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what kind of colours would you think Semi's hair would look nice with? (like the style he has, just different colours)

Okay so I thought about it and~

I like this range! His original and cream are my faves (but I usually go more into a silver/white or creamy tone when drawing)

Secrets- Riverdale X Reader chapter 1- The rivers Edge ((Jughead Jones))

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Fandom: riverdale

 Warnings: none

 Word count: lots

notes: let me know if you want more of this! is anyone actually interested?


 You studied yourself in the bathroom mirror intently. You still looked the same.

Same (E/C) eyes, same (H/C) hair. But you weren’t the same, not after what had happened over the summer. 

After that summer, nothing could ever be the same.

 The girl in the mirror was you, but you had no idea who that was. On July 3rd of this year, your mother had told you a closely guarded secret about the circumstances surrounding your birth, the reason your mom had left riverdale, and who your father really was. She felt you finally needed to learn the truth.

You were a Blossom…well, sort of.

When Cheryl and Jason’s mother was pregnant with the twins, their Father, Clifford Blossom, had developed a wandering eye…and it had wandered straight to your mother. They had been together 2 months before your mother had found out she was pregnant. 

So, your father had taken immediate action. He had paid your mother two hundred thousand to take you and herself far away and to keep her mouth shut.
But when your Grandmother got sick, all bets were off. 

So your Mother had sat you down and told you everything. Including that you were moving back to Riverdale within the week, a town you had both left behind you, and for good reason.

The next day, Jason Blossom had gone missing.

Nearly 3 months later and here you were, getting ready for your first day of school at Riverdale High. It was terrifying having this huge secret weighing you down, especially when your newly discovered half sister went to your school. 

You ruffled a shaky hand through your hair and walked out of the bathroom. The last thing you needed was added attention from being late on day one.

You left your house and stepped out into the warm September air.

You walked towards the school, the slight breeze making the residual summer heat a little more bearable.

When you got to the high school, it was swarming with teens. Each one in their own little world, greeting friends they haven’t seen in months with warm smiles and thankfully, ignoring you.

You wandered in to the school caught up in your thoughts and anxieties, before running smack into a blonde girl, her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail.

You lost your balance and went tumbling, taking the blonde girl with you. You hit the ground with a thud and she landed next to you right after. Face flushed red in embarrassment, you jumped up and started apologizing rapidly “Oh crap are you okay? I’m so sorry!“ 

The girl just waved a hand, dismissing your frantic apologies, “It’s fine, I’m alright. Don’t worry about it.“ 

Even with her reassurances, you still stuck out a hand to help her up, which she took and got up on her feet. You knew you had to be somewhere, but you still felt kinda awful.                                                                                                 

"Hey, are you new?” the girl was looking at you with curiosity.

You shrugged, “Yeah I guess I am. My names (Y/N) (L/N)”                                       

The blondes face instantly lit up in recognition, “I’m Betty Cooper, your peer mentor!” Betty gave you a warm smile, which you hesitantly returned “Guess it’s a good thing I ran into you then, huh?” you laughed nervously.

Betty nodded at you with a smile. “I guess it is. Anyways, now that I have you, just follow me. I’m also mentoring another new student named Veronica Lodge.”

You knew that name, everyone did. Her father had been in the news for months, but you decided to keep your mouth shut. It wasn’t any of your business who Veronica’s father was or what he had done. You hoped the sentiment would be a two way street.

You caught up to a raven haired girl at the office. Her and Betty exchanged pleasantries. You didn’t really listen to the small talk but you figured this was Veronica. 

Betty and Veronica started walking. You quickly caught up and walked alongside them.

 "Soooo…I usually start off my tours with a little history and context” Betty began, “Riverdale High first opened its doors in 1941 and–”

Veronica cut Betty off mid sentence. “And hasn’t been redecorated since, apparently. Honestly, I feel like I’m wandering through the lost epilogue of our town.” you smiled at Veronica’s comment. The school seriously did have a ‘vintage’ sort of air.

Veronica was talking again, “So whats the social scene here like? Any nightclubs?”

Before Betty could answer, a new guy with brown hair and a green sweater came up beside you, before moving in front, walking backwards to be face to face with the 3 of you. “A strip club called the Ho Zone, and a tragic gay bar called Innuendo.” Your lips quirked up at the edges at the ridiculous club names.
Green sweater continued his list of social activities.

“Friday nights, football games. And then tailgate parties at the mal-mart parking lot. Saturday night is movie night, regardless of whats playing at the Bijou. And you better get there early because we don’t have reserved seating in Riverdale. And Sunday nights? Thank GOD for HBO.”

Betty smiled as the boy wrapped a friendly arm around her shoulder, “Veronica lodge, (Y/N) (L/N), Kevin Keller. Veronica and (Y/N) are new here, Kevin is–” Betty started to introduce the three of you but was once again cut off by Veronica, “Gay. Thank god. Let’s be best friends.” She stuck a hand out for him to shake. 

You gave him a smile and a polite “Hello” but Kevin’s attention was on Veronica.
Kevin took her hand and gave it a quick shake, before leaning in conspiratorially. 

“Is it true what they say about your dad?” he said in a semi hushed tone. Betty shot him a warning glare and you inhaled a sharp breath. But Veronica just took it in stride, a noticeably more guarded expression on her face. 

“That he’s the devil incarnate?…I stand by my father.“ 

She crossed her arms and gave Betty a pointed look, "Does everyone here know?” Betty and Kevin were silent, refusing to meet her gaze. “Judging by the looks you’ve been getting? I think so.” You blurted out before you could stop yourself.

Veronica gave an annoyed tight lipped smile, “Wonderful. Ten minutes in and I’m already the blue jasmine of riverdale high.”

Veronica stormed off and Betty gave Kevin another pointed look. Kevin shrugged and shook his head. 
"What?” Kevin asked, but instead of answering, Betty just followed Veronica. You followed Betty, Kevin close behind.

By the time you had caught up to Betty, she and Veronica were already back to chatting about Riverdale Highs social calendar. So you just fell into step beside them.

“So there’s everything Kevin already told you and- oh, of course, there’s the back to school semi-formal dance this weekend–” Betty was yet again cut off by Veronica who grabbed her arm and stopped Betty mid stride with a little gasp of excitement. “There’s the hottie you were with last night. The red-headed Ansel Elgort.”

You leaned over to Kevin “If the boys all look like that, I’m going to love Riverdale.” You joked, Kevin responded with an amused snort. 

Before you could continue your jokes about the attractive Riverdale male populace, Veronica was talking again. “Is he your boyfriend?” You were pretty sure the question was aimed at Betty but Kevin answered too,

“No we’re just friends” was Betty’s answer and "No, he’s straight.” was Kevins.
The three of you looked at Kevin, smiling in amusement at the mix up.

Veronica had an intrigued smile on her face as she watched Archie, “In that case, mind putting in a word? I’ve tried every flavour of boy but orange.”

By the look on Betty’s face you immediately knew that was a touchy subject.

“Actually, to clarify, Betty and Archie aren’t dating, but they are endgame.” Kevin informed Veronica, causing her to immediately switch gears and give Betty a matter-of-fact look. “You should ask him to the semi-formal then.”

“She should, but I heard it might be getting cancelled, because of what happened to Jason. They’re going to tell us at the assembly." 

Your breath caught at Jason’s name, a bit of paranoia gripping at you. Did he know? There was no way he knew, nobody did.
"Who’s Jason?” you rushed out in a slightly too high tone. You figured asking who he was would let you play dumb about the Blossom family as a whole. Veronica added on, “and what happened to him?" 

Betty and Kevin shared an awkward silent look, their mouths open like they were looking for the right words.

Betty was quiet as Kevin explained the July 4th incident, You knew already. You had googled the Blossoms two days after your mother had told you the truth of who you were. Just in time for you to learn of the fatal accident that took the life of an older brother you would never meet.

After Kevin was finished explaining, everyone was quiet as you walked to the gym to attend the assembly. A heavy silence hung over the four of you.
When you reached the gym you stopped dead.

 Cheryl Blossom would be in this room. As Kevin reached to pull open the doors you managed to speak. "It’s awful what happened to Jason. I hope Cheryl is going to be okay…” three pairs of eyes were immediately on you, “None of us mentioned Cheryl (y/n), how do you know who she is?” Kevin asked, his and Bettys expressions were confused and Veronicas was suspicious.

You swore internally. “I heard one of the students talking about her earlier, I just put two and two together at the name Blossom.” You lied with ease. You had always been quick at thinking on your feet…even if you hated lying.

Betty and Kevin nodded accepting your answer, but Veronicas suspicious gaze lingered on you. You were going to have to be a lot more careful around Veronica Lodge.

Your group filed into the crowded gym. Pretty much all the seats were taken except 3 near the left bottom corner and a few singles scattered around. The four of you eyed each other awkwardly.
“You guys go ahead, I’ll be fine by myself.” You smiled at them. Betty looked relieved, and then a little guilty, “Are you sure (y/n)?” You nodded “Totally sure.”

Kevin grinned. “Catch up with us after, I’ll continue to be your designated Riverdale guide.”
“See you after.” you replied, before wandering off to find a seat.

You ended up sitting next to a guy with black hair and an odd grey beanie up in the back corner. He made no acknowledgement of you when you sat down, typing away at his laptop. He was definitely interesting, you could tell that. But before you could say anything, a girl with striking red hair had begun talking.

What she said next was lost to you, all you could hear was blood rushing through your head and your pulse pounding. That was Cheryl. It was so surreal, her being 40 feet away from you, with no idea who you were. You were strangers to each other, but still siblings. Still family. But she would never know. No one could ever know. You registered her asking for a moment of silence to reflect on how Jason had touched each of the students lives, as you tried to push away the onslaught of new and powerful emotions.

The boy next to you was watching you intently, silently observing your odd reaction to Cheryls speech. The way you were gripping the seat so hard your knuckles were turning white. When you looked back and him he diverted his gaze and went back to typing.

You managed to get a grip on yourself and calm down, the earlier aura of panic, switching to bored and collected with practiced ease. You bottled stuff up, always had. That was something that hadn’t changed. 

Cheryl was speaking again and you immediately turned your focus to her.
“Thank you for that moment of silence. Many of you were lucky enough to have known my brother personally. Each and every one of you meant the world to Jason.”
Cheryls voice was calm and collected, which you thought was impressive for someone who had just lost her twin.”

But maybe Cheryl Blossom was just like that. You had no frame of reference.
“I loved my brother. He was, and always will be, my soulmate. So I speak with the confidence only a twin could have, Jason wouldn’t want us to spend the year mourning.”

The boy next to you fidgeted as Cheryl talked. You bounced your leg and tried to remain stone faced beside him. You glanced at him to see he was already looking at you. You figured it was just because you were the new girl. But his eyes seemed like he was seeing something more, trying to figure you out instead of just looking.

“Jason would want us to move on with our lives. Which is why I’ve asked the school board not to cancel the back to school semi-formal. but rather to let us use it as a way to heal collectively.–”

People all around you were cheering enthusiastically at the news about the semi-formal. Cheryl had a smile on her face that seemed genuinely warm and sincere.

“–and celebrate my brothers too, too short life on this mortal coil. Thank you all.” Cheryl walked off the small makeshift stage and exited the room.

You grabbed your bag and left through the side door as soon as the assembly was over. You had a spare block and decided to just get some air. You needed the distraction, the break.                                                                                   You sat down under a giant tree with, just enough shade to block you from the lingering summer heat. You grabbed your sketchbook and a pencil from your bag and flipped to a blank page.

You had no idea what you were drawing, you just let the pencil flick across the paper, creating lines. Pretty soon there was a familiar face staring back at you.


Oaper Cheryl looked like she was scared and upset, angled away like she was running from something. You had no idea why you had drawn it.

You immediately ripped it out of your book and crumpled it up, setting it beside you to be thrown away later.
You had just started scribbling a quick sketch of a little bird that was flitting around on the ground in front of you when an unfamiliar voice startled you out of your bubble.

“So you’re an artist?”

You whipped your head around, looking at the boy from the assembly leaning against the tree.

You brought the sketchbook close to your chest defensively, “I’m drawing, so I guess I must be.” You eyed him apprehensively. “Who are you exactly?”

He shifted his laptop bag on his shoulder. “Jughead Jones. The Third. I sat next to you at the assembly.”

You raised an eyebrow in curiousity, “Jughead Jones the third. That’s…unique.”

He nodded once, looking at you expectantly.

“My names (Y/N) (L/N)–” you paused, a hint of a mischievous smile on your lips. “the first.”

Jugheads lips quirked up for a split second, before switching back to the calculating look he wore at the assembly.  

“So (Y/N), you had a pretty strong reaction to cheryls speech. Did you know Jason?”

You instantly went on the defense. Your arms crossed against your chest and your expression became guarded. “No. I didn’t know anything about him before today.” you lied.

Jughead looked like he didn’t quite believe you, his eyes searching your face for signs of deception, and his expression was hard to read. You can almost see a little press cap and vintage camera. He reminded you of a reporter and that put you more on guard. “I just lost my best friend who was part of a pair of twins. I guess it just hit home.”

Another lie.

Jughead still looked a bit suspicious, but seemed to accept your lie for now. He opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by Betty calling your name.

“Well, that’s my cue to leave.” Jughead remarked dryly before turning and heading in the other direction.

Betty walked over to you and greeted you with a smile. “Hey (Y/N), we didn’t see you after the assembly.”

“Yeah, sorry I just needed some air." 

Betty nodded, her ponytail swishing behind her. "Well, do you want to join us for lunch?”

You smiled, one of the few genuine smiles of that day, “I’d actually love that.”
You packed up your stuff and reached for the balled up sketch from earlier, but it was gone. You hadn’t thought the wind was enough to move it today, but you figured you had misjudged. Not that it really mattered, people didn’t exactly inspect trash. You grabbed your bag and stood up to follow the two teens.

Betty and Kevin made a Beeline for the Red-headed boy from earlier, who was sitting alone at one of the picnic tables scattered around the courtyard. When the three of you sat down he looked up and greeted Betty and Kevin with warm smiles. His eyes were filled with confusion when his gaze landed on you.

Betty quickly introduced you, “(Y/N) meet Archie Andrews.”
Archie gave you a nod of acknowledgment “Hey”

You gave him a small smile and short wave in greeting.

Archie turned his attention to Betty and pulled out a laptop. He started talking but you weren’t listening.

Jughead was staring at you from across the outdoor seating area. You ended up staring right back. His eyes were locked with yours, both of you daring the other to look away. After about a minute Betty’s voice snapped you out of your weirdly intense staring contest.

“(y/n) are you okay? You’re kinda spacing out.”

You blinked a few times to clear your head. “Yeah sorry. Just daydreaming, I guess” You glanced back over to where Jughead had been but he was gone.

Betty nodded and looked at Archie, “Alright, now that (Y/N) is paying attention, you HAVE to play your song for us.”

Archie looked a tiny bit apprehensive but you didn’t think that has anything to do with you. It was the same feeling you get when people ask to see your drawings.
Archie sighed in resignation and hit play, a soft melody pouring through his laptops speakers. it was actually really good, something you hadn’t been expecting.

The song had only been on for about 30 seconds when Veronica walked up to the table,

“Can I join?” Veronica asked with a polite smile.
Archie closed his laptop, and Betty smiled at her “yeah.”  

Veronica moved to sit down with the rest of you, “What are we doing?” Veronica asked.

A proud grin broke out onto Bettys face. “Listening to one of Archies songs.” She leaned closer to Archie.

“I thought we were gonna have to pretend to like it, but its actually really good.”
You grinned at Kevins comment. You actually had been dreading the possibility of pretending to like Archies song, you honestly didn’t have the energy.

“Yeah I actually really really liked it.” You smiled at Archie. You had really liked his song, and hoped one day you guys could actually hear the rest.

Veronica looked kind of confused as she shifted in her seat, “Wait, that was you singing something you wrote?”

Archie looked away “It’s rough.”
Betty, who was starting to sound like Archies personal cheerleader, contradicted him. “No, it’s great.” she said, that huge grin still on her face

You glanced away. Jeez, Betty had it bad for this guy.

“It’s incredible, actually. The little snippet I heard. Is that your thing? Music? Are you doing something with that?” Veronica asked Archie while Betty watched her with a weird expression.

Archie nodded and took a sip of his drink, “Yeah, that’s the plan.” He immediately changed the subject. “So, how’s your guys first day going? good?” this seemed to be directed at you and veronica. You didn’t really have an answer so you just let her answer as you shrugged.

“Not to be a complete narcissist, but I thought people would be more–”
Kevin cut her off, “Obsessed with you? Any other year you’d be trending number one for sure. This year though, its all about Cheryl trying to win the best supporting psycho Oscar for her role as Riverdale Highs bereaved red widow." 

You bristled at this,
"She just lost her twin brother, Kevin. I think you’d be a little messed up too, especially in an accident like that.” Your tone was cold and a switch from the tables previous friendly banter.

An awkward silence fell over the table. Everyone looked a little uncomfortable at your comment and gave you curious looks. After a few moments Archie grabbed his bag “I should go. Meeting with Grundy, then football tryouts.”

Veronica smiled “You play football too? What don’t you do?” she quipped as Archie walked away from the group.

As soon as he was out of earshot you wiggled your eyebrows at Betty, “That right there is a damn good pick Betty.” She ducked her head in embarrassment.
Kevin looked at Veronica and you, “Before you guys ask, no she has not invited-”

Betty suddenly looked kind of panicked and shot the three of you warning stares, “No, not yet. and don’t talk about Archie.” then she quickly went back to nonchalantly eating her food as Cheryl Blossom herself approached your table.

Cheryl walked up to the table and put her hands on her waist, a sickeningly sweet smile on her face. The shock and panic from earlier had worn off for you, now Cheryl’s presence was just a fact.

“Veronica Lodge. I’d heard whisperings– I’m Cheryl Blossom.” Cheryl had that off-putting smile on her face the whole time she spoke. “May I sit? Betty, would you mind?”

Without waiting for a response, she sat down as Betty frowned a bit and slid down to the seat directly across from you and Kevin. You shot Betty a sympathetic look as Cheryl turned her attention to the rest of you. You noted that she hadn’t bothered to introduce herself to you, even though you were new as well.
“So, what are you four hens gossiping about? Archies efron-esque emergence from the chrysalis of puberty?” Cheryl had a conspiratorial smile and Betty shook her head as a warning for you and Veronica.

“Extracurriculars. Weatherbee wants me and (y/n) to sign up for a few.” Veronica switched the focus off Archie. At the mention of your name Cheryl finally acknowledged you, looking you up and down with a judgmental stare. You shifted uncomfortably under her gaze. Cheryl seemed to deem you not totally offensive and flashed that fake smile at you as a way of acknowledging your existence.
“Cheer leading! You must. I am senior captain of the river vixens.” Cheryl moved her hair to her other shoulder and watched Veronicas reaction intently.
“Is cheer leading still a thing?” Kevin said before Veronica could answer. You stifled a laugh at the statement and the almost genuine look of confusion on his face.

Cheryl fixed him with a cold stare, annoyance lacing her tone. “Is being the gay best friend still a thing?” She then turned back to Veronica and switched back to cheer leading.“Some people say its retro. I say its eternal and iconic.” She wore a proud smirk.

“At Spence, I sat at the top of the elites pyramid. I’m in.” Veronica said, then looked at you and Betty. “Betty, (y/n) you’re trying out too.”
You just nodded, you had no intention of trying out for cheer leading but weren’t going to say anything in front of Cheryl.

Cheryl looked at you and Betty, once again with that judgy stare, “Of course! Anyone’s welcome to try out.” Cheryl looked down at Bettys plate of food with disdain, “But Betty’s already got so much on her plate right now…And being a vixen is kind of a full-time thing, but open to all!”

You clenched your fists at your sides, your temper getting the better of you. Any sympathy you may have felt for Cheryl was rapidly fading.

Cheryl got up from the table and addressed you and Veronica, “Follow me on Twitter and I’ll do the same. my handles @CherylBombshell” and with a smile she turned and walked away.

Veronica smiled in relief as soon as Cheryl was gone. “Okay go ahead and hate on cheer leading but if Hipster prince Harry–”
Betty interrupted veronica, “Oh, I’d love to be a cheerleader. It would look good on my college applications. But, last year when I tried out Cheryl said I was too fat.”

“Too season 5 Betty Draper. It was a great line.” Kevin the looked guilty and amended with “But not all all true.”

Immediately your already flaring temper got the best of you, “Seriously? Is that what that plate crack was about? that was so rude and uncalled for.”
Kevin hummed in agreement and Betty nodded sheepishly.

“I agree with (y/n), that was a total bitch move. But you’re a total smoke show now, I mean it. As hot and as smart as you are…you should be the Queen Bae of this Drab hive…look, if you want to be a River Vixen, I’ll help you prep. I have moves. You too (y/n), we can all tryout together.”

You vigorously shook your head, “Thanks for the offer, but cheer leading isn’t my scene. I’m going to have to pass. I’ll totally come and provide Moral support though.”
Veronica looked a tiny bit disappointed but nodded in acceptance, “Alright (y/n) is out, how about you Betty?”

Betty looked deep in thought for a few seconds before smiling broadly at Veronica, “Okay, you know what? Show me your moves.”
You grinned at Betty, “I bet it doesn’t hurt that Archie will get to see you at the game, in your cheerleader uniform.”
Betty flushed a deep red and Kevin and veronica both laughed light heartedly. The rest of lunch period was passed in good natured teasing and friendly banter. 


On the day of the semi-formal you were a lot more adjusted to riverdale, Cheryl was just the schools resident mean girl and Jason was just some boy who had passed away over the summer essentially they were strangers to you. It didn’t matter that they shared a common parent anymore, It was a secret that would be kept, and hopefully completely ignored.

You were walking home from the nearby 7-11 when your phone chimed with an unread text notification. You unlocked your phone and a text from Betty filled your screen.

’(y/n) do you need a ride? we’re going to the dance at 7’
You grinned at your phone.

‘we? meaning you and Archie? ;)’
a few minutes passed with no response before Betty finally answered,

‘We meaning Veronica, Archie and me.’
You frowned at the message, Betty had apparently lost her nerve.

damn :( but no, I don’t need a ride I live like 2 blocks from the school.’
You waited for a response but Betty never answered, You figured she had been caught up in some pre-dance prep or something, and continued on your walk home.

You arrived at your house a few seconds later and unlocked the door. An empty silence greeted you, your mom was away on a business trip.  Your mother worked as a freelance consultant for big corporations and had to travel alot because of it, so you were usually alone in the house.

Growing up you had a housekeeper that would take care of you, but she had died a few years ago. And by that point you were old enough to take care of yourself, so most of the time it was just you.
When your mother was home she would generally be with your grandmother at the retirement home, your grandma had developed dementia and wasn’t usually lucid as of late. But you weren’t close to her so it was harder on your mother than on you.

You shook the depressing thoughts from your head and wandered into the kitchen and put your bag down. It was around three and you still needed to do some homework before getting ready for the dance.
You grabbed the books from your bag and plugged in your headphones, starting on your latest English assignment.


Four hours later you were all dolled up and headed to the school, your heels clicked on the pavement as you walked, your hair was down and jostled lightly in the cool breeze.

You walked up to the schools front doors and could already hear music pouring from the gym. You walked in to see Betty standing alone.
“Hey, wheres Veronica and Archie? aren’t they your companions for the evening?”
Betty smiled a little sadly and opened her mouth to respond but was cut off by Kevin.

“Betty, (Y/n), You will not BELIEVE who just propositioned me in the bathroom. Give you a hint, his name may be moose…But I’d describe a certain appendage of his as as horse-like.”
You choked on a laugh at the description and put a hand over your mouth, “Oh man I knew one of the football players had to be gay, the small town gods demand it." 

Betty was just speechless her mouth open in shock.

Veronica showed up a few seconds later, "Hey (y/n) when did you get here?”
You shrugged, “A minute or so ago.”

She nodded in acknowledgement and turned to Kevin.
“I need a dance partner.” Veronica Grabbed Kevins hand with a grin and led him out to the dance floor. They passed Reggie and Moose on their way while the two boys were filling a flask with punch.

Kevin gave Moose an awestruck look as they passed and Moose quickly averted his gaze, which made you start laughing all over again. Your laughter caused Betty to start giggling too. But your laughter was cut short when Cheryls voice came through the loud speakers.

“Good evening, friends. are you all having a good time?”
The crowd around you clapped and cheered.

“As honorary chairperson and de facto Queen of tonights semi-formal…it is my great pleasure to introduce this evenings main entertainment. To know them is to be obsessed with them. Though they usually perform their own material– tonight they’re making an exception…And debuting a cover of the song my parents claim they were listening to the night Jason and I were conceived, this ones for you, JJ.”

You raised an eyebrow at the song choice, it was a little odd to pick something like that. But before you could comment Archie came up to you and Betty.“Sorry about that…oh hey (y/n)”

“I give you Josie and the pussycats!” Cheryl finished right after Archie spoke.
More cheering erupted around you at the mention of the bands name.
Music filled the gym as a slow song was played by the girls on the stage.

Archie turned to Betty, “Wanna dance?”
Betty broke out into a wide grin and happily accepted, leaving you standing alone at the edge of the room.

You watched with a happy grin on your face as Betty and Archie Danced, smiles on their faces. But your smile was quickly turned into a frown as Bettys face grew serious and she removed her arms from around Archies neck. You couldn’t hear what they were saying but you knew it couldn’t be good as Archie looked away from her uncomfortably.

Betty looked upset as the song came to an end and her and Archie stood stiffly beside each other.

You caught up to Kevin and Veronica by the snack table.
“did you guys see Archie and Betty? That really didn’t look good.”
Kevin and Veronica nodded and shared your worried look but before you three could discuss further one of Cheryls friends came up, and invited Veronica and you to an after party at Cheryls


You were sitting on a couch next to Betty kind of uncomfortable and lost in your own thoughts as you stared intently at a picture of Clifford Blossom, yours and Cheryls father. It was surreal thinking about it, thinking about him, being in this house.

But Cheryls voice interrupted your thoughts.
“It’s game time at chez Blossom, kiddies. We’re going old school tonight Seven minutes in heaven. Who wants to tryst in the closet of love first? My vote is ‘A’ for Archie. Anyone care to second it?”

“Wait, actually–” Archie started to protest but Reggie cut him off.
YES! Andrews. yes.”

Cheryls smile was the sickeningly sweet one as she gestured for everyone to come closer. “All right, gather round kids. Lets see whos riding the ginger stallion tonight.”
She flicked her wrist expertly and the bottle began spinning, Betty and Veronica leaned in intently and you looked on gripped with fear for your friends, you knew Cheryl was up to something and it wasn’t going to be good.

The bottle came to a halt, pointing right between Betty and Veronica. You swore under your breath.
Oooh no way!” Reggie laughed, oblivious to the deeper problems at play.

Betty and Veronica shared an awkward look and Cheryl smirked triumphantly.
“Its clearing pointing to…the new girl. this should be fun.”

Veronica shifted uncomfortably in her seat, “Um, Im not doing this.”

“Thats up to you, but if you don’t…house rules decree the hostess gets to take your turn.” Cheryls tone was antagonistic, she knew exactly what she was doing to those three.

Instead of answering Veronica just looked defeated and Betty looked at Archie looking like she was about to cry.
They walked into the closet and shut the door, You put a hand on Betty’s shoulder and she just stared at the wall, her green eyes glistening.

10 minutes later they were still in the closet.

“Betty its okay, I’m sure Archie and Veronica would never do anything to hurt you.” You tried to reassure her.
Betty was silent and still.

Cheryl watched her with a predatory gaze, her tone was mocking and cruel “(y/n) is right Betty, I’m sure nothing is happening between them.” She smirked as a tear escaped Bettys eye and she ran from the room.

You glared at Cheryl. “Seriously?” your voice was sharp with anger, and you wanted to wipe that stupid triumphant smile off her face, but Betty was more important.

You ran out the front door into the cool night air, but Betty was nowhere in sight.

No response.
You groaned in frustration and started searching for the blonde.


Nearly half an hour later you were out of options and everything in this town was closed, except a diner called pop tates, with a resigned huff you decided to check here too as a last ditch effort.

You walked in the building and were instantly hit with the overwhelming smell of food cooking and something sweet. But food wasn’t why you were here.
You walked up to the counter and were greeted by an older man with kind eyes and a warm smile.
“Welcome to pop tates. you new in town?”

You nodded and your gaze darted around searching for Betty.
“Yeah I am listen, have you seen Betty Cooper?”

The man chuckled, “No, not tonight. but you are the second person to come in looking for her.” He gestured towards Archie who was sitting in a booth talking to Jughead. You stormed over to him.

“Archie Andrews I am going to kill you. Do you know how much you hurt Betty going into that closet? You could’ve refused! It’s not like Cheryl had a gun to your head! Or at the very least you could have have come out after the 7 minutes! You knew Betty liked you! You knew and I’m guessing those extra minutes in there weren’t filled with an innocent chat.”

Archie opened his mouth to respond but you cut him off.

“Betty doesn’t deserve this crap. And with Veronica!

way to rub salt in the–”

Archie cut your angry rant off.

“I know I messed up okay?” he looked defeated and heartbroken. “I’m going to go talk to her. I’m going to go fix this.”

“You better Andrews.” you crossed your arms and fixed him with a protective glare, but let him pass.

Jughead was staring at you with a peculiar expression on his face you couldn’t tell what was going on in his head, you didn’t care, not at the moment.

“What?” your tone wasn’t accusing or angry, just tired.

He stared at you like he was seeing you for the first time. 

“How long have you known Betty?”

You looked away and sighed, “I don’t know…a week?”

He nodded once and turned his focus back to his computer. You sat down in the seat across from him without asking and fixed him with a cryptic stare.

Jughead broke the silence, “Why?”

His question surprised you, and you just blinked.

“Why defend a girl you’ve only known for a week?” He pressed.

You sighed and looked down at your lap, your gaze refusing to meet Jugheads.

“I don’t know. people like Betty, she’s so kind and welcoming…Are so rare She accepted me and Veronica immediately. Even though Archie and Veronica had that spark, and she’s so head over heels for him…She still welcomed her welcomed us both treated us like friends. Then Veronica and Archie did what they did and hurt her so badly.”

You paused.

“This town already has enough hurting people.”

Jughead searched your face for a lie, or the hidden meaning behind your words. His Blue-green eyes met yours and you just stared right back, your face was neutral but there was a hint of sadness and Heaviness in your gaze.

You could tell he wanted you to explain further, and again you were reminded of a reporter. Digging at things that maybe should be left alone. And maybe you wanted to tell him…but you couldn’t.

You couldn’t tell anyone.

So, before Jughead had time to ask anything else, you stood up from the booth.

“I’ll see you around Jughead.”

And you left the diner, you walked home, and you went to bed.



but for the town of Riverdale, the night was far from over.

Mommy (Namjoon/Reader)

Originally posted by bangthebae

Genre: Smut

Words: 2.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: When the typically dominant lover has a wet dream about being dominated by his lover, who are you to deny his deepest fantasies? After all, everyone has their deepest darkest fantasies tucked away in the depths of their sexually aware mind like they have skeletons in their closet.

Tags: Mommy Kink, Dirty Talk, Orgasm Denial, Fem!Dom, Cuffing, etc.

Note: To clarify any confusion, I am reposting my old fics from BGS/theofficialrapmom here on HOBI since I previously removed them from Tumblr. Please do not attempt to send in plagiarism claims, as I assure you, I am the original content creator. For any questions, please feel free to contact me privately off of anon. Anonymous messages in regards to the reposting may be deleted if deemed rude/hateful.

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i am testing out the new pens i got so have some briggs bros??

@rebbi-sonnenhell suggested a Bobby so here he is :^)

aaand the Miles is kind of an experiment with my toned sketchbook?? i forgot what happens when i outline his hair in black and i have some regrets but anyway…there he is and i love white gel pens

Implexium Vitae PT 7

A/N; Oooooo look at that angst! Poor Lucy and Natsu, will they ever settle into their new lives?

It is said that some people have old souls, reborn every couple centuries to find their loved ones again and continue on their never ending journey. But what happens to these intersecting lives when one is immortal and the other is ripped from them?

Vampire AU.

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 3333

Rating: M

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Lucy wandered around his- no, their- room, running her fingertips along the dark wooden shelves that displayed all of the trinkets Natsu had collected over the years. Dried flowers, worn tickets, some rubble, and a few sketches just some of the things that Lucy could identify. Some of the mementos brought back a tug in her mind, and Lucy could tell where a certain item came from without looking at the neatly written note beneath it. A rueful smile tugged at her lips as she carefully brushed a finger over a piece of sheer pink fabric. If she recalled correctly this was from their time in Joya, when they had visited the king whose name she could not recall. One of his sons had seen Lucy he had tried to take her as part of his harem, and Natsu had promptly freed all of their slaves in retaliation, dragging Lucy from the revolting palace cackling the whole way.

It was strange, these memories. They didn’t normally flood into her brain all at once like she would expect, but rather it was like walking down the street and remembering you needed milk. It was suddenly just there, and Lucy had to take a moment to remember that she hadn’t always known it. She wondered if it would ever stop, or if she’d be slowly remembering her previous life in small increments for the rest of eternity. She chuckled quietly at her own assumption, that she’d be with Natsu for the rest of eternity, without even a hint of hesitation. The two hadn’t talked about it, but Lucy had already decided. She was never going to leave Natsu again.

Her thoughts now focused on Natsu, Lucy became aware of his stare burning into her back. His sharp eyes followed her as she explored the organized chaos, and Lucy felt her pulse speed up at feeling. His possessiveness made a curl of low heat burn in Lucy’s abdomen, and the safety she felt in his presence something she didn’t know she’d been missing. There was a lot Lucy hadn’t known she’d been missing. Clearing her throat Lucy spoke teasingly, looking over her shoulder to see his reaction.

“I understand that I am amazing to look at, but you don’t need to watch me from afar. I’ve been told I’m even more beautiful up close.” Lucy had tried to use a semi-serious tone as she spoke, but Natsu’s responding snort and fit of laughter told her he had seen through it. Footsteps rang across the stone floor and then Natsu’s arms were snaking around her waist and pulling her tightly against his chest.

“Oh?” Natsu asked, nuzzling into the skin behind her ear. His deep rumble traveled through Lucy’s skin and sent pleasant shivers through her body as he spoke against her quickly heating flesh. “And who would have fed your ego like that?” Natsu questioned, soft lips never leaving her skin. Lucy hummed as she brought her index finger to her lips, pretending to think.

“I seem to recall my pink haired husband mentioning it a few times.” Lucy said softly, her light tone fading as she spoke. Natsu’s face also stilled, remaining buried in her hair and neck.

“Sounds like a smart man,” was his reply, voice deepening and arms tightening. Lucy rested a hand on his forearm and turned in his grip so that she could now face him. She trailed her fingers down the side of his face, gently as if he might shatter if she wasn’t careful.

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Peter Pan Imagine/Who Are You?

You’re in Neverland, first time ever, and you hate him already, but somehow you ended up in his bed.

Warnings: SMUT, cussing, possessive Pan

You lived in StoryBrooke, a town that was known for it’s magical moments, and fairy tale people who you read as a kid, funny how you lived in a town with them, but when you ended up in Neverland you were not expecting the Peter pan that you knew in the story books, in fact, you met the complete opposite.

When you first arrived you were actually excited, you were always a fan of Peter Pan, you love the movie, the book, so why wouldn’t you like the real thing?

Just as you stepped foot on the soil of Neverland you heard the wonderful sounds that this place has to offer, the wind, the tree’s talking to you as they blow, telling all the secrets, the whistling and the chirps of the birds. As you close your eyes, letting it all in, this is where it all started. 

You heard a leaf crunch on the floor,

(Gasp) you turn around and see nothing. You shrug, maybe it was just my imagination you thought.

That’s when, you heard it again.

“Okay for sure it was something this time.”

You heard it once again but closer, as it was right behind you.

“Show yourself or I’ll make you!” you say as you turn around but nothing is there

“W-what?” you say nothing.

“You’ve got some guts yelling like that.”

You quickly turn around and you see a boy, a tall boy, with long legs, sharp cheekbones, beautiful eyes, chestnut brown hair, and furious eyebrows.

“Wh-who are you?” you ask with a semi confident tone.

“Who am I?” he raised up both eyebrows, but then quickly smirks and laughs.

That sent chills down your spine.

“I think I should be asking who YOU are.” he says in a cocky way.

“That’s none of your business, you must say yours.” with a demanding tone.

“That’s not how it goes, see you’re on my island, I tell you what to do, I tell you when to talk, I tell you what to do and when to do it.” he walks up to you, you are frightened, you are scared, you’re terrified, but you’re damn well not going to let him see that.

“Oh yeah? I’d be a complete idiot to let you control me, some wild boy who thinks he’s charge of this island.” you say

“I’m Peter Pan, I AM king of this island!” he raises his vice at you.

“YOU’RE Peter?”

“Its Pan to you.” he says sternly.

“Ill call you by your first name, your mother called you Peter, so I’m calling you Peter.”

“Call e that one more time and I swear I will make your life a living hell.”

“Pe-mother fucking ter.” you say as you look in his eyes.

“That’s it to the cages!” he yells.

5 days, you were in that cage for 5 days, nothing to eat, drink, and no one to talk to, you were going crazy.

Well that night the caged opened , with Peter right at the door, he gave you water and you near damn chugged that thing like your life depended on it, because well it did.

“Now , are you ready to be a good lost girl for me?” he said a sweet but evil voice.

You stood face to face with Pan himself.

He looked intimidated, but you could not let him see that.

“I’d rather die than be your lost girl.” you say.

Peter turns his face and chuckles. “Well, its your funeral.” he says as he pushes you back into the cage. 

You scream out of shock, no boy has ever laid his hands on you before, but Peter did, he didn’t care, he was pure evil, and you were just figuring this out.

For 2 months Peter would give you enough food and water to survive to make sure you stayed alive, but also to make sure you suffered.

You hated him, you hated him so much, but you couldn’t help but stare, when he would walk by, his jawline, when he licked his lips, his muscular arms, is was sickening, you were crushing over the boy who made your life hell, but little did you know he was thinking the same damn thing.

Peter’s Point Of View

Dammit, she was so damn beautiful, was it sick that I thought about her at night? Her plump lips, her rosy cheeks, her wavy hair, I knew it was terrible of me, but I couldn’t help it, as king of this island I couldn’t go back on my word, but for this once, I wanted her out, out of that cage, and have my right way right then and there, but I couldn’t do that, what would my lost boys think of me? They’d think I was weak, and once they saw that, it’s all over from there.

Regular Point Of View.

It was Peter’s birthday soon and all the lost boys were getting ridiculous crazy with the decorations, they had no idea what to do , nor how to cook, their cooking skills sucked, and you were an amazing chef, so you finally opened your mouth and said something.

“You know I can help.” you said

“The boys all stared at you, you knew all of them, and they all knew you, you had a mutual relationship, it was Peter who was an ass, not them.

“Yeah trust me we’d love if you helped but Pan would kill us.” Felix said

“Then talk him into it! Felix please I’ve been in this cage for almost 3 months, I need to get out, I don’t care if I’m making food for the person I hate the most, I just need to get out of here.” you pleaded to him.

“Alright, I’’ll be back.”

Felix walks to Peter’s door, but it’s open by Peter.

“Great the person I needed to see!.” Felix said.

Peter looks at Felix sideways. 

“Why the hell are you so perky?” he says as he starts to walk.

“I have a question.” Felix said

“Go on.” Peter says.

“The lost boys suck ass at cooking, you know this.” 

“Well duh.” Peter said.bluntly

“But the new lost girl, she’s a great cook.” 

“How would you know?” Peter turns around to raise a brow at Felix

“Oh she told me.” Felix said.

“So you believe anyone who tells you things?” Peter says as he folded his arms.

“Listen she can’t be worse than the lost boys.”

“Oh but she can poison me.” Peter looks into Felix eyes.

“You really think she’d do that?” Felix looked interested.

“Yes.” Peter looked around, then turned to Felix, “Alright, let her cook, but make sure you have an eye on her at all times, if she makes any suspicious moves put her to the cages right away.” he says.

“Good that.” Felix smiles.

About an hour later Felix came back to the camp and opened up your cage, you smiled and thanked him, you both waked to the kitchen and you quickly found your place, it was like you’ve been there forever.

You cooked a whole lot of food, chicken, rolls, even a cake for the birthday boy himself.

You felt good about yourself you cooked and baked, and it only took about 2 hours, but it felt good, to be doing something other than being stuck in a cage.

Peter let you stay out of the cage for his birthday, he was feeling nice tonight, so you all sat down and you got to get to know the lost boys, they were very funny and great boys, you wished you knew them sooner honestly.

You all waited for Peter’s arrival for he liked his lost boys to wait on him, no surprise.

He finally came out of the cabin, he had a crown and a scepter, you rolled your eyes, but clapped and cheered like everyone else.

“Your king has arrived, now lets celebrate!” he yelled

You guys played games like heads up 7 up, charades, never have I ever, and truth or dare. It was all fun and games until someone got too drunk, and the lost boys had to take care of him, most of the lost boys left and helped the poor guy, others just went to sleep, it was just you and Peter now, and it was honestly quite intimidating, but you would never let him know.

“So, are you ready to be my lost girl?” Peter said confidently.

“Hell no, are you ready to let me roam free on the island and do as I wish?” you say just as confidently back.

He raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“Tell me something.” he said as he swirled whatever was in is cup

“Tell you what.” you said sternly, not really a question, more of a answer

“Why do you do this?” He asked

“Do what?” you said a little confuse

“Try to act like someone you’re not.” He said as he said as he sipped his drink

“EXCUSE ME?” you yelled.

“I don’t like repeating myself dear.”

“How the hell do i try to act like someone I’m not?!” you continue to raise your voice

“The same reason you didn’t answer the first question I asked you.”

“I already denied your invitation to be your lost girl.” you said sternly

“That’s NOT the question I meant.” he stood up.

“What question?!” you yelled

“WHO ARE YOU?” he yelled

“I’m Y/n! There Are you happy? I’m Y/n a girl who’s lost-”

“No, no you’re not.” he said as he shook his head.

“What do you mean?” you whispered.

“You like to play this bad ass girl, the girl who is the leader of the group, the girl who takes no shit from no one right? The girl who is strong and independent, and what not.” Peter says, then his voice turns soft. “But you’re not, you’re the girl who is fucked up, who is constantly fidgeting with her fingers,  worried about what she looks like, worried about being perfect.”

“Screw you Peter!” You yell at him

“And yet you’re still not denying it.” he smirks and looks into your eyes.

“Oh like I don’t know who YOU are. You pretend to be this wanna be king, who is self centered and the world revolves around him, and everyone praises and loves him, who’s in charge , but the truth is you’re a stuck up little boy who is pissed off that he didn’t get his way so he moved to his own island to get what he wants!”

“Watch your mouth Y/n or-”

“Or what Peter?! Huh? You’re gonna throw me in the cages? Do it I dare you!” you push him , then he pushes you, you push him right back, you guys are inches away from each other, and just as you were about to walk away Peter pulls you in closer and kisses you.

Your eyes open wide but slowly closes as your lips and his melts into a heavenly feeling.

As you both break away from each other, he clicks his fingers and you’re in his bedroom.

As Peter brings you in closer and kisses your neck he starts to whisper dirty things into your ear, he kisses your neck as he pulls your hair. A moan he got out of you, which brought a smile to his mouth.

“Jump.” he says and you did, your legs wrapped around his torso, he brings you to his bed, and lays you down flat on his bad, he quickly gets on top of you and you start to run your fingers through his hair, lightly tugging, he bites your neck as you do so.

He starts to fondle with your breast, squeezing them, and rubbing your nipples til they’re as hard as they can get, he then puts one in his mouth and starts to suck and lick on one while still playing with the other.

Til you couldn’t take it anymore you finally shout out “OH PETER! I can’t take it anymore I want you.” you say

You could see his eyes and the excitement he had once he heard that.

He took ff your clothes and you took off his, he stood at your entrance and you were terrified, and he could tell.

“First time?” he asked

“Yes.” you said , embarrassed.

“It’s going to hurt, but I promise, I can make you feel good, you need to trust me”

“I trust you Peter.” you say with a smile.

Peter smiles and get’s on top of you, his hair is messy, he is sweaty, and his eyes are full of lust, you are excited,nervous, and in love, and thinking to think you’re just damn crazy.

As he entered you , you began to felt pain, you began to freak out and whine about it, Peter say and admittedly started kissing your forehead.

“Shh baby it’s okay, I got you.”

“It hurts Peer.” you say almost in tears.

“It’s going to love, trust me, bite my finger.”

You did as he said and bit his finger whenever you felt pain, sooner than later Peter was right, the pain did go away, and the pleasure began to kicked in.

Before you knew it you were screaming Peter’s name, and he was loving every second of it.

He was moving his hips side to side, grinding , riding, Peter was so gentle but rough all at once, he was like all you needed all in one. He cared about you, he cared about if he hurt you , he kept asking if you were okay, if you wanted him to slow down, it was like he wanted you to enjoy more than him, you mistook his sick twisted ways for what he really was.

You began to moan nothing into his ear, and barely even having the breath to say anything at all.

You grabbed his back and started digging your nails into it, making little droplets on is back, Peter didn’t mind, he loved it honestly, giving you the pleasure, he was glad to take the pain. He would suck on your neck making blue and purple marks, oh no, he wasn’t going to leave little red patches, he was making his territory known. He marked you up and down claiming you and wanting more.

“You, are mine, and mine alone.” he said as he gets a little sloppy on his hip movements, as were you getting a little knot in your stomach.

“Peter I’m gonna-”

“Me too.” he says.

You both come and he rides out your high, he kisses your fore head once again and rubs your face with his fingers softly, assuring you were okay.

He smiled at you and said “So , I have a question.”

“Yes I’ll be your lost girl.” you smiled

“No, not that.” he smiled

“What then?” you tilted your head.

“Will you be my queen of Neverland?” he smiled

“I will.” 

“Good, cause you had no choice.” 

You laughed and pushed him, he laughed as well.

Finally Peter had his queen, and you had your king.

Never Have I Ever

A/N: This is my first fanfic! (once again lol) Feedback would be greatly appreciated one way or another!

Pairing: Jughead x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Some swearing

Words: 1,377


Originally posted by marorra

      “Never have I ever done something illegal,” Betty said in a way that made it sound more of a question rather than a statement as she put another one of her fingers down. Ronnie, Jughead, and Kevin followed suit. Archie looked like he wanted to put his finger down, but he didn’t do something illegal since “something illegal” was him and Grundy had done that.

       “I love how I’m the only one with five fingers up,” you say.

       “Well you are the epitome of a good kid,” Jughead said, but you knew that he was a good kid too. Everyone there was.

       “Okay, okay, I have one that’ll make you put a finger down Y/N,” Veronica said with a smirk.

       “Alright shoot,” you say before drinking some of your lemonade.

       “Never have I ever wanted to make out with someone in this room,” your eyes grew wide and you started choking on the drink when you heard Veronica’s words. Everyone looked at you in surprise, not thinking you’d start to go into a coughing fit. You started laughing through the coughing, trying to find air to breathe, but the situation was just too darn funny. Betty started laughing, then Kevin, and then Ronnie had joined in too. Archie and Jughead looked confused, but it was only because they had no idea about the conversations you’ve all had discussing this.

       “Veronica I swear you’re gonna be the death of me,” you finally managed to get out. “But yeah, that was a, um, good one,” you cleared your throat once more and put down a finger. Everyone else did too.

       “Woah, woah, woah. I knew about everyone else wanting to make out with someone here, but Jughead?” Ronnie asked with a raised eyebrow.

       “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Juggie asked looking mildly annoyed. You knew he liked Veronica, but sometimes he definitely believed she was the devil incarnate.

       “Just that I didn’t think you thought about any of us in a more than a platonic way,” she said in a questioning tone that never failed to make Betty giggle. “Wait, oh my gosh, WHO?!”

       “That isn’t part of Never Have I Ever Ronnie,” you scolded, mainly for your own benefit because you knew Jughead would say Betty or maybe even Veronica and you weren’t ready for that reality. Jughead and you made eye contact and he gave you a grateful smile, completely unaware of your feelings toward him.

       “Okay then let’s play Truth or Dare instead, we all know Y/N was gonna win Never Have I Ever anyway,” Kevin says with a smirk. Oh boy…

       “It looks like it’s finally your turn Jughead. So tell us, truth or dare?” you had given Veronica a dare she completed with no problem what-so-ever so now it was her turn to ask the last person left. Albeit, you felt a bit bad for Jughead because you knew if you were put on the spot you’d be completely uncomfortable. He either gets asked to tell us or dared to or maybe even to do the deed.

       “Dare,” Jughead sighed, knowing what he’d get asked as the truth and since he wouldn’t want to answer he’d receive a dare anyway.
       “I dare you to make out with the person that made you have to put that finger of yours down,” Veronica said and you stood up simultaneously with Jughead.
       “Lemonade,” you said as you bent down to grab your cup. Walking out of there and down the stairs to the kitchen as fast as you could without drawing any more attention to yourself. You didn’t want to see Jughead make out with anyone.
       Jughead remained unsure as to what to do when you left since he was just dared to kiss you– no, to make out with you. He just looked around in awkward silence seeing if he could play it off
       “Why are you just standing there like a doofus? You have a dare to complete, just go- oh…” Kevin trailed off when he realized that Jughead couldn’t complete the dare without you.
       “Oh my God, I can’t believe you and Y/N both want to make out with each other,” Betty said with a grin on her face until she realized she slipped up. It was too late, Jughead knew you wanted to kiss him.
       “Wait, what?”
       “Y/N likes you, God knows why–”
       “Then why did she leave?”
       “She just doesn’t think you like her in that way, well actually she has her days when she doesn’t think you like her in any way which completely preposterous because you tell her just about everything and no matter how much we attempt to pry and ask she never tells us a thing–”
       “Fuck I’m in deep,” Jughead cutoff Veronica mid-sentence.
       “We won’t check up on you guys anytime soon,” Archie said, smirking at Jughead’s back as he was leaving the room.

       You weren’t able to hear anything from the kitchen since they were all in Archie’s room, but you did here movement. You weren’t sure if you were ready to go back up there so you were just hanging out in the Andrews’ living room. Fred was out with Hermione so you had all decided to meet up at Archie’s place.

       “Y/N?” heard Jughead say from the stairs, but continued to make his way towards you.

       “Whatcha doing down here Juggie, shouldn’t you be up there making out with the crush of your life?” you asked him in a semi-defensive tone even though you were trying for a more playful and light one.

       “I would be, yes, but she decided to refill her cup with lemonade right when I was about to,” Jughead sat down next to you and gave you a small smile. You scooted away from him, leaving a very visible gap between the both of you. Seeing this made Jug feel a tad crestfallen, but he knew that your defense tactic was pushing everyone away. You told him that right after he yelled at you for asking him about Jellybean. You had left the drive-in crying that day.

       “No one’s been down here other than me so I don’t know who you might be referring to,” you mumbled and drank what little was left of your lemonade. Even after refilling twice, the cup seemed to remain empty. Almost like the feeling in your heart.

       “I was referring to you, Y/N,” Jughead said scooting over to you, “And quite honestly, I’d like to complete my dare.”

       You turned to face Jughead to make a remark, but instead, you found your faces a few couple centimeters apart. Jughead’s breath was ragged while you just couldn’t quite find anything to breathe. You were tempted to lean forward, but you were hesitant, no matter how much you wanted to. What if Jughead realized you weren’t worth scarring staying for.

       He kept looking between you and your lips, and you knew that he wanted you. You knew that he wanted to be with you and that terrified you with excitement. “With all this hesitation and build up, I’m not too sure you want to do that dare,” your voice, just barely louder than a whisper, seemed to tremble, but you felt a new type of confidence you were not accustomed to having. The confidence of certainty, the confidence of knowing that even if Jughead one day decided that you weren’t enough for him, that you were more than enough for him tonight and have been more than enough for him many times before. Jughead smiled at your words and cupped your face with one hand while his other hand on your waist, closing whatever space between the both of you was left.

       And just like that, the both of you were kissing. Your hands had found their way to the side of Jug’s face and to his hair. You felt his beanie fall off his head and your back touch the floor. You hadn’t realized either of you were moving, you were too caught up in Jughead’s cherry tasting lips. He stopped kissing you momentarily to catch his breath. You started laughing with giddiness and Juggie smiled.

       “I might just be in love with you,” you heard him mumble right before dipping down to start kissing you once again. 

MC Meeting Yoosung and Jaehee Before The Party

This was a request of MC accidentally meeting Yoosung and Jaehee before the party and they don’t immediately recognise her.


You squinted your eyes at the back of the package you were holding, scanning the ingredients before placing the item in your basket.

“Why is everything so expensive in here!”

You tilted your head at the semi-familiar voice. His tone was a mixture of exasperation and desperation. You walked around to the next aisle in search of the mysterious voice, eyes widening at the sight before you; the messy blond hair and the purple eyes.

He was muttering under his breath, “I can’t believe I forgot my student discount card again……”

You giggled in spite of yourself causing his attention to refocus onto you. He flushed slightly at being laughed at by a seemingly random stranger.

His blush made you squeal, and before you could shut your mouth, a single sentence escaped:

“You’re so cute I can’t believe it!”

You slapped your hands over your mouth as Yoosung’s blush darkened considerably.

“Oh, thanks I guess.” He refused to make eye contact. He looked distinctly uncomfortable.

You moved closer to him and decided to have some fun.

“Where’s the bravery I would expect from the infamous ‘Shooting Star’? I have to say I’m slightly disappointed.”

Yoosung looked up quickly, his entire expression brightening into a gorgeous smile. “You play LOLOL? That’s great I- wait….. how did you know what I looked like? I don’t share pictures of myself…..”

He trailed off sounding wary. He didn’t think someone this cute could be the hacker but he couldn’t be sure. It was creepy nonetheless that you knew who he was.

You laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m not a stalker. 1. You barely leave your dorm room and 2. I’m too busy planning this party………..”

Yoosung was silent for ten seconds, mouth hanging open before he grinned and laughed out of shock.

“MC? I-I didn’t even-I’m sorry I didn’t- I-…….-wow you’re even prettier than I imagined….”

You couldn’t wait any longer and threw yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his chest. His basket dropped to the floor as he hesitantly placed his arms on your back.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to do this.”

“Believe me. I do.”


You sat in the corner of a busy coffee shop, scrolling through your phone absentmindedly and checking the RFA chatroom, when a voice interrupted you.

“Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here? There aren’t any other free tables.”

“Of course.” You said, looking up from your phone.”It-” a gasp tore through your throat as you looked up at the woman standing before you. You finished the end of the sentence feebly, “It’s always busy on Saturdays…….”

Jaehee certainly didn’t miss the dramatic reaction you gave but didn’t say anything about it. She sat down will a polite thank you, seemingly content on just ignoring the strange person sat opposite her. You watched her pull out her laptop from her bag and set it on the table before opening it and starting to type at a rapid pace, pausing every few moments to think.

You went back to the RFA chatroom as you thought about the best way to approach this. A simple yet devious plan popped into your head.

You typed a message into the chat.

MC: Hello? Is anyone there?

You heard Jaehee’s phone vibrate in her pocket and you watched out of the corner of your eye as she took it out and smiled gently down at the phone before typing out a response, her work lying forgotten on the table.

Jaehee Kang: MC, you’re here. Have you eaten yet?

MC: Not yet, but I’m planning on getting something a bit later on. Have you eaten Jaehee?

Jaehee Kang: That’s good, it’s important to eat to keep your strength up. As for myself, I haven’t had a chance. I have to work.

Jaehee Kang: I just managed to fit in time for a coffee at a nearby cafe on my lunch break, but I had to bring work with me.

You turned off your phone screen and slipped your phone back into your bag. You watched Jaehee anxiously watch her phone screen until she realised you weren’t replying. You waited until she went to type something else before speaking.

“Cheer up Jaehee.” Her head whipped up, her beautiful eyes meeting yours. “I know your work is important, but your happiness is too. Never forget that.”

Jaehee looked at you with wide eyes. “M-MC?” She whispered.

You placed a hand over one of hers that had been resting on the table. “I’m here Jaehee. And I will always be here to support you. Never forget that either.”

“MC I…….” The situation was quickly becoming too overwhelming for Jaehee as you saw her eyes begin to fill with tears as the stress and relief collided inside of her.

You squeezed her hand and ran your thumb along her skin in small circles.

You could have stayed like this forever.

The moment was ruined by her phone buzzing with a message from Mr.Han. Jaehee looked at the phone and then back at you longingly.

“My lunch break’s over.” She stated sadly. “And I don’t want to leave.”

“Cheer up Jaehee. Just think,  this is only the first of many coffee dates in the near future. I can promise you that.”

The smile you received from her was heart melting, and as she left you made sure to send a very strongly worded text to Jumin.

Sparks Chapter 8

Originally posted by kelsyryannisalion

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from avengers team

Word Count: 3.6K

Summary: Bucky and y/n have a almost moment at the Tower’s Halloween party. But, they are interrupted with news of a potential bio-attack in Time Square. It’s up to y/n to disable the bomb and save the city.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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STAR1 photoshoot (colored version) - mingyu, wonwoo, junhui

A Face Reclaimed (Jerome Valeska x Reader) teaser

So here’s a snippet of the Jerome thingy (for the third part of what I dubbed the Defaced trilogy although it might be a four parter, sigh) But I thought I’d post this tid bit to encourage me to keep working on it.

tagging : @queencobblefreezestuff  @awordwhichmeans  @aya-fay  @multi-villain-imagines  @moaningvaleska  @tia-tia  @alphapriscilla  @high-functioning-fangirl473  @kelly-alston  @superwholockz  sorry if I missed someone.

Contains : maybe some slight intimidation or a vague threatening manner, no real warnings for now.

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another time pt. 7 | alfie solomons

[part one] [part two] [part three] [part four] [part five] [part six

“Oh, for fucks sake” Alfie exclaimed and collapsed into the armchair.

“Listen, mister-“

“I was trying to be a good man. I was trying to play it by the book, just once” you sighed and dropped to perch on the arm rest of the sofa, watching his theatrics “and this is the thanks I get”

“Are you done?” he shot you a look, dropping his arm to the rest.

“Yeah, I’m done”

“Good. Because as thankful as I am for the…dead ladies clothes” you paused “I really am going to need some knickers, Alfie”

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A bit of a different question but how would Yui approach the each of S&M brothers and announce that she was pregnant in a scenario in which she was with them.


Shu: Shu sat drifting between a state of sleep and consciousness as he rested outide on a bench, Yui laying by his side. His music leaked from his buds and into the still night air. Yui shifted uncomfortably. She hoped to God he wasn’t picking up on her unease. Not yet at least. It was about to happen and she was very nervous. That’s when his music changed and the song “You’re Having My Baby” by Paul Anka came on. Shu tensed. A certain smartphone addicted vampire helped Yui plan this scheme out; they messed with his ipod while he was snoring away.

The blonde lazily shifted an inquisitive gaze to the smaller girl. “Yui-san, do you have something you’re trying to tell me?”

“U-uhm, that is..” Yui started.

“Hmm?” He prodded.

“Shu,” Yui began. “I’m pregnant.”

     Shu’s eyes widened in surprise. “Yui..” Her name rolled off his lips as his body came to embrace her, no longer tired and instead full of excited passion. “That’s great,” he breathed into her neck, kissing it. “You’ll make a wonderful mother.”

Reiji: He had noticed the signs pretty early on. Yui was more emotional lately, every snide comment he made seemed to affect her when they usually had no effect. Her chest had become full and shapely. She no longer got her monthlies. It didn’t take long for Reiji to pop the question on her.

“Yui, excuse my imprudence, but if I may ask, are you pregnant?”

     Yui recoiled in surprise. She had been planning to tell him, but she never expected him to beat her to it. “Yes… I’m sorry Reiji, I was waiting for the right moment–”

“It’s okay, I’m pleased to hear my suspicions were correct. Don’t worry, you are the best suited to care for my child.”

Laito: Yui and Laito were preparing to go swimming and Laito was already dressed and waiting for her when the door opened and Yui stepped out.

“Wow Bitch-chan, you’ve gotten fuller,” he teased insensitively.

     Yui only frowned at this and rubbed her protruding belly in a loving manner. “And guess who gave me this belly,” Yui retorted sassily.

     Laito was about to make a comeback until her words sank in. “U-uh Bitch-chan, are you saying what I think you’re saying? But I was sure I used protection–”

Kanato: Yui and Kanato were at Build-A-Bear, one of Kanato’s favorite places to go in the entire mall. The purple-haired boy continued to blubber to his Teddy about how they were getting new friends, who we should make this time, and all that. While he was preoccupied, Yui created a small stuffed teddy bear without him noticing. 

     Kanato finallu did notice her missing, proceeding to come behind her with wide, accusing eyes. “Yui-san, who’s bear is that?” He questioned. “We were supposed to make ours together.”

     Yui turned to him with a shy expression. “Well Kanato, this one is for the baby…” Kanato’s eyes widened in surprise and he seized the girl’s shoulders.


Ayato: Ayato was in the middle of an intense basketball game and Yui watched from the crowd with adoration. The boisterous redhead was dominating the game, pulling his team into the lead with numerous consecutive scores and he was definitely full of it. Every time he scored, he turned and to give Yui a wide grin seeming to say “Look, see how cool I am.”

     As Ayato dribbled the ball towards his teams victory, Yui decided this was the opportunity to hold up her banner. Ayato turned to look at Yui a little early this time and that’s when he saw it. His jaw dropped and the ball slipped out of his hands before it could be slammed into the net. The crowd, confused by the sudden turn of events, all followed the redhead’s gaze to Yui’s banner. On it, the words read, Ayato, we’re having a baby!

The crowd cheered and Ayato’s face went as read as his hair.

Subaru: Subaru grunted unenthusiastically as Yui guided their grocery basket around the food market. “How much more food do you need, woman?!” He exclaimed hotly. “You already got so much, baby carrots, baby peas, baby back ribs, wait Gerber baby … are you trying to tell me something?!”

Yui only laughed at his dumbfounded face. He continued to stare, trying to determine if his suspicions were correct. 

“Are you… pregnant?”

“Yes, we’re having a baby, Subaru.”

Ruki: Ruki sat in his favorite chair and was about to open his equally favorite book when a small note slipped from the pages. On it read:


I’m pregnant with your child



     Ruki’s eyes stared unbelievingly at the note. This couldn’t be true, could it? It was a prank, it was too good to be true afterall. Ruki stood and began searching for his wife. “YUI!” “YUI WHERE ARE YOU.” Ruki muttered under his breath, “I’m going to be a father.”

Kou: Kou woke up to find Yui in the kitchen cooking breakfast. He yawned sleepily, coming up to hug her from behind. “Whatcha cookin?” 

Yui smiled at her cute husband and took the still hot pancakes off the griddle to put on a plate. “Pancakes. Sit down and I’ll bring them to you, okay?”

As Kou sat down, Yui prepared the plates, then carried them, placing it before Kou. He gasped loudly shooting out of his chair to look at Yui. All sleep had been slapped off his face.

“S-since when did you know…?” He asked loud enough to wake up everyone else. “Yui… I’m going to be a father!

Yui came to hug him and he hugged back, twirling her around in his arms and laughing uncontrollably. His plate of pancakes with the words “We’re having a baby” written on in chocolate syrup long forgotten.

Yuma: Yuma’s chickens were finally starting to lay eggs so this morning Yuma was cooking everyone a nice scrambled egg breakfast. Ruki, Kou, Azusa, and Yui all sat in the dining room, anticipation filling them whole as they waited for what was coming next. And it surely did. Yuma screamed comically loud and Kou burst into laughter. Ruki only quietly chuckled and Azusa smiled gleefully. Yui only nervously shifted in her chair as Yuma came running in holding the egg. On it the words “I’m having a baby” had been written in pretty letters.

“Is it true we are having a baby, Yui?! Is that why they’ve been smirking so much lately?!” Yuma exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at his brothers.

Azusa: Yui sat across from Azusa in the chinese restaurant. They were in the downtown area of the city and a soft glowing sunset was cascading down the sky, giving every building and tree an orange tint. Soft elegant music and the light clinking of silver tableware filled the large dining room. Azusa was dressed handsomely in gray-toned semi casual attire, his wild and unruly hair was somewhat tamed and groomed. Not too long ago, Yui told Kou about how she was pregnant with Azusa’s child and needed help spilling the beans to him. The blonde had nearly choked on his biscuit and was undeniably excited to help her out. That was how Azusa and Yui ended up going on the fancy date to said restaurant. Yui and Azusa quietly chatted, Azusa shyly smiling and Yui laughing jubilantly. The meal was ending and it was about time to discuss payment for the meal.

“Hellooo⭐ how are you doing this evening~?” the waiter appeared, smiling cheerfully. Only it was Kou dressed as a waiter. He was holding a platter of fortune cookes. “Have one of these as you wait for your ticket, pleeaase.”

     And without another word, a fortune cookie was popped in front of both of them. Yui’s hands sweated nervously and Azusa, who had been confusedly distracted by his brother’s appearance, pryed his eyes away and cracked open the cookie. He read the fortune the paper held, paused, then read it again.

“I’m… pregnant,” Azusa said. He then looked up, eyes squinting confusedly. “I’m… ..pregnant?”

Kou smacked a hand to his forehead, audibly mouthing ‘so pure’ under his breath. Yui gulped loudly then took Azusa’s hands into her smaller ones.

“Azusa, I’m pregnant,” she told him nervously, not knowing how he would react to such big news. Understanding dawned on the vampire’s face and his eyes lit up happily. 

“You… are?!” He squeezed her hands with giddy excitement. “That’s great, Yui-san! I’m… so happy! What are we going… to name him?” Or… is it a girl…? Either would be fine… Should we look for… a house to raise the baby..? When did you find out…. about the baby-”

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The fic where they find Ging in the whale island is the best it was so funny and so cute!!! If you have anytime please write part two!..but if you can't it's still okey

Thank you!!! I wasn’t sure if that story was as funny as it sounded in my head so I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much! I hope this is just as good ^^; 

But yeah so here’s part two to this drabble about Killua and Gon dealing with an intrusive Ging- so this is still canon universe featuring 18 year olds Killua and Gon. This takes place the morning after the original drabble!

(and here’s part three)

“So. How did you sleep?” was the first thing Killua heard as he shuffled into the Freeccs kitchen at the break of dawn.

Killua squinted at Ging, who’s silhouette was outlined by the rising sun, and felt his lips immediately tug down into a scowl.

Of course. The one time Killua was up early and the only other Freeccs awake happened to be the only other Freeccs who was also an asshole.

“I didn’t sleep,” Killua growled as he dropped gracelessly into one of the chairs around the table. “And its your fault. If you hadn’t barged in last night-”

“If I hadn’t barged in, you wouldn’t have slept anyway,” Ging cut him off. “That bed is too small to comfortably fit two fully grown adults. And if Gon sleeps any way like I do, he’s not the most peaceful sleeper. Face it, you would’ve been down here with that same disgruntled expression on your face even if you had slept with your boyfriend.”

Heat rushed to Killua’s cheeks at the word ‘boyfriend’ and he barely resisted the urge to bury his face in his hands. Seriously, why did Ging have to be here on the rare occasion Killua and Gon had decided to visit Whale Island?! Every time the guy opened his mouth Killua wanted to scream.

There was a strange sizzling noise. Killua looked up in time to see Ging fiddling with the stove. For the first time since entering the room, Killua noticed kitchen utensils and mixed ingredients scattered on the counters. 

Was Ging making breakfast-?


A soft hand carded through his hair, gentle and heart-warmingly familiar. Killua automatically leaned into the touch despite his current lack of energy.

He smiled up at Gon, who’s chaotic brown spikes were tousled and half falling into his eyes, and Gon’s lips quirked up in response. Gon slowly moved his hand to brush Killua’s hair out of his face, fingers lingering on his still-pink cheeks. Killua reached up, hand holding Gon’s in place like he was trying to mold Gon’s handprint into his skin-

“Did you sleep as poorly as your friend, Gon?” Ging asked, shocking the pair back to reality.

Killua gritted his teeth as Gon’s hand fell away. He tried his best to ignore the roar of frustration that rose inside him while Gon glanced over at Ging, brows furrowing. “…yeah. I’m used to sleeping with Killua, so. It was hard not having him there.”

Ging looked over his shoulder with both eyebrows raised and Killua shrieked internally. Holy shit, that had sounded so wrong. 

“Have you now.” Ging fully faced them, back pressed against the counter. “Y’know, you should be more careful saying stuff like that so casually with your aunt in earshot.”

Gon’s shoulders stiffened and Ging chuckled.

“Relax. Mito’s not here. Yet, at least.”

Okay. That was it, Killua couldn’t take this- this teasing anymore. Not when he was this exhausted, not after he’d spent the whole night wide-eyed and frozen on the mattress without Gon’s presence to calm him down, not when Ging had interrupted his moment with Gon for the fourteenth time in the past five days-

“What exactly is your problem?!” Killua burst out. “Do you have something against me and Gon being together?! Because if you do,you’d better say it before I punch that stupid grin off your smug face!”

“Killua!” Gon gasped but Ging was smirking.

“You must be pretty confident if you think you can land a hit on me.”

Killua shot upwards. Only Gon’s hand on his shoulder stopped him from throwing himself at Gon’s joke of a dad.

“Killua, no-” Gon said even as Ging snapped, “Calm down, weren’t you an assassin in the past? I have nothing against your relationship with Gon.”

The burning anger inside him melted away as fast as it had come, leaving both Killua and Gon to gape at the older male.

“I think you’re pretty special, actually,” Ging continued in a semi-thoughtful tone. “Gon wouldn’t shut up about you the first time we met. It was always ‘Killua this’ and ‘Killua that’….I can see why, now.”

Killua blinked, stomach twisting and heart soaring. Inside him, confusion warred with embarrassment, mixed in with a rush of overwhelming affection for his best friend at his side.

He had never known what Gon said to Ging after he and Alluka left Gon at the World Tree. Gon had mentioned bits and pieces of it in passing, sure, but it never felt right to directly ask Gon what had passed between him and his father. Killua had left Gon’s side, he had no right to ask that of him.

But now hearing that Gon had talked about Killua…the knowledge made his chest swell.

“Then- then why-” Gon stuttered, “Why have you been acting so-?”

“Irritating?” Ging suggested as he picked at his nails. “Intrusive, obnoxious, nagging-”

“Infuriating,” Killua interrupted shortly and was surprised when Ging gave him a wide grin. 

“That too. I haven’t even told Mito this, but the real reason is very simple, actually.” Ging pushed himself off the counter and went back to meddling with whatever was in the pot on the stove. 

Gon and Killua shared a confused look. What was Ging trying to-

Ging said abruptly, “I can’t leave too good of an impression on you, Killua, or else I’d have a son-in-law running around telling people that I am much friendlier than I appear. And I can’t have my reputation as an obnoxious loner ruined or else I’d be done for.”

Killua’s jaw dropped as Gon let out a shaky laugh.

“You’ve got to be joking,” Killua moaned, slumping back into his seat. 

“Nope,” Ging said and made a popping sound on the ‘p’.

Killua curled his hands in his unbrushed and knotty hair, staring at the table’s wooden surface with eyes that burned with exhaustion. He could hear Gon still laughing in the background but ignored him.

He couldn’t believe it; Ging was a jerk purposefully acting like jerk so his fucking reputation as a jerk wouldn’t be destroyed, just so he could continue living the isolated life he had been before Gon had finally caught up to him during the Chairman Election.

What a moron.

“Well, that’s one mystery cleared,” Gon half-whispered to Killua as he began to lower himself into the seat next to Killua’s.

“GON!” Aunt Mito’s sudden shriek was sharp enough to make all three males jolt. “I thought I told you to sit across the table from Killua!”

Gon grimaced but did as he was told.

Killua stared blankly at the opposite wall just above Gon’s head. He had always known that his own family was insane, but the Freecss…they were on an entirely different level of crazy, one of their own making.

Killua leaned back in his chair, head spinning while Ging’s snickers filled kitchen, and closed his eyes. 

What he would give for a nap.

(part three)

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Requested  kami9910 <3

Prompt: Hello ~ Can I have a request with the 10th Doctor were he gets jealous because someone is flirting with the reader.? Love ~ K


Normally, he was more than happy when you were around. This time, though, it was more of a mix of anger and sadness. In a way, you could say he was smad. And you did.

It wasn’t because of you, though, despite how it looked. You just so happened to be kind and attractive, and an alien from planet 4873 that was trying to sell you some stinky oil in a pretty bottle looked like Earths very own Jensen Ackles and threw a wink at you every two to three seconds. Your giggle did nothing to ease The Doctors heart either.

“Doctor,” You called the taller man beside you for the umpteenth time. The Doctor hummed, deep in thought as he stared at the dull houses the two of you passed on your way to the TARDIS, “Doctor!” You smacked him on the arm and his head snapped to you.

“Yes? What? What is it?” You blinked at the semi-hostile tone, your face portraying confusion that made him falter, “Sorry…Deep in thought these days.” You glanced at the small bottle of perfume in your hand. Jensen Ackles worked wonders everywhere.

“Last time I checked you weren’t so smad.”


“Yes, sad and mad,” You told, a grin lighting up your features, “-smad.” The Doctor snorted, a smile brimming his first frowning face, “That, or,” your eyes twinkled with mischief, “-you’re jealous.”

“Jealous-bloody—I’m not jealous. Why should I be jealous?!”

“Because, Jensen Ackles flirted with me, not you.” With one last giggled you rushed past him, hooking your fingers onto the TARDIS door and yanking it open, only to slam it into The Doctors face.

Requests are opened!

I mean more then a friend (Damian Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:   Hey, can I request a Damien Wayne with the prompts “I can’t fall in love with you” and “kiss me.”
Summary: you tell damian you love him more then a friend.
Word count:501
Warning(s): Fluff

Me and Damian were sitting in the manors living room, peacefully doing school work, him helping me on occasion when I get stuck on something.
“Dami, I love you.” I blurt out absent mindedly.
He raises an eyebrow, unsure of what your on about, “TT, I love you too.” He finally sighs.

“ I mean more then a friend .” His smile slightly drops with my words. He knew he loved me, but the great Damian Wayne has to be cursed to a life of everlasting loneliness.
“I can’t fall in love with you.”he lies, looking away from me and out the window.

 I go sit next to Damian, laying my head on his shoulder. 

“But you’ve already fallen, and you know that better then I do.”

 “And what makes you so sure of that?” He glares, unsure of how I obtained this information that he hasn’t shared with anyone.

 Little did he know that for the whole week I’ve been at the manor, studying for finals, he’s been mumbling in his sleep absolutely every night.

 Just a couple of nights ago I had woken to him thrashing in his bed, and when I went to check on him he let out a voice, merely a whisper “nooo don’t take them, Y/n I love you !”

 With that I just backed out of the door, knowing that my feelings for him are reciprocated.

 Retelling him the events of the evening, he blushes, knowing that there’s no easy way out of this. 

“Look y/n, I truly do love you, but you’ll only be in danger if we were to be together.” 

“Damian you know I can fend for myself and I like living life on the edge.” I wink biting my lip. He sighs, knowing that he loved me too much to let me go. 

“Kiss me,” I say with a semi demanding tone, where in reality I’m immensely terrified of being rejected.

 To my surprise he lowers his head in front of mine, his lips nearly ghosting mine. I move my head slightly, the final small distance, our lips connect in a loving kiss, filled with love and unspoken promises. Breaking away we both smile at each other. 

“Beloved would you like to accompany me to dinner at the pizza establishment that you like so much.” 

Jumping on his lap and trying to squeeze him to death, “of course I will Dami!”

His muscles relax ever so slightly, telling me that he thought I might reject him, a cruel joke. 

“And by the way, if I’m ever in danger, I know a group of Gotham’s coolest heroes that can always help me out.” I giggle, earning a low chuckle from him.

“That you do, beloved, but that does not mean that you’ll get out of self defense training.” Causing me to dramatically sigh. 

Moments later we both burst put in a fit of laughter that can be heard throughout the manor, causing the rest of the occupants to raise an eyebrow.


With love,


Summary: Phil can’t help wondering what Dan likes so much about bottoming…

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: honestly genre do u think this is

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I'm so excited to see what you come up with for Alex and little Agent Danvers!

“Alex, help me,” Kara begs her sister through her comms, frozen still in the middle of her office. Eyes locked onto her slowly moving target. “I don’t know what to do.”

Okay, look, you need to distract and then subdue—”

Through the comms, Kara picks out Lucy’s voice. “Whoa, guys, we’re talking about a baby here, not an enemy hostile.”

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Over the Edge

Summary: Tim Drake’s S/O (a superhero) gets pushed off the roof of Wayne Tower.

Pairing: Reader x Tim Drake/Red Robin

Warning: ANGST, death.

Author’s note: Does anyone remember the episode “Over the Edge” from The New Batman Adventures? *whispers* Because I kind of stole a page from their book, Shushhh.

Tagging: @keepjasontoddsafe @memento-scribet @crazyfangirl1810

Wayne Tower, 12:15 AM.

Time had stopped. Every passing second felt like an eternity. Your body was entirely paralyzed and your mind was completely stunned. Your hair was flowing through the air, however, you didn’t feel a damn thing. Despite your body falling at an increasing speed, you felt as though gravity had slowed down. The fall from the top of Wayne Tower was dreadful. You saw Tim plunge from the top of the 1,000 feet tall building attempting to save you. But he was too late. You were falling too quickly for him to catch up.

Wayne Manor, 7:35 PM.

“[Y/N], you look lovely!” Said Tim blissfully.

You were wearing your brand new scarlet red sweat heart neckline open back silk dress with a slit from your hip bone all the way down to the ground covering your stunning high heels. The gorgeous dress you were wearing hugged all your curves in the right places. Your outfit was complete with a lovely set of gold jewelry. Rings, bracelets and a necklace. The whole nine yards. Earlier that day in anticipation for the annual Wayne Enterprise Charity Gala, you had even gotten a manicure along with a fresh haircut and color.

“Tim, take a picture, it’ll last longer” You teased.

“My love, you know how the press is. This isn’t your first rodeo, [Y/N]. The media will be all over you this evening. They will literally take hundreds of photos. Why would I need to take a picture?” asked your boyfriend.

“As you wish, Tim. But I’m warning you, I’ll be changing out of this in a few hours. I’m not missing out on patrol for a fancy Wayne banquet.” You replied.

“If I may, Miss. [Y/L/N], I would love a picture of you and Master Drake for my personal album.” Interjected Alfred.

“Yes, of course, Alfred.” You replied kindly, before glancing at Tim, “Come closer!” you ordered nodding our head.

With his camera in and, Alfred took the picture, “On the count of three say cheese. One, two, three!”

CLICK! *Flash*

Batcave, 11:45 PM.

Tim’s eyes suddenly grew wide open as he pushed himself away from his desk, dumbfounded.

“[Y/S/N]! It’s a trap! Fallback!” Tim ordered you over the comlink in an alarmed state.

“Red Robin, what are you talking ab- “

“[Y/S/N]!” exclaimed Tim already on his bike.

Tim arrived at the top of Wayne Tower in record time. But he still wasn’t fast enough. When Red Robin swung the staircase door to the roof open he saw Scarecrow push you over the edge of the tower. Normally, falling off a building wouldn’t faze you since shooting a grappling hook was child’s play to you. However, this time, Tim knew that something felt was different. You were distraught because scarecrow had exposed you to his fear toxin inhibiting you from saving yourself.

“[Y/S/N]!]” Yelled, Tim, in agony.

In the blink of an eye, Tim knocked out cold the enemy. Without any hesitation, Red Robin leaped off the building attempting to catch you.

Wayne Tower, 1:25 AM.

The air was cold and reeked of dirty chemical plants. The sky was jet black. Think black clouds draped over the city hiding the stars and the moon. Instead, red and blue lights accompanied by blinding flashes illuminated the streets of Gotham. Sirens, cops, forensic teams and journalist could be heard from afar.

Wayne Manor, 1:25 AM.

“Breaking news.” *theme song*

“Good evening Gotham, I’m Vicki Vale reporting from Gotham news! We’re here live at the scene in front of Wayne Enterprises where the young [Y/S/N]’s body has been found. According to the GCPD, the vigilante known as [Y/S/N] has tragically been murdered by none other than Dr. Jonathan Crane otherwise known as The Scarecrow. According to our sources, the man escaped Arkham Asylum yesterday evening at around 11 PM. Stay tuned, after the break we shall reveal the true identity of the [Y/S/N]!] *theme song*

Batcave, 2 days later.

A loud ear-piercing shout echoed throughout the cave prompting the many bats to fly around vigorously squealing.

“Tim!” Called Bruce urgently.

From the second floor of the Mansion, Tim came rushing down to the cave almost matching the speedster’s pace.

“She’s waking up!” Remarked Tim in a semi-excited semi-relieved tone.

“Wha-what happened!?” You inquired anxiously sitting up in a single swift motion from the hospital bed located in the batcave with your eyes as wide as a football. Your body was trembling in terror and you were covered in sweat, “Did I get hit by an eighteen-wheeler?” you continued while rubbing your temple.

“No, but you did, however, get knocked out by The Scarecrow’s newest concoction of fear toxin and almost plunged to your death.” Explained Tim.

“You gave us quite a scare Miss. [Y/L/N].” Interposed Alfred.

“Thankfully, Red Robin was there to catch you and stop the madman.” Added Bruce.

“How about we give Master Drake and Miss. [Y/L/N] some privacy? I’m certain they both have a lot to discuss. In addition, Miss. [Y/L/N] needs to rest if she’s going to fully recover.” Suggested Alfred before exiting the cave alongside Bruce.

Amour Étrange Part 2

Pairing: Draco x Reader
Word Count: 2,037
Warnings: bullying (”mudblood” term), fluff, almost-kiss, Malfoy being slightly aggressive (not towards the reader)
Author / Editor: @magicology101 / @saxxxology

It’s been almost a month since you and Draco sat together in Transfiguration. Since the brief study session the same afternoon, you haven’t studied together either. You’re slightly worried that it was all a joke, that the affinity you’d had with him was a lie. The only thing you can really do is remain optimistic and cling to the shred of faith you hold deep inside.

Whenever you pass each other in the hallway, he smiles at you before continuing on his way, Crabbe, Goyle, and the pug-faced Pansy Parkinson at his heels. While you don’t talk during class, he sneaks glances at you during class and occasionally winks playfully, which makes you blush a soft shade of pink as you bury your face in whatever book happens to be in front of you.

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