The state of your Auntie Jilli, a brief update

Deadline week. 4 working days until deadline. You know what this means:

  • The bandom playlist is on constant repeat. Spare a kind thought for your Uncle Pete, folks, as he is not as entertained by FOB, P!atD, and Cobra Starship as I am. (He does like MCR, tho’.)
  • My brain is busy presenting me with all sorts of sewing or writing projects, because that’s what it does when I’m overwhelmingly busy and don’t have time for anything else.
  • I will either be posting a lot of things here while I wait for content to validate and build, or I will be not around at all. There is no middle ground.
  • Did I mention I’m trying a new eating plan (to help reduce migraines, inflammation, and general pain levels), which means that a lot of my comfort foods are not allowed? I mean, I’ll take the reduced pain, that’s been great! But in times of stress, sometimes a girl wants some mac&cheese, y’know? But I daren’t.
  • Send. More. Coffee.

::cues up “D E S T R O Y A” on Renfield the iPod::

UnderRated Haikyu Characters


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3- KOMI AND KONOHA (From Fukurodani)

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4- SAKUNAMI (From Dateko)

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5- Semi Eita (From Shiratorizawa)

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Coming Home

Set after 6x14 – Killian returns and Emma finds him sitting on the steps of the front porch, in front of their house.
Word Count: 824
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Emma could feel her fingers going numb even though she had her gloves on. She didn’t mind – the cold nipping at her made her feel better than she had in the last two days. She hadn’t even driven the bug to the loft, which didn’t help her case. Every time she thought of the loft, she would picture the pitying glances she got from her parents, Regina, and Henry. Instead of it giving her consolation, she felt white, hot anger every time she thought of that. She chose to think about that instead of him. Instead of how it had felt to come back to an empty house – to know he had left; to know he had abandoned her. Which was why, as she hurried towards the house, she stopped short in complete shock. Relief spread through her as she saw him sitting on the porch. He looked up at her and she could see how unsure he was about her reaction.

“Killian,” she barely whispered, not moving. It was as if he was an illusion that would shatter the second she moved towards him.

“Emma,” he responded, standing up, trying to hide the crushing guilt that he felt when she didn’t walk towards him. It was one of those rare times where he wasn’t able to read her emotions behind her expression of shock. He couldn’t tell if she was happy to see him or not. There was a deafening silence before he said, “I’m sorry.”

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This is a half-assed recipe, but if you’re not afraid of winging it here’s how I made some delicious apple turnovers last night.

Peel, core and slice a mix of apples (granny smith, gala, fuji), sauté apples in butter with pie spice (or just cinnamon or whatever you like), a pinch of salt (I used unsalted butter you can probably skip this if using regular butter), grate a little fresh ginger and add to apple mix, cook until apples have softened, add light brown sugar to taste and splash of vanilla extract (or lemon juice or bourbon), add a little corn starch, mix, remove from heat and set aside. Unroll thawed puff pastry dough, cut into four equal squares, fill with apples, fold in half diagonally to make triangle, press edges to seal, vent top. Bake at 400° on parchment lined baking sheet for 25 minutes.

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The stupidest reasons why each team member would legit pick a fight for.


It’s not that he’ll pick a fight out of anger but it just sorts of happens when someone says that they’re going to give up something they’re passionate about. “Why waste your skills like that?” is something he would say, but he starts this argument out of concern rather than pure anger.


Insult his mother and prepare to eat his fists. Nobody insults a man’s mother but for someone to even pick on or criticise his mother is enough to warrant someone instantly as a shitty person. His mother is the most amazing person in his life and he won’t hesitate to defend her.


Disrespecting Ushijima and Soekawawould be the only reason you’d be catching these hands. He is a protection squad by himself: Talk shit about his best friends and prepare to be shunned by the nicest guy in school, and therefore everyone else. He’s secretly pretty petty as well and the glares he gives to people he doesn’t like are pretty terrifying.


Don’t you ever dare tell him that Mob Psycho 100 or any of his favourite anime are shit. He screeches in absolute shock, a hand on his chest dramatically as his expression turns into a scowl. He may not be putting his fists up, but he’s willing to give you a whole ten minute speech as to why your favourite anime is shit.


The last slice of pizza. He always wants the last slice of pizza no matter what and he’s not going to share it any time soon. His strategy usually would be to wait it out a little and then go for it but once someone does it, he tries to talk his way around it but it’ll devolve into rock paper scissors, and being a sore loser he goes onto thumb wrestling and other petty games.


He hates it when he’s just woken up and goes to grab a coffee from the school canteen only to see some idiot putting wet spoons in the sugar pot. He literally shoves aside any idiot who dares to do this because he’s tired and generally just does not want to deal with absolute bullshit. His vocabulary is at it’s most colourful when he hasn’t woken up properly yet.


He really isn’t someone to pick a fight, mostly because he’s just tired constantly. But if he’s awake, and angry at someone for talking shit, he’s ready to pick them up and place them in the nearest trash can. For real. He’s picked up Shirabu once for just talking too much and threw him in the garbage and left the room. 


He’ll fight you if you disrespect him during a videogame. “Hey, Hayato, you’re a shit Genj”- “Come fucking talk to me when you’ve got a gold elimination medal.” He gets salty very easily when it comes to a videogame and it’s absolutely disgusting. Yamagata swears like a sailor and his arguments are never coherent but he’ll still keep arguing because THIS IS A MATTER OF PRIDE.

Chubby Piggy. 💕.
So, Mars didn’t have kits yet. BUT when I woke up this morning I found 3 pieces of fur on the floor. (Since she doesn’t have a cage and she kept escaping I figured might as well let her roam since my room is rabbit proof.). Those were the only pieces and they weren’t in her box or anything. But I’m hoping it’s fur for nesting. 😊

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So last week I was in math class right with this guy I hate. He's misogynistic and he sucks. I didn't think I could dislike any more than I already did. I was wrong. I was talking about civil war with my friend and this boy stands up and says "Tony Stark is to blame for everything, he's the worst character in the MCU and he's killed so many people. He never even apologized."

ahhh, well my friend, I have to deal with two boys a little like that too. one of them is a creep, and one of them is an anti.

for the creep, I have a firmly established rule that he is not to come within touching distance of me. if he breaks that rule, then I kick him up the ass.
he does not tend to break that rule. I do not hold back, and I tend to look murderous af when at school, so I feel he may be slightly terrified of me.
good. that is what we want.

for the anti, it tends to be at lunch when he says his shit. or at least, the one time he dared to in front of me.
he… may have been stabbed with a plastic fork. very lightly. but he did not say anything again.

summary: in most cases, solve your conflict in a professional, adult way. in rare cases, if the subject is being a creep/ a persistent asshole- impale them.