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catch me in the WWE wearing a cod piece and elbow pads covering my buttcheeks walking out to every single nine inch nails song off of the seminal pop crossover album “With Teeth“ played at once. my name? Goth Version Of Paul London

On this day in music history: February 8, 1972 - “Root Down”, the seventy first album by Jimmy Smith is recorded. Produced by Jimmy Smith and Eric Miller, it is recorded at The Bombay Bicycle Club in Los Angeles, CA. Following his prolific string of inspired and musically diverse recordings for Verve Records during the 60’s, jazz organist Jimmy Smith continues to delve even deeper in to his bluesy musical roots into the 70’s. Working with a group of younger, but experienced musicians, Smith also puts his own unique spin on contemporary R&B and funk while collaborating with them. The live set they perform at small L.A club features the Hammond B-3 master with Crusaders member Wilton Felder (bass), Paul Humphrey (drums), Buck Clarke (congas and percussion), Arthur Adams (guitar), and Steve Williams (harmonica). Released in mid 1972, Smith and the bands’ incendiary energy is captured on this seminal album, going on to be widely sampled (most notably by The Beastie Boys) and becoming one of the earliest examples of jazz/funk or “acid jazz”. In 2000, an expanded edition of the album is released by Verve Records with the full, unedited versions (originally cut to fit the time constraints of vinyl) of three of the albums’ six tracks plus an alternate recording of the title track.

  • River/Willy
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Live in WORCESTER

This audience recording is an extraordinary moment in time for a remarkable artist. It is “coming on winter”, the fall of 1969. Joni Mitchell had just broken off her deeply-felt and passionate relationship with Graham Nash, who she called “Willy”. In her pain, she wrote a new song, “River”. As it was still evolving as a song, she merged it with the focus of her heartache - “the best baby that I ever had” - “Willy” a song she had written earlier in the year. This is one of the first performances of “River”: which was released on her seminal 1971 album, “Blue”.

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HOMESTUCKS!!!!!!!! Grab your copy of the Irish band U2's seminal 1987 album "The Joshua Tree", which is considered to be one of the greatest albums of all time with tracks such as "With or Without You", "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", "Running to Stand Still", "Red Hill Mining Town" and "Where The Streets Have No Name"



1992. Sleep’s Holy Mountain

is the second album by band Sleep. It was released in November 1992 in Europe, and March 1993 in the USA.

The recordings that would become Sleep’s Holy Mountain were originally sent to independent label, Earache, as a demo. The label immediately signed the band and released the recordings exactly as they were received. It was the last album to be released by the band as a fully functioning group, as their subsequent albums were released after the group had broken up.

The album, which includes the word “stoner” in the lyrics of two songs and prominently features cannabis leaves in its album art, is widely considered one of the seminal albums in the evolution of stoner rock. It became a favourite of the heavy metal press and the band was heralded, along with Kyuss, as leaders of the emerging stoner metal scene.

Tony Iommi once famously said that Sleep, out of all stoner doom bands out there, most “embodied the spirit of early Sabbath,” and from the opening head-nodding notes of ‘Dragonaut’ through to the slowly capitulating doom of closer 'Nain’s Baptism,’ that spirit echoes on down the Holy Mountain, one of the best records to come out of the burgeoning 70’s revival scene two decades ago.

So for any stoner metal fan, or doom metal fan, or even someone who just happens to really really like Black Sabbath, this album is absolutely recommended.

                             Al Cisneros    Matt Pike   Chris Hakius


patti smith - Gloria - Horses (by W4lGrabs)

this damn song is MONUMENTAL, Patti just sets it on fire

Studio Profile: Sunset Sound

Sunset Sound, located on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard, is one of the most iconic recording studios in the world. Disney’s Director of Recording started it in 1958 to record Disney scores, and since then it’s become an essential piece of the story of American popular music. Over 300 Gold & Platinum records have been recorded there by legends of rock, pop, folk, and soul. 

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The Cure-A Forest

With their second album, 1980’s Seventeen Seconds, The Cure’s sound evolved into the sparse dark post-punk that they became known for. This album also saw the addition of bassist Simon Gallup, who is still with the band today. Featuring the legendary dark anthem, “The Forest”, Seventeen Seconds was a pioneer of the cold, dark post-punk that became a massive part of the 80’s goth and alternative underground. 33 years later, this album still holds up as an amazing collection of songs and a true indicator of the genius that was soon to follow.


“Pink Flag” Wire

Pink Flag

This f*cking song,

this f*cking album.


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Wire - Reuters (by whatreyoudoingdave)

Pink Flag.

Love, love, love, love, love, love……..


1993. The Nocturnal Silence

is the first album by band Necrophobic. It was Released in August 2.

Necrophobic is a Swedish band formed in 1989 by drummer Joakim Sterner and now-deceased guitarist David Parland. It is believed that the band named themselves after a Slayer song from the 1986 seminal album Reign in Blood. The pair played with a ‘revolving door’ line-up of musicians until the permanent addition of bassist Tobias Sideg?rd. This addition occurred prior to recording their debut 7" Single, The Call, in early 1992.

this is classic albums and there are cult albums. The Nocturnal Silence is both, one of the best early statements of the Swedish death metal uprising of the early to mid 90s.

          Anders Strokirk     Tobias Sidegard    David Parland    Joakim Sterner

johnfeldy: “So elated from wrapping this@andybvb solo #AndyBLACK album yet torn how much I will miss this guy. We made a seminal album and rekindled a long and special friendship that is very important to me. Andy is a true star and one of a kind. Love you brother. Until the next time. I can’t wait for the world to hear this album. Thank you @blasko1313 @itsjasonflom for all your support. Love you guys too. 📷 @alliesaurousrex