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(não esqueçam de colocar o user da sua amiga no lugar de @username) 

quando eu nasci jesus olhou pra mim com cara feia e disse nao gostei dessa dai vai ser amiga da @username e aqui to eu

@username é um bichinho do inferno satanas mandou ela atras de mim só pra me perturbar nao é possivel

foufa, eu sou amiga da @username, tenho cara de quem ta bem?

tu acha que ser amiga da @username é legal? sabe de nada inocente 

as vezes eu olho pro céu e penso como seria minha vida sem a @username olha acho que eu to merecendo umas chineladas na cara

acho que quando deus ia escrever minha historia ele deu para o capeta escrever por isso tenho essa vida fodida e tenho que ser amiga dessa praga @username 

fui na igreja falar com o padre e quando ele soube que eu era amiga da @username ele me deu 3 terços e 1 biblia juro que nao entendi

a distancia é grande mas o amor é maior @username 

se eu tenho ciumes da @username??? quer testar??? chega perto dela pra tu ver vagabunda

olha eu poderia começar a te contar como é ser ser amiga da @username mas vou te poupar tanto sofrimento

sera que é pecado ser amiga da @username??????????????

o capeta deve tá rindo de mim agora lá no inferno porque ele quis me foder e me tornou amiga da @username 

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ sou amiga da @username os portões do ceu estao eternamente fechados para mim *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

eu estava aparentemente bem até aparecer a @username na minha vida, sai troço ruim, passa que eu não te quero mais 

 [god’s voice]:olha eu qr mt te deixar entrar no meu reino de magia e alegria mas vc se rendeu as armadilhas do satanas e agr é amiga da @username n posso fazer nd

atenção atenção a @username já tem dona, rala sua mandada

sou amiga da @username, o que você esperava de mim?

se meteu com a @username se meteu comigo também

me: fibroi @username : galinha

palavras não expressam o que você significa pra mim @username 

era uma vez eu e a @username 

@username é luz raio estrela e luar

deus que pecado eu cometi pra ser amiga da @username ?

não repassei as correntes do orkut e agora sou amiga da @username

eu poderia ta roubando, matando e estuprando, mas to aqui sendo amiga da @username , cade meu prêmio nobel?

até que eu te amo @username

pata peta pita pota @username

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¡Ya! Es oficial, ha vuelto y ya podre responder preguntas del ask a partir de mañana! :>  Al igual que por fin podre re-bloggear las preciosuras que me mandaron sus dibujos del horoscopo, vi uno mas bueno que el pan con palta! *A*

No es que les cambiara el traje, solo queria tener un regreso extravagante, pero falle. Si ellos también tienen cambios de ropa! Cosa extra: algún día debo dibujarlos en pijama XD Tambien tenemos a los lideres de los demás horóscopos! (De los que he dibujado~) y por supuesto tenemos a Ofiuco la constelación~ 

¡Tambien agradesco los 241 seguidores que tengo hasta ahora! Son unas bellezas y me siento cómoda uvu/ 

Ahora~ Este blog lo ocupare como semi-ask para los signos, respondiendo con dibujos etc, claro tendre que mediar tiempo entre mis fics (El de hetalia: Kasaamista, el de Osomatsu: Mr.Matsuno y el del horóscopo) y ahora los dibujos, pero espero poder hacerlo bien! *7*/ ¡Solo deberé organizarme!

me veran mas activa los jueves, viernes, sábados y domingos~ principalmente los dos ultimos y comenzare a re-dibujar dibujos viejos!

por esta noche me despidos y espero que podamos hacer muchas cosas todos juntos como antes uvu, en serio, gracias por la nueva oportunidad, me esforzare para darles lo que merecen y así redimirme! 

Muchas gracias a todos! buenas noches!

(Si los memes también volvieron) 

Captured - Zach & Theo - Flashforward

Damn it. 

The ropes that were holding him were tight and stung… probably treated with vervain some way. When he opened his eyes, he could see he was in some kind of cellar. A few windows high on the walls let through the only light that came in. It was empty, except for the chair he was bound to and a few small cupboards in the other corner. Nothing that could help him get out of his bonds, at least. He got a flashback to all those years ago, when Rose got him in a similar position. Since then he had been good in staying under the radar, picking up his job again. No one suspected a vampire to work in the hospital. 

Until someone apparently found out, knocked him out and held him here. When the door behind him opened, he felt fear creeping in, something he knew he shouldn’t show.

“What the hell do you want from me?”


Looking for RP -- Itto Ritsuo

Name: Itto (no) Ritsuo 
Server: Balmung
Looking For:

  •  RP: General role play. 
  •  MRP: Mature role play. Willing to explore darker themes.

Orientation: Pansexual; poly


  • In Game
  • Out of Game: Discord, skype, tumblr

Style: How long do you like your RP?

  • Freestyle: You have no set method in roleplaying. You freely jump from onelining, semi-para, and para with no consistency.
  • Para: Paragraph. Five to six sentences of post length.
  • MultiPara: Multiple paragraphs of post length.
  • PTM: Post to match. You’ll match what your partner gives. Generally flexible.

Links:  @dracaena-ffxiv

Brief Bio:  A forty-something widower herbalist from Yanxia; equal parts warm & bubbly and cold & strict. While he currently serves as an herbalist, healer, and apothecary working and living within the North Shroud, he’ll soon be making his way back to Doma as the area opens up.

A swordsman by trade, he has two daughters and a son who may or may not still be alive, who remained in Doma.

He’s particularly fond of drinking, flirting, and cooking… much to someone’s chagrin…

Message me on Tumblr, or on Discord (Nekoora#2703) for plot hooks, rumours, etc!

                They thought he was dead… they left him behind. It took his brother finding him, bringing him along to some specialized clinic, expensive shit… they got the money, he hadn’t needed another job,but he had been prideful, AJ as they had known is dead, Luca is NOT. Its been almost a year since he was taken away to heal wounds, to recover… gather enough of his strength to find his way back… he is not the same, won’t ever be… there were holes carved into him, marks left as a reminder of how they fucked up. They are dead, most of them anyways, but he comes back… for her.  He stands outside her door, waiting… pacing almost, taking a breath, holding it in… exhaling. Knuckles hit against the wooden door a few times. Waiting. And suddenly, there she stands, beautiful as ever… he had fucked up, fucked them up, Luca has no right to ask forgiveness, nor to tell her the three little words she had wanted to hear from him, and he never gave. But he does, he loves her, has loved her through and through. So he gives his salute, hoping she hasn’t forgotten about him… has not let him go.

                                         ❛ Hey… ❜

The moment Zach woke up the morning after the ball and saw the mask on his bedside table, the memories of last night came back. The blows he had exchanged with Erik, but even worse… the accusations that had been made. The wounds he had inflicted with his words. Wounds he had wanted to inflict, yesterday night. Now, with the sun peeking between the curtains, he had no idea anymore what had gotten into him. Some of what he had said might have had a core of truth, but he wasn’t sick of Erik. He could never be. 

He heard his brother walk downstairs and he pulled the covers over his head, trying to shut out reality. Trying to postpone the moment he would have to face Erik. He knew it would happen, he just didn’t want it. He was afraid of what Erik would do, what he would say. Finally he couldn’t last any longer, hunger driving him downstairs. He put on a robe, sneaked downstairs, grabbed a bloodbag in the kitchen and emptied it before entering the living room where he knew Erik was. 

“Erik?”, he asked carefully. “I don’t know what came over me last night…”

@ofbeinghuman│♕│ Plotted Starter ✩

Hayley stood in the large hallway, paperwork in one hand, Hopes small palm in the other. She’s just spent the last thirty minutes touring the Salvatore school with Hope seeing what they had to offer and if her little girl liked it. She and Klaus had discussed sending Hope to school and after much debate they knew this was the only place they’d be comfortable leaving her for several hours at a time without a family member at her side. The gentle tug at her hand pulled her from her thoughts and when her daughter asked if she could go look at some books. Hayley of course smiled and nodded her head before watching her daughter run off toward some books.

She let out a soft sigh  and stepped forward when she spotted Stefan. It had been quite some time since the last time she’d seen him, in the back of Marcel’s trunk heading to help Klaus. “Hey there,” she offered, tone light. “I didn’t realize you’d be here. I thought we were meeting with Rick.” she explained with a small smile.

Talking about monsters...

Matt stood in front of Rousseau’s and he kinda let the text messages go through his mind. He still didn’t really know if he was somehow losing his mind or if maybe there was something going on in the world he didn’t really wanna know anything about. But he didn’t really want Cami to figure this whole thing out, whether or not it was the thing that they had lost their minds, on her own. He pushed the door open and sat down on one of the stools. “Hey…”


Raciones para varias razas RPG


Pan casero de hierbas artesanales, manzanas caseras y secas y ciruelas pasas, salchicha de ternera sin curtir, queso munster. En una tela atada.


Hígados de pollo con ajo, queso ahumado y especiado, salchichas de cerdo especiado, tachuelas duras, verduras secas, setas secas.


De izquierda a derecha: Peine de miel de Evereskan, Pan de viaje de Elven (pastel de Amaretto Liquer con remolinos personalizados), Queso de primavera Lurien (queso de cabra con ajo, sal, especias y chalotes), Delfinado de Delimbyr Vale (Salmón) Chips), y tuercas de pino Silverwood.


De la parte superior izquierda: “Honeytack” Pastelitos de miel, salchichas de cerdo, mini tostadas de trigo integral, queso cheddar de arándano mini cuña, mini encurtidos, calabaza y semillas de girasol, abajo a la derecha “ Pasas, ciruelas doradas, miel, huevos y crema


Envuelto en estopilla y atado en el paquete de arpillera. Forrajera strider palillos, melaza de pan de trigo dulce "correa negra”, envejecido Munster, huevos duros, nueces silvestres mezcladas.


Orcos no son conocidos por su gran cocina. Orcos prefieren los alimentos que están fácilmente disponibles (lo que se puede tener por asalto), y portátil con poca preparación, aunque tienen algunas delicadezas raciales. Toughs tiras de carne magra, los huesos eliminados de matanzas recientes, y el pan grueso oscuro constituyen el grueso de las raciones de orcos comunes. Fuego rothted fuego del fémur (la médula es un tratamiento raro) [fémur de ternera], tiras de carne seca (de origen desconocido) [Pan casero], nueces forrajadas, sólo comestibles por los orcos … .cascos de galleta, pan negro grueso, hecho con cualquier granos que puedan ser saqueados [pan de sésamo negro], pimientos picantes [pimientos habaneros rellenos de pescado ahumado y aceitunas].


Pan frito Delimbyr olor, condimentado queso de cabra (Paprika crusted mano presionado Fontina), Gnomo shortbread (sabroso pistacho), viaje de vidrio tarro lleno de Secomber Red (vino), duro huevos de codorniz empacados en avena rodada (para mantener seguro), higos secos De Calimshan, y salchicha de cabra ahumada Southwood (salchicha de sangre).


Lizardfolk son conocidos por ser omnívoros, forraje para una variedad sorprendente de alimentos encontrados dentro de los confines de sus alrededores pantanosos, en este caso el pantano de lagarto cerca de Daggerford. Fresco cogido hervido Delimbyr Cangrejo en cebolletas silvestres, carragán costero moss atrapando estuario camarón salmuera (musgo irlandés, salmuera salada), Brackish-Berries (blackberries), Blackened Dart-Frog piernas (piernas de rana) en brotes de primavera (trébol brotes), tostado Bog bugs en un palo!


De arriba a la izquierda: queso rozo de trufa negra Menzoberranzan (caballero negro Tilsit), caracoles de musgo de Donigarten (escabeche en salsa de mantequilla de chalota), caviar de pescado de cueva ciego en tapas de hongos (caviar de Lumpfish), huevo de pato infundido faerzress importado de la superficie ), Hongo negro del oído del terciopelo (hongo negro del hongo de Auricularia). 

fuente: artemis-etreri

She wasn’t sure if Amber was really staying at the place where she was now, but she just wanted a night out. One that was long overdue already, she had to admit, so she just knocked on the door. “Amber? You’re there? I think you still owe me something.” The moment the door opened and she saw Amber in the door opening, she took a bottle out from behind her back. “We can always try if going to a bar makes sense, but if not… I brought a back up plan.”, she laughed. “I think we have some gossiping to do?”


@musicalpersonas│♕│ Continued From Here

Honestly Hayley wasn’t even sure why she was speaking  to the woman before her. She’d been surprised when her spirit showed up that morning. Thankfully Hope was with Freya and Klaus – he was attempting to get all the things Freya needed so that Hayley could enter the stone and try to find Elijah. A plan Klaus wasn’t exactly happy with. The woman before her had tried to kill them all, tried to kill her DAUGHTER. And yet, here she was having a civilized conversation with the her daughter’s grandmother. Esther’s words make Hayley’s chest tighten slightly, arms crossed over her chest as she considers the other woman.

 She is beautiful despite how people tried to end that beauty. But is it really a purpose I gave them? It seems like the minute I came along – it’s been NOTHING but trouble. Nothing but PAIN. And now Elijah is gone and Klaus he nearly scarified himself instead and I nearly let him. What kind of mother does that make me? What kind of person? She swallowed heavily not sure why she was telling her this but in truth who else could she tell? Klaus was a mess, Elijah had been by his side for over one thousand years. He needed her to be strong. Freya needed to focus on the stone, her daughter needed her too and Hayley was DROWNING.   I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to help, how to keep them safe from this. All of them. ❞

Matt had his hands in the pockets of his jean. He wasn’t really sure if he was supposed to be here without letting Cora know something, but he was kinda bored and tired of trying to make a thing of those books, so he just wanted to see if she wanted to keep him some company. He stood still in front of the door of the right address and then he pressed the doorbell.


Just a few drinks. Not more, but going through life completely sober was something that wasn’t very appealing at the moment. He wasn’t so depending on the alcohol anymore as he had been a few months ago, so despite Talia’s death, he was making progress. He had made two or three visits to the hospital without being too tempted to kill anyone and he started to think his next visit should include the ER. 

A small smile appeared around his lips when he saw a familiar figure sitting at a table near the bar. He ordered a drink and when he had it, he slit on the chair opposite her. “Hey stranger. We should stop meeting like this, or people will start to think we’re a bunch of alcoholics.”


Omi, 28, Tokyo

Guitarist of exist†trace - Loves music and staying up late - Open-minded for all kinds of people

semi-AU - Action/Para - Tumblr IM friendly - LINE upon request


Playing guitar isn’t only thing my fingers are good at

@anditsxsorrows│♕│ Plotted Starter (#2434567890 haha) ✩

Hayley sat on the bed, back against the headboard, legs stretch out in front of her, both hands resting on the small swell of her stomach. Alana’s back finally, safe, in bed and exhausted, not that the wolf blames her after the day she’s had. Between Hayley’s fight with Caroline earlier, Alana disappearing, the stress of the witches trying to break Klaus’ sire line and the overwhelming sense of loneliness that seems to be filling her lately she’s a bit of a mess. The wolf rubs her stomach gently, chest tight, green hues filled with tears as she glances down. “I’m so sorry you got stuck with me kid,” her words are quiet, “I’m sorry things are such a mess and I’m sorry people are trying to hurt your dad,” a sniffle sounds as a tear slips down her cheek. 

“But I promise, I’m not going to let anything happen to you. I’m going to protect you – we both are.” She adds not really sure who she’s trying to convince. A breath slips from her lips and she swallows heavily. “With my luck you’ll probably hate me as much as everyone else does.” She murmurs, not quite able to stop the crack in her voice or the tears that follow. She’s constantly trying to be strong, pretend the things people say don’t matter. She’s used to it after all. But it isn’t that simple, not this time. She reaches up to wipe beneath her eyes, but she can’t seem to make the crying stop and honestly she doesn’t want to. She knows she needs to let it out and stop bottling everything up, it’s not good for the baby or her. A right now her daughter was all that mattered.