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(( This wonderful little tidbit of script (and picture used) belongs to @circus-baby-and-friends-show and was presented without context so WHOOps. I really love Bon-Bon and couldn’t help it :> Can’t wait to make longer clips and give some other characters a try! ))

  • me talking abt boys: yeah he's alright, has a nice...facial structure
  • me talking abt girls: I lov her!! she's so cute and funny and sweet-
Tensemi Week [1]

Day 1: Childhood / Family

Can be read on ao3

Tendou pokes at the sand, fingers swirling through the ground in an indiscernible pattern. There’s no one at the playground—the two other kids had scattered when they noticed Tendou shyly making their way towards them, eager eyes wide with the potential of making new friends. The question to play had hung on his lips when one of the two kids turned to his friend and whispered loudly, “Look, it’s a monster,” before they quickly stood and scrambled away.

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