Alright, I’ve been resisting this, but I’m gonna talk about Jughead.

For those of you unfamiliar, Jughead Jones is a character in Archie Comics, and earlier this year when the company rebooted pretty much their entire universe, they made Jughead canonically and explicitly asexual in his new run, originally penned by Chip Zdarsky (zdarsky). It’s really important to me, so read on if you want to hear my rambling thoughts on how much I fucking love, adore, and cherish the gift that is asexual Jughead Jones.

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I enjoyed making the Morgans so much for Heroes that I decided to continue making some more characters I hope will get into the game one day! This time I made Kaze and Silas from Fates because Corrin can never have enough retainers! True to their personalities, I decided to build their skillsets as more support-oriented:

Kaze’s weapon, the Needle Dagger+, is inspired in name and appearance by the very weapon named after him in Fates, Kaze’s Needle. They also share the exact same post-battle effect of buffing the Speed of nearby allies after Kaze engages in battle. Thus, the Needle Dagger is functionally identical to Sanaki’s Cymbeline; however, it buffs Speed instead of Attack. I also figured that his stats would be true to his growth rates in Fates, with sky-high Speed and Resistance to make up for his lower Attack and Defense stats. Therefore, I made his special Moonbow to compensate for his lower Attack and for its low charge time considering Kaze shouldn’t be in sustained combat for too long against non-mages anyway. Spur Speed for a C skill will stack with the Needle Dagger’s effects, allowing him to buff the Speed of his allies even further, and I thought Wings of Mercy would be a fitting B skill based on his personal skill in Fates, Miraculous Save.

Silas’ weapon is the Javelin+, inspired by the fact that he starts with a Javelin in his inventory in both the Birthright and Revelation routes and he is also depicted wielding one in the 4koma Fates artbook. Unlike all other lances in the game, the Javelin can only be used as a ranged attack on the player turn. It can, however, counter at point blank range, essentially giving the weapon a built-in Close Counter skill. As Close Counter is a widely desired and very strong skill AND because the Javelin+ would theoretically be inheritable, I thought to balance out its strengths with some weaknesses, most notably its low base Might for lances (only the Brave Lance+ is lower) and it harming the user’s Speed stat by 3, reducing the possibility of double attacks. His assist skill is Ardent Sacrifice, semi-inspired by his personal skill Vow of Friendship in Fates, which, like Ardent Sacrifice, only became useful when the HP of his allies (Corrin in Fates) was low. Finally, as I would imagine he would be a more defensive character, he comes equipped with Guard as a B skill to weaken enemy Specials and Ward Cavalry as a C skill to provide defensive buffs to his cavalry allies.

What do you think of these two? Would you be excited to summon either one of them?

Oh, and more characters will be on their way soon!

You can be a witch and believe in God

There’s been a lot of talk on tumblr recently about witches cannot believe in God. Many have already put in their two cents, but I do want to add my own to the discussion. I come from a family that is Voodoo-Catholic. We believe in God (or higher being(s)/power(s)), but also practice and utilize witchcraft/voodoo in our daily lives.

Before my family immigrated to a first-world country, everyone in the neighborhood was Catholic and regularly used “low-key” voodoo. There were only a few who did divination, potion/medicine making, curse-casting, and spellbreaking or spellwork. However, everyone knew a few tricks such as using cigars for smudging, and sprinkling rum as a cleanser for the house. My abuela and mother would go to Church on Sundays to pray to God, as would many others in the neighborhood.

In the Caribbean (and probably in other parts of the world), this is normal. Placing faith in God while seeking your future in divination is normal. Believing God is watching over you as you smudge your house of evil spirits is normal. Calling upon God as you clean your entire house with a mop and bucket, chucking the dirty water out the 2nd story window, starting a fire in the middle of your living room as you smudge and cleanse the main floor is normal (this is how my family used to prepare for the new year). Never be ashamed if you believe in God or any other deity/deities while you’re on your Path or practicing witchcraft. They can be valuable guides. 

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okay but with something as simple as “percy has shown me the kind of man that i want to marry someday” taryon did So Much™????? like.

  • from a shipper’s standpoint i’M SO FUCKING HAPPY because i’ve been non-output!shipping percy/tary and poly-OT3ing tary/percy/vex since Taryon Day One, so liKE. Y OOOOOO.
  • from a Percy fan standpoint, thank fuck for one more not-directed-at-percy quote to prove to percy that he is becoming the good person that he only ever wished he could be, and that he naturally is.
  • from a semi-out queer person standpoint, that fucking took so much courage and self-faith. considering what happened with tary and his father in the past to make tary even leave the family in the first place, considering what his dad was trying to guilt him into doing, that was fucking H U G E. that was taryon owning his identity for himself, and then telling his father to just deal with it coz that’s not ever changing. that shit means SO MUCH TO ME because i’m preparing to march at Pride for the first time ever, which i’ve been reticent to do because i’m not out to my family, just my friends and a few cousins. the thought of coming out to them scares me half to death because much as i complain abt not feeling like my family really cares about me or likes me much, i fear their rejection, i dread my dad turning on me completely simply because i am bisexual. so to see this character - WHO I’VE LOVED SINCE HE SHOWED UP BTW - truly accept it for himself OUT LOUD is just. well, it makes me cry, let’s start at that. it just. it means SO MUCH TO ME to see that happen.

so yeah like. thank you for that, sam riegel. idk if you knew that that was what you’d end up doing by having tary say that, but you did That™ and i’m just. so thankful.

Everytime someone tries to physically stop me from stimming or reinforce ‘quiet hands’ I feel absolutely thunderstuck and dismayed. 

Theres something strangely chilling about it. My breath catches in my throat and its like someone has tipped a bucket of icy water over my head. 

It feels almost like a betrayal, especially when its someone I trusted. 

I don’t think allistic people really know how that feels. The emotional and almost physical impact of it in the moment it happens and the feelings of confusion hurt and distrust afterwards. 

One-Shot: Gibberish. (Ghost Speak)

Warning: Cursing.

Summary: Daniel James Fenton, the freak of Casper High; Everyone talked behind the teens back, they, as in the whole shool and occasionally staff always rumored that sometimes, he wrote (and occasionally spoke) complete gibberish, he couldn’t even write a full paragraph without messing it up and making it impossible to read! (An experienced Lancer would complain) “He’s an odd one at that.”; One would say if he had the courage “It’s freaky”, another would jeer at how stupid Fenton seemed, “He’s probably semi-retarded.” That person would historically assume. But, that’s not the case.

From a certain freaks quoting: “ghost language just won’t give me a break.. Will it?”


It was slow Wednesday, birds chirped, crows cawed, and teachers gave ridiculously long lectures..

“Daniel Fenton.” A slow boring voice called, it was of course, Mr. Lancer, standing expectantly in front of the class, tapping a toe. ‘Oh boy’, a raven haired teen labeled freak reluctantly forced his attention onto the bald, tire bellied, and underly paid teacher; He hated being on the spotlight. And now not being able to go to the bathroom for more than five minutes to escape the classrooms gaze: What was to come, was inevitable.

Gingerly the meek, shy boy got up as slow as possible; not that it was helping the situation at hand. He could see it in his peers eyes just rudely asking him, ‘How long will you getting up take?’ There was a clear distinction of impatience, so they began talking to one another in whispers, resulting to Lancer’s disapproving sigh. The baggy clothed boy, inching towards the front swallowed the building fear that gurgled inside his throat.

“Mr. Fenton, hurry up, please.” The pot bellied teacher scolded, an underlying tone of irritation laced his words. And of course, no one in the whole entire room could blame the clear annoyance in his voice.

While everyone waited expectantly, and thank god- still talking amongst eachother, a few yawns and scratches began to sound from the forever waiting crowd, mostly those who were friendless in this particular class; all in all they seemed calm, bored, whatever names that could possibly describe dying from complete bored-ism, not that that was a word.

As successfully halving their tired eyes, the nervous teen called upon was having an internal panic attack, ‘I can’t do this, I’m gonna make a joke out of myself..’ Danny thought misrably, ‘I wrote it wrong.’ He referred to the oncoming presentation he was to read off of lined paper in front of the whole class.

“Hurry Fento-nail! I can’t sit here all day!” A blonde jock loudly said just as Danny passed the bully, people laughed, for the most part because the blonde was popular. Which irked Danny to his very core.

Clenching and unclenching a fist, the raven haired teen ignored the stupid comment and refocused on the situation, ‘I can’t speak..- I’ll mess up-’ The minor continued to whine in his head, finally at his destination, the boy timidly took the lined paper from the teachers hold still buying some time.. “Good luck.” Mr. Lancer reassured hopelessly; snickers followed after the comment.

Mr. Lancer returning to his desk, clasped his hands together mannerly, a ridiculously broad posture showing his 'professionalism’ as a teacher. Raising a brow, the teacher sighed at the sight he took in unimpressed, Mr. Fenton that was. Slowly looking down at his paper Danny studied the text trying to make sense out of it. It was- again, written in the wrong language. 'Well shit. How do you expect me to read this?’

Nimbly holding the paper, he squinted once more blinking a few times, the letters disassembling and re piecing back to the known language required for the class. Now he saw nothing other than English- it still wasn’t in fact, Mr. Lancer and everyone else saw the gibberish he has written, thinking Daniel Fenton A) has the worst handwriting in the planet, B) he was extremely bad at English. C) He was dumb and or retarded. Or even D) All of the above. As said, everyone talked about it behind his back, anyone who knew about his, 'Gibberish’ handwriting said something along the lines of 'freak’, 'dumbass’, 'retard’, 'loser’, 'different’… Yeah, you get the idea.

;He feels loved. (Note the sarcasm)..

'This should be easy.’ Danny perked his thoughts misrably, his extraordinary baby blue eyes hovering over the paper’s fine writing; It was a beautiful Essay, but sadly Mr. Lancer would probably never know that. Clearing his throat he concentrated, reading the 'English’. “ahm-” he got a feel for his voice to help return his first language, looking around the classroom to see bored faces. But it was to no avail.

“Lҽ αႦɾα ɱσɾɱҽɳƚσɱ ʅαƈ Ⴆσɾϝɾαҽ, ƚҽαʅʅҽ ƈɾσʂɳҽɱσʂ E ραҽ ʅҽ ԃσɳɱαƈɾҽɱႦα Lҽ Eʂʂαყ. Eαɳɠʅҽȥ ɳα ʂρԋҽƈϝ, ɱҽɾɱσɳƚҽɳ Zαԋƈ Sσɾɾҽρ ƈαʂƈαԃҽɱɳ ρɾҽ αʅԃαɳια E ƈσϝɱҽƈαԋ.–”

Laughs bursted out of the classes loud mouths, “Mr. Fenton, you’re reading Gibberish again.” The teacher interrupted with an irked monotone, once again rubbing a temple with one hand formally sitting behind his desk. Danny not quite catching the sentence, looking towards the pot bellied English teacher, and asked, “Exȥҽƚσ ΛЖ?” (Excuse me?) Giggles were echoing around the room. Not understanding what was so funny he rose a high brow lowering the other, an offended look took place on the teens baffled face.

“Mr. Fenton, this is not a joke, now will you read the paper in English, not Gibberish.” The teacher stated, sounding very annoyed; and obviously, he believed Danny was a troublemaker, a misleaded student and child. This he thought proved it. He had so much potential, it’s like he threw it all away without a care, now he sees a slacker, a non enthusiast..

“E ʂρԋҽƈϝ Eαɳɠʅҽȥ ϝιƚσ!” (I’m speaking English fine!) Danny said defensively sounding panicked, and rather stupidly, waving his arms to express how freaked he was. Assuming that’s what the teacher said, deciphering each word and what it could mean by the teacher’s sentence. He tried to keep together, 'It’s happening again.. Isn’t it.’ He face palmed mentally. Again, he wasn’t able to hear english, and accidently traded his regular first language to speak ghost, 'must’ve switched languages.’ he theorized ready to bang his head against his far away, empty desk.

“Mr. Fenton! Please, read in English. Now.” Danny furrowed his brows and looked more intently at the teacher, glancing between his paper and the annoyed nose pinching adult. “Wα-?” He slurred utterly confused at this point, 'this shouldn’t be happening..’. He caught on, Laughs and snickers erupted from the classroom again, they couldn’t hold the momentary stifling any longer. The raven haired boy wanted to hide, he was embarrassed, his hands sweated as his stomach flipped; he was dreadfully uncomfortable. Only one face showed sympathy, namingly Valerie and just maybe Mr.Lancer as he sighed.

Trying his luck to speak again he asked metaphorically crossing his fingers, “Ⴆσɾσɠɳαɾ ʅαƈ E.. Lҽ Eʂʂαყ..?” (Did I mess up.. on the Essay?) Another rain of laughter let out. This was the worse- not completely the worst, but it was still pretty bad. That left a sad looking Fenton.

“Did I, mess, up, on, the, assignment? Fear me.” A robotic voice sounded after the boy’s sentence.. Not good. The boy looked towards the classroom.

“Zʂԋα HαƙXɾҽɳȥσ?” (What the hell?) He mumbled baffled by the sudden noise of some-kind of siri. Everyone stopped including Danny, to turn heads towards the doorway. “What, the, hell? Fear me.” the foreign voice mimicked; this was bad news, it was even worse when two familiar figures stood at the door, a beeping tool in the man’s hand “It’s in here, I’m getting an extremely high amount of ecto-signature on the entity.”

Great, it was not his parents- but the G.I.W, 'Dear God.’ Danny thought, he couldn’t speak anymore, or else they’d find him quicker. Sealing lips shut he tried to act normal. Keyword, 'tried’, 'Don’t avoid contact too much. Don’t stare to much.. Don’t glance to much. Don’t freak, tense, blink too much! Wait no, I can blink some.. right? Wait- no I’m not taking any risks.’ He rambled in his head, muscles stiff, well stiffer since he was already reading his 'Gibberish’ in front of the whole class to humiliate himself, he gave a tight smile and faced the two hunters of which appeared at the classroom doorway.

“It’s this way?” K. a G.I.W agent walked closer to whatever was setting off the tracker; Namingly: Danny. “What?” He pondered standing right in front of the boy, the tracking devices beeper off its honker sounded annoyingly, 'shit.’ was all the innocent blue eyed boy could process at the moment.

The agent then circled him like a shark, two times, “Speak.” K. commanded to the boy. This was a tactic to see if he was a Ghostly entity, or being overshadowed, it was unlikely; but sometimes overshadowing didn’t have to change color of the eyes to that ghostly green to be positive; The boy felt like he was under a microscope, he didn’t like it at all.

“Speak, now.” Agent O. then ordered, both agents towering over the poor boy. Mr. Lancer to the rescue asked interrupting their rude demanding, “Gentlemen, may you please tell me why it is so important to interrupt my class?” He toned defensive, he didn’t have all day ya’ know.

“Sir. There is a powerful entity, 7.2 on the spectral scale, that is by far extremely lethal. And it is right here.” Agent K. spat venomously towards the boy, appointing a glare with the other agent O.. “Now speak.” He hissed in the boy’s face, Danny cringed, eyes watering for keeping them open too long 'Didn’t I say not to do that.’ he reminded himself. The words now registering clearly he trembled slightly.

“I-I Uhh.. Okay?” Danny said, heart beating wildly, 'dear god please tell me I said it in English!’ he could swear the classroom heard the rapid beat in his chest- which actually wasn’t fast at all. (Cause he’s kinda dead.)

He averted his gaze aslight, until agent K. deeply, and affirmatively spoke, “Nevermind, sorry for the misunderstanding. Our technology has been bugged lately, there must be a glitch in the system again.” Giving a curt nod, K. began to walk away outside of the classroom, O. eyeing the boy instead gave a grunt and smoothly said, “I’ll keep an eye on you.” with that the boy shuddered watching the agent follow after his partner.

Sighing Mr. Lancer said, “Mr. Fenton, go back to your seat.” giving up on the boy. With a shy nod the raven teen walked back towards his desk, 'Last second coincidence much?’–

“Oomph-” the boy fell on the ground roughly, laughs bursted out again in the room, a certain blonde pointing at the raven haired victim of which was lying on the ground, 'I love my life..’ Danny mumbled giving up on himself too.

A/N: I’m not the best at fics but.. Thanks really for reading. :)

The Shakes

Reader is epileptic and and assumes that since she is no longer aging while on Neverland, that her seizures will no longer be a problem. She was wrong. 

Word Count: 784

Warnings: Semi-realistic first person descriptions of seizure and symptoms. mild language, fluff



Originally posted by paranoidalna-cisza

When the tip of my tongue started tingling i new i had about 30 seconds    “Stop!” I called and came to a screeching halt as we ran though the forest. Peter was ahead of me and ran back to ask why i stopped. 

   "What’s wrong?“ He eyes were filled with concern as mine were filled with slight panic.    

   "I don’t have it” I mumbled to myself as i felt my empty pockets remembering that my mouth guard is not with me in Neverland. 

I saw peters dagger sheathed by his hip.    

   "Give me your sheath,“ I said as he looked at me confused. "Hurry!" 

He pulled out the dagger and unhooked the leather sleeve from his.   

   "Whats going on? ” He asked as i took it from him. 

I didn’t answer. 

I bit down on the leather sheath and sat down on the ground as the edges of my vision went dark. My hands started shaking and i lay down on my side. 

Before I blacked out i heard Peter calling my name. 

His voice ringing with fear. 

I woke maybe 40 seconds later surrounded by concerned lost boys. 

I slowly took the leather sheath from my mouth and looked at Peter apologetically as i sat up.    

“Y/n what the hell just happened to you?” He asked with wide eyes    

“Its called a seizure,” my voice was quiet and shaky. “They happen to me sometimes,” I looked around at the boys and saw some looked kind of awkward. I looked down at myself and saw why.    

“I lose control of all bodily functions,” i said quietly, gesturing to the dark wet patch on my pants. “I cant help it," 

My eyes started stinging as i pulled my knees up in an attempt to hide the stain.    

"Hey its okay,” peter patted me on the head with a smile. “We all have weird things about us. For example I’m fantastic and Felix is not,”    

“Hey,” Felix whined as i laughed. “But seriously y/n , you’re not the only lost boy with some kinda condition. Nibs has a stutter and Slightly has some thing where as he grew up his body was slowly shutting down. Since he came he and doesn’t age it doesn’t affect him anymore but his muscles still aches sometimes”    

“Yeah and Connor has…” peter screwed up his nose as he tried to remember something. “Connor has - what do you call it? ” He shouted over his shoulder and a boy at the back of the group jumped up to see over the heads of those in front.    

   "Tourettes!“ He managed to say before he disappeared again behind the boys.    

   "Thats cool i guess,” i said with a small laugh. “Its nice not being the only one.  But right now i just wanna get changed.” There were a few laughs from the boys and Peter held out his hand to help me up.

Peter and I lay in his bed barely awake.

   “Hey,” he mumbled into my shoulder.

   “Hmm?” I hummed back.

   “How come you didn’t tell me about the shakes?” he asked.

   “The what?” I laughed.

   “I don’t know what to call it,” he grumbled. “But your siege-something-or-rather, how come you didn’t tell me about it? You’ve been here a while,”

   “It’s called epilepsy,” I said slowly so he’d understand. “I didn’t tell you about it because I didn’t think it would happen here,”

   “You should still tell me things like that,” he voice was getting softer as he was drifting to sleep. “I wanna know things about you. Even the stuff that scares me,”

   “It scared you?” I turned my head slightly even though I couldn’t see him in the dark.

   “You started freaking out then you were suddenly on the ground shaking,” he sat up a little and rested his chin on my shoulder. “I had no idea what was happening to you of course I was scared,”

I didn’t reply.

He moved back to having his head nuzzled into the back of my neck.

   “I didn’t know what was happening and for a moment I had a very frightening thought,” his breath was warm on the back of my neck.

   “What was the thought?” I whispered.

   “What would I do if I lost you?” He whispered back.

He was quiet for a while and I thought he’d fallen asleep. but then he spoke quietly again.

   “And I don’t know,” was all he said.

   “you don’t know what,” I asked.

   “What I’d do,” he responded. “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you,”

I said nothing. Instead I turned over and kissed his forehead lightly.

   “I love you Y/N,” he mumbled before he seemingly instantly fell asleep.

Supercorp: Hunger

It starts with aliens. Why does it always start with aliens? Aliens were the gods that weren’t the natural gods of earth and, of there were gods, if course there were other things too that started from aliens.

And of course Lillian had to piss one off enough for them to go after Lena.

It’s not really what Lena was expecting. Hell, she didn’t even know what was happening at first. All she knew was that she was attacked again and she was taken to the DEO to recover.

Coming out two weeks and countless tests later, with stern words from the Danvers sisters to call them if anything felt wrong, everything felt fine. At first, anyway.

She was more sensitive to the sun than she remembered being, but she chalked it up to being kept indoors for so long. And yeah, she pulled the door off of her apartment, but it was probably because she hadn’t gotten it fixed after the attack. She put in a work order and shrugged it off before continuing with her day.

And then came the hunger.

Lena was never really one to be hungry. Kara always said it’s because of how busy she was, but Lena really just didn’t get very hungry. But now? Now she was starving.

She ordered from her normal place, a vegan restaurant down the street from her building that she paid to deliver even though they normally didn’t, but that was gone in minutes and she wasn’t even a little bit satisfied.

Then she ordered more. The same chef, one of the few people in the city she considered herself on good terms with, delivered her order to her minutes later with words of concern that Lena waved off.

Still, she wasn’t even close to satisfied. Maybe she needed iron? She had lost a lot of blood recently, maybe she needed meat?

A takeout menu from Kara’s favorite Chinese place sat at her table and Lena quickly made a call and not even ten minutes later, Kara was floating in through Lena’s balcony window, holding several bags of Chinese takeout.

“Is something wrong?” Kara asked as she set down the bags onto Lena’s coffee table.

“I’m just really hungry,” Lena said. “I’m sure it’s just my body needing more nutrients to recoup.”

“If you’re sure.” Kara scanned Lena over before sitting down.

Five minutes and thirty two seconds later, Kara watched in awe as Lena outpaced her in inhaling the takeout.

“Lena, I think we need to take you to the DEO.”


Several tests later showed that Lena was fine, except for an increased metabolism, sensitivity to the sun, and strength. Apparently breaking the door wasn’t just a one off after all.

She was let go again with a stricter order to actually call them if something was weird and a warning that Kara would be monitoring her for the next few weeks because she couldn’t seem to tell if things were off on her own accord.

She texted updates on her condition to Kara and Alex. It was mainly what had already been noted, aside from her eating meat a lot more often.

A week later came the anger.

The news was playing on TV while she worked her way through the endless paperwork. At least, up until they talked about Cadmus. Suddenly, Lena was standing with her fist through the plasma screen instead of sitting behind her desk.


“So your strength and speed have grown exponentially since the attack?” Alex asked as she looked over Lena’s hands. “There aren’t even any scratches, so either your body has toughened as well or you’re healing faster.”

“I don’t remember any cuts,” Lena supplied.

“Tougher then.” Alex stood up and smoothed out her coat. “And you’ve been craving meat?”

“I ate three steaks yesterday,” Lena replied.


“In one sitting,” Kara helpfully added.

“In one-” Alex stopped. “Stay here, I want to try something.”

And then Alex ran out of the room, the door slamming behind her, and Lena sat in silence in the medical bay with Kara worried rubbing her back until her semi-personal doctor cane back.

A few minutes later, Alex returned with a box with several visible compartments.

“These are samples of common food resources of aliens,” Alex explained as she opened the box on the bed next to Lena. “Among other things.”

“Other things?” Kara asked.

“Other things, nothing dangerous.” Alex nodded, pulling out a bag with a glowing blue substance. She unzipped it and held the open end to Lena. “Sniff.”

Lena tentatively stuck her nose in the bag and sniffed as ordered.

“Am I supposed to react?” She asked.

“We’ll see,” Alex replied cryptically, already holding another bag to Lena’s face.

This kept going for several samples. One was kryptonite and Alex frowned as Lena had no reaction and Kara heaved a sigh of relief, but they kept going.

Finally, something pulled a reaction from Lena. A brown dust had her mouth watering and Alex didn’t even need to ask if she had a reaction.

“What was that?” Lena asked when she saw Alex frown even more than she had at the kryptonite.

Alex put away the bag and closed the box before she met Lena’s eyes.

“Blood, Lena. It was blood.”