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Top 10 Request: Top 10  slammed fullsize trucks/duallys. 

Growing up with older brothers who always had trucks, i followed suit though mine were usually the 4 wheel drive version. I always thought having a toy hauler 2wd lowered dually would be awesome, But living in Wisconsin it doesn’t make much sense to park a truck, and a car in the winter, so it will have to be on hold.

As always these are in no particular order, Feel free to message me for suggestions as what to use for my next Top 10. I have 20,000 + Car pics on my Computer so i might as well use them for something

  • Grimlock: We Dinobots got announcement. We abandoning robot modes entirely for a few weeks and just turning from dinosaurs into... ehhh... Swoop! GIVE ME WORDS.
  • Swoop: Him Grimlock mean like monster trucks. Only them still too small for us Dinobots so we turning into things that are bigger but have monster truck wheels.
  • Sludge: Just try and stop me Sludge from turning into ZEPPELIN CABIN ON WHEELS.
  • Slug: Me turn into semi-truck with monster wheels!
  • Swoop: Me Swoop turn into entire parade float. With big wheels.
  • Snarl: Is giant gun on wheels a thing? Me Snarl could do that.
  • All the Dinobots: -stare expectantly at Optimus-
  • Optimus: I know you're ll expecting me to criticize how silly this all is but in all honesty I'm curious to see what happens next.

@mavinsheartbeat​ ask and you shall receive :)

The thing is, Ryan is actually really good at hacking. Before becoming The Vagabond, he used to do freelance hacking for random crews as a means to pay his rent. He’d made a lot of contacts doing that, and when he switched from hacker to hitter he knew who to go to when he needed work. Naturally, he works alone as much as he possibly can, but sometimes he has to admit that he can’t do everything by himself.

He hates using outside help, but for this job it’s a necessity, and the hacker he usually works with got pinched two weeks ago in Vice City. He’d do the hacking himself, but he hasn’t invented a way to be in two places at once yet, and he needs someone at the computer watching his ass. So, against his better judgment, he spends the better part of two days looking for a hacker.

He finds Golden Boy through a mutual contact; a sarcastically, argumentative British man who simply refuses to show his face to anyone, and, as someone who doesn’t show his face for a living, Ryan can respect this decision. That doesn’t mean he’s not extremely annoyed by this either, but he can’t exactly complain.

After a series of phone calls, and some extensive research into Golden Boy’s past deeds, Ryan decides to hire him for the job. He’s good, even if his idiosyncrasies drive Ryan up a wall, and the job goes off without a hitch.

Ryan has to begrudgingly admit they work well together, and he uses Golden Boy for five more jobs. Despite never meeting in person (or knowing his real name for that matter), and the fact that they’ll never fully trust each other, Ryan comes to rely on Golden Boy to always be there when he needs him; that little voice in his ear that makes squeaking noises and asks inane questions when he’s bored.

At some point, he stops worrying about never seeing Golden Boy’s face or learning his name. They’re two criminals trying to stay alive in the seedy underbelly of Los Santos, the less they know about each other the better.

That is until the Shadelz’s job. Until the little street rat betrays him and LSPD ambushes him at their agreed upon meeting place. He barely manages to get away in one of their cars, shoulder bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound, and he calls Golden Boy on the road.

“I’m fucked,” he says when Golden Boy answers, glancing in the rear view mirror, blue and red lights flashing back at him.

Well, hello to you too,” Golden Boy replies nonchalantly and Ryan sighs in frustration. “Tell Uncle Goldy what happened and he’ll try to fix it.”

“My fucking contact flipped on me.”

“That’s not good.”

“No, it’s really not.” Ryan cannot believe how casual Golden Boy is acting, but it makes sense. He doesn’t have half the LSPD up his ass nor does he need to worry if Ryan gets caught. He knows nothing about Golden Boy other than he’s a hacker.

“Look, can you help me or not?” Ryan demands gripping the steering wheel tightly, wincing when his shoulder flares up.

Golden Boy is quiet for a good ten seconds before saying, “Take the next right.”

Ryan does as he’s told, tires squealing against the pavement. He hears a crash from behind him, and looks out the side mirror, watching as a semi-truck’s wheels lock up in an attempt to stop, its grill shoving two police cars into an abandoned building.

Ryan uses the distraction to drive down random alleyways, listening to Golden Boy’s instructions until he ends up at an empty parking garage. He parks the car, grabs his phone, and escapes on foot.

Once he’s a good six blocks from the cops, he says, “Thanks.”

No problem.” Golden Boy falls silent again, and Ryan thinks for a moment that he hung up. Until he says, “Stay where you are, okay? I’m coming to get you.”

“What? How do you know…?” Ryan trials off, sighing. Right, GPS. He knows he turned it off, but Golden Boy probably turned it back on. The only reason Ryan doesn’t throw his phone onto the ground and smash it into pieces is because LSPD doesn’t know who The Vagabond is, and instead he waits patiently for Golden Boy to get here.

He’s a little apprehensive, this will be the first time he and Golden Boy will be meeting face to face. What if Golden Boy betrays him like Shadelz? It’s a possibility, even though they’ve done jobs together neither one owe the other anything. Maybe he shouldn’t be waiting for Golden Boy. Maybe he should hightail it out of here before LSPD show up and arrest him, but he’s tired, dizzy, and bleeding profusely; he’s not going anywhere.

A gold convertible pulls up, stopping in front of him, and a bearded man wearing a pair of sunglasses grins over at Ryan. He pushes them up onto his head, dark eyes settling on him, and says, “You’re a lot taller than I thought you’d be.”

He’s, quite frankly, he’s not bad to look at, and Ryan stands there dumbfounded for a good ten seconds before saying, “Ryan, my name is hello.” He’s taken aback by his own betrayal. He’s never told anyone his real name that readily; what the fuck is he doing? And to tell Golden Boy like that, all tongue tied.

Has he lost his goddamn mind?

He needs to rectify this, needs to be intimidating so Golden Boy doesn’t use this information against him, but his stupid mouth betrays him again when he says, “I meant, hello my name is Ryan.”

STOP, he shouts at himself, but the damage is done. He should just show Golden Boy his face, get it over with, because he’s probably going to end up in jail. At least he knows what Golden Boy looks like, not that that would do him any good, but it’s something.

Golden Boy surprises him by laughing. He nods towards the passenger seat and says, “Get in. I’m Gavin by the way.”

“That’s a… that’s a name,” Ryan murmurs, and seriously he needs to stop talking.

“Yep, that is a name.” Gavin waits a beat before asking, “You getting in or should I come back?”

“What?” Yes, yes he is going to get into that car. He totally is, if only his feet would work.

Finally, with some serious cajoling on his part, he forces his feet to move. He slides into the passenger seat of Gavin’s car, yanking his mask off his head (because what’s the point in hiding his face now), and hears Gavin squee, his face turning red.

“Are you okay?”

“I just…” Gavin shakes his head, gripping his steering wheel tightly, pulling back onto the road. “Your face…”

“What about my face?”

“It’s not what I expected.”

“What’d you expect?”

“Joker scars?”

“Fuck you.” Ryan crosses his arms, glaring at the dashboard. How dare stupid Gavin with his stupid face make comments about Ryan’s face. He opens his mouth to deliver a witty retort, but what comes out is, “Your face…. is good too.”

He doesn’t say another word the rest of the ride.


Scilla concept, 2017 (2030). A collaboration between students from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Turin, with Pininfarina and the editors of Quattroruote magazine to create a vision of a car from 2030. The Scilla seats 2 in tandem and has semi-autonomous capabilities. Each wheel is designed to house an individual electric motor

reasons i love ed/winry:

  • childhood friends gradually becoming lovers is SUCH a good trope. i’m 100% here for it. just imagine all of the small nuances of both of their personalities, that they both know incredibly well, that float in their memories. for winry, i’m sure she’ll continually bring up ed’s childhood stubbornness and infantile struggles in a sort of teasing match for the ages. ed would remind her of her semi-constant third-wheeling, and her own persistence and independence and probably her unadulterated love for dogs. they grow together, they witness each other’s struggle and strife, and they profoundly change but they will always have their own growth to reflect on and it’s SO CUTE OKAY
  • and to a different extent, friends to lovers is SO GOOD. for winry it’s much more obvious: she’s outwardly always expressed care for the boys, and we see it manifest more and more into deep love and care for ed and when she first admits it on the train it’s a relief almost to hear it. but from ed’s perspective it is SO satisfying to watch his care for her evolve, and he’s definitely always felt for her in some capacity. you see him really concerned for her when she tempts the idea of shooting scar and you see her really vulnerable around him for the first time and the effect on him is evident. we see him start to concern himself heavily with her well-being to the point where it’s so obvious but he’s so stubborn and bad with words and that final train scene is such a sigh of relief. so many feels.
  • mutual appreciation and admiration for each other’s skill and person. mayhaps winry didn’t always ~love~ the idea of alchemy, but certainly she gave the boys credit for their goals. she never doubts them, in fact if anything she’s dubious of the fact that they are so tight-lipped. she believes so profoundly in them, and in ed, and same goes the other way around. hearing ed talk about winry to other character is just *heart eye emoji* he is SO proud of her, constantly boasting her as the best damn mechanic, an incredibly engineer, etc and he see that appreciation begin to encompass her whole being aka his awe when she treats scar in briggs, when she’s not afraid to stand up to him, etc. etc. 
  • while i am a huge proponent of winry and ed growing together in sexual/romantic maturity aka not ALWAYS being awkward and unsure in those types of advancements (i like to think they both, privately, grow assured of their actions and move in a rhythm that is syncopated yet unexpected, in a good way) they idea that they save that for each other kind of makes me want to die? aka, not huge on PDA, at the most a kiss goodbye and hand holding. neither one wants to be ~that couple~ so rather they save it for closed doors, which is so them imo
  • NICKNAMES?? need i even say more??
  • ed being a bad sleeper and nuzzling into winry’s form, nuzzling her shoulders when hints of morning appear
  • all of the rockbell-elric babies, and on another note, rockbell-elric is such a concept. i’m so for the hyphenated surnames just because they both carry so much pride in BOTH names it only makes sense to me 
  • various married life shenanigans? like honestly there’s no way in hell that these two could just ~settle for a quiet life in the country~ like there will always be pranks and fun and laughter and joy emitted from wherever they plant themselves and babies. lots of babies.
A Whole New World

For @xocaii who requested: a bellamy x reader one shot based on a text post. It’s a modern day AU about getting over depression with a little help from Bellamy and Disney. 

Warnings: Big Hero 6 spoilers

Every day seemed the same. The things that were important didn’t seem to matter anymore. You ambled through life like the walking dead, a zombie shell that was empty on the inside. You had days like this, many of them, that seemed to come and go in rapid succession. During the day, you slept too much and at night, you couldn’t sleep at all, as the crippling anxiety and lethargy tightened its grip on your livelihood. This sadness would just appear, hitting you like an 18 wheel semi-truck. Most of the time you couldn’t even explain your feelings of dejection, you just knew they were real and extremely debilitating.

Bellamy was there from the moment you were diagnosed and he hadn’t left your side since. Dealing with your ups and downs couldn’t have been easy, but he wasn’t one to throw in the towel. You often wondered how he could look at you without fear and trembling in his eyes even though he was losing you each day. The sprightly girl that he fell in love with had checked out without prior notice.

Each day, before he went off to work, he would nudge you and ask the same question. And every day, without fail, the answer remained the same.

“Are you getting out of bed today?” Bellamy asked, tugging on your bare foot that was sticking out from beneath the wooly down comforter.

“No,” you groaned from underneath the sea of covers. This was your safe place. You could find refuge against the fears of the outside world in your fortress of pillows and blankets.

“That’s okay because I’m coming in.” From the foot of the bed, Bellamy poked his head underneath the covers. He pinched at your toes and tickled the bottoms of your feet as he looked up at you with a grin.

You let out an unenthusiastic laugh, drawing your feet away from him and tucking yourself into fetal position. “You’re gonna be late for work.”

Bellamy was working more hours lately which meant you got to see him less. You weren’t sure if he was working more because he had to or because he was finally getting tired of your listless behavior.

“I took the day off.”

“Really?” For the first time in months, you felt a small spark of excitement ignite inside of yourself.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Bellamy said crawling underneath the blankets and settling himself in the spot next to you. “So, I was thinking takeout and Disney movies? There’s Mulan, Aladdin, Tangled, Frozen and Big Hero 6. Take your pick.”

You nuzzled your face into his chest. “All of them.”

The pair of you spent all afternoon into the late evening, snuggled together in a nest of fluffy blankets watching all of your favorite Disney classics. When Bellamy wasn’t stuffing your face full of food, he was showering you in kisses. You laughed together, screamed at the TV together, and he even held you close during Tadashi’s tragic moment in Big Hero 6. Bellamy had fallen asleep at least three times during your movie marathon, but that was okay as long as he was by your side. You felt relaxed and safe when he was next to you. It was the best day that you had experienced in a while because all of the things that made you feel comfortable were in one place at one time.  

“I can’t believe I fell asleep on Frozen,” Bellamy said as he yawned and stretched. “I didn’t even get to hear “Let it Go.” We should continue this tomorrow.”

He graced you with that shining smile and suddenly you felt a shadow creeping over you. That dark negativity was working its way into your mind and telling you that you were worthless and undeserving of any semblance of happiness. Bellamy gave you peace in your moments of stress and you felt like all you gave him was more trouble in return for his compassion. 

“Bellamy, this means a lot to me,” you said shakily tucking the covers beneath your chin. “And I want to get better and I’m trying-” Your hands trembled as you tried to explain yourself. You really just wanted to dive back underneath those blankets,  where it was safe.

Bellamy stopped you before you could finish. “Take it easy,” he said steadying your shaking hands in his. “It’s not about how fast you finish the race as long as you to make it to the finish line.” He hugged you tightly and planted a kiss on the top of your head. “A wise man once said, hakuna matata”

“I think you meant a meerkat and a warthog.” You shuddered against the warmth of his skin, feeling the peaks of your anxiety begin to fall.

“I mean that as long as I’m around you don’t have to worry.”

Living with depression was a day to day battle. There wasn’t a timeline to getting better; there were just steps, sometimes big and sometimes small. There were times when you could take ten steps forward and then subsequently take twenty steps back in a single thought cycle. Then there were times where you were stagnant and didn’t move at all. The periods of backsliding and inactivity always seemed to be the worst; however, having someone like Bellamy there to support you without rushing you always helped. 

He was never one to invalidate your feelings or shame you for your sadness. He never pushed, poked or pried but he treated you like any human being deserved to be treated, with kindness and esteem. He was there to remind you that it was okay to move at your own pace as long as you kept moving towards your goal.

The next day, your spirits felt a little more lifted and your burdens lighter. The sun seemed to shine a bit brighter as it peeked from behind the dark gray clouds that disquieted your mind. You took Bellamy’s words to heart, knowing that it was perfectly fine to run your own race without having to sprint towards the finish and today you had a different answer for his morning question.

Today was the day that you got out of bed for more than just a shower or food. Today was a chance to take a step, even if it was just one. Now was the time to try, even if you had to tip toe or crawl back into bed a few times because you knew you had more than one attempt at recovery. It was a process and you were going to take each measure one step at a time. 

You decided the first step would be something easy and something you once enjoyed doing, which was baking. You were actually looking forward to the continuation of your movie night with Bellamy and you wanted to surprise him by whipping up the perfect movie snack, homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

You caught yourself humming a merry Disney tune as you stirred the chocolate chips into your cookie dough batter. A small smile spread across your face as you tapped your toes to the rhythm in your head, realizing that your feet were planted firmly on the ground.

Bellamy came through the front door as you were preparing the final sheet of cookies for the oven. “Y/N, I’m ho- I smell cookies,” he said freezing in his place as if his sense of smell was deceiving him.

“Chocolate chip,” you said popping a semi-sweet chocolate morsel into your mouth. You continued on with your song as you removed the steaming golden brown cookies from the oven.

Bellamy looked on skeptically as he slowly edged around the kitchen. His cell phone rang and he answered it. “Octavia I have to call you back…” He turned his back to you and whispered, “She’s singing again,” before hanging up his phone and looking over at you with a soft smile.

You weren’t broken but a whole human being with a beating heart and soul that mattered. Your life mattered. Your feelings mattered. Your struggles mattered. You were entitled to healing in your own way and in your own timing. If Bellamy didn’t understand anything else about what you were going through, he understood that simple concept. 

“Can we do a duet next?” Bellamy requested.  

“Let it Go?”

“I was thinking A Whole New World.”

This song was the perfect choice as it conveyed his exact sentiment towards you. He saw every day as a new opportunity to uplift you, to encourage you, and to love you. With each step you took you were introduced to a piece of the world you had forgotten and with Bellamy by your side, the world seemed inexplicably new.

Bellamy took your right hand in his, pulling you into ballroom dance position. He guided you in a slow dance around the kitchen as you took turns singing the verses to the time-honored Aladdin classic.

“A whole new world,” he sang as he twirled you around like a beautiful ballerina, your apron billowed as you spun.

“That’s where will be,” you sang in response.

“A thrilling chase.”

“A wondrous place.”

Bellamy dipped you in his arms as you both recited the final line. “For you and me.”


World Premiere of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S

The new Golf GTI Clubsport S is the most powerful GTI ever and had smashed a Nürburgring lap record. This exclusive new sports car, based on the Golf GTI Clubsport, has been developed to celebrate the GTI’s 40th anniversary. 

Ten key facts – the Golf GTI Clubsport S

  1. The most powerful Golf GTI ever breaks the lap record for front-wheel-drive production cars on the Nürburgring, with a time of 07:49:21.
  2. Only 400 of the limited edition Golf GTI Clubsport S, which delivers 228 kW/310 PS and can go from 0-100 km/h in 5.8 seconds, will be made.
  3. Uniquely, the Golf GTI Clubsport S has a Nürburgring setting, which can be accessed using the driving profile selector.
  4. The Nürburgring setting finetunes the adaptive chassis control DCC, engine, steering and sound to suit the Nordschleife.
  5. The chassis of the Golf GTI Clubsport S was fine-tuned in extensive racetrack tests and completely reconfigured.
  6. With the  weight reduced to 1,285 kg, the 310 PS results in a sports car power-to-weight ratio of 4.15 kg/PS. 
  7. New exhaust system sees tail pipes with an enlarged cross-section produce strong backfire when braking.
  8. The Golf GTI Clubsport S is a two-door, two-seat car, with the rear seats removed to save weight.
  9. The GTI Clubsport S comes with 19-inch alloy wheels and semi-slicks.
  10. The production number 001/400 to 400/400 in the interior reveals that the car is an exclusive special edition.

Rather sober, final series Silver Spur (1995-1998).

Essentially the end of the line for the chassis that started in 1965 as the Silver Shadow, massively updated along the way with fuel injection, ABS, airbags, and little touches like semi-integrated fascias, allow wheels (with chrome hubcaps in the middle), but still retaining the white walls, the grille and the hood ornament.

Just so elegant without being flashy.

From Gameinformer's new DA:I article:

Combat isn’t the only place improvements and changes appear.  Character interactions have also been tweaked to better fit with Inquisition’s more flexible open world.  In previous BioWare games, encountering certain NPCs triggered cutscenes during which you would be offered dialogue options and quests.  Now, you have the option to speak with most characters, who will attempt to flag you down when you’re near.

When close to someone who wishes to speak with you, a semi-transparent dialogue wheel appears at the bottom of the screen.  You can choose to engage by clicking the right thumbstick or simply pass them by.  If you do choose to pay attention, you can still back out before choosing a response by clicking the thumbstick again.  Once you begin to converse, things play out in traditional BioWare fashion.

Should you find yourself tasked with retrieving a lost item, it won’t be quite as easy as following a quest marker and looking for something shiny on the ground.  No longer do you see the shimmer of lootable objects as you wander.  Instead, you need to search a location by pressing the right thumbstick to “ping” the immediate area.  This makes items, corpses, and crafting components such as plants and ore appear.

Recipes you find have uses throughout the game, with better results from higher-grade ingredients.  For instance, an armor recipe can use basic leather (from bears and other common animals), but you can get better results later in the game from using drakeskin.  All crafting happens at an Inquisition camp, which means you won’t be taking a break to mix potions while demons are bearing down on you.  Party members can once again be fully outfitted with armor (instead of the more streamlined approach of Dragon Age II), which means you will have use for the gear you find but can’t equip on your Inquisitor.

New (and somewhat new) information has been put in bold.


Migrant Workers

Shanghai, 2015

The Migrant Worker District intrigues sight, sound, and taste – but especially smell. 

Knotted wooden carvings chop and shovel Sichuan fire deep into their core. Black tar bakes under the sun, releasing trash milk and cigarette leakage. Carvings curve lazily on motorcycles and curbs, and throughout ramshackle housing that was never meant to be as temporary as it has become.

A woman wanders down the street, wondering where to buy fake Prada and when all the dust from the flattened apartments will finally settle. Piss shakes over a clogged sewer drain as a three-wheeled bamboo semi shakes through the district.