y’all know or not how exhausting it is to see white artists draw like any and every east/southeast asian anime characters like they’re white people. like always seeing these characters with v line faces, sharp thin pointy noses, pinkish skin, double lids and big eyes? every single one?? hundreds of thin lipped round eyed characters who are meant to be e/se asian. and it’s like yeah. some e/se asians do have some of these features but not everyone does. not everyone fits that kinda standard so stop treating it like a baseline: you can diversify how you draw us we’re not all from the same cookie cutter mold.

like at this stage i dont even care like when you do this it’s literally just whitewashing. draw monolids, hooded lids and epicanthic folds realistically or your art sucks period. learn how to put darker and/or warm toned skin on your characters or your art sucks. draw us with square, oval and round faces or your art fucking sucks. draw us with lower nose-bridges and with flatter and wider noses as well.

and i dont mean make us into a caricature. like ive seen some white artists try to overcompensate and draw the characters with literally bright yellow skin and everything else until they look like racist propaganda art boasting the chinese exclusion act lmfao. i mean like study our faces, study our skin tones and incorporate that into your art.

and if you refuse to change and say it’s just your art style? then fuck you art style. you cant justify excluding us from the media we created.


Colt Model 1900 pistol

Made by Colt’s Manufacturing Company c.1900-02 based on Browning’s 1897 design - serial number 3207.
.38ACP seven-round removable box magazine, short-recoil semi-automatic, single action.

I think the weirdest thing about this gun is the placement of the grip on the front of the slide instead of the rear as became usual.

Why the signs are into astrology

Aries: found the memes and jokes hilarious
Taurus:wanted to know more about placements and wanted guidance
Gemini:wanted to know who their soulmate could be
Cancer:wanted to know more about their friends and family
Leo:wanted to find more viable reasons as to why they’re the best person around.
Virgo:uses astrology to determine why other people’s lives are messes and how they, as a Virgo, can help fix them
Libra:wants to see if their current relationship is compatible
Scorpio:found out Saturn rules your fears and now utilizes birth charts when concocting revenge on others
Sagittarius:they just like learning about new things
Capricorn:wanted to prove it wrong and realized it’s actually correct. Now spends their time using astrology to try and control their life
Aquarius: thought it would fit into their quirky cool vibe, realized that it was actually pretty great
Pisces:confused about life and wanted clarity. Refused to believe their chart once they saw the first square aspect, but were already too into astrology to drop it completely

After playing competitively a bit

I have to say a number of these pokemon are interesting.  While th UBs are fairly interesting Their stats are kind of stupid. I don’t understand how Gamefreak thinks throwing pokemon with base 140+ offenses or Defenses into the mix somehow balances the game.  I feel like the Tapus are a bit absurd, especially Koko and Bulu, easily knocking off 75% of your HP when you RESIST them. 

 It’s starting to feel like Talonflame syndrome where the games are extremely hyperoffensive “press one button to win” kind of strategies.  I’m noticing less switching, less thoughtful strategy.  Idk maybe things will settle a bit.  It’d be nice to switch into a pokemon you resist and not have to take over 50% of your health away because they happened to have Base 170+ Special Attack.

Overall the Alolan Pokemon and Alolan forms are USELESS.  Hardly anything this gen got a base speed passed 60.  Ensuring that most of the Pokemon of previous gens were unaffected by the new additions.  Alolan forms needed better stats and abilities.  A great Pokemon like Mudsdale, can’t even effectively take out Electric Pokemon because almost all of them have access to Grass Knot.  

The games have very poor balance when it comes to which Pokemon do and don’t get coverage.  Electric types have ONE weakness, ONE, remove grass knot from them. Male players ACTUALLY switch and strategize instead of aiming to have a Pokemon that can end it all(Greninja is an example of this problem.  Why are Water types able to have access to Burning(Scald) AND Freezing(Ice Beam) PICK ONE Gamefreak.  It’s stupid that Water types can Burn and the only type that resists that status condition also happens to be weak to water.  The list goes on.

I’ve have no problem facing off against UBs and Legendaries even though I personally feel it’s a bit boring of a choice.  But when every single Pokemon I like is considered mediocre or bad because it’s slow, mehhhhhh.  I’d rather not be forced to force the game to function opposite of how it normally does by setting up Trick Room, which can run out.  It’s like how teams are required to run the crappy moves: Defog and Rapid Spin(Can be blocked) to get rid of Passive Pebbles(Stealth Rock) which effectively cripples 3 types, makes focus sash useless, and discourages actually switching your Pokemon.

That said the games are clearly more balanced for doubles.  If that’s the official format, then Double battles need to happen more often IN GAME.


Fun fact: I had actually coloured this gif before putting an orange layer over it.

Kaamelott modern AU: le clan des Semi-croustillants!

-Tu vois là, si ton mage a une plume, il a +3 en cuisine elfique, Du coup il l’emporte face à un cochon de nivau 5 ou moins.
-Sauf si il a une cuillere.
-Dans ce cas faut une retournée en belettine!

Karadoc et Perceval sont deux gros nerds. Et ils sont des grands gamers, et inventent des stratégies extrêmement complexes pour leur parties de MMORPG. Karadoc a des t-shirt geeks ou à références, et Perceval aussi sauf que par dessus il a une chemise à carreaux pour faire comme Arthur. Il s’attache aussi les cheveux avec une pince, et il est pas rare de l’entendre se plaindre des prix et de la qualité des produits capilaires. Karadoc lui se plaint plus de la difficulté d’accès au bio et l’afflux des masses vers les fast-food.

I’m back |(ish)

((So I’ve managed to do a few responses today by lying flat on my back in bed and keeping the laptop at an obscenely strange angle, ha ha! Didn’t make it through all my drafts, but I was happy to get them done, going to post them all at once, so sorry for the dash spamming. I’m high on pain meds and pretty exhausted at the moment, so I’m sorry if they aren’t my usually length or quality or have typos, tried my best. ))