semi solid

“...Probably carrying around all that metal doesn’t help.”

A spell to get rid of negative vibes/subconscious gunk; a first step towards healing yourself of bad habits/negative experiences that you might not even realize or want to admit are there.

You will need:

  • a polished/tumbled hematite stone you’re willing to part with (they’re very inexpensive, I found one for $1)
  • something to enclose the stone in after the ritual, preferably made of earth.
  • a candle (optional)

Light a candle, if you wish. The main scene that I’m drawing inspiration from took place in front of a fire and I just like lighting candles in general. 

Stand or sit comfortable. I prefer to stand because it feels more like “actual” bending, but others might prefer to sit. 

Plant your feet and breathe, setting the stone in front of you. 

Picture the negative energy/spiritual gunk inside you is a semi-solid silver sphere in your chest. You’ve made steps to recover from most of it, but there is still some stuck in there, to your bones, to your muscles, to your soul. You need to get it out, you need to accept that there are still things left to change. 

 Draw your arms close to your chest and back out in a circle. Move your arms back and forth, up and down, as you see fit. Imagine yourself pulling that toxic energy along, up from your chest to your shoulders and arms and finally off your fingertips into the stone in front of you. 

As you draw your energy out, imagine what it is that’s been holding you back. Picture it, in your mind. Picture yourself moving past it. It can’t hurt you anymore, you’re taking steps to heal. You’re admitting that this is something that has been holding you back and has been keeping you from your goals.

Take the stone and seal it off in an earthen jar or lump of pliable clay. Bury it somewhere off your property.

In the series proper, Korra removing the mercury was only a physical measure to healing, there was still a lot of psychological issues to work through. This is only the first step in your journey to becoming a better you or getting rid of a bad habit or a buildup of stressful and negative energy. Fixing bad habits or dealing with trauma might take a professional help like a doctor or psychiatrist or therapist. This is just making it easier for you to do so with a clear head.

Bird-tinies (sudden G/T inspiration)

Crows are so intelligent that I can’t help but think of them as tinies.
Except they’re like… lowkey savage, like they barely use tools, they don’t have a super developed language, and they probably have their own culture with legends and beliefs.
And they can fly, too.

Like oh my god imagine a race of tribal-like tinies that disguise themselves as birds. Like a beak-shaped hood, semi-solid wings-shaped cape attached to their arms, and clawed boots.
And they have enough understanding of aerodynamics to actually fly a little, and never fear heights because of epic gliding skills.
And the bird they disguise themselves as has something to do with their personality or social status, or each tribe is represented by a specific bird? I have trouble deciding.

I’m gonna have to draw that holy shit. Like that’s my next G/T OC.

Atmospheric beasts are reported to have semi-solid bodies and are often invisible. They can fly, but have no visible wings. Sometimes atmospheric beasts are reported as UFOs. Ivan T. Sanderson claims that most UFOs are actually atmospheric beasts. He theorizes that atmospheric beasts are animals that live in the clouds. Sometimes the atmospheric beast is reported to change shape, color, and texture. People who believe in atmospheric beasts think that the creature will die if they ever touch the ground. Some people even report them spitting streams of water at them. Others report that the beasts smell like mildew and feel like a giant soft tongue. They also seem to resemble animals of the sea, rather than land animals.

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Can I get some headcanons for semi, oikawa and kuroo with an s.o. who puts on a happy and easy going facade bt they're actually depressed and a little self destructive

I forgot who Semi was for a solid twenty seconds while reading this request


  • Didn’t really notice at first. He knew his partner’s happiness wasn’t always genuine, but he never knew how to ask about it.
  • Even after he finds out, he still doesn’t know how to go about saying it’s alright for them to drop the act around him, so he just hugs them tight and hopes they get the message.
  • He researches a bit to better understand what his partner feels. On their worse days, he’s quick to set up a nice, quiet little date for the two of them, usually consisting of cuddling under a blanket with lots of snacks while watching a movie.


  • Noticed pretty quickly. He brings it up too, not to be an ass, but so they now he’s there whenever they need him.
  • He knows what they’re going through, having to hide behind a smile, and it’s comforting to him that he has someone to relate to now. Although it upsets him that his partner is the one going through it.
  • Also understands all too well how hard it is to break self destructive habits. But he takes a page from Iwaizumi’s book, and starts caring for this partner when they hurt themselves, and suggests things to do to help take their mind off things.


  • Like Oikawa, he picked up on it fairly early on. He’s good at reading people, and could tell that sometimes his partner’s smiles were forced.
  • Lets them know they can talk to him about anything that’s bothering them. Even if he didn’t know how to really respond, he’s always there to listen.
  • He tries to give his partner alternative things to do to that aren’t as self destructive, but still give them the outlet they need.

So canonically monsters in Undertale are made of magic and a little bit of physical mass and their souls hold it all together. They turn to dust when they die. They eat food different from human food and don’t seem to have bodily functions.

Beyond that we don’t know much about how the monsters in Undertale work and a lot of it you could just handwave away with “it’s magic” and move on. But, I have a bit of a thing for magical theory, so these past few weeks I’ve been brainstorming on how I like to believe Undertale monster bodies work. Note, these are all headcanons and don’t need to be taken as fact. It’s just how things work in my own head.

Monster Categories:

So from what I’ve seen of undertale monsters, they seem to fall into four-ish categories of of body types. Animalistic, Elemental, what I’m going to call Animated, which fall into two subcategories, Infused and Uninfused, and then Mixed.


There are a lot of animalistic type monsters in Undertale. We’ve seen bears, goats, lizards, fish, rabbits, lions and so many more types of monsters that resemble real world animals.

These are some of the more physical monsters, as in I feel they have more physical mass or dust in their bodies than some other monsters. I wouldn’t say they have the most, but it’s definitely on the high side. Animalistic monsters also tend to have lower magic levels with the exception of Boss Monsters, who while in this category, are also a breed of their own due to the properties of their souls and their high magic levels.

Animalistic monsters still definitely do use magic but it tends to be used to form something solid to use as a projectile, like Undyne’s spears or Froggit’s flies. It’s rare for animalistic monsters to use elemental magic (fire, ice, etc.). 

Animalistic monsters can reproduce in two ways, sexually and through soul-sharing (more on soul-sharing below). Sexual reproduction works almost exactly like it would in real world animals and animalistic monsters do have sexual dimorphism.

That said, I feel with such diversity in the monster race on a whole, almost all monsters allow their children to experiment with what feels right for their gender identity regardless of biological characteristics, using they/them pronouns until the child is able to decide what pronouns they prefer for themselves.


There’s also a plethora of element type, or elemental, monsters in Undertale, with examples like Grillby, Heats Flamesman, Ice Cap and many others. I also consider the Slime-type monsters to be in this category.

Elementals tend to be exactly what they sound like, taking on properties of certain elements. These monsters have the least amount of physical mass of any monster, save for Uninfused Animated monsters (more on them below), and keep this mass surrounding their form. This forms a sort of skin around their elemental magic. What this skin appears as is dependent on their element.

Due to this elemental monsters like fire monsters are not painful to the touch and can wear clothing and perform other tasks without doing damage. Think of them like gushers candy, semi-solid on the outside with a liquidy, elemental magic core. The “skin” will often shift with their magic, like Grillby’s head flames, but still form a protective layer around it.

Elemental monsters, due to this physiology, have a much higher magic level than animalistic monsters and tend to obviously specialize in elemental magic.

Some of these monsters are also masters at changing their forms, especially fire elementals. By adulthood, many fire and water elementals have settled on a form they prefer. Ice and earth elementals have a more difficulty changing their forms due to the rigidness of their magic.

Elementals can also reproduce in two ways, soul-sharing still being one option. Unlike animalistic monsters however, elementals can also reproduce asexually. When an elemental comes in contact with an influx of energy and magic of their element, it’s possible for the elemental’s soul to split off into another, smaller soul and sometimes the monster split into a smaller monster with that new soul depending on how high the exposure is.


Animated monsters are where things get a little more interesting. All animated monsters are descendants of ghost-type monsters or Uninfused Animated monsters. Uninfused animated monsters have no physical mass at all and are made of pure magic. As such, they can’t be killed because there is literally no solid mass to be able to destroy. Some lines of these monsters never become infused (more on infused monsters below) and those are the ghost-type monsters you see in the game.

However, uninfused monsters can possess inanimate objects, however they do not fully inhabit that object unless certain circumstances are met. Many ghost-type monsters do crave a physical form however.

Infused Animated monsters are what happens when those circumstances are met. A first generation infused monster is created when a ghost-type monster possess an object and undergoes an intense emotional experience while possessing that object, infusing their magic with that object. We see this happen in a Genocide route with the Mad Dummy when Dummy gets so angry that they fuse with the body they’re possessing. Once infused with a body, the monster cannot become uninfused.

This emotional trigger seems to be able to be bypassed through complex scientific processes, as seen with Mettaton, though it may just be possible that Mettaton is not infused with his body, just simply possessing it.

When a first-gen infused monsters reproduces, their magic mimics the physical form they currently have and passes it to their offspring, starting a line of monsters that have the form of that object. This is how monsters like Tsunderplane, Vegetoid, Knight Knight (who I believe to be a monster infused to a suit of armor since her eyes are on her chestplate) and yes, our favorite skelebros, can exist.

Animated monsters have one of the highest magic levels in the game, however their magical abilities tap almost directly into their emotional state. They can also create physical “ectoplasmic” forms around themselves for various purposes like eating, protection and sometimes just for fun.

Animated monsters reproduce solely through soul-sharing and should they be the ones to carry their offspring, their magic will provide a safe space for their offspring to develop should their bodies not have one.

When the soul is ready, the magical membrane surrounding the offspring will split at its weakest point to allow the offspring out. Sometimes, if there are complications, the monster can slough off the membrane and the remaining physical mass created for the pregnancy with the offspring, however this causes a massive loss of magic as the monster can’t reabsorb the magic put into holding the form together.

This might bring up some questions regarding the skeletons. If they’re infused animated monsters, where did their ancestors get the skeletons to infuse? My answer is the human-monster war. Uninfused animated monsters (ghost-type) were employed as war machines, possessing massive suits of armor to fight the humans. 

Some became infused with their armor through the emotional traumas of war resulting in monsters like Knight Knight. Others took a darker turn. Their armor destroyed but desperate to keep fighting for their people, some ghost-type monsters possessed human corpses to keep fighting. Some became infused with these new bodies and soon, unable to maintain bodily function, their flesh began to rot away until they were left with nothing but bone to be infused to. These were our first-gen skeleton monsters.


Mixed-type monsters are monsters who are created in a union between monsters from different categories. Pyrope and Woshua are good examples of an Animate-Elemental mix, containing both elemental magic and inanimate objects in their physiology. Snowdrake appears to be a Elemental-Animal mix (a little further up the generational line as Snowdrake’s parents are both the same species) with ice and bird(dragon?)-like features, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Madjick is an Animated-Animal mix.

Many monsters who appear to be a cross of two different types of animalistic monster would still be considered an animalistic monster. Same can be said for animated and elemental. For example, a child of Papyrus and Mettaton would still be considered an animated monster and a child of Alphys and Undyne would still be considered an animalistic monster. Meanwhile a child of Sans and Toriel would be considered mixed.


Soul-Sharing is an romantic, intimate act that all adult monsters can participate in. It is the main form of reproduction for animated monsters and while animalistic and elemental monsters have other methods, soul-sharing bridges the gap between the categories.

When two (or more) consenting monsters wish to soul-share, they manifest their own souls into a visible form. All monsters can do this and all monsters can have their souls separate from their bodies as long as they maintain a magical link. The monsters involved will then bring their souls together and let them merge.

This merging allows for feelings to be shared and an innate sense of existing together as one being for a single moment. It creates a rush of energy, sensation and warmth and is considered to be the most intimate thing monsters can do with each other. Once the monsters allow their souls to separate, the souls will return to their owners.

If the conditions are right (healthy magic level and a healthy emotional connection between the monsters involved), a new soul will be created during the merging and when the souls are pulled apart, the new souling will retreat with the soul that has the highest magic level to be housed and grow into a new monster until they’re ready to be born. Gender generally does not factor into who carries the new soul when reproduction occurs through soul-sharing.

Monsters with similar magic levels can fluctuate on who carries the offspring per pregnancy, but monsters where there is a drastic magical difference, the monster with the highest magic will always carry the pregnancy without intervention. If Papyrus and Grillby were in a relationship, it wouldn’t be surprising if Papyrus ended up pregnant one time, and Grillby the next, but in a relationship between Toriel and Sans, Sans would always be the pregnant one due to his astronomical magic levels.

Various charms can be worn to prevent this from happening or to insure the new souling houses itself in a particular monster involved.

Magic Levels:

Magic levels are independent of Hit Points, Damage, Level of Violence or Execution Points, however it can affect these stats. Magic levels are generally dependent on monster type.

As stated above, animated monsters generally have the highest magic levels, however their magical ability is based on their emotions. While animalistic monsters generally can get stronger through physical training and honing their use of their own projectiles and elementals generally rely on the effects of their element, animated monsters are required to hone their emotional state into something intense in order to fully unlock their magical potential.

The difference between Papyrus’s and Sans’s personalities and their respective fights seem to be a good example of this. Papyrus is upbeat, outgoing and optimistic and in his fight, while he’s strong and makes it fun and challenging, he’s not actually able to kill you, capturing you every time instead. He likely has just as much magical potential as his brother, able to even write words with his magic bones, but his unwillingness to actually hurt anybody lowers his magic levels and reflects in his damage output and stats.

Sans on the other hand, under his “lazy” and comedic mask has a lot of emotional hang-ups and is obviously trying to cope with depression as he is aware that his entire existence could be reset at any moment. He only fights you when you’ve murdered literally everyone you can and I feel that his is in part because it’s then that he’s able to hone all that emotional energy and loss and struggle he hides under the mask into that fight. He’s held so much in and that fight is when he finally snaps and lets that whirlwind of rage and sadness out into killing you.

Magic level isn’t static for any monster despite being biologically based, however it can be difficult to control your magic level. It’s like controlling your heart rate but on the larger scale. It can be done with practice but not many people devote themselves to that kind of training.

Creating physical projectiles takes less magic than using elemental magic or creating beams of magical energy. So while Undyne might be a physically one of the strongest monsters, her spear creation takes relatively little magic to make. Sans using the gaster blasters however, likely takes a phenomenal amount of energy and magic, indicating that his magic levels are through the roof (though using them does obviously still exhaust him in his fight).

This is all I have for the moment, but I might add more things eventually.

Small Ghostkin Things

+Curling up in a ball or making yourself smaller so that you become more invisible

+Listening to horror/ Halloween-ish music

+Wearing light / flowy clothing

+Watching shows/ looking at pictures from around the time of your past life


+Yogurt and other semi-non-solid foods

+Going to bed way too early or way too late

+Visiting cemeteries

+Warm clothing and hot coffee ‘cause you’re constantly cold

+Avoiding people in crowds ‘cause you dislike physical contact

*600-item multiple choice
board exam tips and advices.
6 modules, 2-day exam, 600 items, 75% passing

THIS POST is dedicated to all Pharmacy students and those who want to take up BS PHARMACY.  let’s find out what subjects are included, what to study and the most important information you need to know before taking the board exam. go get that title: RPh! 

We really want to help you conquer the EXAM kahit na 1st year or 2nd year ka pa lang o kukuha pa lang ng BS Pharmacy. We want you to be ready when the time comes. 

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My style is cartoony and I don’t like that. I trully wish I could be more detailed and realistic and what not, there are a lot of artists who I admire and man ‘I wish that were me’.png

Hell my style is NOT that cartoony either, I can push things but not that much so they stop looking pretty.

People compliment me for being able to do both semi solid and semi fluid, which makes for a perfect even mix of movement and staticness for both comic and animation.

But I TRULLY don’t like it. I feel it’s not enough at times. That I’m just too incompetent to go for either. And I know it’s dumb concidering how people look at me, but I’m just not good enough in either I believe, I still don’t know how to describe my art. I don’t know what the hell it is and I’m not all that happy with it.

I just know that jack of all trades master of non.

Let’s make a baby part 4 D|H

A/N : This is part 4 of the LMAB series (omg that abbreviation looks like lamb uhmm I feel like we should not use this) This is a super fluffy and cute part. It’s like the calm before the storm. (yes, I have some drama planned) 

(pt1, pt2, pt3

I remember how Adrian walked into our room while Dan was already downstairs. “Good morning” he said, his voice much deeper than it was when I first met him. “Morning” I said back and smiled.

“So… you are pregnant ?” he asked grinning. I nodded proudly. “Once the baby is born, can I be the godfather ?” he said and his faces glowed with excitement. “Maybe, who knows” I answered and shoved that thought to the back of my head so I would remember it for later. “I hope the little thing will not look like Dan. I saw some baby pictures and believe me he was not one of those cute squishes but more like a drooling monster.” he laughed. “I was cute though” he added. I couldn’t hold back loud laughters although I felt a bit bad for laughing at my boyfriend. “So, if you are pregnant does that mean that you and my brother have a lot of sex ?” the teenager boy smirked at me mischievously while I still tried to calm down.  “Okay that’s enough!” Dan, who had just walked in, said sternly.

It’s been two months since I’m pregnant now, the flat was full with pregnancy books and Dan had read every pregnancy page on the internet that existed. “When should we tell my viewers ?” he asked at the breakfast table. With him being famous there were some additional obligations. “It’s way to early. After our second ultrasound maybe and we haven’t even been to our first. By the way it’s been now 10 days since I should have gotten my period.” I said more excitingly than I should have. “Other exciting news are that me and Phil are doing the radio show today.” he informed me. I took a bite from my toast and nodded. “What is today’s hashtag ?” I wanted to know since they are always hilarious.”Well, Phil is going to talk about how he -” that’s all I could understand before I was too busy with concentrating on my stomach that felt like it was filled with stones. I felt some warm semi solid food rising up my throat and to Dan’s surprise I jumped from my seat and sprinted to the bathroom. I made it right in time. As soon as I knelt down in front of the toilet I opened my mouth and started puking. It was honestly disgusting. Dan rushed after me and although he hated vomit nearly as much as moths and the dark he knelt behind me and held my hair back. His warm hands stroked my back as drops of sweat appeared on my forehead. My throat made that awful sound as I pressed my hands against the white tiles. It was way too early for throwing up,but after my breakfast and some stomach acid had left my stomach I felt better. I was left with a burning and sore throat and a bitter taste in my mouth. After I cleaned my face off I sat down on the sofa in the living room and Dan jogged to the kitchen and got me something to drink.

“Here you go, baby” he said as he handed me a glass of strawberry juice. “It looks like you do have some 5 weeks pregnancy symptoms.” he said with a half smile. I felt mixed emotions about that, I mean throwing up was definitely bad but since the cause of it was something so good I was sure that I could get through this. Dan sat down beside me and I leaned against his chest. “Thank you for being such a supportive boyfriend” I whispered while I played with his huge left hand. “Anything for my two babies” he said proudly. Since I felt like I hadn’t slept all night I decided to rest a bit while Dan prepared some stuff for the radio show. At around 7 pm he slowly opened our bedroom door to find me still half asleep in the bed. “Sorry to interrupt, darling” he said and turned the light on. He walked over to his wooden closet and got the black thermal shirt out that he had recently bought. I watched him as he took off the t shirt he was currently wearing and although he would never believe me I thought that his body was actually really fit. To be honest shirtless Dan was such a weakness of mine. “Your so hot, baby.” I whispered as loudly as possible. He grinned. “If I weren’t that tired, I would definitely get up and you know” I said with heavy eyelids. “Sweetie are you alright ?” Dan suddenly said and walked over to the bed. I nodded. “Yeah, I’m just tired.” I reassured him. “Those symptoms seem to hit you hard, darling” he said, pitying me. “I feel bad for leaving you alone. I could call in and have Phil do the show on his own ?” he suggested while he softly kissed my forehead. “Wouldn’t you also feel bad for leaving Phil alone ?” I asked and smiled. “Well, he is not to one who is pregnant.” Dan explained. I laughed and shook my head slightly. “Go and help Phil, I’ll be alright.” I spoke completely sure. But he was still not convinced. “Are you-” he started but I cut him off. “Just go to work, Daniel” I laughed and he pressed a last kiss on my lips and headed to the radio station. 

How to clear your sinuses with a vibrator


It’s same basic principle as shaking a ketchup bottle or an earthquake triggering a mudslide.  You’re going to use vibration to turn a semi solid into a liquid.

If decongestants or antihistamines aren’t cutting it (or you can’t take them) and its too blocked for neti pot to get through, you can try using a vibrator.  

You’ll need:

  • a vibrating device of some sort. you can use butt end of an electric toothbrush or electric razor if needed. just be careful of moving parts
  • a washcloth and/or some type of covering for your device. whatever shape is appropriate
  • Tissue or handkerchief 
  • glass of water (you’ll be gargling)
  • Somewhere to spit afterward

Take off any facial jewelry or earrings.

Make sure your device is CLEAN. Now wrap it up.  You can use either a thinner wrapping or the washcloth. you may want both.

Turn it on. Open your mouth, and start by applying at point of jaw,below ear.  Now close your mouth and hold teeth together. If too intense, adjust setting OR wrap in another layer of washcloth.  Now run slowly along the grove behind ear, running to jawline. This MAY make your ears pop if they’re clogged. adjust speed/wrapping again if this seems too intense.

Now do the facial sinuses over eyes.  Go  slowly along forehead, above eyebrows, moving in towards nose. do both sides. again, adjust if it seems too intense

Now to the main event.  Have tissues handy! Put next to ear, by tragus and then slowly move along and slightly underneath the cheek bone, towards the nose. gently. don’t press hard.  Make sure NOT to go above the cheek bone and into the orbit of the eye. Go slowly along until you’re actually touching nose, then hold there for a few seconds.  Repeat and do other side.  

The last part tends to make me personally sneeze and then everything runs like mad. Blow nose and repeat until you feel like you’ve got everything flowing. 

Depending on what part was actually blocked and how your sinuses are tilted, it MAY run down back of throat instead of coming out nose. Gargle to clear out anything that may have gone down back.

If you like neti pots, you may want to follow up with the neti pot now that there’s a path for it to drain through.  

And make sure to clean up your tools afterward!  either throw out wrapping (if temporary) or throw it direct in the wash and then clean off your device.


  • if it actually HURTS at any point, STOP. You may have more serious issue than temporary congestion. If it just feels weird, adjust angle or setting and see if there’s a better one. Of you may want to try a different type of fabric that lets through more or less vibration.
  • If you device is oddly shaped, you may want to work in front of mirror so you don’t poke yourself in eye with sticky outey bits
  • If you find direct contact is too much no matter what you do, close your jaw and just run along mandible. You’ll still get some vibration of lower sinuses that way, but it will be much gentler than direct contact
  • If you have braces on your teeth, be careful not to go too low and  hit them through your upper lip. that may result in cut lip. be gentle.
  • If your ears are clogged, spend some more on step one behind the ear.  This may cause you to want to cough or yawn as stuff moves around. Try not to do it from front, by tragus, for too long as many devices are going to be unpleasantly (and possibly dangerously) loud in that position. Focus on jaw and neck instead.
  • BE GENTLE. don’t press too hard!

AU Masterlist//

All right a master-list of all of the AU’s I want to write at some point. (Ones briefly started/about to start are italicized)

Fairy Tail

  • Knight AU (NaLu)
  • Bounty Hunter AU (multiple ships)
  • Soul Eater AU (multiple ships)
  • Stardust AU (NaLu)
  • Princess bride AU????
  • Robin Hood AU (NaLu)
  • A:TLA AU (multiple ships)
  • Monster High School AU (multiple ships)
  • Clay Dragon AU (NaLu)
  • Dragon Tamers AU (multiple ships)
  • Mermaid AU (NaLu)
  • Fake Engagement AU (Jerza/Gajevy and platonic/comical GajeelxErza)


  • Game of Thrones AU (Hiccstrid, others???)
  • Race Horse AU (Hiccstrid)
  • Paranormal Investigators AU (tbd)
  • Robin Hood AU (Hiccstrid)
  • Missing Persons AU
  • Stranger Things AU
  • Ice Skater/Hockey AU (Hiccstrid)

The 100

  • Dance/Step Up AU (Bellarke)
  • Sense8 AU (Bellarke, Minty, Wellven, etc.)
  • Beauty and the Beast/werewolf AU (Bellarke)
  • Pacific Rim AU (Bellarke)
  • Modern Royalty AU (Bellarke, Wellven)
  • Modern Witch AU (Bellarke)
  • Fake Dating/Home for the Holidays AU (Bellarke)
  • Male Pinup Calendar AU (Bellarke, +several other one-sided or short lived relationships)


  • Gelato Shop AU (Percabeth and Solangelo)
  • Post Apocalyptic War AU (???? All of them???)
  • Harry Potter AU???

Oh boy… are there any i particular that some of you would be interested in? idk when I’ll be getting to some of these (certainly after I finish one of my on going fics) but these are ones I have semi-solid plots for!

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Scenario about Reaper being the butt he is gets into a bad argument w his s/o and they don't see each other for a few days maybe? How would he try to apologize to them :3


I hope this meets your expectations!

For the rare occasions that Reaper was found around Talon agents, doing work for Talon, or in the vicinity of the headquarters, you were always with him. You claimed it was because he needed a liaison between himself and the organization, but the agents were smarter than that.

Everyone knew you were Reaper’s emotional weak spot.

Which is why someone within the organization tried to take you out.

Amélie sat with you in the hospital, her hair braided tight and tucked underneath a wide brim felt hat. Even though Talon had their own doctors on call at the hospital, it was better that any recognizable agent enter under disguise. Especially someone as noticeable as Amélie. She patted your arm very gently, whispering soothing French as you melted back against the pillows in a morphine haze. You noticed her tense and look towards the window of your hospital room. She had opened it at your request when she had arrived, even broke the safety latch that kept it from being opened all the way. And now it was filled with an oozing, angry black haze.

She stood from her chair and left the room, snapping an order to a doctor outside to not let anyone in. “Under penalty of death,” she cooed as she snatched his chin between her long nailed fingers. When he nodded, she pulled her scarf around her nose and mouth and strode down the hall with a heavy click of her heels.

The door whispered shut. Reaper materialized at the foot of your bed. Tendrils of shadows crawled over the sheets, extensions of his worry and barely restrained rage. They touched your warm face and left behind cold kisses.

“Nothing but the best for a Talon,” you slurred. The wisps shot into your hair and gave it an angry tug. You made a rude sound at him. “That hurts you jerk. I’m already in enough pain, it would be nice if my lover,” you emphasis the word humorously and fell into a bought of giggles, “Treated me nicely.” The temperature of the room fell. He stalked around the bed, setting his new set of custom shotguns on your side table. The pumpkin helmet, one he designed with a sick sense of humor and a jab to a past life, was carefully removed. The fire behind its eyes went out. He glared at you and the glare with the shadows, the scars, and the morphine in your system frightened you. You sunk back into your pillows.

“You almost died and you decide to make jokes,” he growled.

“I thought the punkin king liked jokes,” you squeaked out.

He dropped the pumpkin on the table with a loud thud. His scars darkened, the scowl on his face puckered and curled menacingly, and the shadows dancing at his collar flared. He was losing his form.

“You were involved in a bombing misfire and you think jokes are appropriate?” he said, “You could have died.”

“I’m aware,” you said with a frown. You sat up, feeling a twinge of annoyance in your chest. “I know what I got into when I joined Talon. Getting hurt is part of the job.”

“Is that the bullshit they fed you? Because you weren’t hurt because you’re part of Talon,” he spat, openly mocking you. “They set that bomb off early because they want to hurt me.”

Morphine was great for your physical pain but wow did it utterly destroy your filter. “This may come as a surprise, Gabriel Reyes, but not everything in this world revolves around you!” you snapped, “Sometimes these things happen, it comes with the territory of being a fucking criminal!” You threw your hands up, smacking at the wires and tubes attached to your arms. “And what if you are right? I’m not a child! Not one of your Blackwatch lackeys that you have to babysit! I’m kind of an adult, I can manage to take care of myself, especially when I’m hurt and you’re not around!” You crossed your arms and flopped back into your pillows. “Go away.”

“No.” The raspy answer came from semi solid form. The pumpkin on the nightstand lit up like a jack-o-lantern. “I’m staying to make sure you’re still alright.”

“Amélie will keep an eye on me,” you grumped back. The shadows that had crawled up your bed reached out and yanked a chair from across the room. Reaper was solid enough to collapse into it.

“How about you let someone take care of you for once in your miserable life,” he said. He sounded tired.

“You really suck at this comforting thing,” you pointed out, “Now go away. I’m serious.”

“Fuck you.”

You sat up in your bed and screamed at the top of your lungs, “AMÉLIE!”

The door was booted open in under five seconds. Before her boot hit the floor, she was twisting together the sniper rifle she kept under her coat, swiveling down into a crouch to aim better. She frowned when Reaper stood and held one of his guns level with her head. You buried your face in your hands and quietly asked her to make him leave.

“Are you sure cherie?” she asked softly. Reaper scoffed. He scooped up the pumpkin, to which Amélie gave an appreciative hum. “You should design my next uniform,” she mused. Reaper released a small chuckle, which had you glaring at his back.

“I’ll consider it, for a fee.”

You waved your arms. “Okay, get out, just get out I don’t want you here, fucking leave,” you wailed. You dropped back into your pillows and covered your face with your arms. He sat the pumpkin back on his shoulder and disappeared. Amélie frowned at the distressed sounds you made into your elbows.

She escorted you to your apartment in the city when you were released a few days later. You didn’t see or hear anything from Reaper during that time. When Amélie tried to ask what you had talked with him about, you just told her you argued with him. She didn’t push the subject.

“You know I am only a call away,” she said as she tucked you into your couch, wrapping a blanket around your shoulders. Her cold fingers were a nice feeling against your skin. You smiled, exhausted.

“Thank you, Amélie, but I’ll be okay,” you said. You huddled into the blanket when she stood. She set your medication down, along with a drink and your favorite snack. She then left silently, and shut and locked the door behind her. You were left in the silence. You sank into the couch and flipped on a movie. Hours later, you were startled awake, blanket tucked carefully around you, pillows arranged carefully under your head. You realized you must have fallen asleep but didn’t remember moving around at all.

There was a sound coming from your kitchen. You carefully stood, holding the blanket over your shoulders, and shuffled towards it. The room was filled with wisps, each one collecting an item from around the kitchen and converging at the stove. Reaper was silently making you a plate of food, your favorite meal, something he made for you back when he was still Gabriel. You watched him quietly. He turned his attention to you, holding your gaze. His eyes change from healthy, to bloodshot, to red and puffy, to a healthy white again in a matter of seconds. He looked away.

“Plate’ll get cold if I carry it for you,” he rasped. He cleared his throat, rubbed at it absently. You noticed his gauntlets were also gone, revealing scared hands that revolved through necrosis and healing. You wandered over and scooped up the plate. Shadows wrapped around your upper arm before his hand did, keeping you in place next to him. “You were right,” he whispered in your ear, “But I was also right.”

“That’s a shitty apology,” you grunted. He followed you back to the couch, shadows trailing over your back and shoulders. “But I forgive you. Doesn’t mean you can still treat me like a child,” you said. You set the plate down on the side table. Reaper lowered you into your spot carefully, pulling your feet onto the space next to you. You looked up at him. “Will you stay?”

He lifted your feet without a word and sat down under them. You pulled your plate into your lap and ate, enjoying the silence between the two of you. The pumpkin he had left in your kitchen lit up. You smiled and nudged him. Reaper leaned back against the couch, relaxing for the first time a while.

also! another fun fact.

when cells kiss, they typically kiss to transfer, so their mouths suction together and – for at least a brief second – their membranes join into one (and yes, penetrative and non-penetrative sex alike can involve a very similar process). however, if ozzy just so happens to be macking on somebody who isn’t built like him, who isn’t malleable and semi-solid like him – so, somebody who isn’t an exposed cell – his body instinctually reacts the same as it would if he were copulating with another t-cell, i.e., tightening almost painfully around the other person’s tongue or fingers or … other extremities. 

so, essentially, the reason i’m saying this is — you ever get your dick stuck in tar? (no?) have you ever wanted to get your dick stuck in tar? (also no?)

then you can’t fuck osmosis jones.

anonymous asked:

I know that Harry isn't a big guy, but is the guitar he plays giant or am I just not used to the look of him with a guitar? Thanks.

I am not a guitar player, so take everything I say with a huge grain of salt. And maybe a real guitar player can correct me!

I believe what Harry played for “Ever Since New York” is a Gibson ES semi-hollow body semi-acoustic electric guitar.

In general, solid body electric guitars (like the Stratoscaster that Mitch plays) has a metallic, amplified sound. A hollow-bodied acoustic-electric guitar has a warmer sound (because of the resonance in the body of the guitar), but produces more feedback.

A semi-solid semi-acoustic guitar is a compromise between the two. It has a brighter sound than the hollow bodies, but is warmer, bluesier, jazzier, than the solid bodies.

The guitar is marked by the two “wings” that stick out near the neck. There are “f holes” in the body of the guitar (like the f holes in a violin) that allow sound to resonate inside.

The size of the guitar maybe related to its thin line width. The large size allows more space inside the instrument for sound to resonate. Smaller acoustic guitars, like a Taylor or Martin, are thicker, and have a darker, warmer sound.

Our son Harold isn’t tiny (though he is very smol). His guitar is big. In the BTA movie, he does play a Martin-style guitar, though he never plays a stratocaster.