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My First One Star Review on AirBnB

Story by shawk11/reddit

Buckle up boys and girls. My buddy and I just experienced some grade-A Creepyshit while on a trip to Red Rocks in Colorado. I write a lot of things down anyway and so I figured I might as well post the story here and see what you guys think.

So who here has used AirBnB? raises hand. I think I’ve used it no less than twenty times. All great experiences up until this point, seriously.

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Are you okay?

tough guy;

lee jooheon | to everyone in your city, lee jooheon is a force to be reckoned with. to his gang members, he’s their fearless and strong leader. but to you? he’s the boyfriend who forgot to bring home eggs like you asked four times. | 2.3k words. | fluff. | for @minsugadotcom‘s request :) 

Originally posted by the-k-addict

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A happy reunion

I can’t believe that I’m finally getting to see you; the girl that’s been on my mind for so long. It seems like it’s been forever since I saw you last. My heart starts to race as I begin planning what’s going to happen. As I get closer and closer to your place, my mind floods with all of these small romantic ideas, that eventually turn into panicked thoughts when I figure out they aren’t good enough. “ stark, she deserves better than that. Come on man, think.” I say to myself as another mediocre idea takes form. Unfortunately, the clock runs out. I pull into her driveway, with no plan whatsoever. My palms instantly start sweating as I approach the door slowly, shuffling nervously up the walkway. “ just cut your losses. She probably didn’t hear your car pull in, you could just turn around and leave. No one would know.” Except I would know. I don’t think I’ve wanted anything else more in my life. Thinking of that gives me a refreshing splash of confidence as I reach the door. If you want something, you go get it. I knock on the door, standing semi-confidently preparing myself for what’s on the other side. Foot steps approach, and she opens the door. I look up to see the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. The kind that look innocent, but cut right through you to your core. I’m stunned. She stands there in a beautiful sundress, looking at me for a moment. I forget how to speak, I can’t say anything. Luckily she breaks me free from my silent prison. “ you’re here!” She shrieks happily, running to me, wrapping her arms around my neck as she jumps up into my arms for a hug. She begins barraging me with kisses, her cheeks wet with tears. Holding her, I walk through the door and shut it behind me. “ you have no idea how happy I am to see you moon ( her nickname. She’s the sun, the moon, and all of the stars to me. I call her moon for short)”. Between kisses, she says “ stark…sooo many miles…. so happy…. to see you… don’t talk”. Our kisses continue, becoming less frantic and more loving. I kick off my shoes and her legs wrap around me as I walk over and sit down on the couch, her on my lap. She runs her fingers through my hair, instantly comforting me, sending my head to rest on her chest. After just a moment I begin kissing her her skin exposed on her chest, and up her neck. My hands find their place on her hips as our lips meet again. Her hands grasp both sides of my head as she pulls me in. I give her deep passionate kisses, leaving us both breathing heavily. I use one hand to pull her strap off of her shoulder, exposing it to my warm lips as I kiss across her collar bone. Her hands go down to the bottom of my shirt. She slips them under and presses her soft hand on my abs. My hands slowly scrunch up her dress until they’re resting on her bare skin. Electricity is coursing through her skin into my fingertips. It feels like my hands are tingling. She then pulls back her kiss, lifts my shirt up and takes it off, exposing my skin to the cool air. my hands go to the small of her back inside of her dress, and I give her goose bumps as I lightly trace shapes with my fingertip, driving her wild. Her hands got to my belt buckle then my zipper, making quick work of the clothing I have left. Our pulses quicken, our breath becomes more ragged, our touch, more aggressive. We start to feel it more and more, the magnetic attraction. My hands go back down to her hips and my fingers hook inside the waist band of her panties. I pull and rip them, making sure not to hurt her. I throw the piece of cloth across the room. She gets up quickly, strips my pants and boxers off me, and then returns to her previous position on my lap as lust grows between us, she begins to rock her hips back and forth on my lap, rubbing against my hardening member. I reach up and free her other shoulder from its strap, and pull down on the dress slightly, exposing her beautiful breasts, ready for my touch. We keep grinding as I lightly kiss, suck, and tease her hard nipples, driving her wild. She lifts her body up, sending me a message that she can’t wait any longer, and neither can I. I line up my now throbbing cock, and she slowly lowers herself on it, pushing further and further until her body won’t allow any more. My hands go to her waist, and I control her as I swirl my hips and thrust upwards causing her to moan. I allow her to push back down, driving my cock deeper into her. She lets out a small whimper as my finger finds her clit, and starts light slow strokes. After a few minutes of this treatment, I feel her start to squeeze me inside of her. The friction and the thought of her cumming is too much. Our pace quickens and my fingers grip her amazing toned ass tightly as we climax together. She grabs my hair and pulls my head back as I let out a growl. In the very last moments, our lips come together and our tongues twist together as her body begins to shake, and my muscles harden, rocking our hips together as we both orgasm.

Em Dashes

A lot of people use semi-colons wrong because they know there’s supposed to be a pause in their sentence that they know isn’t quite a comma, so they think it must be that mysterious semi-colon. Usually, it’s actually supposed to be an em dash (—), which in some ways is more mysterious!

The em dash is the longest of the three dashes and most often used for interruptions. Interruptions in speech, in action, in thought. It’s also a great syntax addition for fight scenes, since it makes the narrative seem quick and unexpected and jolting from side to side like a fight scene should be. Read your em dash sentences out loud until you get a feel for how its pause compares to the pause of a comma. It’s a heartbeat longer. If a comma is one beat of pause, then I see an em dash as two beats of pause.

In this first example, the em dash is used to give an aside to the reader. It’s like a btw sort of moment, which can sometimes be replaced with commas or parenthesis. I think the em dashes are most suitable when your aside is decently long.

Her neighbor, Frank, is always blasting music.

Her neighbor—the one who always blasts the music—is named Frank.

My mischievous neighbor, Vince, seemed to have a knack for graveyard cavorting.

Vince—more often called (in a raised and angry voice) Vincent Price Ramsey—seemed to have a knack for graveyard cavorting.

Next up, here’s the em dash as a replacement for the semi-colon. Kinda like a slang or shortened sentence. Semi-colons have to connect two independent clauses—meaning each side of the semi-colon could stand alone as its own complete sentence. If you don’t want to do that, try an em dash:

I thought hanging out would be great—a chance to finally see the city, just like Aunt Lillian wanted.

I thought hanging out would be great; it would be a chance to finally see the city, just like Aunt Lillian wanted.

There was a headstone hardly a foot from where I’d emerged—dark grey stone a few inches thick and maybe as high as my knee.

There was a headstone hardly a foot from where I’d emerged; it was made of dark grey stone a few inches thick and maybe as high as my knee.

Sometimes, you can use an em dash to have a speaker correct themselves, or interrupt themselves to amend their sentence.

I could see the blur of the graveyard behind him—through him—

Similar to the last example, it can be used to interrupt a sentence in order to add additional information about the sentence. Often you can use a comma in this situation, too, so try to think of syntax and how that additional beat of pause changes things. In this case, Alice has just seen a ghost for the first time, so her mind is a bit too shocked for the normal pause of a comma. Read both. Doesn’t the one with the em dash sound more shocked or surprised, while the comma makes it sound like a simple observation?

He was glowing pale—almost tinged in cold blue.

He was glowing pale, almost tinged in cold blue.

Of course, it could be an interruption. It could be someone interrupting another in speech, one action interrupting another, or a character’s thoughts interrupting themselves. Here I’ll include the sentence with the em dash and the sentence following, so you can see the thing interrupted and the interruption.

You can have an action interrupt a character’s thoughts. For the first one, Alice is in a creepy situation and completely focused on something else, so when something touches her elbow, she’s shocked out of her thoughts. For the second one, Tristan is listening for an enemy when the enemy makes a move and startles him into action.

As far as I could tell it was some kind of berry—

An icy contact on my elbow broke my resolve, and I screamed until an equally cold hand clamped over my mouth.

The night was still, and yet—

Something whistled through the air. Tristan jerked backwards, narrowly avoiding an incoming dagger.

Here we have one character interrupting another in dialogue. Pretty self-explanatory.

“I’m not going to—”

Mom’s voice in the receiver cut me off. “At least consider it.”

“After all, you’re only a—”

“If you even say girl,” I interrupted, “I’ll stab you, I swear.”

The next one is part of a fight scene, so Alice’s thoughts are interrupting themselves as soon as she thinks them. She throws up an idea, “iron,” but interrupts herself from further exploring that idea, and instead casts it out. In a fight, you don’t have time to think out long, eloquent ideas. Your thoughts should come in fragments. Stab. Punch. Dodge. Swing. Would this work? No. How about this? Maybe. The em dash can help get across this uneven jolting of thoughts.

Iron—no use. I’d dropped the knife when her damn vines ensnared me, and the nails were in my pockets and out of reach. Blood—there were possibilities there.

Continuing in fight scenes, em dashes can have action interrupt action. Don’t just throw them in willy nilly, but if you have a chance for an em dash, jump on it. Instead of a word like “suddenly,” it makes it feel suddenly. Ups the tension. Em dashes are about interruption, and what is a fight scene but two people interrupting each other’s attempts to kill the other? This is especially useful for the last line in a paragraph during a fighting scene, because it’s a nice place to have one action interrupt another.

I snatched it—slit across my hand—

And stabbed her through the heart.

His swords whistled through the air—

A clean “X” appeared on the imp’s back, severing its body into four neat chunks.

So yeah, I’m basically obsessed with em dashes and I use more of them than the majority of writers. (At 72k words, my current project has 22 semi-colons and 344 em dashes. So. Yeah. Not to mention the length of this post…) Em dashes are way cool and can add a lot to your writing even though they’re just another form of punctuation. Syntax helps your reader into the mindset you’re going for, and em dashes can be a great, powerful part of that syntax!


This is my jojo secret santa gift for @sakapet

Merry Christmas, Saka! :> I hope you like this little jotakak drawing! Come talk to me about jojo sometime :D 



Name: Vaati (true name is Vito)

Age: 18

Affiliation: He’s in the Italian mafia called Passione.

Background: He was an orphan adopted by the old man Ezlo, but he ran away from home and joined Passione at age 17.

Stand: Tenement Funster- controls the wind and oxygen at a large scale, provoking tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. 

Misc.: He has some tattoos.

« I do not regret it! If I had my choice again, I would only change how fast I ran…»

Patrick Rothfuss: The Name of The Wind.

Encanis page 181.

Burning Fire

word count: 4 154
warnings: smut

summary: Y/N goes to a party to relive old times. What she didn’t know was her boyfriend Kai would be there, too, becoming more jealous than ever before. 
note: The smut part is a little different to what I’ve written before (I wanted to try something new), but I hope you’ll like it anyway. 

1. “I hate that I love you.”
3. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”
13. “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.”
16. “Come and make me.”
24. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
37. “Life’s so much easier with magic.” 
44. “Are you challenging me?” - “Maybe.”

*gif by me

(requested by anon)

She should’ve known him better than to believe for one second he would let her go to that party. Especially if there were boys and alcohol involved. Not that he didn’t trust her, it was them he didn’t trust. 

Kai and Y/N had started their relationship two months prior to this party. And even though he still had difficulties with his feelings, he knew she was his everything. She was his light in the dark, his bastion of calm, always there when everyone else turned their backs on him. He didn’t want to lose her, knowing that it would bring back his old self. The person he was before the merge, before meeting Y/N. That’s the reason he always wanted to come with her; he feared that one day he would be on his own again. Without a person who cared about him, loved him just the way he was without wanting to change him into something he wasn’t. He would never find someone like her again.

But that’s exactly what was driving her crazy sometimes. No matter how much she loved Kai, how much she wanted to spend time with him, she just needed some alone time sometimes. Time she could spend with her friends to relive old times. 

“I’m sorry, okay?” She bawled out, arms crossed in front of her chest. She felt the anger rage under her skin though it was nothing compared to the devil’s dancing in her boyfriend’s eyes. Never before had she felt fear in his company. Not until he had dragged her out of the room, being on the verge of snapping. Not until he actually had snapped. 

“Come on, Y/N, just one more drink. You need to loosen up a bit.” Her best friend Caroline said, holding two red cups in her hands. Both were filled with an amber liquid, nearly spilling over when Caroline danced a little in time to the music. 

“You may be a vampire who has a high alcohol tolerance, but I’m only human, remember?” Y/N asked, looking around. It felt as if someone was watching her every step. She even could’ve sworn seeing familiar blue eyes of a person hiding in the shadows. Caroline was about to roll her eyes when Y/N grabbed one of the cups, drinking it in one go. 

The alcohol trickled down her throat, burnt herself from the inside and ignited a fire in her. It made her head slightly dizzy already, allowing her not to overthink things. She looked around, creating ideas what to do next. 

“Whoa, slow down.” Caroline interfered as Y/N was about to grab another cup, emptying it the same way she had done it before. She should loosen up - fine, that was exactly what she was going to do. Without paying attention to her friend, she made her way past a group of giggling girls, heading directly into the center of the crowd, partying like never before.

She danced with different random guys, hooking her arms around their necks, swaying her hips and pressing herself to their bodies as close as possible. Not caring if it had indeed been her boyfriend who was watching her, she only wanted to have some fun which most likely was caused by the alcohol. Every time she emptied her cup she got another one right away, not even giving her a moment to rest. 

Many guys had come up to her by now, wanted to dance with her. She had thrown away her leather jacket earlier, revealing the tight, form-fitting white top she had been wearing underneath it. She stepped on a nearby table, draining another cup before she started to dance, moving her hips and playing with the hem of her top. Earning lots of cheerings and applause, she continued her actions, not realizing how Kai clenched his fists, about to make a move. 

Because nothing more happened, he remained hidden although he felt a burning feeling inside of him which was only amplified when a guy stepped on the table, too, snaking his hands around her waist and pulling his girl, his Y/N closer towards him. Y/N hooked her arms around his neck, moving her hips on his. This was too much for Kai, and he felt something inside him explode. Something that he initially had managed to keep under control since he had started his relationship. 

You’ve got to be kidding me.” He murmured, preparing himself by moving closer to the people, still standing semi-hidden in the shadows. He felt it seething inside of him; his eyes darkened as he stretched out his hand, mumbling a spell. 

All of a sudden - Y/N was still dancing with the guy, teasing him by roaming her hands over his chest - he started choking. His hands moved up to his throat as he coughed up blood. He fell on his knees, spitting out blood that built dark red spots on the wooden table. 

Y/N took a step back, neither being shocked nor surprised. She should’ve known she had gone too far, but with her alcohol caused lightheadedness she just hadn’t cared about any consequences. The only thing she could do now to do any better was to find him and get him to stop. Stop him before he could do something he would regret later on. 

It only took her seconds to spot her boyfriend casually leaning against a wall, a smug grin on his face while he kept eye contact with the guy on the table who was still choking and spitting out blood. Quickly she walked up to him, debating about just slapping him or begging him to stop. But before she could do either one, he made the decision for her. 

Life’s so much easier with magic, don’t you agree, princess?” His tone was different, dangerous and the way he had called her by her nickname had sent shivers running down her spine. Not the good type like usually but the ones that made her afraid of what he was going to do. Not only to her but to everyone present here at the moment. 

“Stop hurting him, Kai. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Stop it, please!” She entreated, trying to make him look at her. But he avoided her gaze; his eyes were focused on the coughing guy.  At this moment she realized what his problem really was. It would’ve been better to keep her mouth shut, but thanks to the alcohol she spoke without thinking, infuriating him even more without any intention. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?

These words were what finally got him to look at her. And it was one of the most terrifying things she had ever seen in her entire life. Although she had seen him snap some times already, she had never seen him burn with that much passion before. Like it was the first time he actually cared about what he was doing and not did it because someone thought he might do it anyway or because he sought some stupid way to get his revenge. 

Y/N yanked at his wrist, tears burning in her eyes. She blinked a few times, trying to hold them back. She wouldn’t cry in front of him - not because of this. 

"Please Kai, you’re angry at me. Not him. You want to punish someone; I get it. But please, it was my fault, not his. I knew you were here, watching me, and I still did everything I did. Just please, stop hurting him!” She pleaded, emphasizing the last three words especially. 

Finally, he obeyed her wish, and the guy stopped coughing blood. The crowd had built a circle around him though no one came up to help him. Y/N was about to go to him, see if he was ok, as Kai tightly grabbed her wrists, dragging her with him towards the door. 

It had been the quietest drive home ever. Usually, Kai never stopped talking, he always made her smile, and they had fun while driving. Not today though. Today every little space had seemed to be filled with friction like electricity was being conducted directly through the air. 

He had parked the car in front of her house, and Y/N had expected him to leave her alone, drove off again as soon as she walked in. Instead, he came with her, both of them now standing in the living room and staring at one another. The room sizzled with tension as the anger rose underneath their skins. But with all this fury there came another thing. Slightly only yet not unnoticeable. 

Y/N realized it at first, seeing his eyes darken in a way they only did when…

You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.” 

And with this he ran up to her, pinning her to the nearest wall, kissing her aggressively. His lips moved in sync with hers, leaving her breathless while she wounded her arms around his neck, digging her nails into his back. She wrapped one leg around his hips, pulling him closer towards her, feeling him grinding his crotch against hers. 

A low moan escaped her mouth as his hand found its way under her skirt, innocently brushing against her clothed heat. She already felt herself getting wet, even on this slightest of touches. It didn’t need much for her anyway. Whenever Kai was touching her like this, it felt like he was setting her skin on fire, damning her to burn for as long as they were both finished. It was even easier for him when she was slightly tipsy because she responded to every touch immediately.

“Look at that. So eager already although I haven’t done anything yet.” He said, tilting his head when he moved her panties aside and started drawing rough figure eights on her clit. Y/N couldn’t help herself but moan more which Kai quickly silenced by connecting their lips again. Biting on her lower lip, he waited for her to open her mouth before their tongues moved so perfectly in sync, fighting for dominance. 

Of course, Kai won this fight - he always did. Without warning, he pushed two fingers deep into her. Rough and deep he pumped them in and out, curling them around, stretching her out. She felt the cold of his rings brush lightly against her clit, making her shiver and squirm. 

“Spread your legs for me.” He demanded in the low and deep voice she loved so much. Doing as told she gave him better access, allowing him to push in even deeper. She sank his hips down on his fingers, wanting to feel as much of him as possible. He fastened his thrusts, hitting her spot almost every time. The room was filled with her moans; the temperature seemed to rise with every passing second. She reached her hands out to tug at the hem of his shirt, but Kai caught them with his free hand, pinning them over her head. 

“No touching, sweetheart.” He decided firmly. “Keep them up there. That’s right, baby.” Continuously he pushed his fingers in and out of her at a fast pace, making her moan his name as she felt her first orgasm approach. She clenched her walls around his fingers, tightened around them even more. 

“Kai.” She moaned, rolling her hips on him a bit to help release the friction, while everything inside of her screamed to move her hands, touch him and feel every inch of him. Meanwhile, he sucked on a spot on her neck, making sure to leave a mark there, marking her as his’. 

With every thrust he brought her closer to the edge, he felt it in the way her body tensed, how the moans left her lips in shorter getting intervals and how her heartbeat picked up its rate. His jeans tightened around his length as he became harder with each time she cried out his name, finally wanting to get her release. But he wanted to tease her, just like she had done earlier this evening. 

“You know, I still haven’t decided what to do to you.” Kai said casually, removing his fingers and taking a step back from Y/N who was whimpering at the loss of his touch, his warmth. She had been so close, yet he just left her in the lurch. She was about to finish herself off right in front of him as she noticed she couldn’t even move. Kai must’ve used his magic on her, keeping her in this position while he was staring at her, his blue eyes piercing into her skin. 

“Well, what about that - you’re not allowed to come until I say so. Do you understand?” His voice had imbibed this dangerous undertone again, causing shivers to roll down her spine. As she didn’t answer him right away, he got closer to her, pinching her nipple through the top. Y/N let out a cry of pain and pleasure when Kai asked her again, more firm this time. 

She nodded, and Kai let go of her. “Good girl.” He walked towards an armchair, turning it around so he could watch his girl’s struggles. Having a smug grin on his face, he flicked his wrists and seconds later all her clothes were spread around her, leaving her exposed in front of him. 

He tilted his head to the left as she felt the sensation of having something inside of her again. A moan trembled off her lips as his magic fingers continued where they left off. They pushed in and out hard and deep, again hitting her spot almost every time, making her a squirming and moaning mess. Her orgasm approached faster this time, her walls clenched around him every so often. 

But again he stopped right before she got to her release. He rested his fingertips on her entrance, his thumb drawing small, soft circles on her clit. Yet none of this actions was enough to send her over the edge. Y/N lifted her head up seeing Kai’s hand resting on his crotch, palming himself through his pants. 

As she had calmed down a bit again, he picked up his pace, pushing his fingers in deep again, curling them around. Y/N closed her eyes, getting lost in the feeling of his thrusts. She couldn’t think about anything else than how much she wanted to feel him - the real him, not just his magical fingers. How much she needed him. How much she wanted to come even though she wasn’t allowed to. 

“Keep your eyes open, princess.” He demanded, a low growl escaping his mouth. Seeing her like this had turned him on, so he had freed his hard length, slowly started stroking it while watching his girlfriend squirm as he brought her closer to the edge a third time. He enjoyed doing that more than he should. Though Y/N seemed to enjoy it too, at least a little.

But it was tough for her to obey his demand, her eyes just always fluttered close. 

“Na-uh. Keep them open, sweetheart. I want to look into your eyes.” He said, suddenly standing right in front of her again. The magic fingers were gone and replaced by the real ones. He added pressure on her clit by drawing rough figure eights with his thumb, drowning her moans with a demanding, passionate kiss. 

“Look how wet you are already. You’re dripping.” He remarked, lifting up the spell that was keeping her in place. Immediately her hands reached down to his length, but he stopped them midway between. “Not there.” Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing small figures on his back with her fingertips. 

He removed his fingers from her wet core, sticking them in her mouth so she could lick them clean. 

“Such a good girl.” He complimented, wrapping his arms around her after she was finished. He scooped her up and immediately, out of reflex, Y/N snuggled closer to him, resting her head in the crook of his neck. Her breathing was heavy; her skin felt like it was on fire and she still could only think about one thing. 

Gently he stroked up and down her arm, giving her a little rest. He walked into her bedroom, letting her down on the bed. As soon as she was laying on the soft sheets Kai’s dominant side came back, already having the next things planned for her. 

“Turn around on all fours, ass up in the air.” 

She did as told, waiting in anticipation for what would come next. It didn’t take long until she felt his large hand on her ass, softly rubbing it. Every now and this his slid his fingers down to her wet heat, collecting her arousal, teasing her folds, brushing against her clit. She relaxed under his touch, enjoying it even though she wanted more, waited for more. She knew Kai too well to believe for one second that this was all he had planned. 

“So beautiful.” He muttered as he slapped her ass hard. Y/N let out a hoarse moan as he changed from rubbing her soft flesh to slapping it. The pain was mixed with pleasure; it was a new sensation to her. Never before had he spanked her. Nevertheless, there was no denying she didn’t like it. 

“You’re enjoying this, don’t you? What do you think about one for each guy that came near you today, hmm? Count them with me, babe.” He told her before she felt another slap. In between moans she spoke out the numbers, feeling her cheeks sting after the fifths. She was sure there were red bruises already which would make it impossible for her to sit tomorrow. 

After the tenths the pleasure was overshadowed by pain, she moved forward, trying to flee his hand. Little whines left her mouth, tears streamed down her cheeks, slowly dropping down on the bedsheet. 

“Please Kai, stop it. It hurts.” She cried out, burying her head in the pillows. 

“You should’ve thought about it before.” He said before his tone got a little softer again. “But fine, I’ll give you twenty seconds. Come and make me.” 

Immediately, Y/N turned around and crawled up to her boyfriend, locking eyes with him. She got on her knees, pulling him down on his shirt until their lips collided in a passionate kiss. He cupped her face, gently wiping away the last tears with his thumbs. 

Meanwhile, she worked on the removal of his shirt, moving it up a bit and only breaking away from him to pull it over his head. Her hands started roaming over his toned torso, only slowly wandering down towards his length. Luckily, he had taken off his jeans and briefs already, making it a lot easier for her. 

Agonizingly slow she started stroking him, biting his lower lip before making her way down, leaving kisses all over his chest, his stomach until she got to where she wanted to be. She blew a light stream of air on it, running her tongue along the underside of his length up to the tip. All the time she held eye contact with him, seeing him react to her. 

“Y/N!” He growled as she took his tip into her mouth, drawing small circles with her tongue. His hands reached down and he tangled his fingers in her hair. Just then she began bobbing her head at a steady pace, humming a bit to create vibrations around him. “That feels so good.”

Pushing her head further down on him, she took him in completely. Little whimpers left her mouth. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop her from bringing a hand to his balls, fondling them as she continued bobbing her head with Kai’s help. 

Even though it was hard for him to concentrate on anything else as he let out low groans, he figured out what she was trying to do. She had his ways to get what she wanted and right now everything she wanted was him.

Are you challenging me?” 

Maybe.” She answered innocently after she had exchanged her mouth with her hand. His shaft was wet by her saliva now, making it quite easy for her to move her hand up and down. She gathered his pre cum with her thumb, bringing it to her mouth. 

“So hot.” He commented, grabbing her chin and moving her up until they were on the same level. He kissed her deeply, her hand was back on his length, continuing to work on it. She would’ve finished him off if Kai hadn’t grabbed her hands, pushing her on the bed with him on top of her. With their lips not breaking contact he slid his fingers down towards her core, teasing her folds and drawing figure eights on her clit, poking at her entrance without actually pushing in. 

Soft moans trembled off her lips, and she locked eyes with him again. His’ had turned almost completely black now, definitely burning with a different kind of fire than earlier this evening. 

“Fuck me, Kai.” She moaned, wanting him more than ever now. She didn’t even care about the still prominent sting on her buttcheeks anymore or the stupid rule that she wasn’t allowed to come, she just finally wanted to feel him inside of her, stretching her out so perfectly. 

Although he wasn’t in the mood to take orders from her, he wanted the same thing and aligned himself at her entrance. He teased her just with his tip, wanting to hear her beg before pushing in. Her heartbeat increased, her skin felt like it was set on fire again and she couldn’t wait for it any longer, giving him what he wanted. 

A devilish grin on his face he entered her with one deep thrust, filling her to the brim. Not giving her anytime he withdrew before pushing in rough and deep again. He made her feel every inch of him, watching her eyes roll in the back of her head. Like always he found her spot quickly, hitting it every time, making a moaning mess out of Y/N.  

“You’re so tight, sweetheart.” He groaned, picking up the pace. He even used his vampirism, cheating with it to thrust in even quicker and harder. In addition to that, he pressed his fingers on her clit, drawing rough figure eights on it. Her breathing turned shallow as she felt herself getting closer to her release. She was craving for it, hoping that Kai would finally allow it. 

The room was filled with their moans and the sounds of flesh on flesh. It seemed as if the temperature had risen, setting not only both of them but the room on fire, too. She dug her nails into his back, scratching it which only spurred him more. Purple-black veins flashed under his eyes as he sank his fangs into her neck. Y/N let out a small scream though it surprisingly hurt less than she had thought. Instead, it added to the pleasure, brought her closer to her orgasm.

“Fuck Kai, I’m so close.” She whimpered, feeling the burning feeling inside of her. She slightly arched her back, bucking her hips down on him, trying to get him in even deeper, clenching her walls around him. 

“Hold it.” 

Again he picked up his pace, adding more pressure on her clit as he continued to pound into her relentlessly. Y/N pulled him in for a kiss, tasting the metallic flavor of her own blood on his lips. 

“Please Kai, I can’t.” 

“Hold it.” He repeated, working on finishing them both off at the same time. He could see how hard it was for her to follow his rules. She wanted - no, needed - to come, yet she wasn’t allowed to. A single tear streamed down her cheek as she finally got what she wanted.

“Come.” Kai demanded as he sank his fangs into her neck again. Her back arched off the bed, her eyes rolled in the back of her head, screams of pleasure left her mouth as a mind blowing orgasm washed over her, leaving her shaky and breathless. Simultaneously Kai came in hot spurts inside of her, not slowing down for one second as he rode both of them through their highs. 

“Sometimes I hate that I love you. But it’s what I do, I love you, Y/N. No matter what.” Kai said, pulling out of her and wrapping his arms around her still shaking body. He gently wiped a tear from her cheeks, kissing her forehead before she rested her head on his chest, hearing the distant throb of his heart.

“I promise not to do anything stupid again.” She assured before a big grin spread across her lips. “Though I must say I really liked your dominant side.”

Both let out a laughter of joy, forgetting about the things that happened earlier. Nothing would ever come between them. Not really.  

Weird and off as I am, all I want to do today is be cuddled, WHAT’S THAT ABOUT.

lee daehwi first meeting! AU

summary: in which you are somi’s best friend and you find out that she has a hidden twin brother who you are a fan of 

length: 1.3k

a/n: HIHI so i decided to start a new series which is gonna be a sweet and short one called first meeting! AU with the wanna one members. since it’s really only going to cover your first meeting with the particular member, it’s up to you whether you want to interpret it as romantically or platonic friendship, maybe if the context suits and i get enough requests i could do a part 2 for some in the future? we’ll see but i will be prioritising getting each member done first. but anyways i hope you guys enjoy this first one of my precious baby lee daehwi and look forward to the rest of the members :) 

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  • so you’re in high school 
  • and ever since high school started you became best friends with a girl called somi 
  • you guys had different personalities, you were more on the shy side and she was more outgoing 
  • but somehow you guys clicked and found that you guys had a lot of things to talk about and common interests 
  • also during this time produce 101 is airing and you’re absolutely addicted to the show 
  • and lee daehwi, the first centre literally swooped you off your feet 
  • he was no doubt your bias and you’d been voting for him like crazy everyday 
  • and ofc since somi was your best friend you’d always rant about how cute and talented lee daehwi was and somi would just sigh and roll her eyes sometimes 
  • well one day at school your class is given a project to be completed in pairs and obviously you and somi are a pair 
  • usually you two would complete your work at the library but since the weather was really horrible 
  • you guys decided to head to your place over the weekend 
  • and you guys do that except you dont get the work done 
  • so you guys decide to go to somi’s place sometime after school next week to finish it 
  • and tbh you’ve been very curious about where somi lives
  • even though you guys are best friends you guys always met either in public or at your place
  • you were just super curious as to what her house was like and why she was lowkey secretive about where she lived
  • so the day before going to somi’s place
  • you guys are having lunch at school and somi is suddenly like: “oh y/n when you come tomorrow, my twin brother will most likely be home visiting” 
  • and u r like
  • “WAIT HANG ON A SECNOD U HAVE A TWIN BROTHER?? SINCE WHEN???” you semi yell when you stand up from your seat 
  • you are surprised and shocked bc ur friend has a twin brother and she never told you 
  • “ssHHHHH be quiet” says somi gesturing you to sit back down 
  • and so you do and say
  • “how come you didnt tell me somi?” while pouting 
  • “well…i guess you never asked whether i had siblings or not” replies somi nervously 
  • “hmm yeah fair enough, well what its like having a twin brother? what’s he like” you ask excitedly
  • you’d  never met anyone that had a twin before and u suddenly find out that your best friend in fact has a twin brother which makes you feel kinda weird and excited 
  • “it’s alright, we’re just like any other sibling pair, he can be slightly annoying sometimes but he’s a good brother overall. i miss him” replies somi looking down 
  • “ohhhhh where is he? does he go to high school here?” you asked wondering if somi’s twin was actually at your school and completely hidden from u 
  • “no he doesn’t”
  • “where does he go then? and what’s his name? what does he look like?” you asked bombarding somi with questions as you were super curious now
  • since somi was one of the prettiest girls in the school you were lowkey thinking maybe somi’s twin is really hot HAHA
  • “i actually can’t say his name but he’s really ugly” says somi laughing
  • “why not????” you ask somi, “is he a spy or something?? with a hidden identity???” 
  • somi shook her head laughing at you as you continued to pester her about her twin 
  • “you’ll see tomorrow when you come over” says somi “i think things might change when you see who it is” as she sighs
  • now you were C U R I O U S as to why somi kept it so secret 
  • and for some odd reason, who somi’s twin brother was was all you thought about for the rest of the day 
  • your thoughts went wild as you thought, what if he’s actually a spy? or illegal? a criminal? someone dangerous? what if he’s the youngest ceo in our country?
  • and for some seriously odd reason you were excited to meet somi’s twin brother 
  • the next day you head to somi’s house with the address typed in google maps 
  • you rang the doorbell and somi opened the door
  • as you stepped in you saw how the house wasn’t too big nor was it too small it was quite spacious and clean and very cozy 
  • you saw some baby pictures placed up on a shelf of somi and her twin; you recognised somi easily and the twin brother was really cute too 
  • you guys take a seat on the big couch and start working on the project when suddenly you hear footsteps come down the stairs 
  • you were super focused on your work tbh so you didn’t look up 
  • until a voice says 
  • “hey sis is this your friend that always talks about me?” 
  • and the voice is SO FAMILIAR 
  • and you’re suddenly afraid to look up 
  • you do recognise that voice but no way it just couldn’t be 
  • silence 
  • “yep it is” says somi, “look at the state she is in now” 
  • your entire body was frozen and wouldn’t react and you were looking at the ground
  • “she’s so cute like that” says the voice
  • you feel your cheeks go bright red and your heart suddenly beating extraordinarily fast 
  • you close your eyes and tell yourself you are dreaming 
  • you take a deep breath and look up 
  • and you are met with a pair of the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen; one eye was monolid and the other was double lidded but honestly that was what was attractive about him 
  • it was truly lee daehwi lmao sorry i made it so so dramatic haha
  • he was smiling down at your with the sweetest and cutest smile 
  • “hello y/n! it’s nice to finally meet you!” says daehwi cheerfully 
  • “u-h-h hello– daehwi-ssi” you stutter nervously as you die internally 
  • daehwi laughed and his laughter was like a beautiful melody
  • “no need to be formal y/n, we’re the same age! you don’t look great right now, i’ll grab a glass of water for you” says daehwi as he heads to the kitchen 
  • when he’s gone you turn to somi straight away 
  • “DUDE WHY DIDNT U TELL ME DAEHWI WAS UR BROTHER?? i wouldn’t have fangirled over him to you and its sooooo embarrassing” 
  • “chill y/n it was actually pretty funny, you totally have a crush on my twin, look at ur face” says somi laughing 
  • “sTOP omg this is all ur fault im so embarrassed, i embarrassed myself in front of my bias” you say as your bury your face in your hands
  • “seriously y/n this is your chance to talk to him and i don’t usually say this about that idiot but he’s actually a very nice guy, so don’t be nervous anymore” 
  • you take deep breaths and try to collect yourself before daehwi comes back 
  • when he does you’re much calmer even though you still feel like you are living in a dream 
  • “here’s your water” says daehwi as he hands over the glass of water
  • both your finger trips lightly made contact and you felt your heart racing again 
  • “thanks daehwi” you say giving him a shy smile 
  • he asks what the project is about and starts helping you guys and in no time you guys are done 
  • and daehwi is super friendly and outgoing so in no time you get really comfortable around him
  • and realise that HES JUST A REALLY NICE AND KIND HUMAN like any human and not some “far unreachable star that’s like a god” 
  • you find out he has cute habits and loves cleaning and fashion and wants to make people happier through his music
  • you guys talk for the next two hours getting to know each other and you tell him that you’ll continue to support him on produce 101 and he’s super thankful 
  • at this rate somi had literally fallen asleep and is taking a nap on the sofa 
  • he opens up about how it’s hard to meet people’s expectations and that he doesn’t want to disappoint others and you guys have really deep conversations 
  • and in no time it’s already dark outside 
  • and daehwi even offers to walk you to the bus stop 
  • and he puts on a black hoodie with the hood up just in case ppl recognise him anyone watching school 2017 bc i love x’s outfit hehe
  • you guys reach the bus stop
  • “y/n it was nice meeting you and i was able to get my mind off things thanks to you” 
  • “no worries daehwi, i’m so glad to have met you and you’re just as wonderful and kind as i’d imagined you to be” you reply cringing at your own cheesiness
  • daehwi laughs again as he ruffles your hair “you’re so kind too” 
  • “anyways y/n will you do me a favour and not tell anyone that i am somi’s twin? i dont want things to get hard for her if people know about our sibling relationship” 
  • you swoon, he was even so nice to his sister 
  • you nod “of course”
  • the bus comes and you guys wave goodbye 
  • you couldn’t believe that you met daehwi and got so close to him 
  • he was so nice and down to earth 
  • you lowkey wondered if you’d ever be able to see him again since he was already famous and busy with filming 
  • you convinced yourself that he was probably this nice to everyone and you were really lucky because you were his sister’s best friend 
  • suddenly your phone buzzed and you received a message from an unknown number 
  • “hello y/n, it’s daehwi - i got your number from somi. that’s okay right? next week i’ll be back in town again, so do you wanna hang out? just the two of us this time ;)”

efgqkejfhfjhjf i hope you guys liked this?? i have no idea what the response is gonna be like and lmao i made somi and daehwi twins bc they could totally be siblings :) i realised i probably rant too much lmaooo so let me know what you guys think as i’m always open to feedback and thoughts about my work :) please also look forward to my next one in this series! 

Bound to Happen (Part 10), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,163

Author’s Note: I know this very much feels like an ending, but there will be more, I promise!

Warnings: As always, a slow burn. (Which isn’t so slow anymore) NSFW talk but no actual smut.

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Lin held his breath for as long as he could, eyes staring unseeing at the wall on his side of the bed.

His side. He had a fucking side. He nearly giggled at that idea.

With a deep breath he took the plunge, shifting on the mattress to chance a peek at you. He was greeted with the smooth expanse of your bare back illuminated by the late morning sun.

The steady rise and fall confirmed your sleeping state still and Lin rolled back to his original position.

He had to play this right. He had to be smooth and cool and romantic as shit. He could roll over just as you began to stir and press a gentle kiss to your shoulder, softly brushing aside your hair.

He felt the mattress shift and he tensed, all of his plans quickly thrown away. He listened as the bed creaked with the abandonment of your presence. The padding of your bare feet against the hardwood signaled your hasty collection of your discarded clothes.

As you sneaked into his bathroom, he flung himself out of the bed, boxers pulled over his hips and a new shirt dragged down his torso. He collected himself before following you, noticing you left the door cracked open.

“You don’t have to sneak off.” He started, catching you just as you were pulling on your shirt.

“I know.” You smiled, running your hands through your disheveled hair. “I just have to be back at work in an hour and I’m sure you have somewhere important to be.”

You sighed as you pressed your hands flat against his chest, the all too familiar smell of his cologne now lingering on your clothes.

“Definitely not running after last night.” You eyes flickered back to his bedroom through the open door. The wrinkled sheets and clutter on the floor the only evidence left.

“Okay.” You pursed his lips for you, and you obliged with a single chaste kiss, “Have fun at work.” You maneuvered past him, only to be met with a single playful slap to your rear. “Change lives.”

“You too.” With that, you left him standing half-naked in his bedroom to collect your shoes and hail a cab before the morning rush.

As you settled into the backseat, using whatever sparse supplies from your purse that allowed you to pull your appearance into something vaguely resembling presentable, you couldn’t help but muse about how easy it all was.

All the late night thought years ago of what it might be like to be with Lin seemed silly now. You were adults, you were mature, you could handle this. Still, that was many, many years ago.

And you didn’t even know where you stood.

You were busy adults, and throwing a semi-one night stand into the mix could only push you further into confusion. Thinking back to the feeling of his body against yours, you couldn’t help but feel like it was a confusion you were happy to embrace.

It was another week before either of you had enough time for one another. A cast party - one with unlimited supplies of alcohol and hours of Broadway stars singing along to karaoke versions of top twenty hits.

Lin was cradling a half-finished beer as you sipped on a margarita Pippa swore by. Everything was laughter and light-heartedness and it felt like it did nearly ten years ago.

“I wanted to talk to you before you left.” Lin leaned over to avoid the eavesdropping voices of his cast-mates. You scanned the venue, landing on a propped open back door. You nodded in the direction and he immediately started tugging you towards it, abandoning your drinks on the table.

You held your arms to brace against the cold night wind as Lin started pacing back and forth. The light snow on the floor now had a Lin shaped path etched in the center.

“You look like your head’s about to explode.” You chided, moving forward to block his never ending path, “Is this about-”

“When we fucked?”

“Well, I was going to put it a little more delicately than that.” You laughed, trying to break the cold atmosphere a bit.

Lin couldn’t help but smile as well.

“I know we’re both busy.” Lin nodded along to this statement, “We don’t have to figure this out right away.”

“We don’t?” Lin’s eyebrow quirked in question.

“We’re adults, I think we can go a few weeks without the whole ‘Is he gonna call me? What does she think I should do? Are we exclusive?’ shit.” Lin giggled at the teasing tone you took on.

“I agree.” His smile was easy. As easy as the one he had worn after collapsing into bed that night - as if he had been waiting for it as long as you had.

“Us being together, it was bound to happen eventually.” You tugged at the lapel of his jacket, just so your bands had something to do. “We’re just both very stressed and this is an added pressure if we let it be.”

Well,” He drawled, a mischievous glint appearing in his eye, “I’m sure we can find something to do that would ease a bit of our stress.”

Which is how you found yourselves bouncing from anticipation in a shared cab. Your apartment was closer than his house - only by a few minutes but you were making every second count,

You already had your keys ready in your hand as the cab driver attempted small talk, ignorant to the heated glances Lin kept shooting you.

You inspected him for a moment - his casual blazer that would soon be vacant. His long hair pulled back, you would have to remedy that as soon as you could. You half wanted to reach over in that moment to pull it loose.

The cab stopped in front of your building.

Even though you had agreed to share the cab, Lin paid the whole fare without comment, pushing you quickly up your front steps, cursing as you juggled your keys.

You triumphantly inserted the key into your lock, Lin’s front slotted against your back, clouding your vision.

It wasn’t fumbling hands and involuntary curses this time. It was practiced, smoother, and if you had anything to say about it, it wouldn’t be the last time.

Falling back into the mattress, neither of you could find it in yourselves to fall asleep like you had before. You tucked the blanket up over your chest as Lin stirred next to you.

You glanced over to find him already looking at you.

“We’re horribly good at that.” He smirked, pressing a gentle kiss to your bare collarbone.

You hummed, shifting to tuck yourself against his body, head pressed to his chest. His arm slung over your shoulder, pulling you impossibly closer.

“This isn’t weird, right?” You mumbled, fighting the exhaustion that came with spending the night with Lin.

Nah.” He sighed, eyes fluttering, “Like you said. Bound to happen.”

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