‘Alex’ Graphite 11" x 17"

This is a portrait of the one girl I used to treasure more than anything.

Her expression in the drawing is actually from a photograph I took some time back, of her crying right before she left me. She never knew that this photo was taken. I had no reason of even why I took a picture of her, or what possessed me to keep it. Immediately after I had taken it I had forgotten about it, up until right before my show when I found it digging through my things. So, I turned it into a drawing.

#azurite tower single azurite #mineral #crystal #element atop a small matrix (bedrock) #nodule.
This may well be a very small crystal, yet it holds a fascination with its exotic or rakish angle of #growth and of very good colour quality.
From this most renowned and classic mineral #location - #Kerrouchen, #Khénifra #Morocco #collecting #huntingfossils #geology #prehistory #fossilforsale #blue #gemstone #semiprecious


Mineral side of tumblr- do you know what this is? I absolutely should, but forgot and googling various aspects of it hasn’t helped. It may or may not have pyrite in its composition but ‘pyrite’ isn’t part of its full name (eg chalcopyrite). If I heard it I’d know it.

If you can’t tell, it’s metallic/mirrory, they all had that diamond shape, and it has very visible layers up the sides.

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Lepidolite it is!