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STAR1 photoshoot (colored version) - mingyu, wonwoo, junhui

Comic I can’t draw because it involves a lot of scenery and I’m lazy: Jesse comes to visit Echo in the hospital after the accident. He rambles for a bit while puttering around the room, taking off his winter gear and straightening “get well” stuff on the bedside table, telling Echo all about how the fledgling bakery is doing, the weird new class he’s taking at the tech, his wife’s latest hobby, etc. Eventually he sits down in the bedside chair and takes Echo’s hand, leaning forward conspiratorially and speaking in semi-hushed tones. “Vod’ika, listen… I’m not supposed to tell anyone yet, not for a few more weeks. But I can’t keep it in and you’ve always been the best at keeping secrets. So don’t tell anyone else, but… I’m gunna be a dad! Isn’t that crazy?! I’m gunna be a dad, and you’re gunna be an uncle!” The camera pulls back to show that Echo is on a ventilator and all sorts of other devices. Still in a coma. Jesse chatters some more about all the things he’s going to do as a father, and how he’s going to need Echo to teach him that bedtime story magic he has that always puts the little cousins to sleep (and Tup, when he was small). He finishes up with, “But remember, you can’t tell anyone else yet. Our secret. Okay?” Echo’s hand moves, curling ever so slightly around Jesse’s. 

Nalu Week - Final Day


“Woah! Look, they’ve got heaps of stuff here!” 

Natsu practically bombarded into the room, his eyes flicking back from the previous room they had visited.

This one however, was a large room, simply filled with only one item. A large and beautiful, black grand piano.

Lucy took her time, she was in no rush; she wasn’t exactly a fan of this particular musical instrument and she wasn’t entirely sure why Natsu was either. Music was something quite surpassed in Magnolia, it was a town focused on magic and there were barely any mages that used music unless you were Mirajane or Gajeel. Or perhaps that was just to her own evaluation… for she did not like pianos, keyboards, or anything with keys- at least… not the musical kind.

“This is the best one I’ve seen, it’s massive…” Natsu said, prodding at the piano keys, an abundance of semi-tones and clashes between his random notes.

Lucy frowned a little, dragging herself over by Natsu, who stood over the piano in a lanky manner. She decided to settle herself down on the wooden bench; and he pulled his fingers away, a sudden fascination on his face.

“There’s something so cold about piano music…”


“Yeah… It… Reminds me of everything… Mom.. And…”

“Music can’t be cold! It’s something you listen to.”

“I know, but it’s not how I mean… We had a piano in our old house….”

“That’s awesome!”

“Mh…” Her fingers slid over the keys, a melancholic sound as her fingers dodged tones, it gradually descending in notes. 

“There was a song…” She pressed down a simple chord, the notes ringing in the quiet room, but the sounds bouncing around. 

“My mom used to play it every time she lay eyes on the piano…”

She felt Natsu move around now, the bench vibrating as he knocked his knee on it in order to settle himself beside her. She knew he was watching her and not the keys, but he listened to the melody playing gently beneath her fingers.

“It’s an easy song… I can’t remember the name of it…” Her fingers began to push down on an array of keys, a sorrowful melody plain as she hit both flats and sharps, along with the white keys; her dynamic bouncing from high to low as she began to pick up her finger pace.

It had been years… years since she had touched the piano after so many boring classes as a child. And it certainly had been a long time since she had played the song, she’d never played it after her mother’s funeral, after all it had been the song they had played while carrying her out of the church.

She could feel Natsu watch her with those big eyes, amazing by her movement and eloquence as she tapped away to create the tune, but inside, all Lucy felt was heart ache and she finally slowed to a stop midsong.

“It makes me sad… this song…”

“That’s cuz you’re playing sad notes.”

She glanced up at the dragon slayer, raising a brow.

“Do you even know anything about music? I’m playing it right.”

“I’m sure you are.”

“Then it’s not my fault.”

He shuffled her up a little.

“Eh. Play it again.” He nodded, glancing to the keys once more.

“Again? Why?” 

She frowned a little, not wanting to replay the nostalgic song.

“Just do it.”

She furrowed her eye brows down, but placed her left hand back on bass, it ready for the chord, that melancholic D#, and her right hand beginning to push down on notes.

Once again she converted into the abyss of the sounds, her memories flooding back of her mother in the lounge, all of them gathering around the piano to listen…

But this time… something new began. A higher note, a counter melody bumping down in a majestic yet playful manner. The notes felt like sunshine and she felt her eyes swing open.

It felt impossible, this song was a Minor Scale, yet there was Natsu shoving in Major scale notes, enlightening the tune- changing it. And soon enough she felt her hands slipping, moving to softer, happier chords; her notes downgrading to simply white notes.

The melody was the same, but some how Natsu had altered it, turned it into something new and happier; no longer cold… it was warm.
She practically yanked her hands away from the keys and shot a surprised look the dragon slayer’s way.

“I didn’t know you could play…”

All he did was grin at that, letting go of the piano himself.

“Neither did I.”



Black Sabbath: Master of Reality (1971)

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em – stoner rock’s first cough rang out 45 years ago!

I think the greatest statement made by Master of Reality is that Black Sabbath saw no silver lining in the unexpected success already coming their way, but only deeper darkness, pessimism and suffocating doom.

This is who they were: “Children of the Grave.”

It all starts with the aforementioned cough heard round the (future stoner rock) world, “Sweet Leaf” – a harbinger for the marijuana fog that, together with Tony Iommi’s newly de-tuned guitar (three bowel-churning semi-tones lower than standard tuning, if I recall), shrouded Master of Reality’s songs in a dense fog found on no other Black Sabbath LP.

Whipping through the remaining classics, there’s the alternately profane and faith-affirming “After Forever” (key lyric: “Would you like to see the pope at the end of a rope”), the rumbling atheist affidavit of “Lord of This World,” perhaps the all-time best Sabbath ballad in “Solitude,” and one of mankind’s heaviest oscillating guitar riffs in “Into the Void.”

If not for the album’s short running time (just over half an hour) and its two forgettable instrumentals (leaving just six real songs – but what songs!), this somber masterpiece may have gone down as Black Sabbath’s magnum opus.

When push comes to shove, I still feel compelled to give Paranoid the nod (as well as Vol. 4 depending on the time of day) but, fuck me, Master of Reality is close enough!

p.s. – Check out the awesome embossed letters of the cover art (above), which doubtless provided thousands of stoners with added tactile stimulation as they smoked, listened, and nodded to this to this stoner rock cornerstone.


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SO, instead of giving you guys a post about health tips which I will eventually, I am inviting you to join me and workout. I am challenging you and myself. I miss my abs so much and need to regain self control of my eating habits. You will have a new workout partner with me (follow me on snapchat: islandsugarxo). I will also give you personal access to my workout Instagram which shows meals/progress photos. We can motivate each other. All you need is access to the most basic kind of gym out there (I like Equinox but I use my school gym also) There is nothing a man loves more than a woman who is in control of her body 💪🏼. On our first few dates, RF and I went to the gym and he was always so impressed because my workouts were as intense if not more intense than his. He found it sexy and he saw a challenge and someone who motivated him. I miss being his motivation, which is okay because now he is mine. I need to get back there so join me on my journey!

If you’re interested then send me a message for more information because I have both guides. Or you can snag them yourselves on their personal instagrams! Check them out ladies and imagine yourselves in 12 weeks. 💕💋

karmicbutterfly  asked:

send ∞ to me and i’ll shuffle my itunes and the first eight songs will be our muses’ playlist.

  1. Guilty Gear - Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) 
  2. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi -  Asu Boku Wa Kimi Ni Ainiiku
  3. Killer Klowns from Outer Space theme song
  4. Berserk - Forces 
  5. Jonathan Young - Colors of the Wind/Just Around the Riverbend
  6. Ali Project - Bokoku Kakusei Catharsis - This is literally the only version of the song I can find that’s not muted for copyright weh.
  7. Muse - Uprising
  8. A Great Big World - Kaleidoscope

I enjoy that I literally drew the ending theme for a BL anime.

Some of these do kind of work I guess??? Holy Orders is pretty much the song that would play if you fought Nahyuta in a video game. And Forces, uh… well, we do have that royal AU! Which I figured would be semi-similar in tone, I guess. My first thought was actually “Well, Nahyuta is definitely pretty enough to be Griffith,” and then I remembered what happens with Griffith and I was like 

Originally posted by champurupop

Colors of the Wind/Around the Riverbend is hilarious in that Nahyuta is literally a Disney princess, so I guess Simon is just voiced by Mel Gibson now. Oh, and Kaleidoscope is a really cute song for them, actually! :D

And also, killer klowns from outer space I guess. 8,)

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Rocky Mountain High: Telluride Film Festival

“Thank you both so much for that fantastic experience,” wrote historian and filmmaker Kevin Brownlow to Bill and Stella Pence after the 8th Telluride Film Festival in 1981. When festival attendees enthuse over the event, it is frequently in reverent, semi-religious tones, and the word “experience” is invoked more often than not, facts immediately apparent in the clippings, correspondence and other documents contained in the Telluride Film Festival records, which were recently cataloged for Special Collections at the Margaret Herrick Library.

Mischa Richter, The New Yorker, April 2, 1984

Laura Dern, Roger Ebert and Kyle MacLachlan, 13th Telluride Film Festival, 1986

Always held during the Labor Day weekend, the Telluride Film Festival marks its 42nd year in 2015 and will be held from September 4th through the 7th. The festival was founded in 1974 by Bill and Stella Pence, Tom Luddy and James Card, along with the Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities, in a small mining-turned-skiing town located 8,745 feet up in the Rockies’ San Juan mountain range in southwest Colorado. If there was an unlikelier location for an upscale film festival anywhere on Earth, no one seemed to be able to think of it. But the Telluride Festival took people’s breath away – at that elevation, sometimes literally.

While James Card dropped out early and Tom Luddy remained a jet-set adviser, it fell to the Pences to manage the intricate details of what soon became one of the world’s premiere film festivals, albeit with help from guest directors and contributors such as Kenneth Anger, Errol Morris, Bertrand Tavernier, Buck Henry, Salman Rushdie, Laurie Anderson, Peter Bogdanovich, John Boorman and Stephen Sondheim. The Pences retired just after the 2006 festival, and Julie Huntsinger and Gary Meyer now run the proceedings, along with the stalwart Tom Luddy. In addition to showing contemporary films, the festival is well known for its tributes to such venerables as Hal Roach, King Vidor, Joel McCrea, Janet Leigh, Don Siegel, Jimmy Stewart, Elmer Bernstein, Mickey Rooney, Michael Powell, Lillian Gish and Gloria Swanson.

Over the decades, many of the honorees have fallen in love with the festival during their tributes and become regular attendees, turning up year after year to enjoy the events just like any other moviegoer. This enchantment of celebrities as well as of regular folks has become part of the Telluride “experience,” and any given year, you might pass on the street, see in line or just bump into, such luminaries as Martin Scorsese, Isabella Rossellini, Ang Lee, Jack Nicholson, Agnès Varda, Michael Moore, Philip Glass, Emily Watson, Julie Christie, Carrie Fisher, Jean-Luc Godard, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Marion Cotillard, Catherine Deneuve, Meryl Streep, Gérard Depardieu or David Lynch. In years past, you might have run into Robin Williams, Robert Altman, Jacques Demy, Sven Nykvist, Peter O’Toole, or Russ Meyer.

Theresa Russell and Nicolas Roeg at the 15th festival, 1985

George Clooney and Shailene Woodley, 38th Telluride Film Festival, 2011

Bill Murray, 39th Telluride Film Festival, 2012

Sean Penn and Werner Herzog,  34th Telluride Film Festival, 2007

One passionate devotee of the festival was animation director Chuck Jones. One of the many honorees who went on to become a frequent attendee, Jones even designed several of the festival posters. In his own tribute to the annual event and its challenging location, Jones called the Telluride Film Festival “the most fun you can have without breathing.”

Read more about the Telluride Film Festival at the Academy website.