Catamount Fury II

A Chinese made semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun patterned after the Russian Saiga and Vepr 12. It comes from the factory with railed dust cover and gas block, threaded barrel for chokes, magazine well, and most importantly an adjustable gas system. The stock sort of mimics the SVD style but the cheek riser doesn’t pivot left or right. (GRH)



The Browning Auto 5,

The Browning Auto 5 can claim a number of high marks, including the first semi-automatic shotgun design and the second most popular semi-auto shotgun in US history, and the longest running semi auto shotgun design.  The Browning A-5 was invented in 1898 by the legendary gun designer John Browning.  Browning’s design featured a straight recoil system which recoiled longer than the length of a shell.  As a result of this needed room in the action, the A-5’s most distinguishable feature is a distinctive high rear end, which earned it the nickname “humpback”.  The A-5 used a tube magazine which was loaded under the action.  A maximum of 5 shells could be held in the magazine, although the A-5 often came with a plug which restricted it to two shells so that it conformed with some state hunting laws and Federal Migratory Game Bird laws. One special feature of the A-5 was a set of friction rings which controlled recoil. These friction rings were connected to a spring which helped absorb the recoil of the shotgun. Setting of the friction rings was based on caliber and the power of loads used.

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 The A-5 came in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and 16 gauge.  Over the decades several firms produced the A-5, including Browning, Remington, Fabrique Nationale, Savage, and a Japanese company called Miroku Corp.

While the Browning Auto 5 saw some military use in Europe and the United States, it was on the commercial market that it was a major success.  The A-5 became a favorite of sport shooters and hunters. As a result a number of special sport models were also produced.  Production of the Browning Auto 5 ended in 1998.  However in 2012 Browning released a new model of the Auto 5 which looks identical to the original, but uses a completely different action.



Several photos of long barreled Vepr 12 shotguns. Some European countries that allow for semi-auto shotgun ownership often require that the barrel be a certain length, which I think in this case is 27" or 28" long. For example, from what I was told by some UK gun owners, a shotgun with a barrel shorter than 24" would not be allowed on a shotgun permit/certificate  and thus be prohibited. (GRH)



A rather heavily accessorized example of the Russian semi-auto shotgun that got banned from import. Although it has some ergonomic superiority over the standard parts (better pistol grip, stock, handguard, muzzle attachment) it really looks cluttered. For some people this is entering into the “tacticool mall ninja” look that many gun owners try to avoid. (GRH)

The Guns Criminals Carry An interesting read about the guns used by criminals, and an analysis on what someone is likely to encounter.  A few things could be gleaned.Crooks are not gun nuts, but will go for a more reputable, powerful, and reliable gun if they can get one (As in steal one), but a significant number of criminals use cheaper and more common guns, or even guns that are broken, likely due to availability.A surprising number of criminals were caught with guns that were unloaded, missing a magazine, didn’t work at all, or did not function reliably.Very few long guns are used in crimes, and those that are were more likely small .22 rifles or shotguns.  Semi auto rifles in intermediate loadings (5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm) are almost never used.  Only one gun of the bunch was full auto and that was an illegal conversion, not a legitimate NFA item.Knowing what you may be up against is pretty valuable information if you’re a self defense advocate, or especially if you work in security.


Remington Model 11

A licensed copy of the Browning A5, the Remington Model 11 is a semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun. It employs a long recoil means of operation where the bolt and barrel both move rearward in the receiver. This gives it a bit rougher recoil than what most people would expect if they’ve fired more modern semi-auto shotguns. The one in the photos has been modified; normally you have a full length barrel, often times with a compensator installed. You can still find Model 11′s for around $300~ or so. (GRH)

Photo from SHOT, Source unknown at this time. But CNN of all places confirms that Kalashnikovs are soon to be made in the US. We may see the return of Saigas yet!

From the SHOT site:  "RWC Group presents the final stock of Russian Concern Kalashnikov (Izhmash®) and Baikal® products, including Saiga® rifles and shotguns. RWC is manufacturing US made Saiga® style and AK firearms starting in 2015. Stop by our booth and see all the new 922® complaint Saiga® AK-47 and shotgun conversions. Check out the Baikal® products plus new 155 semi-auto shotgun, traditional over and under, side by side, coach gun and single shot shotguns, combination guns, .22 rifles, air rifles and pistols. See Command Arms.

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Vepr 12

The now banned Russian semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun with a Csspecs 8-round metal magazine. It adds 3 U.S parts for 922r requirements, especially if you have the fixed stock model with the welded open folding stock. Apparently Csspecs made an initial run of 400 mags, all of which supposedly sold out in under an hour. (GRH)