It’s one of those...

Yep, ok, so Haikyuu!! Season 3 will be like in 2 godamn weeks and i just NEED more blogs to follow. I’m a little picky when it comes to blogs, so I just needed to do this. Forgive me~

Ok so please like/reblog if:

  • Your blog is at least 50% Haikyuu!!
  • You reblog anything related to Haikyuu!!

And I’ll follow you!

Bonus if:

  • You reblog Tendou Satori
  • You reblog Ushijima Wakatoshi
  • You reblog Semi Eita
  • You reblog Goshiki Tsutomu
  • The whole Shiratorizawa in particular (Pls I’m in need for such blogs)
  • You reblog Oikawa Tooru
  • The whole Aoba Jousai in particular~
  • You have tag system (but I don’t really need that to follow you, so no worries~)

I found some lovely blogs already but it’s still not enough~


Hello and good morning, y’all! I apologize for not updating the past few days, especially with no notice or anything. College is pretty busy right now, but I promise the blog isn’t going anywhere! 

However, there will be a few changes in posting times. 

Rather than posting every day, or nearly every day, I’ll be limiting them towards the end of the week (mostly Thursdays and Saturdays, but sometimes Friday and Sunday if I’m able). This way I’ll be able to keep the blog active, and hopefully post less “non-content” (silly memes, etc.) and more “quality content” (event comics, writing, etc) as well. Of course, everyone is more than free to interact with/talk to/ask things to the Souls in the meantime, if you choose to do so! They’ll just most likely be answered during those active days.

I sincerely hope you understand. 

Also, just so you know – I and a few other mods are working behind the scenes on something special for all SOUL RPers. Maybe you already know what it is. ; )  

Either way, if you don’t read anything else in this post, just know that the blog is alive and well and cool things are underway. Since it’s been a little while, I’ll try to be around this evening for a little bit to catch up with everyone, but for now, I gotta run. Talk to y’all later <3