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One step at a time by Gregg Obst
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Allentown Rose Garden. Allentown, Pennsylvania. Technical details: YashicaMat 124G medium format twin lens reflex film camera with Yashinon F3.5 taking lens. Kodak Tmax 400 film shot at ISO 400. Semi-stand development using Kodak HC-110 1+100 dilution for 1 hour with 30 seconds initial agitation with swizzle stick and three turns @ 30 minute mark. Paterson 3 reel tank. Negative scanned with Epson 4990 on holders fitted with ANR glass.

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America was merely doing late night work in the White House. He read through a proposed bill for Congress, nodding in approval as he signed his signature onto the document when the door opened and—

“Who the fuck are you and how did you get into my office?”

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//AEIOU! I’m back from my hiatus officially! So I am here to slam dunk my self insert for the event.

User: Gerald 
Stand:「B A C K S T A B B I N ‘   B E T T Y」
Stand Parameters:

Destructive Power - C
Speed - D
Range - A
Durability/Staying - A
Precision - A
Development Potential/Learning - D

Stand Ability: BSB is bound to Gerald’s mask which is bound to its user (Just like Surface is bound to a mannequin who is bound to Hazamada). When the victim stares into the mask for a certain amount of time, BSB will latch itself onto the victim’s spine, making it impossible to remove without the user retracting it. 

BSB will slowly make its way to the user’s vitals every time the victim’s heartbeat is beating too quickly. The stand will not reset once the victim’s heartbeat is steady but instead will keep it’s position until it rises once again. 

The user can also remotely ‘control’ the stand but cannot kill the host or else the stand and user dies. This option is just to survey from the host’s perspective.

While Order has taken a semi angelic form, standing upright, incredibly imposing, with wings and shining armor. Vivian took a far more unsettling form, often hunched over, stepping gracefully, never truly settling on a single theme. Though Vivian’s behavior and posture remain mostly the same, her form alters depending on pact-mates. Unlike Order, Vivian never chooses to wear armor, but there are times in history where she is depicted wearing light weight plate. And– seen with both arms. I kind of figure it was already assumed that Vivian had both her arms at some point. The only reason that it has yet to grow back, is because Order was the one who removed it.( And is the only one who can do lasting damage to Vivian’s physical form. )

I should like to think each culture has different ideas of what both Order and Chaos look like. And while Vivian hasn’t been around thanks to Order- there’s still some guesses at what she did, or how she appears in lore. Most depict her as something intangible, a force that moves through the universe as a kind of malevolence. While others see her as a physical entity- a monster, an evil spirit or even a demon. 

I suppose they’re all right, but wrong at the same time. Vivian has been both intangible, and a physical creature. Something beyond mortal comprehension…Eldritch, if you will. Order is in some ways the same, in behavior and appearance. They have little love for man-kind, but they are far less likely to interfere in mortal affairs. The greatest thing what separates her and Order apart from one another—- OTHER than their elements. Is the fact Vivian ties herself so closely to the mortal races of whatever world she’s in. She even goes so far as to make pacts with them. Which is essentially like binding her spirit to yours, in every way you can think of. An act which Order thinks of as grotesque, demented, and downright revolting.

History is pretty scarce in regards to either of their appearances, Chaos surprisingly much more than Order( despite everything ). What little there is would tell you of cults worshiping Vivian, entire religious groups dedicated to strengthening their tie to her. Actually organized religion, with sects, and a hierarchy. I’ve sort of based it off of various real world religions, and others you might see in games– with one person at the top, and a sort of…pyramid of ranks. Any and all actual history of Vivian would be from this religious order, and would probably be quite hard to find.

It’s still very much so a work in progress, but I think this may help me round Vivian out more in general history. And may even allow for some more unique, interesting concept art, interactions, and character development. ? ? ? ?

And there’s always time to change your mind…
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This is my first tattoo and I love it! In the middle is a semi-colon (;). A semi-colon stands for when an author could’ve ended a sentence but decided not to! A semi-colon represents people with depression and other mental illnesses and shows support for them. Today I want to take the time to thank everyone who has been there for me through my fight with depression and let you know I love you all and I couldn’t be more thankful for each and every one of you!!!

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There are different positions in giving birth? What are they?

TONS. You can pretty much give birth in whatever position you’d like! A google search will turn up countless results and information. To name a few: Squatting, supported squat, semi-sitting, standing, side-lying, hands and knees (all fours), kneeling, sitting on a birthing stool, leaning (as in, leaning forward and supporting yourself on something like a table, the bed, etc.). There so many possibilities. xx.

Jeanne Mammen (German, 1890  – 1976)

Standing Semi-Nude with a pearl necklace, left hand on her hips (Stehender Weiblicher halbakt mit perlenkette, linke hand in hüfte gestützt, von links), 1930

Pencil on paper

The Supermarket

They were all staring. Their judgmental stares followed them around with every step, tiny hand tightly clamping onto hers, unaware of the amount of thoughts going through the patrons’ heads. 

“Annoying,” Nico hissed, pulling Cotaro along before her snagged another bag of sweets. Ruby eyes rolled over the pictures, tongue watering at the thought of them, but when Cotaro stopped to stare at her dazed expression, Nico shook those images away. “Haha, sorry,” she lightly said to her brother, who tapped the shelves with his plush hammer. Even after all these years his habits still hadn’t changed much.

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