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So I know you've done some stuff for ace Ravenclaws, but would you be willing to do some aroace Ravenclaw headcanons? Please and thank you! - R

Most of the toughest door-knocker riddles have been solved by aroace Ravenclaws.

They have so many ways to politely decline date requests that it’s almost never awkward.

Whenever someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about, they conjure pamphlets out of nowhere about aromanticism and asexuality.

Aroace Ravenclaws accidentally start a students-teaching-students seminar series after the monthly interhouse aroace socials. Yes, accidentally they swear. Anyone is welcome to present on their area of expertise. Sometimes it’s a seminar on tricky N.E.W.T.-level spells, and sometimes it’s about something less practical but still cool (like muggle card tricks or how to charm your skin plaid).

They visit Professor Flitwick in his office so much that he becomes the first professor with extensive knowledge of aro and ace identities. He educates the rest of the Hogwarts faculty.

Aroace Ravenclaws like their nights in, but when they do decide to go out it’s the most exciting night that anyone can remember.

They constantly talk about animagus magic. (And many of them become animagi.) Tales are told of an aroace Ravenclaw who became a dragon animagus, rapidly advancing wixen knowledge of dragon behavior thanks to her ability.

Aroace Ravenclaws are the first to create safe events for people who aren’t interested in relationships, which are especially popular on Valentine’s Day or during a school dance.

- Ravenclaw Mod


H H Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, member of the Group of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Advocates, yesterday  took part “Law, Education and the SDG’s” seminar as part of The Hague Institute for Global Justice’s Distinguished Seminar Series.

The event was also attended by H M Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, in her capacity as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development, political leaders, NGO chiefs and the diplomatic community.

I’ve signed up to help run a seminar series next year, which will include having to introduce speakers and run the question session at the end. I’m a weird mix of excited to be involved, scared of the responsibility and the public speaking, and reminding myself that learning how to do this sort of thing is one of the many reasons I wanted to do a PhD in the first place.


clexa ‘farmhand and the rich girl’ AU: Clarke’s lived a privileged life. Her mom’s a doctor for US army and her dad…well he was developing new sources of renewable energy for the government until his accident. 

When Abby gets called to Washington DC for the summer to give a series of seminars on Jake’s findings in his place, Clarke throws a fit about leaving their Seattle home. Abby’s solution is to ship her off to her sister’s farm in Idaho instead of across the country.

The first week she’s there, Clarke manages to catch the attention of every boy in the small town. Too bad for them she only has eyes for her aunt’s gangly-yet-strong, kindhearted, and frustratingly poised farmhand, Lexa. 

Once Clarke finds out Lexa’s noticing her back, things get interesting… 

If you know of a black woman professor who does research in chemistry, biology, or nueroscience, please let me know. I’m looking for black women PI’s to invite to my institution as part of a newly created seminar series but am having trouble finding ones who qualify. It is a day’s commitment. Their airfare, travel, and food will be covered and they would be given a modest amount of money. 

if you don’t know of anyone, please signal boost

On diversity, or, I thought YOU were driving?!

There’s an important conversation about diversity happening in the YA world right now. It keeps getting louder and every time I see new voices join in, I do a little butt-in-chair dance.

So here’s my voice.

I’m a writer and I also have a day job as a program coordinator for grant-funded projects at my university. I received my MA in Women’s Studies and my boss is a sociologist who has spent most of her long career studying race, gender, and society. We are both white and we have committed time and energy to learning how to spot and address the reproduction of oppressions in our society.

Together, we created a seminar series to go along with our PhD training program in interdisciplinary climate science. We ask each of our students to identify and invite “experts in their field” to visit the university and give a talk on their research. The series has been wildly successful and over the course of 5 years, we’ve hosted nearly 60 speakers.

After the first year, we reviewed our list of visitors. And what we found was an impressive list of experts in various fields – all of which were white men. This is important. My boss and I are practiced advocates of diversity and we let this happen. Our enthusiasm for bringing in speakers had outstripped our willingness to pause and consider the bigger picture. Without meaning to, we had presented our students with a vision of scientific authority that was very white and very male.

In other words, hegemony is a habit, and it recreates itself when you aren’t paying attention.

We were horrified and disappointed in ourselves. It was troubling to realize we could be so culpable in repeating a pattern that erases diversity. And there was nothing we could do. The series was over, our speakers had come and gone, and the lack of diversity was immortalized in our annual report. All that was left to us was the future. We pointed out the pattern to our students and with every new group that came through, we encouraged them to actively cultivate diversity in their selections and promised that we would do the same. And you know what? That’s all it took to break the cycle.

Over the next 4 years of the series, we hosted 42 more speakers, 14 of which were women, 9 of which were people of color. Those numbers still aren’t ideal, but they only happened because we made a conscious effort to pay attention to the overarching narrative that was all 5 years of our speaker series.

Diversity is hard precisely because it’s not a habit most of us share. The story we tell about who matters in society won’t rewrite itself. The only way to change the narrative is to pay attention, to speak up when you notice harmful repetition of old patterns, and to adapt when that happens.

It can be devastating to recognize your own culpability in social issues. When it happens, it can feel like you’re one person being blamed for the mistakes of many. That sucks. But I also think it’s exciting. Because it’s in those desperately uncomfortable moments that we are engaged in a world that’s changing. In that sense, being uncomfortable is the only way we get to meaningful change.

***Editing because I’ve found that, as usual, bell hooks said it best: 

“Dominator culture has tried to keep us all afraid, to make us choose safety instead of risk, sameness instead of diversity. Moving through that fear, finding out what connects us, reveling in our differences; this is the process that brings us closer, that gives us a world of shared values, of meaningful community.” – bell hooks, Teaching Community

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Okay but the high school teacher aus except that they're both at the Imperial Academy bc Han is teaching there and Leia is guest lecturing about the Imperial Government (slash secretly gathering intel) and these sixteen year old cadets are all like, yeah bruh, Lt. Solo and Senator Organa are definitely adulting.


okay so I think we’d have to fast forward this a couple years after their initial meeting in the movies, because age difference stuff, idk, would it make sense if she’s there lecturing and she’s only two years older than the cadets, who knows

BUT. this. this has the potential for a WHOLE ENTIRE AU I’m so happy.

Han graduates with flying colours from the academy but he Does A Thing (perhaps not as Intense of a Thing as he does in canon (er, sort of canon), but something insubordinate enough to get him stuck on “teaching the cadets” duty) and is doing his thing, gradually becoming more and more disillusioned by the Empire, la la la, teaching these fresh-faced cadets. 

I want to say that the kids love him, but I also feel like Lt. Solo would be that asshole teacher who is fantastic on good days but also doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his teaching material so it can be a struggle if you’re super Empire-positive. Probably, there are maybe two of his classes (interstellar physics, maybe? There was one class I read in a fic that he did really well in and I could totally believe that. But I’ve always thought Han has a good head for math and physics, because?? Anyone who can hold the Falcon together like he does needs to know more than just basic mechanics), that he really likes the material he’s teaching and you can see that he thinks that it’s important for the kids to learn, so those are good classes. (his other classes it’s obvious he doesn’t give a shit, but anyway)

ANYWAY, Leia, who’s in deep with the Rebellion at this point but has still maintained the cover of Imperial Senator, gets invited (begrudgingly - probably manages to invite herself, actually) to give a series of seminars at the academy to teach the cadets about the political side of the Glorious Empire. Leia, of course, is there to sneak inside information and possibly find a way to get her hands on the Death Star Plans (once again, for AU purposes, let’s say the construction of the death star is delayed a few years), but is also there to make sure these kids’ heads aren’t being filled with drivel. In fact, she repeatedly is challenged in the lectures because she’s not saying 100% Empire Friendly things.

Anyway, they first properly meet (prior to that, it was just a brief “oh, this senator’s coming and spouting of politics, meh”, and a brief glance in a corridor) when one of Han’s students mentions her lectures in class - maybe that’s next up on their timetable - and the whole class starts clamouring about it; some of them think she’s “the worst” and others absolutely adore her. Obviously, Han thinks that anyone who can muster up such intensely contradicting views (especially ones that lean towards possibly-dangerous lines of thought) is worth listening to, so the next time his break lands on her lecture, he sneaks into the back of the class to listen in.

It’s not exactly love at first sight.

But he’s got to give her this: she’s got balls of steel.

Problem is, Han, being Han, asks an asshole question in the middle of the lecture (something about Alderaan’s pacifist ideology, probably? Not entirely because he means it, but he wants to throw a rock in the pool, you know), and Leia needs to take a moment to collect her thoughts and throw back a response, which pisses her off. She replies beautifully, though, which prompts Han to go forward and try to make conversation after the lecture, but Leia’s already sort of on edge because of the whole espionage thing and also she’s wary of any Imperial officers in general anD ALSO his question was annoying, so, um, no, go away.

Except it doesn’t quite come out as “go away”, it comes out as a snippy retort, to which Han responds by metaphorically putting his foot in his mouth (she’s really pretty and it’s distracting, damn it), and thus, their wonderful academic relationship begins.

And obviously in the intermin between Meeting Each Other and the Inevitable Angst, there’s a lot of fic trope trash because that’s always necessary and the students are always like “omg Lt Solo you totally have the hots for a princess” and he’s like “shut up and write your exam, Henderson” and they probably make out in an abandoned classroom at least once.

But like at some point, after There Are Definite Feelings There but Neither Want To Acknowledge The Feelings, Leia tries to convince Han to defect and join the Alliance (OR SOMETHING) and Han, while completely disillusioned with the Empire at this point, is like “hhhng no no nah I’m good, I just. Won’t rat you out. But. No” and it’s kind of because he has no idea what he’d do and he really doens’t want to go back to living on the streets, and then agst happnes. Because Leia can’t bring herself to be with him if he’s not on her side and Han’s conflicted because he wants to be with her but he doesn’t want to just up and leave, a weird part of him is still loyal to the Empire and what about all these kids and everything is complicated and emotional feelings and Leia needs to get out before her cover’s blown. Except, then, a few things happen at once:

Han gets called back into active duty because someone heard through hearsay that he speaks Shiirywook (which is true, but he’s still pissed that people found out) and so they drag him over to try and talk to these wookiees they’ve got chained up, except then one of the wookiees breaks free and wreaks a havoc and Han like, stuns his superior officer to stop him from killing the wookiee (HEY, CHEWIE!) and so. Dishonorable discharge, et all. Meanwhile, Leia, who’s upset because they had their Fight/Discussion/Falling out thing, get’s ratted out (not sure how that happens yet) to the Imps and they capture her and take her aboard the Death Star. 

Han, who has no where else to go, takes Chewie and his ship (the Falcon - which he wins at some point during his teaching stint, I’ll figure this out later) and goes to the Rebels, wherein he meets Luke Skywalker (SO Luke and Ben get to the Rebels in a much different fashion than they do in canon; Bail sends them a comm earlier on and the Imps hear that there might be Force sensitives in that area so they ransack the place but Luke’s out of the house so they kill his aunt and uncle when they don’t talk, it’s very sad, etc, but Luke and Ben go join the Rebellion much earlier and Luke and Leia are like besties from the start and Bail and Obi-Wan sweat a lot). Luke’s just gotten word that Leia’ been taken in, and Han’s like “WHAT?” And Luke’s like “you know her?” and Han’s like “oh, shit, kriff, kest, a lot of other swear words I can’t think of right now, those plans were intense top security shit that the Emperor had Plans for, they’re going to torture her to death and I know Imperial torture” so they have to go get her, obviously, and then they do and Han and Leia reconcile and makeout and everything is happy and good except not entirely because torture and stuff but yeah. 

The plot continues with minor changes from there on. Does Alderaan get blown? I really don’t want Alderaan to get blown.


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who else teaches at the institute of 1d studies? whos classes do i need to enroll in??

Your timing is so impeccable, anon! We’ve just been discussing the faculty line-up for the upcoming semester. 

Firstly, the thing about the Institute that you need to understand is that it’s an open form system. An open campus. You may come and go as you please. You may jump up to the podium and grab the mic and talk for an hour about Harry’s hands! Or the way that Niall wears a suit! Or your feelings about Zayn! We are all teachers here and we are all students, but here are some of the important players in this particular wing of the Institute of 1D Studies:

Sika / othisredding - Founder and President of the Institute. A guiding light and ispiration to us all. There is a corridor in the main building that is wallpapered in Sika selfies.

Kenzie / echolikebells / one half of getoffthebridge1d - The institute’s studier of studies, a librarian but without all the awful parts (the books stack themselves here). Guest lecturer and Harry tags expert. 

Gillian / nozayngel - Baker of cakes, respected lecturer in the Zarriall department. Beloved by every student. Host baking club in her kitchen where students and faculty gather learn advanced icing techniques and discuss the nuanced joyful beauty of Ziall.

Jamiefeelingshulk - Our guidance counselor. Step into her office if you are having a feeling about Zayn or ANYTHING else and you’re not sure what to do with it. Drink her relaxing tea, tell her your troubles. Also a featured speaker in this Spring’s Tragi-Louis lecture series. Spends her breaks in the staff lounge knocking things over and angrily muttering about Zayn’s tongue while she beep-beep-boops the wall.

di / imlikenah - Chair of fandom and media studies! Ot5 expert (aer class on the subject is highly requested). di also watches over the institute garden and leads a special Nouis seminar course. 

Darren / likeliterallydead / one half of getoffthebridge1d - famed Niam guest lecturer with a Summer seminar on Southern Gentleman Niall. Buys way too many pearls. Can often be found in the staff lounge bickering with Kenzie. 

Chris / johnnykaratevevo  - our graduate student TA. Picks up everyone else’s classes when they can make it in, generally keeps things moving. Volunteers her free time in the counseling office with Jamie. Often late turning in papers but is SUPER nice to every student. Also acting equality officer in the Institute. 

Syar - theroadverytravelled - director of admin, in charge of carefully color-coding all the files, organizes roundtables and guest speakers, accessibility coordinator and student relations liason. She maintains the Zayn meditation cave in the quad and also steps in to guest lecture on parallel universe Nouis. Respected member of the Ziall Booster Club on campus. 

Jenn / Me! - I just like…pick up the trash and yell about Niall a lot. Though I do teach night classes on Ziall Vampire Boyfriends, Zayn’s Gentle Touching and the Immoveable Permanence of Narry. 

Other Notable Staff and Students:

Victoria / nononoabsolutelynot - Lirry studies coordinator

Elaine / nicethighsnicereyes - Composes and send out the daily Institute emails

Katy / justawordshaker - Has been hanging around the quad a lot making students cry about Louis, leads the student choir

Alex / space-bakery - Coordinates the post-larry lecture series (not listed on the official schedule, please inquire in the office) and runs an interactive workshop titled “Where Are You Meant To Be?: fandom in the physical realm”

Jamie / myinsidescape - Niall Booster Club honored member. 

Danielle / nuthinbutniall - Runs a very popular seminar series with me on Niall Springsteen 

Alex / thewordisweetabix - Lecturer on the philosophy of fandom, frequently found in the Zayn meditation cave. 

Em / never2old4this - Preeminent Louis scholar. Runs an ongoing lecture series titled “Louis Is Important!!”

Ray / felloveronpurpose - Maintains the institute’s expansive zine library, teaches a course on zine-making and trinket collecting.

Vlargaret / yourwholelifeisa1dblog - Vlada and Margaret teach a very popular class on Poetry Direction (along with Erica) and the speculative politics of One Insurrection. 

Jebet / cosmonoughts - Junior professor in the College BF Harry department, resident barista and oceans expert. 

Erica / boybandquicksand - Leads the Poetry Direction series with Vlargaret.

Kate / hereforthehair - Teaches a summer class that meets outside in the garden devoted to discussing Domestic Direction and the art of the AU.

THERE ARE SO MANY MORE. So many more. These are just some notables.

Listen though: the most wonderful thing about the institute is how expansive it is. It just goes on and on. You are a teacher. You are a student. We are all everything. There are so many wings and satellite campuses and areas of study I’ve never even considered. 

Please feel free to bust into my inbox and let me know what courses you teach, or which ones you would love to see on the schedule. I want to know all about it. The Institute of 1D Studies is expansive and eternal and meant for us all.