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honestly I’m thinking about this post again and this just happens with like every goddamn movie the two of them see, together or otherwise. dirk comes out of literally every movie he watches (except the sbahjs, which are just relics of the old universe tbh) with a laundry list of complaints a mile long and jake just comes out of every movie he watches with a rambled list of things he loved and a bet that the sequel’s going to be even better than the first one!

and there’s something just weirdly contagious about jake’s enthusiasm. while dirk will never change his mind that the movies are bad (dirk thinks like literally every movie ever made [again, except sbahj films] is bad, it’s a problem) but he does kind of stop complaining and just scuff his foot into the dirt and smile a little. yeah jake, he says, trying not to let jake see him grinning. that part where the evil dude literally turned into the ghostbusters logo was pretty rad. yeah jake, it was pretty neat that the nice guy was actually the evil dude all along. yeah, jake. something about jake’s eternal enthrallment and happiness about even the worst movies humanly imaginable (but also, the best movies humanly imaginable) just makes dirk tingle from head to toes to be a part of. 


so I did a thing last night…

I have bad anxiety and depression and I have suffered my entire life. Last summer was when I was at my absolute worst. And then I found twenty one pilots and it was like Tyler was talking about what was going on in my head at that time and I was hooked. When I feel like I don’t want to go on, I remember how important I am and that I need to stay alive.

With that being said, I got these lyrics permanently on my skin. Although there are so many tøp lyrics that stick out in my mind and that have really kept me going, these are the ones that really get to me every time I listen.

If anyone in my clique fam needs a shoulder, my ask is always open.

stay alive y'all. ✌🏼❤️👽

 and  alastair,  at  the  end  of  every  day  –  every  one  –  he  would  come  over,  and  he  would  make  me  an  offer:  to  take  me  off  the  rack  if  i  put  souls  on.  if  i  started  the  torturing.    and  every  day,  i  told  him  to  stick  it  where  the  sun  shines.  FOR  THIRTY  YEARS,  i  told  him:  but  then  i  couldn’t  do  it  anymore,  sammy;    i  couldn’t.  and  i  got  off  that  rack.  GOD  HELP  ME:  i  got  right  off  it,  and  i  started  ripping  them  apart.  i  lost  count  of  how  many  souls.

 how  i  feel,  this   …  inside  me  …      i  wish  i  couldn’t  feel  anything,  sammy.  i  wish  i  couldn’t  feel  a  damn  thing.  [cr.]

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Faranda #9? 💕

this might be a lil crappy ‘cuz i’ve never written faranda before but THANK U AND ENJOY <3

“Farah,” Amanda said mischievously, rocking on her heels. “Were you hiding in the bushes?”

“What? No, no, I just- I just drove here. Came right up to the door, just now.”

Right. So you only just got here?”


“Uh-huh. There’s a leaf in your hair.”


Amanda smirked and leaned forward, reaching out and plucking something from Farah’s head. She twirled the leaf between her fingers with a knowing smile. “You know, you should really clean your car more.”

Farah blushed furiously, rubbing the back of her neck. Okay, truth be told she maybe didn’t just get here. That was the plan, originally. Just get here, go to the door, knock on it and ask Amanda… what she wanted to ask her. But then she’d just, just freaked out and turned round and… hidden in the bushes.

So much for playing it cool.

“I, uh…” Farah cleared her throat. “I just came round to ask… do you… uh… like… food?”

Amanda blinked. “Uh. Well, I kinda need it to live. But yeah, yeah, food’s pretty cool I guess.”

“Good. Good.” God, she wanted to punch herself in the face. “I just thought, y’know, since we both like… food. Er, we could, we could go have food. Together. Sometime.”

“You and me?”


“You mean,” Amanda said slowly, tilting her head. “Like a… date?”

Oh, God, she isn’t into it, ABORT, ABORT- “Y-es?”


Farah blinked. “…Really?”

“Yeah, man, sounds cool.”

“Good! Good, that’s- good!”

“…Hey, Farah?”


“You’ve, uh… you’ve got another leaf in your hair.”

Farah’s breath caught as Amanda leaned into her space again, reaching behind her head to grab the leaf with a sly smile.

And when Amanda stretched the rest of the way to steal a quick, playful kiss, she pretty much lost the capacity to breathe altogether.

anonymous asked:

I think the first fighter (besides Helix) that would find out Kid Cobra is a snake would be Twintelle. I believe she would be totally okay with it, while he freaked out. She would also be the one to help him put on a brave face and tell the others as well. I also like to think that Cobra's childhood wasn't the most glamorous, and didn't really have the family figures he needed. So, Twintelle becomes the mom he always wanted, and he gets a family that loves him for who he is.

I honestly haven’t gotten over this ask since I first received it.
It’s so perfect?

Bless you, Anon.

- Mod Kid Cobra

Summer Storms part 2: Isagani is a huge dork

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M, M/M
Fandom: Noli Me Tangere & Related Works - José Rizal
Relationships: Isagani (El Filibusterismo)/Paulita Gomez Basilio (Noli Me Tangere & El Filibusterismo)/Isagani (El Filibusterismo)

Chapter Summary:
Isagani thinks he has the worst luck–that is, until a certain stranger comes to his rescue.

Read it here!

(a/n: i almost forgot this lmfao oops)

What constellations do you see? 🌌 I’m selling prints of this on my Society6 store!!✨
Portrait of my original character Ceres, counterpart of Celeste ✨💙 I’m happy with the result but I need more practice on coloring dark skin tones 💖