Shiratorizawa Week: AU - RPG

Trapped in a mysterious dungeon with seemingly no way out, you and a band of adventurers must seek a way out. Similar to Haikyuu Quest or something - this just looks at what class they’d be if they were characters in an RPG.

Ushijima: The Paladin

Following Mirai as her faithful protector, Ushijima protects those with little thought for himself. He values justice more than anything and will not hesitate to put those around him in their place if they dare to betray his trust.

Semi : The Mage

Excelling in battle magic, the elements bow to Semi’s will. Nobody knows his actual age but he’s been told millions of times that he looks good for whatever age he is. Though reluctant to team up with others, he’s slowly learning to rely on others.

Reon: The Knight

As a child, Reon watched his village burn down. Now, he has sworn his allegiance to his kingdom in hopes of delivering justice to those responsible for taking the lives of his loved ones. However, now he’s found new people to protect. He won’t ever let them be taken from him again,

Tendou: The Necromancer

A lost ‘benevolent’ wizard that tags along to feel the thrill of adventure. While he claims to be more powerful that he appears, his ‘true strength’ is only to be unleashed in a moment of great danger. Despite his ominous words, he’s taken to a lackadaisical way of life and won’t go out of his way to fight for those who don’t interest him.

Goshiki: The Warrior

A young upcoming swordsman who wants to find it in himself to be one of the greatest heroes out there. While he’s not even halfway to where he wants to be, his courage is unparalleled and his heart stands firm even in the face of death.

Shirabu: The Healer

“Defend me your scrubs”. As the only one capable of giving a good heal to someone, letting him get knocked out of the fight would be a grave error in the team’s strategy. Armed with light magic, Shirabu’s knowledge however only truly flourishes when he’s calm in mind.

Kawanishi: The Archer

Naturally adept at fighting, he’s never had to face a proper challenge. Now with the world against him, he’s been moreorless forced to cooperate with others. He’d rather just have stayed at home and just seen the travellers off of their way. Despite everything that told him no, the thrill of adventure still reeled him into coming along.

Yamagata: The Assassin

While nobody knows if it’s his real name, Yamagata’s got a bone to pick with the empire so he’ll be joining the adventurers on their quest. He’s merciless against their opponents, picking whatever loot he can off of them, despite the more ‘morally correct’ members of his party, but he won’t pay them any heed. He’s too used to fending for himself anyways.

Mirai: The Summoner

Exiled from her own kingdom, the princess still lives a life where others do her bidding. Though, this time they’re undead. Able to summon her defeated foes, Mirai’s talent could have been greater if she focused her skills towards her own magic rather than manipulating others. But anyways, whatever keeps you alive.

“Mrs Milkyway” Deasara Rinahiome of Terracotta @the-telescope-times

She’s one of my best friends. So not an OC this time. But she still looks like she could be Mrs. Milkyway.
Half-Founder of the Planetary Council alongside “Mrs. Andromeda” Mimzie Lazul of Lapislazuli

(Rina gets a lot of comments that she looks like certain entertainment characters, so I know what you’re thinking)

the dan and phil! au: a soulmate au where two characters get to know each other through the internet, meet each other irl and continue to spend the rest of their lives together, making money off things they both love dearly and enjoy doing;
an au of two people being closer to each other than to anything, and living together happily, supporting each other until the very end of their lives.