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The Meme and His Tutor

So the way this fic is going to be laid out is that the chapters are days or moments. I plan for this to be a fluffy, light-hearted fic. No angst. I’ll also suggest a song to listen to per chapter to help readers know what tone I was trying to achieve.

Part 1: The Day The Meme Met His Tutor

Recommended Song: Love by MAMAMOO

|All Chapters|


It all started with a fan meeting. You had wanted to make an impression on your bias, Jungkook, so you used what Korean you had learned so far to put together a compliment. Little did you know how that one moment would lead to many more.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: None for now. May change. Who knows.

Word Count: 1444

Length: 1/?

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YOI x empty Chara-Forme Acrylic Straps (Vol. 3)

Original Release Date:
April 2017

Featured Characters (9 Total):
Viktor (Original + Animate Exclusive Versions), Makkachin, Yuuri (Original + AmiAmi Exclusive Versions), Yuri (Original + Amazon Japan Exclusive Versions), Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ

The third volume of the Chara-Forme straps feature six of the characters in their chibi form, each awaiting for scores in the (Very floral) rink Kiss & Cry! Yuuri’s sushi plushes, Yuri’s cat ears, and Guang Hong’s bears are <3

The three exclusive bonus straps feature skating in semi-formal wear.

More from the Chara-Forme series!

Something Unspoken Part 2

You guys, Part 1 is my most popular post so I have to say than you so much for the feedback it means the world to me. I hope you guys like part 2 just as much, and let me know if I should make a third, and most likely final part!


Something Unspoken Part 2

I have to wait a few days before I can see what Peter has planned for our date. The day after our little encounter we had to speak with the Nova Corps about another mission which takes about a week before we’re finished, and even after we take a few more to ourselves; our energy completely wiped from the consecutive fighting. I had to get involved at one point, fighting off a band of rouge officers that had been a larger group than expected meant Peter had to reluctantly hand me a gun in the middle of battle. I still remember the look on his face as he opened the secret door underneath the hull of the Milano as he came to fetch me.

“We need every person we can get out there. Can you do it?” I remember him asking.

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The Underground, Epilogue

Hello friends - here’s our epilogue. I wanted to thank you, every single one of you, for reading this story and sticking with me. 

I’m really sad to be finishing this story BUT - I am planning on continuing with these characters a bit, filling them out a bit more in one-shots as they come to me. This will be a collection from this universe (I’m calling it “The Underground - Director’s Cut” because I’m a complete twat), so if you want more of these characters being their ridiculous selves, be on the lookout for that in the very near future (*cough* later today *cough*). The pieces will vary in length, but I can almost guarantee that they’ll be much shorter than the average chapter of The Underground.

“I’m not putting on anything nicer than a cocktail dress, so you all better not have chosen some fancy fucking place.”

James laughed, his voice bouncing off the walls of their bathroom - it was loud enough that she could hear him from where she standing in their wardrobe, even over the sound of the shower.

“You should be alright in semi-formal, that’s what I’m wearing,” he shouted and she hummed thoughtfully, grabbed a few dresses off the rack and walked back out into the bedroom. She laid the dresses out on their bed and held them up against her in turn, tossed the navy blue and plum coloured ones off onto their pillows with a shake of her head.

“What colour do you think?” She was looking at herself in a mirror, turning a bit to check the emerald dress against her skin. James still hadn’t emerged from the bathroom, but she heard him shout, “What about that green one?”

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Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Cutie Anon

Prompt: hc about modern au 2nd generation kids from fates if thats okay !

Notes: You bet your socks it’s ok! Moder AUs ae fun~ (but surprisingly hard wow) Though since I have a character limit of ten for headcanons I picked ten myself. I hope that’s ok!


○ Art major

○ He’s a regular volunteer at an animal shelter and sometimes reads to children

○ Most of his money comes from online art commissions

○ Absolutely has a Tumblr and follows a lot of aesthetic and animal blogs.


○ Falls asleep in like every class but still had great grades

○ Carries coffee with him everywhere in a little travel mug. Always. At all times of day.

○ Always wears graphic tee with funny or sarcastic sayings, often coffee related.

○ Works as a barista


○ Definitely a jock. He played sports through middle school and highschool

○ Wears basketball shorts in the winter shm

○ Pretty popular with girls in high school actually

○ Super bad at technology like he can hardly take pictures with his phone


○ That one kid who’s really smart but has terrible grades because he never bothers trying

○ Has a bad habit of skipping class

○ Literally deals candy at school. Like he has everything you need but you better have money on you. He also accepts trades… If you’re in the right crowd you might be able to get him to do some spying for you, for the right price (or sweet)

○ Def a weeb. He loves anime and cosplays all the time.


○ Still that kid that’s like an old man. He never parties and takes his studies way too seriously.

○ In the kendo club

○ Dresses like an old man too. He usually wears semi-formal clothes and always tucks in his shirt

○ Is actually super modern and up to date with everything though. Like tech, news, he knows it all.


○ Is going to take over the family business when he grows up

○ But secretly dreams of becoming a famous musician; something only Forrest knows.

○ Straight A student but works super hard at it.

○ Was bullied in high-school


○ Dreams of becoming a fashion designer

○ Makes, designs, and sells clothes. He has a very popular etsy shop

○ Worked retail all through high school and was great at it

○ Has done some professional modeling


○ Huge theater nerd - like she knows tons of stage actors and famous plays by heart.

○ Quotes Shakespeare all the time

○ Has big dreams of being on broadway 

○ Wears a lot of crop tops + high waisted shorts and bright colours


○ Took a gap year at the end of high school because she didn’t know what she wanted to do

○ Did a bunch of traveling and has a lot of cheesy tourist photos 

○ She insisted Laslow put her in dance lessons as a kid but she could never improve. Like she’s just naturally really bad.

○ Got fired from her first job for standing up to her boss after he was rude to a customer


○ Has like a billion Tumblogs. Her main, an imagine blog, and a few based on her favourite actors and ships.

○ Had a major emo phase through high school and gets really embarrassed when she thinks back to it

○ Writes fanfiction in her notebooks during class tsk

○ The kid who got detention for doodling an ugly, mocking picture of her teacher and getting caught (but Niles wasn’t even mad.) 

Imagines: Chris Evans - Deal-breaker

A/N: Another angsty imagine, which started when a lovely reader sent me a GIF.  And then I got inspired by the super talented @emilyevanston from her headcanon here, which also reminded me of a scene that I’m currently writing for a book so…I put everything in a blender and here we are :)

What’s going on?

How have you come to…this?

You’re still in your high heels, he’s still in his purple dress shirt.  You can still catch a whiff of your own perfume even though you haven’t refreshed it during the entire evening.  You never got a chance to, simply because it has been such a great date.  Or rather, it was a great date.

It’s your 10th…11th date?  You can’t remember because you stopped counting after your third.  You really, really, really like this guy.  You haven’t told anybody yet, but you’ve secretly wondered if he’s going to be the one.  Time flies by whenever it’s spent with him.  Topics never run out when you talk.  Laughter fills the air every time you meet.

This evening was the same, until…yes, you can pinpoint precisely the moment when your bubble burst.

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Happy Birthday - J-Hope

anonymous asked:
JHope birthday scenario idea: Hoseok has been missing you a lot lately and it’s his birthday soon, but you tell him you can’t make it. Secretly, you have the other boys set up a cute birthday scavenger hunt for him and you are the final prize. :)
anonymous asked:
J-Hope B-Day where you two finaly get to spend the day together and you two end up just cuddling and snuggling, missing your reservations to a restaurant

A/N: This was supposed to go up earlier, but I didn’t have time to write it, I hope you enjoy! It’s quite long. And I tried to combine the requests together because both of your ideas were amazing and I love them both, but It didn’t work out too well..

Genre: Fluffy Fluff Fluff

Word Count: 2678

“Hobi? Have you seen my phone?” you ask, searching frantically around the house as he sat calmly on the couch, “No”
You heard someone calling you, noticing your ringtone. Hoseok jumped when you walked closer to him.
“Hand it over! Now Hobi!” He giggled, “no” he took your phone and shoved it into his pocket. He shot up from the couch and ran around the house as you chased him.
You finally manage to corner him, “Give me my phone” you give him a stern look, but he only smiles, “Give me a kiss first, jagi” he puckered his lips and you sighed. You thought you might as well play his little game.
Instead of the peck Hoseok was expecting, you crashed into his lips, quickly devouring them, leaving no time for him to take a breather. He grabbed your waist and pulled you in closer, trying to get more out of the kiss. But you didn’t let him. You easily snatched away your phone and broke the kiss, “Thanks” you wink. You start walking away, checking your phone for who called you.
“Jagi! That’s not fair!”
still looking on your phone, you answer him, “What’s not fair?”
“You can’t leave me like this!” He started walking up to you. Pulling you into an embrace. You look up at him, “what did I do?” you ask innocently. You did this all the time. You teased him by getting him all hot and bothered, but never let him get what he wanted. And because of this, he had been feeling really needy lately.
“What did you do?? Jagi, you made me horny and you didn’t do anything about it” he tried looking into your eyes, but couldn’t contain himself from looking at your plump lips, wanting to feel them on his as soon as possible.
“Aww” you coo, circling your finger onto his chest, “that’s too bad. What can I do to make you feel better, Hobi?”
“well-” his sentence was interrupted when your phone started ringing again, the usual “Run” ringtone buzzing in your ears. You quickly pick it up and push Hoseok’s arms off of you so you could leave the room.
“Hi! Is this Y/n?”
“Yes it is”
“Okay, that’s good. We tried calling earlier but you didn’t pick up. Anyways, now that I have you on the line, I wanted to tell you that your reservation that was booked a few months back, is ready for tomorrow” You smile at the lady’s words. You planned on taking Hoseok out for his birthday. You have been waiting forever to get into this restaurant, placing call after call.
“That’s great! Thank you so much!”
“Not a problem, we hope to see you soon y/n”
“Yup, thank you, bye” You hang up and sigh happily. Then noticing the pouting Hoseok at the corner of your eye, leaning against the door frame, you turn around.
“Who was that?”
“no one” you smile, wanting it to be a surprise. He pouted at you, “So, are you going to do anything about this?” he asked, walking closer to you, snaking his arms around your waist again.
“About what?”
He looked down at you before looking at his own problem. You looked down as well, “Oh” was all that managed to come out of your mouth. You look back into his eyes and give him a kiss, “No can do sir. I have stuff to do”
he whines and all you did was giggle, giving him another kiss on the cheek before you left.
You met up with the other boys. They wanted to do something special for his birthday as well. You gathered together at a nearby coffee shop, discussing plans and details of what you want to do. Jimin suggested a scavenger hunt. All of you agreed. But then you remembered the restaurant. You told them about it and they all looked at you with a saddened expression, “Maybe we can work something out” Namjoon said
“Yeah, I’m sure we’ll figure something out” Yoongi pointed out.
“Sorry about forgetting, it just came to me now because the lady from the restaurant called today”
They all nodded their heads, “Oh! I have an idea!” Taehyung shot up, only to sit back down again, “I think we should do the scavenger hunt, but start it from your home. And then the final prize will be dinner with y/n at a really fancy restaurant!” You smiled at him and all the members looked at him proudly, “That sound great Tae, thank you” You say, “Okay, let’s do this”
You and all the members had prepared stuff. You had a hard time hiding it from Hoseok with him being very “prying” into other people’s business. Once you finally had everything set up for tomorrow, you took a step back and smiled. Namjoon put his hand on your shoulder, “I Think he’ll really like this one y/n. You’ve done a really good job”
“What? No, you guys were the ones that came up with the idea in the first place. I just want to surprise him” you smile.
You got home late and you found Hoseok lying on the couch, probably waiting for you to come home. You smile sweetly at him before gently moving his shoulder to wake him up, “Sorry to disturb your sleep hobi, but I would be much happier if you slept on the bed”
he rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked at you, “Jagi? What time is it? Why are you so late?”
“I’m sorry, I’m home now. Come on” you drag him to his feet, “let’s go to bed, we have a lot of things to do tomorrow” you smile. He smiles back and follows you to your shared bedroom.
You wake up early next morning to prepare for his “scavenger hunt”. You took out a box of supplies and texted the boys to meet up with you. The seven of you set up everything, some clues were in your house, and some clues were back at the dorm. You would spend the morning with him, but Hoseok had a meeting with his manager that he had to attend, giving you the time to get things prepared at home. He wasn’t going to come back until around 2 in the afternoon, which was perfect because dinner was at 5. You were going to have Taehyung come to the house and make Hoseok change into a nice suit that you laid out for him, plus the list of things he had to find in a wrapped box. Then, Jin would escort Taehyung and Hoseok back to the dorm, where Namjoon and Yoongi hid the other clues. The leftover clues were hidden in the car, for him to read while they travelled to their next destination.
“Happy birthday sleepy head” you say, walking into the room and giving him a kiss, “Jagi~”
“Come cuddle with me please, I wanted to see your face when I woke up, but you weren’t here.”
You smile at how cute he is with his half opened eyelids, squinting because of the sun’s rays.
“Of course” You climb back into the bed with him and plop down so that he could grab your waist and pull you in closer. He nuzzled into the crook of your neck and you softly pet his hair.
“What does my Hobi want for his birthday?” your voice was gentle and sweet. Like a mother’s.
“I want to spend the whole day with you” he answered, his eyes still shut. Then he sighed and opened them to see your face, “But sadly, I can’t, because of the stupid meeting I have to go to” he hugged you tighter and you cuddled into his chest, “Don’t worry Hobi, you can be with me as much as you want before…” you kiss him, “And after you go” you kiss him again and he smiles in content.
“You’re only going to make me want to stay more if you keep this up, jagi”
“I’m sorry, you can’t stay here though, that meeting is mandatory for your work”
He sighed, “I know”
You both lied there for a while and you were about to drift off, until you heard Hoseok’s phone alarm. It was your voice. He sprung awake and fumbled around to turn off his phone. By the time he turns his attention back onto you to explain, you’re already making a face that looked like a mix of “What the hell” and “Why” mixed together.
“I-I can explain”
“You better” he hesitated and you waited for your answer
“I-I recorded you waking me up on my phone and set it as my alarm because I really like hearing your voice when I wake up. It’s really soothing. And you’re still asleep at the time I usually wake up, so this is all I have”
Your face stilled before turning into a gentle expression, “Awe, Hobi”
“I can get rid of it if you want”
“No, keep it. You seem like you need it” You chuckle. He only smiled, “Of course I need it. I need it as much as I need you”
“Cheesy as ever I see” You smile. He kisses you on the nose, “Of course”
Hoseok left for his meeting and you texted all of the boys to come over, “Did you set up everything in the dorm?” You ask. You see nods all around the room, “Good” you put down your drink, “We’re all set then”
Taehyung stayed in the house with you as all of the other boys left to do their thing. You went to change into your lovely dress. You did your hair and makeup. You looked pretty damn good. You came out of the bathroom and Taehyung was sitting down, “Tae!”
He turns around, shocked, ‘W-What?”
“Go get dressed!” He was supposed to wear semi-formal clothing, but he was still in a tank top and shorts. He quickly looked down at his own clothing, “Oh shit! Sorry! Be right back” He grabbed his bag from the couch and dashed into the bathroom at an inhuman speed. He came out soon after and dusted off his shirt, “Ooh” you say, “Looks good”
“Thank you, so do you” you both smile at each other. You check the time. 5 minutes.
“I’m gonna go to the car now, okay?”
“The gift is on the bed; he should find everything there. Don’t screw up”
“I’ll try not too”  
You left in the car with Jin. He was taking you to the dorm and driving back so that the plan would still be in place. Hoseok came home not long after and was surprised, yet scared, to see Taehyung standing in the middle of the room wearing a dress shirt.
“W-What? How’d you get in here??”
“Y/n let me in”
“O-oh, umm, where is she?”
“Can’t tell you, but here” he led him towards the bedroom to find a beautifully wrapped gift on the bed, “That’s from her” Hoseok walked up to it and opened it up. There was a note inside, along with a suit and tie.

| Note |
Happy Birthday!
I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on, but here’s the gist of it
This is a scavenger hunt, find everything on this list and then come back to the dorm.
Your first clue is your favourite Bakery, Jin is in the car waiting outside and Taehyung will be your guide.
- Item One: Angel’s Food Cake
(I had this one pre-ordered and paid for. This is a gift from all of the members, make sure to thank them!)

Hoseok was filled with excitement. He quickly went into the bathroom to change and walked back out, adjusting his tie.
“Ready to go?” Taehyung asks
He led Hoseok to the car, where he was greeted by Jin, “took you long enough” he said, turning on the engine.
“Sorry” Taehyung mumbled back, he took forever reading the note”
they rode off to the bakery. Jin picked up the cake and placed it in the back of the car, “where to now?” Hoseok asked, impatient. Taehyung handed him another letter

| Note |
There’s only five things you need to get, love
Here’s the second one
- Bundle of Roses from the Park
(You know what park I’m talking about)
P.S. There’s someone you have to pick up from there

Jin started diving off with the help of Hoseok’s directions. Hoseok toppled out of the car once he reached the destination. He walked up to the picnic table that the two of you would always sit at whenever you visited. He found Yoongi sitting there.
“Hey, happy birthday” Yoongi said, handing the bundle of roses to him, “The clue is inside”
“Thank you”

| Note |
I’m really hoping Yoongi didn’t leave the roses abandoned. Anyways, third thing
- A bottle of your Favourite Wine
Please don’t go overboard Hobi

He smiled and walked back to the car with Yoongi.
“Here you go” Jin handed him a letter, there was 50 dollars in it, “Seems like you hit the jackpot” Yoongi said, staring at Hoseok. He only smiled, thinking about all that you and the guys have done for him. They stopped at a nearby liquor store and Hoseok quickly went in and came back out, surprised to find that the Cashier handed him another clue. He came back to the car and opened up the letter as Jin started driving again

| Note |
You’re almost there! Two more to go
- Item Four: Jimin
Yeah yeah, this is a weird one, I know. But he has the final clue, so you’ll have to find him first.
P.S. He’s probably going to hide from you

Hoseok smiled as Jin pulled up at a nearby mall.
“I’m supposed to find Jimin in here?!” he asked, looking at the giant mall in front of him, “Don’t worry Hobi hyung, we’re helping you” Taehyung noted, getting out of the car
“But don’t ask us where he is, because we have no clue” Yoongi added onto Taehyung’s point. Hoseok dramatically sighed, “Okay”
They searched for half an hour and they were about to give up, “Where would I go if I was Jimin” Jin asked himself
“We all know where to go if we were you” Yoongi said, “The food court” Everyone laughed. Even though they had an objective to do, they were having a fun time.
They walked around the mall one last time and coincidentally bumped right into Jimin.
“Oh my god we finally found you!” Hoseok said
“You jerk! You weren’t supposed to keep on moving!” Yoongi said, giving him a punch on the arm
“Hah… sorry guys, I just got carried away. These shops are just so fascinating.”
“Yeah whatever, just give me the note” Hoseok complained, reaching out his hand and holding it open towards Jimin, who placed it onto his palm

| Note |
Congratulations! It probably took you a while, but you finally caught him!
Now, don’t worry, the last thing on your list isn’t hard to find. Come back to the dorm
- Item Five: Me

Now Hoseok was pumped. He finally got to see you after what seemed like forever. Jin drove them back to the dorm and Hoseok barged inside, “Where is she?” He looked at Namjoon who was just sitting there on his phone, “you guys took so long” he said, not looking away from the screen
“Happy birthday~” you slowly walked up behind him. He turned around instantly and marveled at your appearance. You were stunning, absolutely beautiful.
“W-Wow y/n, you look… wow… You’re so beautiful” he says, his mouth hanging open
“Thank you very much” you smile, “You don’t look too bad yourself”
You tugged on his arms, “Come on, we have a dinner to go to” he only smiled
“God I love you” He says, giving you several kisses
“I Love you too Hobi” you smile before leading him out the door

~Admin Luna

library au, back at it again
  • They counted once and they heard  him replay the “bark bork…heck” one over 20 times and he laughed everytime, he is a pure man
  • There’s a weird set a dress code rules for everyone and it depends on your position too
  • Allura dresses in nice dresses or cute sweaters and dress pants to be professional
  • Coran is about the same and wears nice sweater vests and shit and dress pants
  • For the assistants you have to be semi formal so Shiro usually wears a nice long sleeve and black jeans, Keith on the other hand is a lil rebellious and casually wears fandom-y stuff (like X-Files or Mothman shirts that looks lowkey enough) and black jeans too and sometimes a blazer (if he’s hiding his nerdy shirts)
  • For the shelvers they can be the least formal as long as they aren’t wearing anything inappropriate or distracting or have holes or stains on their clothes
  • So Hunk likes to wear khaki’s and mid-arm length shirts to work more comfortably
  • Then there’s LANCE who always gets chewed out by Allura for not adhering to the dress code and coming to work in flip flops or ripped blue jeans or hell he once came to work in his pajamas and boy has the staff never let him forget about thAT
  • Despite being a goof though, Lance is really a favorite staff member for patrons because he’s so witty and knows his stuff and always greets everyone
  • People sometimes have trouble with Keith though, and bless his heart, but he always somehow ends up dealing with difficult patrons and that’s not his fault!! He tries his best
  • Back in the staff room it’s always really wild
    • Allura tries to shut herself away in her office when she needs a break
    • Lance is ALWAYS blasting music from his phone when he’s organizing a cart
    • Hunk sings along under his breath but doesn’t wanna join in in case Coran screams at them for horsing around
    • Pidge ends up being the one screaming sometimes though
    • A book comes flying over Pidge’s cubicle into the cart area and knocks Lance out
    • Keith doesn’t really understand why everyone’s always screaming but he’s cool with it as long as he gets his processing done in time
    • Catch Shiro in his cubicle watching vines when there’s not much to do


Talking dresses, dates & drinking at semi formal in today’s video.

I showed y’all all the dresses I wore to Kappa Delta & fraternity events and lots of pictures with my dates (#lol). What to do and what not to do before and at the events. Pre-games, drinking, backup dates & MORE!

I also showed y’all my party cup collection from my LSU years & pictures of the events. 

Ok but hear me out:

  • Eugene Sims with messy bed hair.
  • Eugene Sims as a little kid
  • Eugene Sims wearing contacts
  • Eugene Sims wearing a tshirt that’s too big for him
  • Eugene Sims as an incubus
  • Eugene Sims in formal/semi formal wear
  • Eugene Sims as a little kid with chubby cheeks AND glasses
  • Eugene Sims dressed in cosplay
String rings and strawberry shortcake

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kurotsuki 

Summary: “Lemme get this straight,” Kuroo started, stepping aside and allowing Tsukishima to enter the apartment he shared with Kenma, “you want us to pretend like we’re fiancés, act all lovey-dovey and stuff, all so we can get free cake?”

“Ok first of all, the words lovey-dovey never left my mouth,” Tsukishima countered before plopping down on the overly comfortably couch and directing his gaze towards Kuroo, “and second, you don’t understand. This isn’t just cake Kuroo, this is cake that’s good enough for me to ask you to pretend to be my goddamn fiancé. Don’t belittle the cake.” 

A/N: I have finally written kurotsuki cries because this is sooooo long overdue. Dedicating it to the wonderful @kandismon because I love her kurotsuki and all her art in general. I hope you enjoy this humble offering from a fan! (This story contains fluff and snark)

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I think what I love the most about Zimbits is that they are both the obscenely cute couple that already act like they’ve been married for ages, and have their whole life figured out, and at the same time like two bros who live in a frat house.

Like how? How they go from semi formal wear to announce they are dating each other to their friends over freaking brunch, to backward caps/sleeveless shirt/shorts at a tailgate????

Dear Lord this is what happens when instead of no homo you go yes homo between teammates and I think it’s wonderful, truly a gift, more I say!

Pakistani Fashion 101

Categories of Pakistani Fashion

Aaand the series continues! 

As my connection and knowledge of Pakistani fashion grows, I’ve learned all the different ways Pakistan classifies its fashion. At first, it came as a surprise that most of these categories were so alien to me especially because I thought cultural familiarity would allow me to easily navigate through Pakistan and its fashion. Turns out, I had no idea what the heck pret was or what made a collection luxury or couture. Knowing these differences and classifications comes in handy especially when you’re shopping. So to make your life a little bit easier, I made the list of some of these categories you may encounter in the world of Pakistani fashion.


Pakistan has a huge culture of tailoring. Women and men often hire tailors to stitch their fabric according to their tastes. You will find a sewing machine in most Pakistani households because many women prefer to tailor their own fabric. You would think the retail revolution would make a dent on tailoring but it is still as strong as ever. Brands release unstitched fabric collections and even provide stitching services. “Lawn” is the bestselling unstitched fabric sold in Pakistan though other fabrics in the more formal categories like silk are also popular.. So yes, Pakistanis are inherently designers! lol


Also known as ready to wear. Easily available in stores. Less personalized and sold in various sizes. You will usually find cotton, linen, chiffon, crepe fabrics used in most pret collections. Cotton among the more popular ones as it’s casual and appropriate for everyday wear. The interesting part of casual-pret wear in Pakistan is that it is also work appropriate. Due to the conservative nature of Pakistani fashion, most women would shop under the casual/pret categories for work unlike in the West where work wear is its own category and is clearly defined.

Semi Formal/Luxury Pret

Semi-formal is basically party wear. Embellishments and embroidery are kept to a minimum. Luxury pret is usually worn at parties, festivals or daytime events.


Party wear that could be evening wear and also wedding appropriate. Heavy embellishments and a lot more fabric than the average pret or semi-formal wear.  


Custom made clothing for a particular client. Bridal wear is a huge market in Pakistan and most people will get personalized alterations and fittings for their bridal outfits. Popular couture in Pakistan is bridal wear. There are ready to wear bridals as well but most people prefer to have custom made wedding outfits ordered months before the wedding. 

It’s also important to note that lines are easily blurred between these categories based on people’s individual tastes and brands’ design ethos. 

Amedotbomb 4 is coming up and it’s gonna be the 24th-30th! Here are the prompts:
November 24:Barn
November 25: movie au
November 26: formal/semi-formal wear
November 27:new hairstyle
November 28:high school
November 29:reverse au
November 30:anything
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Didn’t See That Coming? (Part 4)

Background: You and Peter have known each other since middle school, but your mutant abilities soon take you both far away from the places you grew up in. (post-DOFP)

Rating: M (mild language)

Warnings: jealous peter, swearing

Words: 1,741 (sorta long i guess, but worth it!!)

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Part 3

Since your last midnight rendezvous, you and Peter had been traveling after daylight fell every evening. Once the sun went down, he would take you by the arm (and neck) and speed you off to a place of his choosing. Peter had taken you to fields, lakes, monuments, valleys, skyscrapers, beaches, and that had just been this week. Often you’d find yourself bored out of your mind in your classes, and when this phenomenon occurred, your mind would wander and imagine all the places Peter might take you that night. Although, no amount of imagination prepared you for what was to come that day.

After your second period science class, Hank stopped you at the door. “Um, sorry, would you mind if I talked to you for a second?” Hank uttered hesitantly, before leading you to a desk to sit at, “I just need to ask a question really quickly, if you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, sure, Hank,” You replied, raising an eyebrow, “Fire away.” 

“Well, um, y-yeah, I just,” the scientist stuttered out, appearing slightly flustered, “Iwassortakindawonderingifyouwantedtogooutsometime?”

Your mind went into total overdrive. You understood him, of course, you had listened to Peter speak at a million miles an hour for half of your life, no that wasn’t where you were overwhelmed. Hank wanted to go out with you, that was the problem. You could’ve frozen him, but that wouldn’t freeze his mind, or time. He was waiting for an answer. He apparently really liked you. So you responded in the only way you could.

“Um, what?” You laughed, donning your best confused expression. You usually saved this face for when you pretended you didn’t understand Peter to get him frustrated, but it was a special occasion.

Hank sighed, before repeating himself, slower this time, “I was sorta wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?”

This gave you the time you needed to think this over. Hank is not someone I think of in that way at all, but he is adorable, soft-spoken. He’s kind. I deserve a nice date, you thought, intaking a large enough breath to give you the strength to answer, Here goes nothing.

“Yes,” you spoke, gazing up at Hank and offering him a large, closed-lipped smile, “I’d love to go out on a date with you.”

“Oh, uh, wow,” Hank managed, with seemingly pink-tinged cheeks and an overwhelmingly large smile, “Uh, would tonight work?”

Your heart sank a little, thinking of having to blow off Peter and his surprise adventure, but you didn’t want to have any time to overthink the date. “I’ll meet you at 7:00-ish in front of the gates. Don’t be late.”

Hank scratched his neck before accepting your offer. “Uh, yes, th-that’d be perfect.” he stammered while you exited. Before you left, Hank fumbled out  “See you soon!”

You chuckled to yourself, “See you soon, Hank.”


“You’re going out with Hank?!” Peter asked incredulously, for probably the one hundredth time.

“He’s a nice guy!” you try to reason with him. You weren’t expecting Peter to care much about who you dated, but you guessed he was just being overprotective because he wanted the best for you. You hadn’t actually gone out with anyone until then, due to your old school’s population being 100% asshole.

Peter sighed. He didn’t exactly have a good reason for you not to date him. Well, he had a good reason, just not one he could give to you. ‘Hey, (Y/N), I’m in love with you, so could you just not date him and forget what I said before?’. Yeah, that will go along well, he thought to himself.

“Peter, don’t worry. I’ll be fine. If anything goes wrong, I can just freeze his ass and kick the shit out of him.” you smiled sweetly, trying to comfort him.

“Just be careful.” Peter finally conceded, trying to be happy for you, but unfruitfully. You squealed in delight as you jumped on him with a hug. He tried not to think about if you would hug Hank the same way as he enveloped you in his arms.

“You better have a hell of a time planned tomorrow, Maximoff. We better have so much fun, I forget I ever missed a day.” you laughed, glancing back at him from your open door.

“I’ll hold you to that.” Peter chuckled, grinning widely at the sound of your laugh. Despite that, he couldn’t help but feel broken at the thought of you with another guy. Peter was willing to sit idly by, though, if you would be happy.


You left for the gates at around 6:50 in a black sundress with daisies on it, a necklace with a small silver tape, yellow flats, and your trusty leather jacket. As you walked up the cobblestone path, you could see a man pacing in the distance, which you assumed to be Hank. He had dressed semi-formal, wearing a suit jacket and black dress slacks, but still retaining a white t-shirt.

“W-whoa,” Hank sputtered, his mouth forming an ‘O’ as he took in your appearance, “(Y/N), you…you look beautiful.” 

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself.” you replied, giggling at Hank’s awestruck disposition.

“W-we should probably be going,” he stuttered, shaking his head as if waking from a trance, “I, uh, planned for us to visit a park for the date.” 

“You remembered,” you smirked, thinking back to science class, “I didn’t think you would’ve recalled the first day of school. Didn’t you force us to ‘tell the class about ourselves’?”

Hank chuckled, “You told the class that you loved visiting parks like you used to when you were younger. It wasn’t that forced. Besides, I couldn’t have been that bad of a teacher, seeing as we’re on a date.”

“Okay, don’t get too ahead of yourself, lover boy,” you laughed, arriving at the park. Hank insisted you both begin with the slide, as he was adamant that it was the best part of the experience. You would switch out what piece of equipment you were using ever so often, and you had not realized it was dark until you had made your way to the swings. 

“Shit, if I stay out much later, I’m gonna be la-a-ate” you giggled out, while Hank let go of the chain above your swing seat.

“Fine, one more spin?” Hank pleaded with the saddest look he could manage.

“You got it.” you replied as you steadied yourself and he began to twist the chain once more. Hank sat on the swing next to yours as he released the chain and you spun so rapidly you bumped Hank’s head into yours.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, Hank, I-” you started, rushing to examine Hank’s head for any bruises. 

“No, no, no, it’s my fault, I made you spin.” he said, lifting his head and looking into your eyes. It was only then that you saw how close your face had become to his. Your eyes became slightly lidded as you leaned in for a kiss. The streetlights surrounding you had decided to flickered on just then, and in that moment, you saw the flash of silver reflecting off the necklace Peter had gotten you for your 14th birthday. You thought back to the 8th grade.

“Peter!” you shouted happily, wrapping your arms around his neck, “Thank you so much, I love it.”

“Wait, wait, wait, it comes with a price,” Peter smirked as you glanced up from admiring your necklace, confused, “You have to be my best friend, for like, all eternity. See, it says it right here in the fine print on the receipt…” he said, pointing to the paper as your eyes followed his finger. Suddenly, he lifted his finger, flicking you in the face. You scrunched up your nose, annoyed. After doubling over in laughter, Peter donned a more sober look, “But seriously, all eternity. You gotta.”

“Okay, Peter. Eternity it is.”

“I’m sorry.” you both loudly apologized while pulling away. 

“Wait, what?” you inquired, puzzled by his reluctance.

“I like you and all… but I think I’m trying to use you to get past someone else.” Hank confessed, seemingly ashamed.

“I would be slightly offended if I didn’t feel the same way.” you admitted, becoming interested in your now dirtied yellow shoes. Both of your swings swayed a little in the glow of the streetlamps.

“It’s Peter, right?” Hank suggested, breaking the silence. “I mean, it seems like that, just in the way you two talk to each other, the way you hug him, the way he blushes when you do. I blush like that when Raven hugs me…or when she used to.”

“Yeah, it’s Peter,” you sighed, thinking of how badly you fucked up, “He probably thinks I don’t like him now. I gotta get home, Hank, I’m sorry.”

He waved his hand, offering a small smile, “Don’t worry about it. If Raven was there, I’d be heading home too. Go get him, already.”

You hailed the first taxi you spotted, hopping in and tapping your foot impatiently. You had no idea what you were going to say to Peter. All you had to go on was a bright, warm feeling in your chest that you got when you thought about his smile, his laugh, him. Jumping out of the taxi as soon as the mansion was in sight, you all but sprinted to the entrance, swinging it open and running up the stairs. His room was only a little down the hall from yours. 

Pushing the door from your path, you noticed Peter had a nervous expression on his face. “Look, (Y/N), I wanted to tell you, I like y-” was all the boy could disclose before you grabbed the back of his head and slammed his lips onto yours, gripping his silver hair in between your fingers. He reacted somewhat slowly for a guy with his abilities, taking a while to register anything but the feeling of your lips against his. After the initial shock, Peter lifted one hand to your cheek and slid his other around your waist. It felt like nothing else existed but the connection between you and Peter’s lips and the insanely rapid beating of your hearts. The only thought you could accomplish while kissing the living daylights out of him, was that if the world were to end in a fiery blaze, right then and there, it would’ve had a damn good run.