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She, who is known for her pure, innocent but serious personality

She, who is obsessed with Keroro, likes sweet potatoes, Johnny Depp, and self-improvement books

She, who plays the piano and the guitar, speaks fluent Chinese and basic English and Japanese

She, who maintains a healthy living and safeness, such as always wearing seatbelts

She, who couldn’t wink before but has now learned how to perfectly

She, who can’t easily drop the honorifics 

She, who loves and cares for her unnies and her parents

She, who always does her best in everything

She, who is determined to achieve all of her goals

She, who was a baby, now turned into a lady

She, who is no longer an only child because she found herself with 8 unnies

She, who will be the only maknae of GIRLS’ GENERATION

She is Seo Joohyun.