seminal classic

me to everyone else: watchmen is absolutely a classic. a seminal work of art and a brilliant deconstruction of the superhero genre as told through the lens of brutal realism and mental illness. truly the intellectual’s comic.

me at 3am laying in bed staring up at the ceiling: god rorschach and nite owl are so gay. why didn’t they fuck, why, tell me why alan

  • Me, to the tune of the line in 'N Sync's seminal classic 'It's gonna be me' which intoned in a way that sounded similar to "it's gonna be May": it's gotta be gay

Arrow AUs– (genderbent!) Clueless AU

(in honor of the 20th Anniversary of this seminal classic.)

Oliver Queen is rich, popular, unbelievably gorgeous, and boy does he know it. With a flash of a perfected grin, he can charm his way into getting anything he wants (or anyone, he wants). He rules Starling Prep alongside his best friend, and partner-in-crime, Tommy Merlyn (both sons of ruthless billionaire businessmen).

When new student Roy Harper transfers in, Oliver and Tommy decide to make him their newest pet project. Roy is reluctant, but eventually warms to the idea of actually having some friends. Oliver and Tommy go about teaching him how to dress to impress, how to pick up girls, and how to survive high school.

As Oliver goes about setting up Roy with a girl that meets their standards, he begins to realize that something is missing in his own life. Tommy has his long-time girlfriend, Laurel, and Roy is totally coming in to his own. But what’s a guy who has literally everything, missing? He’s got a string of hot one-night stands, all the money in the world, and looks to kill.

To his impossible to please father, however, Oliver pretty much pales in comparison to his know-it-all collegiate ex-stepsister, Felicity, who happens to be younger than him, and still two grades ahead.

In walks Helena Bertinelli, and Oliver becomes infatuated. She’s perfect. Nothing like the vapid girls he’s been going to school with his whole life. She’s sophisticated, smart, and gorgeous. So Oliver tries to pursue her, using every trick in his playbook. But there’s still something missing.

Through some serious soul searching (and some talks with Felicity) he discovers…he’s kind of an ass. He’s completely obsessed with the superficial. But who cares? He never did before.

Yet, now he feels sorry that he failed to see that Roy isn’t in love with the girl he deemed appropriate for him. In fact, he’s kind of in love with his sister, Thea. He also neglected to realize that the object of his affection is a great girl, sure, but she’s still wildly in love with her ex.

Then there’s Felicity, who challenges him, and makes him laugh, and makes him want to be a better person, and he can totally just see himself kissing that stupidly adorable self-righteous smile right off her face. What? When did that happen?

So, life is confusing, and so is high school. One thing Oliver knows about all of it? He’s Clueless. 

I don’t understand how I’m not an internet sensation yet. Especially considering last night after work, I absolutely killed it at Lincoln Karaoke with my rendition of the seminal classic “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch - choreography and all. And to think, I was five beers in when this masterpiece went down.