semi hiatus it is

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Hey guys, I’m currently in the middle of moving so this blog will be on a hiatus/semi-hiatus for about a month, depending on how busy I am. This blog will not be forgotten about and I’ll go back to daily posting when I’m settled in my new place!


hi friends!! u may have noticed I haven’t been on here all that often as of late!!! I started uni, and i’m trying rly hard to focus on my classes and do well!!! but doing that requires quite a bit of study, so unfortunately enough, i’ll be putting tumblr kinda on the backburner for a bit.

I will still be around! just not as often as I usually am;;; sorry y’all. I will try and get my queue back up and running through the day while I’m at school!!

that being said, if you do wanna contact me and chat (and believe me, ur more than welcome to!) since I won’t rly be checking my tumblr notifs all that often, my kkt id is hyuktv !!

( alright, this is where things will really slow down. uni is starting up again and i’m going to have to focus everything on my grades and classes, so this blog is now officially on a SEMI-HIATUS that borders on a full-blown hiatus. i won’t be here often, but you can bet your ass that i will be readily available for any ooc talk on discord!! hmu if you’d like to add me!

( thank you for your patience and understanding, lovelies ❤❤ )

ooc– Okay, I’ve been putting this off for a while, as you all have… No doubt guessed, but this is A SEMI-HIATUS announcement. As many of you have seen, I’m in the middle of a move, and it’s been tough on me. But that’s not the entire reason for this semi-hiatus. I’ve just now been told that, in the new apartment, there’s no room for my beast of a computer. Something I should have known a while ago, but I digress. Until I get to again move into my own place, I’ll be on a very, very slow laptop on loan from someone.

This is better than nothing, I admit, but there’s many things this laptop cannot handle, including being on Tumblr with xkit running for long periods of time.

Just know, this isn’t going to mean I go silent for extended periods of time (I hope and pray), but my replies are going to be slower, and I may be spending more of my time on mobile.

toamagna  asked:

You haven't spoken in a while. Is everything okay? I can't help but be worried.

I suppose I’ve been kinda inactive lately (again), my apologies;. Everything’s alright tho! No worries. I’ve just been, rlly busy haha. I didn’t get to explain, but last Friday was our Meeting the Avance and we’ve been practicing everynight for days straight last week, leaving me less time for art. And we’ve been practicing for our other school activities this weekend. Alsoourexamsaretomorrowagainaaaa–. So uhm, yeah I. Sorry for not posting anything for a while aha;; but that’s p much why. I’m probably gonna be on a semi-hiatus this week, atleast until Feb. 28. (Schoolhavemercy–)

Update kinda and semi hiatus

I am taking a semi cosplay hiatus just so I can move out and get better. I will be back with more colorful and sweet lazy town stuffs (and other fandoms!!!) soon when I will have settled down, so stay around !!! You can even send cosplay ideas/suggestions, I love hearing from you !

more about the situation under the cut to not flood you my precious followers

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title: semi hiatus ♡
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  • Noah Czerny: *smiles and is happy*
  • Me: my skin is clear, my crops are flourishing, the sun is shining, I have 20/20 vision, I have straight A's, I'm properly hydrated-

this has been in my head for a while now

also school starts up again tomorrow so i’ll be going on a semi hiatus