semi-realistic art


My image of celtic irish girl (Curly red hair with green eyes. I don’t know if my image is right.)   And I added some freckles because I like it.

If anyone wants to use this for icons or anything, feel free. (I’m still not good at this “semi-realistic” art style tho!)


ddeathflower asked:

When you get this reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity :)

Okay so I will smoosh this one together with one I got from an anon too so we we go!

1) Icecream sandwiches. Uou could literally buy me a whoe crate and I will cherish you forever.

2) Beautiful and superadorable art of my OTPs and such (or just semi-realistic art in general haha)

3) When people claim to be happy because of me/ being helpful at something.

4) The Sims 2 - Do I even need to explain this ahah?

5) Sunny climates + drinkings lemonade cause it’s the perfect combination for me.


I was requested to make a face tutorial, so here you go, part one!

Faces are quite simple for me, so this might be odd. But hopefully you’ll still find this useful. Okay, so! Take note there are NO rules with drawing, so no step is actually obligatory. You can twist and edit whatever you want to your liking. (not with this tutorial, but your own picture, of course).

  1. Draw a circle. Doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical; in fact, it’s better if it’s not. Remember to be loose with your lines. The only reason mine are this clean is because it’s a tutorial.
  2. Beneath the circle, draw something like a U or a V, or a square; it’s completely up to you. This shape will more or less determinate the face shape. I’ll make a separate tutorial about face shapes.
  3. Draw the neck; it’s very important to include this early when you draw the head, or it’ll look all odd. Imagine it going up all in the head to get make it look “balanced”. (weird, but hey). Almost.. think of a doll, how you’d place the head where the neck is to make sure it stays in place. The lines in the face will also be good guidelines when it comes to the cheekbones!
  4. Finally, draw a cross where the face will be. How you want to use these guidelines are completely up to you; but I usually like to place the eyes UNDER the horizontal line, and let the rest guide me. The other lines will also be useful guidelines; for example, the end of the circle could show where the nose are. Add or remove whatever you’d like; remember, they’re JUST guidelines. None of this will actually show later, so go nuts, do your own thing.
  5. Now, draw a SIMPLE version of the face. What do I mean by that? Well, draw the face, but don’t go into detail with it just yet. Just draw out where you want the eyes, nose, etc, and edit whatever you notice looks wrong. For example, I ALWAYS make my circles too big, but I like that more than making too small heads anyway, and it’s easier to edit to smaller than to bigger. Notice how I used the guidelines to make my face?
  6. Now you can finally go into fine detail to give it more character. I’ll make a different tutorial with specific “face parts” (nose, eyes, mouth, etc), but.. with the simple face you had before, it shouldn’t be too hard to give it detail once you have your base. c: Remember to draw the hairline too, so that you can add hair once you’re done with the face.
  7. Done! (Well, except hair.) Anyway, here I just noted down a few things I find important. First of all, DON’T BE AFRAID OF ADDING LINES IN THE FACE. I will admit I’m -still- a little afraid to add them myself, but it’s a thing you gotta get used to and practice a lot on! I’ll make a different post on this matter too. Also, face shapes; different post will come there too. Same with hairlines. Just try to variate! It makes it a lot more fun with faces and you won’t die over one face because it doesn’t look like "the usual faces you do". Also, the skull roundness/size depends completely from person to person.

That’s all I have for more~ if you want to check out my other tutorials, just click [here]! And if you have any tutorial requests, let me know. C:

How to draw a Profile Face


ROCK ‘N’ ROLL by tincek-marincek

This was painting done for ethereal-artbook (charity book, RedKite foundation). You can also purchase the book here. While I drew this piece I was inspired by music which I listen and my guitar (I also drew it…it’s Ibanez MTM2…I mixed some designs with MTM1). I also combined many techniques…from semi-realistic, realistic, matte painting… Above you can check WIPs and details. I used photo from my guitar as a ref photo (but I’m right handed, so I had to change some things on it). More info you can check on link above. Enjoy.

You can also download HD wallpaper version here.

sorry for not being very original with the background, but I was so done with this and I seriously had no idea (nor patience lol) what to put there

better to post it like this than not post at all ugh (it looked boring without bg)