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She skidded to a stop right before running right into the oddly dressed boy, pushing her dirty hair out of her face as she took a few steps back, glancing behind her on instinct despite knowing she had at least another hour before she’d be noticed missing. He didn’t look it, but she had to ask; are you of the Woods Clan?He didn’t seem to understand her and she switched to warrior tongue, nerves plain in her tone, “Are you Trikru?” He was too damaged to be Trikru, surely, they wouldn’t let one of their own wander around this battered alone, and there weren’t any sounds of anyone around him.

She knew she didn’t look much better; Trikru didn’t have much patience for Azgeda clansmen, and neither did their blades. It was pure luck one of their warriors was young and weak enough to be pulled into her sad nature and injuries over the days, weak enough to take pity on her and loosen the ties around her wrists enough to ease the pressure on them… enough for her to slip free and leave him unconscious by the door, a seemingly sleeping sentry he was supposed to be. No one would think much of him, and if luck was with her, she’d have almost until morning to get back to Azgeda. But she had no shoes and no weapons, and if the boy in front of her chose to fight, she wouldn’t win.

With luck still, he wasn’t Trikru.

semi-hiatus / low activity notice.   ( feb 18 - may 13 )

As I’ve warned in my rules, I am involved in a musical production during this winter and spring. The premiere is on 7TH OF APRIL, and both the rehearsal schedule before that and the four shows per week after mean that my activity will stay on the lower side until mid-May. I will not be gone completely — I do have two weeks off scheduled — but I don’t want to worry about whether or not I am writing enough during this time. Thank you for your patience, and I’ll see you guys in spring!!