Remington Model 11

A licensed copy of the Browning A5, the Remington Model 11 is a semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun. It employs a long recoil means of operation where the bolt and barrel both move rearward in the receiver. This gives it a bit rougher recoil than what most people would expect if they’ve fired more modern semi-auto shotguns. The one in the photos has been modified; normally you have a full length barrel, often times with a compensator installed. You can still find Model 11′s for around $300~ or so. (GRH)

holYS SHIT GUYS… well, friends that like guns like me. advanced tactical created a pump shotgun mod that makes it magazine fed :O this is huge for shotgun lovers. if you don’t know, pump action shotguns hold its ammunition in a second barrel under the firing barrel. this means that the amount of shells you can hold is limited to the length of the barrel and a longer barrel is generally  bad because of weight distribution and mobility also theres a legal length limit. what this mod does is that it bypasses the limitations of ammo  because the shells are stored downward by magazine instead of foreword by barrel length. also it allows the mobility  of a shorter length barrel and it centers the weight of the firearm. this blows my mind because the sheer amount of firepower this allows is intense. youre going from a 5 shell limit to possibly more than 10 shells. its great, NOW if I had to choose between pump action and semi-auto shotguns, I will pick pump action. even though the spas-12 is both and trumps everything.

Features That Makes the Benelli Legacy A Value Addition to Your Arsenal

The Benelli legacy sport is one semi-auto shotgun that makes shooting fun for newbies. Well, learning the art and nitty-gritties of shooting can be fun but that fun can quickly fizzle out if the one who is learning isn’t of a good stature because, the recoil of a gun can soon get seriously intimidating. So, that is why shooting needs to be much uncomplicated. Read More>>