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shiratorizawa's reaction to being woken up at 3 am by their s/o sending them memes pls ?? thx

this is it everyone. i was put on this earth a little more than 23 years ago to fill this exact request with the expansive knowledge of memes i’ve collected in my spare time since the dawn of memeing, from when it was just a niche subculture coming from the cesspool of Actual Flaming Shit that is 4chan to modern-day popular usage. i even went ahead and gave each one a specific meme to help me out.

i’m going with shiratorizawa starters + semi again. tendou’s ties-in with this headcanon post about him.


The meme you send him: Look at all those chickens! accompanied with the message “Me, showing off you and the rest of the volleyball team”

He doesn’t understand this at all. Those aren’t chickens, those are geese. Shiratorizawa has nothing to do with geese. Perhaps you’re just confused because it’s late at night and you should be asleep. He answers back simply, “Please do not think of me or anyone else on the team as chicken or geese. Goodnight.” He doesn’t bring it up in the morning.


The meme you send him: you just send him a text that says, “The Game”

It takes him a while to register the text between being sleepy and the vagueness of it. But then he remembers and he just about tosses his phone across the room. Really?! People are still playing that?! What year is it?! At least you lost too, because you had to have thought about it to text it to him. He’s a grump in the morning when he sees you.


The meme you send him: Reasons to Live Pepe but with his face photoshopped into the book in the second panel

At first he’s worried that you’re texting him at such a late hour and he’s ready to come to your rescue, but when he opens the text, his fear subsides. He’s very flattered that you feel that way, but the frog-man thing is somewhat… disturbing. (C’mon, Reon, Pepe can be cute at times! just not this Pepe.) Not to mention, you both really should be sleeping. In the morning he gently suggests, that in the future, to not meme too hard past midnight.


The meme you send him: You rapid fire text him “Je suis un Ananas” about 30 times (from this video)

Given that does this to you ALL THE TIME already, it was only a matter of time before you started doing it to him. He should have known better. Now you’ve challenged him to the Ultimate Meme-Off and he has no choice but to scour the internet for the finest vintage memes—we’re talking memes such as the “The Kitty Cat Dance”—because he knows your comebacks will mostly be very obscure or specific ones from the Modern Era of Memes. It is on like Dankey Kang. He can sleep when he’s dead.


The meme you send him: this and various other memes involving “I LOVE YOU” being shouted via caps lock

He forgot to turn down the volume on his phone before going to bed so his text alert going off nearly gives him a heart attack. He gets really flustered from the memes, so much that he has to cover his face with his hands and lie back down because you’re killing him! He doesn’t even care that you woke him up in the middle of the night. This is the best night ever! He can’t wait to see you in morning.


The meme you send him: First you send him the message, “Get ready to have your mind blown” and then proceed to send him rapid-fire Troll Physics comics (example)

He lets out a very resigned sigh because he knows exactly what you’re up to, just not what flavor it’ll be this time. He reads the comics—yes, all of them—that you send and for a minuscule moment he considers sending you the actual math and science behind why they’re wrong. Except that’s the point. He shuts off his text tone for the rest of the night and doesn’t say a word about it in the morning.


The meme you send him: Instagram quote rebuttals / hipster edits (example)

He squints his eyes at the brightness of his screen and it takes him a while to process what you’ve actually sent him. When it finally registers that you sent him a meme of all things (he was expecting something a little sexier given the late hour), he rolls his eyes and sends back a “Go to bed, you meme-loving fuck” before going back to sleep himself. At least it was one you both have jokes about and made your own versions of. He finds a few on his phone during breakfast to show you.


The meme you send him: Spongebob but with Alfonso Riberio’s face… you know the one

The text startles him awake, but he’s slow to look at his phone. He stares at it for a while, expecting something to happen as if it were a GIF or even a jump scare. It’s neither, thankfully, especially the latter. He doesn’t understand this and actually calls you to ask you what this means. Are you being cryptic? Even when you tell him it’s just supposed to be a silly picture, he still doesn’t understand. Poor guy will never understand your weird humor.

Club Can’t Handle Us. Wade Wilson.

Title: Club Can’t Handle Us.

Pairing: Female Reader x Deadpool

Prompt: Anon: Hi, I would like to request a Deadpool x reader, with him breaking the 4th wall and knowing it’s a fic and a lot of smut and funny remarks (94, 88, 87, maybe 21). Thanks!

Triggers: Smut. Semi-Public (Nightclub). Killed a guy XD

Enjoy ;D

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Semishira (๑♡⌓♡๑) for Anon ♡

I’m Not Ready - Ten (Semi-M)

Requested: hi :)) i really love your blog and i was wondering if you could make a ten semi smut where it’s just making out and grinding ?? this is my very first time sending a smut related request so i feel kinda awkward haha, have a great day!!

A/N: hola, thank you so much for requesting! I hope it is to your liking^^
It’s so short——

**Not For Children**

Word Count: 293

He pouted, moving to the other side of the sofa. You glanced at him, a small whine leaving your plush lips.

“Don’t move away-”

Clumsily, you crawled to him, settling in his lap.

“I was joking,” you assured, “I don’t like Taeyong like that-”

He remained silent, listening intently.

“Don’t be upset,” you pleaded.

His gaze met your own, his warm brown eyes entrancing. He opened his mouth to say something- quickly regretting his decision.
You giggled at your childish boyfriend, cupping his warm cheeks gently. You smiled before guiding his lips to meet your own. He let out a quiet groan of submission, quickly forgetting his distasteful jealousy.
Gently, your lips danced with his own, his hands finding their way to your hips.
You drew back, a smug comment at the tip of your tongue. However, your eyes widened in bewilderment as he met your lips again, hungrily silencing you. You whined, your whine accidentally morphing into a low moan as his tongue met your own.
You could feel the erect member under his shorts pressing into your clothed heat. This time it was he whom whined, his lips leaving you. Your breaths grew heavier, your gaze sultry.
He ground his confined erection into you, a gasp leaving you, your back arching slightly. His lips found your neck, a splay of gentle kisses gracing the tender skin. Your breath caught as your sensitive clitoris was belligerently ground into.

“W-Wait” you stuttered, your small hands fisting his shirt tightly.

He stopped, his lips ghosting your sensitive skin, his faulty breath fanning it gently.

“I’m not ready.”

It was silent for a moment.

“That’s alright” he murmured, endearingly nuzzling into your warm neck, his tensed frame relaxing into a comforting embrace.

“I love you.”


Prompt; Semi-public naughty business 

Requested by; @dinodax123

Warning; very nsfw!

“Seduce me without touching me.”

Levy wouldn’t have thought that Gajeel would have taken her challenge seriously, let alone succeeding in said challenge. Yet here they were, sitting at a table tucked away in a dark corner while the rest of the guild partied away, celebrating some random thing. She didn’t choose the corner, of course; she would’ve rather have opted for the quietness of the guild library where she knew no one else would notice and bother them. But Gajeel had to one up her challenge, bragging that he could do it without the others noticing.  

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Rated R - Sodapop Imagine (Requested)


“Aw, I love that movie!” Steve chanted as Two-Bit flipped through a stack of movies.

Soda and I were laid back on the couch while the rest of the gang crowded around Two-Bit like a herd of wild monkeys. It was a chilly Friday night and since it was too cold to go out to the drive-in, we were all huddled inside trying to pick a movie to watch.

“Nah I think we should watch this one.” Pony said, grabbing a disk from, the now, very messy pile the boys made.

“Yeah, pick one with James Dean in it!” Johnny piped up.

I sighed and rested my head on my boyfriend Soda’s shoulder.

“Will they ever pick something to watch?” I half-smiled.

“You know how the guys can be” he laughed, flashing me his world famous smile.

I’d been so busy with juggling school and work this week that I’ve barely had any time to spend with my boyfriend Sodapop. Not that I didn’t love hanging out with the gang or anything, we always have a lot of fun. It’s just been so long since I’ve gotten any alone time with Soda. Not that I was worried though, I’m just glad I got to see him tonight. Any time together is worth it.

The boys finally picked a movie and we all settled in. Johnny and Pony sat on the other couch while the rest of the gang stayed on the floor.

I felt Soda’s hand come around and rub my thigh. Chills shot through me, but I brushed it off, figuring he probably didn’t notice he was doing it. The rest of the guys were making small talk or laughing about the movie as it began.

Minutes later I felt a hand caress me again. But this time, he brought his hand even higher up my thigh than before, slowly rubbing me under the blanket.

“Soda” I whispered so only him and I could hear it. “Cut it out.”

“Oh come on baby, I haven’t seen you in forever..” he gave me puppy dog eyes, knowing damn well what he was doing.

I glared at him and he eventually moved his hand back, resting it over my shoulder.

Minutes passed when I suddenly felt Soda lean into me, his hot breath hitting my neck. It was clearly intentional.

I furrowed my brows, now even more sexually frustrated than before.

Fine I thought to myself. If he wants to play dirty, than I’ll show him just how dirty I can be.

I slowly moved my hand across his jeans. A small gasp escaped his lips followed by a smirk as I ran my small fingers up and down his now growing erection. The guys didn’t seem to notice.

“(Y/N)” he warned.

“What baby?” I pouted, imitating his actions from earlier. “We haven’t seen each other  in forever, remember?”

“Besides..”I whispered slowly in his ear, carefully unzipping his jeans. I knew he was bound to crack soon.
“I miss how good you feel inside me.”

“Jesus” he sighed.

“I miss the way you feel..I miss the way you moan..”
“But you know what I miss most of all Sodapop?” I smirked.

“(Y/N) baby, please” he whispered, sounding uncomfortably horny.

“I miss the way you taste.”

With that, I quickly slid my hand out of his pants and right back into my lap. He let out a small whimper at the loss of contact.

“But I guess I’ll just have to wait. Besides, we should finish this movie anyway.” I smiled.

I turned my head to face the TV, completely ignoring Soda’s reaction.

“Oh you’re gonna regret that” he said.

All expression drained from his face except for a look of lust in his eyes.

“Oh, am I?” I smirked back, pretending to laugh at his words.

I could tell Soda’s dominant side was coming out. It was rare to see him like this when he’s usually so sweet all the time, but god did it turn me on even more to hear him take control.

“Touch my cock” he growled in my ear.

I practically choked on my own breath at his words. My confidence in this little game shattered.

“What?” I turned to him.

The Sodapop I knew was never this nasty; it was always about pleasuring me first. By this time, my panties were beyond wet.

“You heard me. If not then get on your knees.” he smirked.

“You mean..r-right here? Like - now?” I choked out, looking around the room at the rest of the gang hypnotized by the television.

“Did I stutter?”

I looked up at him, flashing my best innocent face. I slid my hand back under the blanket and back into his already unzipped pants. My tiny fingers were nothing compared to his enormous bulge showing through his boxers, I practically moaned at the sight of it.

Then, I did the unthinkable. I slowly moved my hand into his boxers, rubbing up and down his length. I could already feel the pre-cum dripping onto my hand. I brought a finger up to my mouth and licked all off his juices off, making sure he saw all of it.

“God, I love it when you’re nasty” he groaned.

I brought my hand back down, going at a teasingly slow pace. I grabbed his length with my small hand and dragged it up and down, running my thumb over the head.

“Fuck (Y/N) - more” he demanded into my ear. His hot breath made my thighs clench.

I squeezed my fist and picked up the pace. Thats when he lost it. Soda’s head tilted back by now I was sure the guys noticed.

I could feel him tensing around my hand and I knew he was close.

Suddenly the tension in the room was sliced in half by the sound of laughter. The lights flipped on and our eyes widened in fear.

“Hey, look at these two!” Two-Bit laughed, pointing towards me and Soda on the couch.

A chant of “Oh my god”, “Y’all are nasty”, “Couldn’t hold it in Soda?“ and “Somebodys getting a little frisky”  erupted along with tons of laughter from the gang.

I flushed as bright as a tomato and quickly pulled my hand out of his pants, still hidden under the blanket.

Sickness and Injury Headcanons

“INJUrE tHEM. I mean uh– what are they like when they’re sick or injured?”

- He shows up to practice despite being injured. They told him he can’t play but he’s just too eager to be there so he’ll sit by on a bench and watch the others despite being really fidgety while watching.
- He hardly gets sick because he’s careful about all of it and always eats his vegetables like a good boy. But when he does get sick, he’ll pretend he’s okay when he has a fever
and looks like he’s about to die.
- Only really stays in bed when his mum tells him to. Otherwise, if it’s just a cold, he’ll work out to break up congestion but his sneezes are really loud and sudden and once he almost dropped his weights on himself. (This is why you need a spotter)

- When he’s injured, he usually just grumbles the whole time because it’s an
inconvenience rather than it actually hurting him. “I could’ve been doing *** while I was in hospital.”
- “Why is nobody resting when they’re sick?” he says as he’s doubled over with a stomach infection yet is trying to clean his room.
- Satori is the only one willing to drag Eita to bed because he’s used to getting hit by him. He spends his rest glaring at whoever is taking care of him.

- He doesn’t even remember the last time he injured himself. He’s pretty sure he had a sprained ankle or something when he was twelve but that’s about it.
- He doesn’t come into school when he’s sick because he doesn’t want others to get sick too. He’ll go home and stay with his parents because he doesn’t want to inconvenience
his roommate (honestly what a sweetheart)
- He listens to the advice of the doctors because he doesn’t want to miss too much work despite how the teachers excuse him because of his sickness; when he returns to his normal life, there’s not much of a gap between recovery and adjusting to everything again.

- He doesn’t tell anyone when he’s injured because he doesn’t want them to worry. If it noticeably affects him and others call him out, he explains what’s happened but then the others just scold him more for hiding it and tell him to rest.
- BEING SICK IS A DIFFERENT CASE. If he has a cold, he’s calling his friends telling
them that he’s dying and can’t breathe all the while sounding gross with his nasally
voice. If it’s a fever, he’ll whisper that he’s going to slowly lose all his senses and die in a void of emptiness. Literally so over the top.
- Uses his self proclaimed “last moments” to beg for chocolate ice cream even though that is definitely not going to help his state.

- He’s rather like Semi in the ‘inconvenienced’ attitude to injuries. He is however too careful with sprain or wounds that he has an bandages them way too tightly till he can’t feel blood flow
- He’s still pretty high energy when he’s sick and is prepared for it with the amazing mass of tissues in his bag that he carries around with him. He just wants to be up and moving despite how much everyone protests to it.
- Under the covers however, he’d probably shrivel up and rot away if nobody was taking care of him. There’s food out for him on his desk but it’s like his blankets have drained all his energy away (it’s actually just too comfy)

- He’s mildly irritated by his injuries but usually takes it as a sign that he’s been pushing himself too hard. He doesn’t really find anyone to blame but himself them.
- You’d expect him to be a germaphobe but he’s really gross at home and forgets to clean up after himself so if he has to take care of himself when the staff at home aren’t there, he’ll cease functioning and call someone to take care of him.
- He tries to do homework as it’s all he actually does but he gets really tired and falls asleep in his sitting, sometimes slamming his head on the desk or slipping out of his chair.

- NORMAL. HE’S NORMAL. He doesn’t let injuries bother him too much but he knows
how to take it easy and actually listens to doctors.
- Actually feigns being sick a lot so sometimes people don’t believe him until he’s hacking up a lung in the middle of class. He does tend to throw up a lot when he’s sick as well; it’s gotten to the point where when he’s sick, someone will hang a plastic bag on his desk just in case.
- He gets sick mainly because his diet is 20% instant noodles when he’s lazy during break and hungry. He shuffles out with noodle pots into the dining room to fill it up with hot water. The sad thing is that it’s all he actually eats when he’s sick as well too.

- He’s more likely to get injured at home fighting with his siblings. His sister has more than once threatened to throw him. The other two boys sit back and record, only to tell on the two once their parents get back home.
- He’s got enough siblings bringing germs into the house, he doesn’t need the others
bringing germs near him when they’re pretty much dying. He tells them to go home and rest like he does when he’s sick.
- He locks his room and does absolutely nothing when he’s sick. Taking a day off means that he has an excuse from homework on that day so when it’s late at night, he’ll be
stupid and wake up to finish the homework due for the next day.

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BTS Reaction: You (girlfriend) are tall(5′9) and have a semi-curvy body (Requested)

Namjoon: He wouldn’t you being 5′9, considering he is 5′11. But as far as being semi-curvy, he wouldn’t care about that either way because you were still beautiful to him (plus you looked good in a white t-shirt, jeans, and red converse to him)

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Yoongi and Jimin (because they’re both 5′9): Yoongi wouldn’t care for your appearance but he would think it’s weird that you guys are the same height but it wouldn’t bother him. As for Jimin, he would kinda be bothered about the fact that you have the same height, but he would love your semi-curvy body.

Originally posted by yoonmin

Taehyung: He’s taller than you so, HE WOULD BE LIT LMAO. This 4D child wouldn’t care for a single thing on the outside of you. He wouldn’t care about your semi-curvy body, he would love you for you.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Hoseok: This angel would adore you and he would love the fact that his girlfriend is tall and semi-curvy. He really wouldn’t care that you are almost his height, he would just respect you even more for it. Plus he would be excited.

Originally posted by troiskims

Jungkook: Just like everyone else basically, he also wouldn’t care about your height. He thought it would be cuter if you were shorter but he didn’t mind and it didn’t bother him. As for being semi-curvy, he also wouldn’t be bothered by it.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Jin: He would be the most excited and also the most supportive. He wouldn’t care what you looked like and would always make you feel comfortable about your semi-curvy body. As for being 5′9, he wouldn’t mind. He would just also love you for you.

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can i have a request w/ semi where he & reader ""hate"" each other so when they're forced to work together on a project, they get answer but secretly they like each other?????? i love for cliches and need semi in my life

You fumed silently at the male sitting across from you on the carpeted floor who in turn was passing a malicious glance your way.  It was rather unfortunate how the universe deemed to invoke it’s wrath upon you that through a twisted turn of events you need up being Semi Eita’s partner for the project. The two of you seemed to bump heads since the day you met, quite literally to be exact.

The gym was being occupied by the volleyball team that afternoon when you had forgotten your gimbal up on the stage (they gym was used as an auditorium after all). You had managed to enter unnoticed, the players too absorbed into their practices to notice your arrival which you were thankful for. The last thing you had wanted was to be scolded by the coaches for drawing attention to yourself. The relief was short lived as a chorus of shouts yelled, “Watch out!”, before a ball landed soundly to the top of your head. A curse fell from your lips, bag falling to the floor as you clutched your head.

“I’ll handle it, don’t stop practice on account of this.” A gruff voice called before a pair of sneakers stopped in front of your line of vision facing the ground. “Are you okay?” He leaned down to meet your level.

You peaked up, still clutching your head as you met the piercing gaze of the former Shiratorizawa setter, Semi Eita. Your expression fell dramatically, mirroring the distasteful look he had as he recognized who you were. It was always him who seem to cause you problems, stealing your pencils, accidentally bumping into you in the hallway, a complete nuisance. The pair of you were in constant competition with each other which only added fuel to your growing distaste.

“Of course it’s this ass.” The insult caused Semi to growl, irritated at how he went out of his way to ask if you were okay only to get such a response.

“If anything you’re being one! I just asked if you were feeling okay, but maybe the ball his you harder than I thought!” Growing flustered you both stood up at the same time to size each other up, but your heads ended up butting together in a painful crack.

“Idiot!” The others could see that the situation wasn’t going to become any better, Ushijima interjecting before Semi lost his cool.

“Tendou, do me a favor and make sure _____ gets to class.” He turned to the team who had momentarily stopped to watch the ordeal. “Let’s get back to practice.” The red head helped you to the door with a sly smile on his face as if he knew something you were unaware of, but that didn’t stop you from casting another glare at the blonde.

“Maybe if you’d stop glaring at me, and actually do your share of the work we can get out of each other’s sights much faster.” Semi chimed, shifting the ruler across the page to draw a straight edge.

Scoffing you returned your attention back to the project at hand, although you were a bit embarrassed for being caught staring. It was infuriating how he was always on your mind. Perhaps there was something you found attractive in the way he pouted when his serves didn’t go through during a match, or how his eyes lit up in passion when asked anything concerning volleyball, but you’d never admit it, especially not to his face.

Semi could say the same for you. You were in constant competition to out do one another, but it wasn’t often where he met someone with as much vigor and determination as you. There was this air about you that attracted him and made him want to be near, but the stubbornness in your personality was proving to be far more complicated. Besides, his own pride and ego prevented him form caving in first.

“You’re doing it wrong.” In your eyes he was always making a mistake. 

“No, I’m not. Just focus on what you’re doing.” He hissed, shooing you off with a wave of his hand.

“Look, the directions specifically say to-” And suddenly you were caged between the floor and the setter’s heated gaze, embers burning in warm hues.

“You’re always on my case, you know that? I don’t know why it is you find the need to butt heads with me on every detail, but you do. I don’t know what it’s going to take to please you! I’m doing everything I can to put a smile on your face, but nothing works.” A lump formed in his throat as he finished his piece, the air electric between the minimal space.

Confusion predominated the emotions you felt whirling in your brain. What did he mean by trying to put a smile on your face? If anything you swore that he hated you. “Yo-you what? Do you even know what you’re saying?” Your voice wavered, trying not to scream, but in truth you were flustered. After all this time you were starting to discover your won hidden feelings you had for him.

Semi flushed, cursing himself for having a slippery tongue and allowing his feelings to be known. “Yeah, I do. If you don’t accept it that’s fine. We can continue to do this project and then go our separate ways when we’re done.”It was silent for a moment, neither of you uttering a word as you contemplated the possible outcomes of what would happen next if you followed through with an absurd idea.

”Now why would I do that when we’ve already come so far?” You leaned up slowly, closing the space between your mouth. His lips were soft, but slightly chapped as they worked against yours in tandem. He was surprised at first that you were the first to make the move, but reciprocated it wholesomely.

The blonde was the first to pull away, both of you sporting cheeks painted red, but a newfound feeling of happiness spreading in your chest. “So what does this mean for us?” He grinned, a sight that sent your heart thundering in your chest.

“It means the I’m yours, dummy.” The term was affectionate coming from your mouth, not laced with the usual malice. Perhaps it wasn’t a mistake to be paired with you after all.