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Tuesday Tips — Painting EYES 101

Eyes are window to the souls.  This is very true.  No matter how cool your design is, if the eyes don’t look lively, the character would always look odd and creepy.  I call it the sad dead eye syndrome.  So knowing how to paint eyes is a really important skill.  There are many ways to render/paint an eye; And this is the technique that I use to paint CG believable eyes.  

As always, Think simple!!!!  Break it down to the essence and use layers to help you out.  

First, know your LIGHTSOURCE.
The more you know about where/type/angle of your lightsource, will determine how to render the eye.

Second, break things down into BASIC PRIMITIVES.  The sclera is basically a semi-gloss sphere; and the iris is a glass sphere because the cornea is basically a glass dome.  

Third, add details and real life logic to make it believable.  Edges and shadow always help makes things look believable.

I attached a gif to show you the order how I usually paint an eye.  And I also attached a painting I did for DreamWorks the three Diablos as an example on how I use this technique for my visual development work.  Try it out, experiment and have fun.  


  • us: disconnect from white beauty standards!
  • whyte people: UMMM!!!hello!!! we are all one race the human race no matter our skin color even if we are orange,teal, or coral blue semi gloss lipstick!!! 🗣🗣🗣

A (tiny) review: “Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. The Ultimate Visual History”

This book came in the mail a few weeks ago, but I didn’t get a chance to talk about it until now. This is definitely not just a photobook where you can flip through it quickly. It’s full of behind the scenes information. It’s practically a textbook (but there are plenty of pretty pictures to oogle too). The book is printed on thick, high quality semi-gloss papers. What’s very cute about this book is that there are little slips of paper that is lightly glued onto certain pages. You can pull those slips of paper out of the book if you choose to, but I was careful when flipping the pages to make sure it doesn’t get pulled out. These little slips of paper are recreated notes, either artist’s renderings/notes, or notes to the cast/producers/etc. There are plenty of new pictures I have not seen before, and this book even came with a poster! I didn’t get a chance to read the entire thing yet, but I can say that there is plenty of information I hadn’t heard of before (though there are also plenty of rehashed information I’ve read elsewhere as well). If you’re only in it for Bowie, then this book might not be for you, because it’s focused on the movie, and not just the character of Jareth, but Jareth does have his own little section dedicated to him (and so does Sarah). I say that this is a fantastic book, and I totally recommend it!

Cyrus and Diego stuff
  • Diego: watch me whip--
  • Cyrus: no, dont--
  • Diego: Watch me *neighs*
  • Cyrus: *flees the duel*
  • Cyrus: Man, Diego!
  • Diego: What's wrong, Cyrus? (My love)
  • Cyrus: *throws anime DVDs at Diego*
  • Falmea: Alright, which one you idiots stole my coral blue semi gloss lipstick?
  • Cyrus: *turns slowly towards diego*
  • Diego: *wearing coral blue semi gloss lipstick* I didn't do it.
  • Diego: Hmm, while I'm shipped with Cyrus....I assume your shipped with Ambrose?
  • Malistaire: *ultimate cringe of time*
  • Cyrus: lmao
  • Cyrus: Stop flexing, Diego and cast a damn spell.
  • Diego: well I guess your not very FLEXible, Cyrus.
  • Cyrus: *cringe*
  • Malistaire: You're 68 years old and haven't married once, why is that?
  • Cyrus: I'm waiting for the right one.
  • Malistaire: the 'right one' has been with you this whole time. *points behind Cyrus*
  • Cyrus: *turns around to see Diego*
  • Cyrus: MALISTAIRE.
  • Diego: HAY, Cyrus?
  • Cyrus: *walks away in disappointment*
  • Diego: *whinnies in laughter*