semi transparent eye

so my sister got me a pack of 48 terrible bootleg pokemon figures for my birthday bc she knows I live for this shit and ok we start with tier 1, the ones that could possibly be marketed as genuine merch

nice! look at that zangoose! wow!

then we have ones that are… okay

like ok so chansey is holding up some sort of strange Flesh Egg that it probably tore from an enemy bc it has its egg right there and yeah mienfoo is FUcking Pissed but ok

then we have ones where shit starts to go awry ok

we have here nightmare ludicolo, emboar who looks like he was in a blender, oddly semi-transparent darumaka, tiny eyes articuno And More!! and look at that snivy

please help him

finally though

we have the ultimate tier

from disembodied rayquazass to crucifixion hands mr mime to soul-sucking frostbitten dewgong to whatever even happened to that mudkip… this is it my friends this is the ultimate in shit-tier bootlegs and I could not be happier