of her arm feeling and stopping at her wrist.

“I wasn’t sure where to start…" 

Her heart was racing. It was odd for him to feel so much anticipation from one person for himself, no less. That’s what he felt as he caressed her wrist as if it were cheek or perhaps her mouth. No. This was so much more than that. This was something strangely empowering about it. 

"Everywhere. Touch me…everywhere." 

That ignited his flame that stayed in a rather deep cavern of his person mostly and they continued on from there.

Marc pulling her down to his mouth again and ravishing her with his tongue and mouth as he made the slow shift of their bodies and rolling her under him so that he could hover over her form. She watched him as he begun untying his tie completely and throwing it to the side. "I thought we could use that.” She purred as he focused back on her at her mention that they were actually doing this with no actual cause besides the sake of doing so.

“Perhaps another time.”

Her eyes brighten at the notion that there would be another time. However she didn’t get to think of the ideas of what could happen then for he was being rather attentive to her neck, marking it with his mouth which she had always mentioned was a bit smaller than most males were supposed to be and she sucked in a gasp at the tiny bites that he placed in the oddest patterns as he moved down her body. Before long she was the one trying to get him out of the rest of his clothes.

 In all of her days of thinking about the act on the floor of the lab, she had never really thought what would happen if he were to do the same to her. It turned out there was something much more animalistic inside the meek and awkward at times pathologist who was merely in her presence nearly always that she required it. 

If she could be honest in this moment as he pleased her in ways the detective had never ever fathom from any one person, she required his presence more so daily. Not just because she found a great comfort in that, she found herself carving his touch. He did not disappoint her in the slightest as he dove tongue first inside her, eliciting a surprising reaction out of her as he toyed with her core which once lay barren. “Marc.” She growled out his name as he slipped a finger or two inside her as he sucked and flicked at her. 

The woman watched him in amazement as she tried her hardest not to show how much he was effecting her with his digits and that magnificent motion of his mouth and the counterpart of his tongue lapping down there. He was like some sort of otherworldly being as he paid appreciation to her in a way she seemed to be enjoying wholeheartedly. A smirk lay on his lips when he slipped out of her and looked up at the image before him. She looked just as rattled and undone as he had once been upon stepping into his abode. 

It was almost startling for him to see how out of control she looked. Her body seemed less rigid and relaxed as he kiss his way up from her pelvis and back up to her neck, and onto her mouth. He pecked her once, a slight question in his eyes as he positioned himself above her, his loins pressed against her lower half ready to penetrate her. 

He took a moment to slip his fingers through her hair which lay in waves around her shoulders. He looked down at the fabric that pooled at her sides; his jumper which ultimately started this whole thing again. He smiled at it before looked back up at her again. She was staring at him with an odd look in her eyes. It was a mix between befuddlement and wonder and he almost asked what she was thinking but that would warrant more words that he needed to hear. Instead he posed the opposite of it, “Would you like me to continue?”

Sherly lay there for a moment, opening her mouth and closing it as if completely taken off guard by him. Which wasn’t the first time in the past couple hours they had been in each other’s presence. She laughed at him, the man was mad for even asking. She answered him with a confidence grin on her lips. “God, yes.” She mumbled as she squirmed against him. “Don’t ask…” She was cut off as Marc took the first half of the answer before pistoning himself inside her. 

Any other words were lost on her mouth as he took over her senses completely. Her expressions of delight did not fall on deaf ears though, Marc Hooper dishing out a few of his own as she gripped him into oblivion once, another time in the kitchen and then a final time after dragging him into his bedroom which albeit  was a bit cramped up served its purpose. The tie definitely became very useful tool during their last excursion of the day, much to the detective’s delight. Her pathologist was full of surprises. She was slowly finding it out one touch at a time. 




These are going to debut at Animazement 2016. I am going to see how they sell before making a big printing. Will have very few decks for sale and then posters. @_@ Been working on this for forever! Hope to have the full FULL deck by next year. But for now this is the Major Arcana cards. :)

Close ups: 

~ "LILACS" ~

Everything seemed normal at the end of her shift at Bart’s. She had the morning shift so getting off at five was an unexpected treat. She would actually get to eat dinner at home today. Her large bag hefted on her shoulder, she headed for the door. She stared with a dejected set of eyes where Sherlock used to be sitting just moments ago. He left early, but… he left something behind? It was stark purple and foreign to the sterile lab environment surrounding it. She rounded tables and stools and finally came upon the small bundle of three lilac stalks. They were neatly tied in, she giggled, gauze from a suture kit.


As she lifted the purple flowers to smell them, she noticed a business card hidden underneath them. If Sherlock giving her flowers wasn’t odd enough, a business card to a restaurant was even stranger. She frowned and blinked, looking around as if this was some sort of strange joke. It read:

The Serpentine Bar & Kitchen

Serpentine Road

Hyde Park, London W2 2UH

020 7706 8114

“Is he… he’s not asking me on a date? Is he? No. No.” The second refusal came out in a blustered half-laugh. She looked around again, but was completely alone still. It must have been some sort of test or… case or something. But the flowers? They smelled heavenly and how Sherlock had snuck them in without her noticing in the last few hours was beyond her. She was curious but also a bit hesitant. Sherlock was never one for any type of romance at all and had been pretty clear he was not interested in her in that fashion. As much as it pained her to know this, over the years she had covered that wound and it had healed, but without leaving a heavy scar on her heart.

It was too mysterious to pass up, however, and she soon found her way in a cab on her way to the restaurant. No need to dress up, her casual outfit was more than suited. Besides, this wasn’t a date, so why put forth the effort to look good for nothing? Or this is what she told herself as she began to doubt everything she had ever known about Sherlock Holmes as they approached the destination.

She twirled the three lilacs and smelled them again; she couldn’t help her small smile. Just then the cabbie gave a soft chuckle. “First sign of love, luv,” the cabbie said with a nostalgic sigh in his voice.

“I’m sorry?” Molly asked, unsure what he was saying.

“Them lilacs? Gave my first sweetheart those. Did research an’ all that to say how I felt. There’s a whole language of flowers, you know? Well she just liked the way they smelled. Didn’t do no research on her end, just put ‘em in a vase. Married her anyway!” He chuckled and Molly couldn’t help but smile too.

She was dropped off near one entrance to Hyde Park and the cabbie told her to walk straight ahead to the restaurant. She paid and began her trek to it. The weather was cooler now that the sun went down and she gripped her large coat around herself in a nervous habit. It shouldn’t be so terrifying, but it was. Just thinking of what Sherlock had planned or what he didn’t have planned, for that matter. Her wound was closed, she told herself, and she had just stopped believing he would ever be more than a friend.

When she got to the restaurant, she hesitantly walked through the doors. There was only a moment of her looking around, unsure, when a staff member came up and greeted her, surprisingly by name. “Doctor Hooper?” A lovely blond woman asked.

“Yes?” Molly glanced about the busy restaurant for the familiar form of Sherlock, but found him nowhere.

“I have your takeout order ready.” She handed her a bag with some kind of meal inside. And then the blond handed her a bouquet of flowers. It was not big and flashy but was simple and elegant. A few roses but mostly wildflowers and other colorful, deliciously aromatic varieties. “He insisted I give them to you, and not him. A bit of an odd one, is he?”

“Yes, I suppose.” Things were getting stranger by the moment now. She took her flowers and takeaway outside and stood there a moment, unsure where to go next. But then she saw a hand-drawn, messy map penciled in on a small card in the flowers. She began to try and follow the map as best she could.

She got to the “X” and stopped. From what she could tell, it was just a normal garden space with a building in the distance and what seemed to be a line of oddly shaped boxes with roofs. It was quiet and peaceful, but there was a faint hum in the distance. A close buzz whizzed by her ear and she shook her head and then looked down to see a bee making it’s way around her bouquet. It flower-hopped and gathered and buzzed and had it’s fill of her flowers before flitting away. She smiled as another one bounced around her fingertips to get to the flowers above them. Lovely.

“Urban Bees.” Came a voice from beside her. She startled and looked over and up at none other than Sherlock Holmes himself, his pale eyes observing the bee buzzing around her bundle of flowers.

“Urban Bees?” She asked quietly, the situation quite surreal.

“For you,” Sherlock said simply and she frowned. He still would not look at her, instead easing a bee away from her precious lilacs to another set of flowers at the top. His fingers were uncovered and unafraid, surprisingly gentle navigators for the small creature.

“You… got me… bees?” She emphasized the word but then quickly added, quietly, “you got me bees.” She nodded quickly, a thin line pressed between her lips. She watched as his hand dropped to his side. She finally found his gaze and she felt as though that wound she had closed so long ago had begun to rip back open. There was emotion there, in those pale sea-blue eyes, and she almost laughed at the complete absurdity of it. But there it was. She couldn’t deny it.

“If it seems overwhelming,” he began, his deep voice calm, “I could always assist.”

At first she thought he meant her obvious turmoil over his blatant show of sentiment. He had after all gotten her the most exotic pet (well, pets) she could ever hope to own, not to mention giving her that look. But he meant the bees, however he meant he would take care of them… with her.

“Could be challenging,” he warned, with a hint of a smile on his lips. Again, she was momentarily unsure exactly what he meant.

“Actually,” Molly started, feeling a smile of her own, “having something so challenging, with all it’s complexities was -is- part of the satisfaction. A cat is a cat, but… this is different. This is effort, knowledge, patience… I love it.” She raised her shoulders and sighed, quite aware that the scarred tear in her heart was reopening at an alarming rate. He cared, he had to.

He nodded once, as if reading her mind, and his gaze fell upon the hives. “You should have your dinner.”

“Oh! Y-yes, I forgot.” She set her flowers on a nearby bench and set the bag down to rummage inside. She didn’t look at him as she slowed her hands. “We could have it, I don’t know, together?” She asked, a suddenly brave spark bubbling through her.

“Yes,” came his reply. It startled her but she couldn’t help the giddy sensations running through her body. Her mind was suddenly screaming and jumping in joy at his simple acquiescence. That wound on her heart was open completely now and she didn’t care.

As she got the food out of the bag, she couldn’t help but think…

“Sherlock? Isn’t honey known to heal wounds?”

“Mostly for fighting infection. And commercial, standard honey is not filtered enough.” Sherlock continued on to tell her the history of honey’s healing and medicinal properties as they sat on the bench, their bees buzzing about the bouquet, the lilacs in particular.

~ the end ~



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12/21 : Homeless
“Food. Sleep. Passing gas. It’s all new to me. And it’s occurred to me that one day I’m going to die.”

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