I wonder...

if we really don’t take magic mushrooms, but rather… the mushrooms take us. It certainly feels that way experientially due to the fact that you can’t fight the direction of where it wants to take you. I might sound like a drugged out crazy dude, but somehow … i don’t think we’re the only ones getting something out of tripping… I’m pretty sure something … some entity, some conscious energy, whether that be the mushroom itself… Earth - Gaia Sophia or Extraterrestrials intentionally put the mushrooms here as an organic “technology” to communicate with other realms. I never feel alone when tripping…And 90% of the time I trip completely alone, in darkness… yet there’s like something watching, overseeing the process and revelations that are given. The presence of that energy is not judging though… it completely accepts you when you feel like bawling your eyes out for an hour straigt ^^ 

Will crack this mystery! I promise


Excerpt from my video performance Anti-Cosmos - 2 VHS players, bent video-title unit, mixed through custom made passive RCA switcher. Audio is Nær sig solen slukna by Semilanceata