Mauser C96 cone hammer carbine

Converted to carbine by Carl Loguch in Germany c. late 1890′s - serial number 12.
7,63x25mm Mauser ten-round internal box magazine, short recoil semi-automatic, fixed foregrip independent of the barrel, dovetailed removable stock, Karl Kahles 1,5x~3x scope.

Not to be confused with the M1917 trench carbine which was built as such and had a very different receiver.

Sauce : James D. Julia Inc

“We’re True Detectives”

Commissioned work:

Happy Monday friends! The past few months I went on a short break and have also kept myself busy with a few private commissions… And now I’m back!

First on the commissions block is inspired by the first season of the epic HBO series True Detective, one of the best storylines ever written and a must watch for all of you.

Another awesome news is that I will be joining Hero Complex Gallery in this year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC), schedules will be announced soon!

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College blows, and I am currently dick deep in work, and will be for a while. So all my blogs ( @family-bound @powerbound ) will be on a semi-hiatus until I can find some time. I’ll poke in every now and then but expect a few days of silence from me at a time until things simmer down. This will probably last until winter break, unfortunately. Feel free to add me on skype (hjonesy202). Just let me know who you are!