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It’d be great if you nonblack finn fans would talk to @beautifullights1 since they support rape fics that make finn into a rapist. It’d be great if you nonblack finn fans didn’t leave just the black fans to do this constantly. Take a break from antireylo speeches and go confront someone who claims to be a finn fan & their friends who are directly responsible for making fandom unsafe for black fans to be in.

Dating Sam Winchester Would Include:

- You two met when you were both at the same library researching the same case.
- Your eyes were immediately drawn to him and his were drawn to you.
- You two kept to yourselves though until you both reached for the same book.
- This resulted in the two of you having a conversation and you both let it slip that you’re hunters.
- Instead of one of you telling the other to lay off the case, you decide to work together.
- This irritates Dean, but Sam talks him around.
- Sam and you share the same values.
- This leads the two of you to get on really well.
- You start dating him just after the researching portion of the hunt is over.
- You both read to each other often usually while cuddling.
- He often voices his concern about losing you and then you remind him that that’s never going to happen because you’re careful AND you have him and his brother to watch over you.
- You, Dean, Cas, and Charlie become BFFs.
- Winchester movie nights because yes.
- You two manage to convince Dean that Team Free Will needs a dog.
- This “convincing” was done by bribing him with the promise of him receiving pie at least once a week.
- You and Sam exercise together a lot.
- You two are the definition of couple goals.
- Him skipping hunts when you’re ill to take care of you because you’re his world.
- He tries to get you to incorporate more fresh produce into your diet, although he realizes it’s difficult with the hunter lifestyle.
- You move into the bunker with them.
- You both cuddle a lot.
- Sam and you watch a lot of television and films together.
- Apart from handholding and occasional cheek kisses, he isn’t huge on PDA.
- Once away from prying eyes, he’s super passionate though.
- His favorite place to kiss you is on your forehead.
- He gives great hugs.
- You both write each other love notes.
- Dean is simultaneously you and Sam’s number one shipper and semi-disgusted with all of your sickly sweet behavior with him.
- He’s truly happy though to see his brother in a relationship again.
- You and Sam are practically inseparable.
- Sam purposely places important objects high up on shelves so he has an excuse to help you.
- You two end up getting married and it’s all sweet and adorable.
- Sam and you do end up having children and you two manage to give them a mostly normal childhood.
- They call Dean “Uncle Dean” and Cas is “Uncle Cas”.

DISCLAIMER- I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters. I also do not own you.

I hesitated over making this recs list for awhile now because I’m not sure I actually consider myself a shipper of this pairing or if I just like the friendship. I mean, I like all the friendships from the Fellowship! But rewatching the LotR movies last year kind of kicked my Aragorn/Legolas semi-shipper back into gear, then… with the end of BOTFA… well. At the same time, I have a difficult time shipping Legolas with mortal characters because it just seems like it’d end in heartbreak with the whole “elves mate for life” thing! And yet… the heart wants what it wants.  Sometimes.  This is my “I’m not sure I’m in this fandom, but here are some of the good fics I’ve found” list and I refuse to be given shit about it. ;)

The Question by eyebrowofdoom, aragorn/legolas, NSFW, 3.2k
    Elves, you know? They’re hundreds or even thousands of years old. They sleep with their eyes open, *if* they sleep – frequently they just stand around all night, still and straight, waiting for the sodding humans to wake up and get on with it. They’re just bloody weird, really. Aragorn, travelling with Legolas, is reminded all over again.
The Sun In His Hands by JastaElf, light aragorn/legolas + implied aragorn/arwen, 4.8k
    Near the end of Aragorn’s life he spends a rainy afternoon with Legolas, discussing the past, sealonging, & love…
Night and Day by ELG, aragorn/legolas + eomer + mentions of canon pairings, NSFW, 11.9k
    A meeting with Éomer and the apparent death of Aragorn make both Aragorn and Legolas re-examine their feelings for one another.
This Mortal Joy by lightgetsin, aragorn/legolas + fellowship, 2.6k
    The ring calls to Aragorn, but not for the reasons he had expected.
How to Save Your Marriage by eleveninches, aragorn/legolas + aragorn/arwen breakup, humor, 4.4k
    Aragorn needs an heir. Arwen wants to go home. Legolas is just there for the free food.
The Birth by elceri, aragorn/legolas + implied aragorn/legolas/arwen + gimli, pregnant!legolas, 4.1k
    Aragorn greets the birth of his first child with trepidation and doubt, but Gimli helps restore his faith in Legolas, himself, and their future.
Aphrodisiac by Erandir, aragorn/legolas, NSFW, 2.8k
    What exactly did they put in Legolas’ wine? Aragorn is about to find, and out in the most unlikely way.
Until We Meet Again by iiiionly (Tanis), aragorn/legolas pre-slash, 4.3k
    The elf knew, long before the trees of Ithilien began gossiping among themselves, of the king’s coming.
In Between by edibleflowers, aragorn/legolas, NSFW, 2.2k
    After the battle, before the war: a moment’s rest
Curiosity Caught the Elf by TheBraveButShrinkingViolet, aragorn/legolas, 4.5k
    A young Legolas Thrandulion encounters Aragorn in the forests of Mirkwood and can’t contain his wonder at the dark scruff which covers the ranger’s jaw…

full details + recs under the cut!

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Different anon here! Since you’ve been discussing age of consent, I thought I might chime in a bit: Rurouni Kenshin (have you read it?), written in the 1990s, is set in the early years of the Meiji Restoration era in Japan, and the lead hero and heroine are respectively 28 and 17 years old, iirc. This does not mean that the author or the readers are supporters of paedophilia; it’s just that the work reflects cultural and societal norms prevalent at the time it is based on (1)

which are otherwise unacceptable today, thanks to a healthier collective understanding of childhood and physiological and psychological maturity and a stricter stance on crimes against minors. Age of adulthood in Narutoverse is much harder to pin down but I think there’s some tentative proof for it being 18. Remember Jiraiya’s statement to Konan? I hesitate to take it seriously - because holy hell Jiraiya, you’re perving on a lieral child, STOP – but it’s there.

That said, at what point does adulthood begin in a society that raises trains 5-year-olds for combat and espionage and whatnot and sends them out to war??? It *clenches fist* angers me that Kishi acknowledges this issue and so many others but never properly redresses them, and shinobi nations continue to practice child labour and child militarization, which paints the new leaders in such a terrible light.

Point is a) the continued employment of children and teenagers for hazardous purposes needs to fucking stop b) regardless of that, age of adulthood should be at a reasonably acceptable value, and c) fuck Kishi’s world-building and storytelling, and bless all the fanfic authors who try to fix these in-world problems in their works.

As far as shipping Sakura goes, though, I kinda prefer slow-burn Sakura-centric fics that take the time to have her grow as a person and shinobi and develop her as a character (because Kishi’s writing of women is just….well. Nope.) and they almost always have her at 19-20+.

(Above is a copy/paste of further asks from the same anon.)

This ask actually dates back to the previous time the KakaSaku community on Tumblr dealt with a wave of hate, or maybe two times ago, IDK, it’s kinda like the ocean on here, and just as salty.

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I recently stumbled across a blog where a Shika//Tema shipper was semi-politely (how polite can you be dealing with batshit) trying to deal with a person who was insisting that Shika fucking Tema was a “predatory” ship because of the age difference (three years! three years!!!).

It’s this worldview where a ship’s potential to be abusive means not only that every possible iteration in all universes of this pairing is automatically abusive, but also that anyone who supports these ships has cooties and must be shunned, lest they curse you with the evil eye by looking at your fanart with their tainted gazes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Narutoverse is a fairly strange world since it’s a uncoordinated, anachronistic mix of a society that’s literally only just transitioned from a totally lawless, clan-centric, world of constant and total war (to the point where children are expected to join the battelfield as soon as they can grip a kunai), to some extremely messed up villages in a mercenary relationship to literal feudal lords. That’s well within 100 years of the beginning of Naruto.

Moreover, it’s difficult to at all determine the Narutoverse’s norms for sexual behaviour and marriage because Kishimoto breaks into hives at the idea of having to write anything in that realm. We’re left trying to connect the dots between things like clear clan endogamy among certain clans like the Uchiha and the Hyuuga; the unexplained male/female ratio imbalance among shinobi; the really inexplicable low birthrate among shinobi; the lack of civilian characters outside of Teuchi and Ayame; the lack of shinobi characters with true civilian background; the fact that Sunagakure apparently is ruled by some form of hereditary monarchy; the explicitly pro-natal, pro-children “Will of Fire”; almost no one in Kakashi’s generation has any romantic/sexual entanglements; etc etc etc. Are marriages arranged? Some combination of arranged and not arranged? Do people have sex outside of marriage, is it frowned upon, is there a different standard for men vs women, is there a different standard for shinobi vs civilians? Do shinobi and civilians ever intermarry? Why are so few shinobi married at all? Why do so many married shinobi have only one or two children when the death rate is so high?

It’s a confusing mess. The Narutoverse is pretty clearly sexist and within living memory of a time that seemed to have been even more sexist, but it’s not anything like as sexist as real world feudal and clan-based military societies. At the same time, it’s not anything like modern Japan (or Europe or other developed societies) either. Regarding child labour and child militarization, you see slow progress from pre-Konoha (routine, ubiquitous fighting five-year-olds getting killed) to Naruto’s era (only the most exceptionally talented preteens like Itachi see active duty, and most people don’t start taking dangerous missions until they are teens). Yet as of the Naruto ending and into Boruto, progress in this area has completely stagnated.

All of this fighting, fighting, fighting and the constant spectre of death throws another wrinkle into the concept of an age gap relationship. In the real, modern world, if a sixteen year old and a thirty year old want to have sex, even granting that they live in an area where the age of consent is 16 (which is the entirety of my country of Canada), I would still urge them both to wait until the teenager has been living an independent adult life for a few years, and it would be difficult to conjecture a motivation for the thirty year old that wasn’t predatory. But if you’re living in a society where every day has a good chance of being the day you take a jutsu to the jugular, if the sixteen-year-old is already functioning as an adult within the society, if the sixteen year old and the thirty year old really have a meeting of minds, if another sixteen-year-old in that society has literally been ruling a nation for four years? Suddenly it gets a lot more complex?

Plus of course there’s the idea that no one should be allowed to write about fucked up relationships. We only allow pure and completely unproblematic ships in this saga of a demon-infused boy raising himself and fighting other tweenagers in arena death matches. [/sarcasm]

God that got long. Have a more succinct KakaSaku response to the haters gif as a present for scrolling this far.

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Just a casual reminder: it’s canon that the writers of supernatural have written Wincest fanfiction through Becky Rosen.

Do you hear that faint sound in the distance?

But if we’re being honest, the writers, whether they know it or not, are fanfic writers. They created Destiel first and i’m willing to bet it was a writer craving a little bit more homo.

When I react to shippers I'm like
  • me when I see elfgreen shippers: sup you guys are awesome
  • me when I see gajevy shippers: sup you guys are awesome
  • me when I see canon shippers: sup you guys are awesome
  • me when I see crackshippers: sup you guys are awesome stay cool
  • me when I see fanon shippers: sup you guys are awesome stay strong
  • me when I see miraxus/fraxus shippers: sup you guys are awesome i love you
  • me when I see zervis shippers: sup our ship was crack-turned-almost-canon yay you guys are awesome i love you
  • me when I see gruvia/jerza shippers: sup i think your ships are slightly problematic/complicated they need major development first before i can accept them but i love you and you guys are awesome
  • me when I see nali shippers: sup i think your ship is cute they had great potential just didn't develop properly but stay strong i love you and you guys are awesome
  • me when I see nalu shippers: fuck yeah otp for the fucking win you guys are awesome i love you nuff said
  • me when I see grayza shippers: i love you so much let me cry on you about my underrated otp hold me pls

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