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Cold, clammy winter still held sway in this forsaken country. The only green was the scum of livid weed on the dark greasy surfaces of the sullen waters. Dead grasses and rotting reeds loomed up in the mists like ragged shadows of long forgotten summers.

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Club Can’t Handle Us. Wade Wilson.

Title: Club Can’t Handle Us.

Pairing: Female Reader x Deadpool

Prompt: Anon: Hi, I would like to request a Deadpool x reader, with him breaking the 4th wall and knowing it’s a fic and a lot of smut and funny remarks (94, 88, 87, maybe 21). Thanks!

Triggers: Smut. Semi-Public (Nightclub). Killed a guy XD

Enjoy ;D

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So I kinda headcanon that whenever Ushijima gets drunk he's pretty much the same just a little sluggish & slurred but anything he says is somehow really thought provoking, philosophical & meaningful so may I get a scenario where he & his wife are at a bar or something(maybe the other 3rd years are there if you want) & whatever they're talking about leads to him saying "The earth is 4.5 billion years old & I'm alive the same time my wife is & that makes me happy" or something cute like that?

djvndsjvbbsdjbvsdvm this is so cute. i love it. of course, i am always here for shiratorizawa third-year hangouts. even better that they still get together after high school :,)

this ended up being a lot shorter than what i normally write but i’m trying to not make them so long so that it doesn’t take me days to write a single request

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You’re not really paying attention to what your husband and his friends are saying anymore. It’s not out of malice, though: it’s getting late and you would normally be tired at this hour even without alcohol in your system. While they talk about…whatever it is they’re talking about, you’ve been drawing delicate circles on the back of Ushijima’s hand under the table. It’s one of the few forms of intimacy you can get away with giving him in public.

“Look, evolution is constantly happening around us. We just can’t see any of it because it’s so gradual it takes, like, thousands of years or something. Who’s to say that homo sapiens are the final form of what humanity can be?”

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Choreo (Hoseok/Reader)

Prompt: Requesting a semi-gentle Jhope smut where you work for bighit as a stage tech or something and you’re painfully shy around Hoseok and the others cuz their intimidating but you secretly can dance really really well and youre really passionat and while thinking you’re alone you do like the nmd dance break or improv to a sound check and he catches you without you knowing and slides in then shows you how much ahempassion he has♥♥ (I keep getting ignored/forgotten plz help me sin) THANK YOU

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Words: 9k+

Author: JP

Summary: You were a stage tech on Bighit entertainment, and you had a major crush on Jung Hoseok.

Tags: Light exhibition kink, swearing

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Heya! I was wondering if i could req a scenario for kuroo, oikawa and semi where their s/o kinda ignores the crap out of her birthday b/c she really doesnt like it. She's had some shitty experiences with her bday in the past; people either completely forgot or didnt bother and now she feels like she doesnt matter

This is a coincidence that I would be answering this the day before my own birthday, especially when I’ve been driving my boyfriend crazy about how I don’t want to do anything for it this year.


He had asked her every day for the last month and got the same answer every time:

“I don’t really wanna do anything for my birthday.”

Kuroo wasn’t exactly happy with this answer, especially considering this day was to celebrate the life of someone he cared very deeply about. And a celebration of life was never something someone should just not do anything about.

It had taken quite a bit of begging on his part in getting her to come along with him. She complained the whole time, questioning where they were going and what they were doing, because, “come on, Tetsu, I have homework to do.” But he ignored it all, told her that they were almost there and that it was important. And it was one hundred percent completely worth it when she walked through that door to the room beyond.

The sweeping streamers and balloons that littered the space caught her attention first, then there was the wave of people that had made themselves present with a roar of ‘happy birthday!’ that caused her to press back into Kuroo’s chest. He laughed, his hands rising to link his fingers with hers. She looked shocked - which was the point, really - but she wasn’t saying anything at all in response. Like, anything?

“You like?” he questioned lightly, pressing a kiss to her temple.

“This is the first party that’s be thrown for me,” the words were small, surprise still carried in her tone as she finally drew her eyes away from their shared group of friends to him.

All he could do was smile and swoop to press their mouths together, ignoring all the ooh’s and whooping from the others in the room. “Better get used to it.”

Oikawa didn’t care what she said about not doing anything for her birthday, he wasn’t just about to let this day slip by like any other. He had been thinking about what to do for weeks now, trying to find the perfect gift for someone who brought so much happiness to his life. Was there really a single thing out there that he could put all of his feelings into?

Finally, he grew quiet about it, she wasn’t going to be providing him with much help anyway, not when she wasn’t expecting anything. He planned silently, bombarding only Iwaizumi’s ears because he was the only one who could keep a secret out of them. Because he wanted it to be a surprise, wanted them to realize that they were important enough for this kind of recognition on the anniversary of the day they were brought into this world.

So when he had walked into that classroom with the biggest bouquet of her favorite flowers that he could find, he was quite pleased with the more than shocked look that rewarded him with. Walking straight up to her, he handed them to her, grinning widely as she took them with her jaw dropping open to say something, but he was speaking first. “Happy birthday, love,” he spoke softly as he pressed a rectangular box onto the surface of her desk and opening it to reveal the silver necklace. “It’s soundwaves,” he explained when he saw her brows furrow slightly at the sight of the grouping of sharp angles, “‘I love you.’”

While she wasn’t able to speak then, she would later tell him how she had never received anything so beautiful in her life.

The surprise on her face when she found Semi at her door was everything. He smiled at her, hands pressing a single flower - her favorite - into her hands. She turned to him, the question of why he was there was on her lips, but he was speaking first. “Better get ready,” he told her, enjoying how her brows furrowed, “ we have places to be.”

It was then she noticed how nicely he was dressed, the slacked pants, the pressed shirt. Giving a smile of her own now, she invited him in while she ran upstairs to ready herself. She had been the one to tell him that her birthday was just like any other day and while he had objected on the spot, he didn’t fight her very hard. Since then, he had been quiet about the subject, choosing to keep his plans quiet in order to avoid her further protesting.

“Where are we going?” she asked, descending the stairs nearly an hour later as she pushed an earring into her lobe, purse tucked under her arm.

Semi smiled, leaning to finally kiss her before taking her hand. “Be patient,” was his simple answer before they were making their way out the door.

His plan unfolded slowly throughout the night. A dinner out - nicer than any place they had gone before - followed by a small concert of street performers on their way to their next destination. There they were able to sit in a wide expanse of grass, his arm and a blanket wrapped around her, their eyes towards the sky as glittering stars above them flew through the sky. Really, most of the night was just coincidence. He had planned on the dinner and stargazing. The band and the meteor shower that came along with them were something he felt he was being graced with and he wasn’t about to deny it if she had given him credit.

She pressed a kiss to his cheek, body snuggling closer. “This is the greatest birthday ever.”


Some “Subtle Melancholy” ronpas for the palette challenge!