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The HHB as College Professors

Ah, don’t you wish?  Anyway, as school is in full swing for a lot of us, I thought I’d create these headcanons.  Special thanks to @rainatmosphere for your knowledge on history!

Jae-Ha: Jae-Ha is the jack of all trades professor. Sometimes he teaches dance classes, sometimes music, sometimes art.  His classes are always fun, with jokes and easy going laughter.  He’s that type of professor one looks forward to seeing, the type that has a chili pepper by his info on  He doesn’t believe in tests, he believes in effort.  If you work hard, you’re rewarded with a good grade.  Most of his students are female.    

Yona: Yona teaches French.  She tries her best to make her classes more than just bland memorization by incorporating culture and activities into her lectures.  Exams and quizzes can be quite difficult for those that don’t put in the time required, and she has no pity towards students that don’t work diligently.  However, she’s extremely friendly and always happy to help anyone that drops by during office hours.

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saintmichaelthearchangel-moved  asked:

Hi! Don't know if you've been asked this, but out of the Winds Of Winter sample chapters that have been released: Which one is your favourite? :)

Hiya! I cannot bear to choose among my precious babes, so a brief ode to each. Spoilers, natch. 


Or: How to Lead, a Seminar/One Act Play by Stannis Baratheon. If you so much as whisper, he will glare at and angrily shush you. No, the one true king does not care if you are a bird, thank you very much.


Wandering this shimmering, detail-drunk panorama with Sansa is like taking a writing class from GRRM himself; like its clear forerunner “The Captain of Guards,” it’s a comprehensive guide to worldbuilding in the form of a chapter.


In which the series eats itself alive, with a healthy side of Shakespeare. Fall down the rabbit hole, lose yourself in the hall of mirrors, conjure up whatever Lewis Carroll construct you prefer, but feed your fuckin’ head with it. 

Arianne I and II

It’s the sheer range that stuns. GRRM is as deft with sparkling dialogue as he is insightful with internal struggles; he devotes equal attention and care to intricate political dynamics and hallucinogenic descriptions of nature. Show-off.

The Battle of Fire (Tyrion I & II, Barristan I & II, Victarion I)

Everything awesome about fantasy all in the same place at the same time, every element aimed straight at every other element’s throats. And IMO from the ashes will rise Tyrion and his dragon. What more could I want?