A Thousand Times Between Our Eyes

Happy Valentine’s Day, @sempaiko, I’m your Secret Valentine! I really liked your prompt, and had something of a field day trying to work in some of your fave tropes. Since it did get just a touch long, I broke it into a few chapters and will post one a day, just to avoid dumping a whole thing on you all at once (also, so I can do at least one more obsessive sweep looking for typos and continuity errors). 

So here is part 1 of A Thousand Times Between Our Eyes, a story set in-universe a couple months post-Scarif, wherein Jyn and Cassian’s “first kiss keeps getting interrupted, but they finally do get their moment… eventually.“ 

The best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips.

a little drabble inspired by this art by @sempaiko !

again, thanks to @garglyswoof for her help! 

Jyn kisses the corner of his mouth. He’s caught off guard, and she takes advantage of the few seconds of shock - his jaw clenched under her lips - to grab his collar.

She doesn’t explain it, doesn’t even try to, just letting another part of herself speak; not the brain and its reason, not her muscles and their eagerness to draw out a blaster, even if, in the end, they all agree to let her body crush against his.

They had had hundreds of mission together, and his mouth, his lips had been a temptation ever since.

So when they’d retrieved the last bit of information they needed, entered the ship with halted breath, she’d decided to take the first step and kiss the corner of his mouth - right here. She had never been good with words and eloquence, so she’d been ready to use any other language.

She would be lying if she said it wasn’t calculated, she’s wanted his full lips on hers but she hadn’t aimed for it, not yet. They’ll have the time for more, because time is all they have since it was stripped away from them in Scarif and given back at the Rebel base.

Jyn lets him go and looks at him. His expression of utter surprise and something else.

“Jyn,” he murmurs, and she bites her lips and looks at his face; his angular traits and warm eyes, where there’s always something like hope in them.

“Cassian,” she simply answers.

“What for?”

She could answer, “The adrenaline”, she could say anything, but again, that would be lying; so she just shrugs, smiling.

Cassian nods and avoids her eyes, she hears him mutter, “let’s go,” and take a step away from her. But before he can go into the cockpit, he turns around and says:

“We -” he stammers, “we should do that again.”

And Jyn smiles so much, she has to bite the inside of her cheek as she nods, eagerly.

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I don’t usually do memes that tag people so please don’t mind me if I tag you & I apologize if you have already been tagged, just ignore it! If I’m tagging you it means that I think you’re neat. Pls don’t feel obligated to join in. Here’s the stuff I’m working on. 

I snuck in some OC art, rofl.  ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I adore your blog and your stories are incredible, they feed my inner rebelcaptain demon! For a prompt, how about a fic for the picture by sempaiko you just reblogged? "Besando Una Estrella"! It's such beautiful and intimate drawing, I'd love to read your interpretation of it!

Since I’m about a million years late in responding to this request (my apologies, anon!), here’s the amazing fan art by @sempaiko the anon is referring to! This is honestly one of my favorite fan arts so I’m so excited to write this! :)

My own personal headcanon says that Cassian’s injuries post-Scarif would have been much worse than what I’m portraying here, but, well, I liked the way this story worked and if you don’t mess with canon in Fan Fiction, then what are you even doing?


Even as the door to the shuttle slid closed and Bodhi thrust them forward, the searing heat and blinding light followed them. 

Her father named the project wrong, Jyn decided as the memory of the light danced across the inside of her eyelids. Stardust was delicate, the unobtrusive punctuation of the sky during space travel, the ultimate building blocks of the universe; this Death Star was the harsh sting of a blaster, the fiery impact of a bomb, the ultimate destroyer. 

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The Side of the Angels - Art by Sempaiko

When it was over, the angel didn’t release her, not entirely; his hand moved from her mouth down to her shoulder, to her arm,gripping tightly as he spun her so that her back was once against to the grimy brick wall. He loomed over her, his blue-green eyes dissecting, picking her apart, seeming to gaze deep into her very soul…and when his lips curled in a dark, knowing smile, Molly knew that he very much liked what he’d seen.

She felt his hand moving up her arm, until he was gripping her by the back of her neck, tendrils of her hair caught in his grasp as he tugged her head back so that she was looking up, up at him, brown human eyes staring into unearthly blue-green. Then his head descended, lightning-swift, and his lips covered hers in a passionate, demanding kiss.

Angel Sherlock rescues Molly from her attackers. Sparks fly in more ways than one! From my fic The Side of the Angels. Goregous artwork by the ever-fabulous Sempaiko! Thank you so much for this!!

A Thousand Times Between Our Eyes (part 2)

Good morning, @sempaiko, here is chapter 2 of A Thousand Times Between Our Eyes, my valentine to you, wherein our heroes visit the famous floating Midnight Market, Jyn contemplates tattoos, Cassian gets a cup of tea, and they both take a moment to appreciate the warmth of wool.

blood on freshly fallen snow

a culmination of a lot of things:

for @rebelcaptainprompts prompt 14: shock, doing things out of spite (I didn’t see any jyn-comforts-cass fics), this wonderful piece of artwork by @sempaiko, and my innate need to info-dump my version of cassian’s tragic backstory™.

His world fades from screaming colour, to black and white, and then nothing. Absolute, chilling darkness. 

Cassian? Cassian!

Cold, cold, cold. It seeps in like fog over water. He’s chilled beyond the bone, all the way to his very soul.

The results of my scans indicate that you should administer treatment for shock. I do not detect any signs of hypothermia. You do know how to treat for shock, Jyn?

A cold-hearted killer only ever feels the chill of death. He doesn’t deserve the warmth of life. This is the only truth. He remembers, now. How had he forgotten? 

Of course I do, it’s just - Cassian? Cassian! What happened? Cassian, can you hear me? Breathe with me. In, out. In, out. Fark, what happened to him, Kay?

Blood burning starkly against chillingly white snow.

If I knew would I be continuing this conversation, Erso? This is why he should’ve brought me instead of you. If I had been on the mission, I could ha-

The blood of innocents. Blood he spilled.

Kay! We don’t have time for this! Get me a blanket. 

It’s happening all over again.

Done. I shall watch over him.

He never left Fest. Fest never let him go. Its icy grip digs into his heart. 

That’s alright, Kay. I can keep an eye on him.

Time stopped almost two decades ago. Everything else is an illusion. This is the only truth. He’s frozen in place. This is his existence. Forever.

Are you sure? You are incapable of monitoring his vitals, and his-

The pill burns in the hidden pocket on his shoulder. His blaster feels cool against his clammy skin. His fingers twitch with want. 

Someone needs to get us home. It’s a long flight. 

The chill of death, the warmth of life. Around him, a battle. Within him, a battle. 


The voices of the dead howl in the wind. 

Thank you, Kay. I’ll take care of him. 

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A Thousand Times Between Our Eyes (part 4)

Hi, @sempaiko, and I’m really sorry I didn’t get a chance to post this final chapter of A Thousand Times Between Our Eyes yesterday like I was scheduled to. Had some work stuff come up, you know how it is. But hey, only a day late (and hopefully not a dollar short) here it is! 

In which Cassian and Jyn make a professional assessment of a smuggler’s operation, and then get a little assessing of their own.

And kiss.


This Sunday the awesome roundtable episode of the Nerdisms Podcast goes up.

As most of you know it featured a bunch of talk about the various Ladies of Sherlock. We actually talked about them all and yeah I’m just sitting at my computer spazzing and hoping everyone enjoys it when it drops in a few days.

Plus a special little thing we did before that that I’ll talk about more when I do my big post for Sunday.

Anyways here’s a little reminder about that.

Also here’s the previous episode with sempaiko if you haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet.

See you all very soon.

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