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I think what I love the most about Zimbits is that they are both the obscenely cute couple that already act like they’ve been married for ages, and have their whole life figured out, and at the same time like two bros who live in a frat house.

Like how? How they go from semi formal wear to announce they are dating each other to their friends over freaking brunch, to backward caps/sleeveless shirt/shorts at a tailgate????

Dear Lord this is what happens when instead of no homo you go yes homo between teammates and I think it’s wonderful, truly a gift, more I say!



Talking dresses, dates & drinking at semi formal in today’s video.

I showed y’all all the dresses I wore to Kappa Delta & fraternity events and lots of pictures with my dates (#lol). What to do and what not to do before and at the events. Pre-games, drinking, backup dates & MORE!

I also showed y’all my party cup collection from my LSU years & pictures of the events. 

Amedotbomb 4 is coming up and it’s gonna be the 24th-30th! Here are the prompts:
November 24:Barn
November 25: movie au
November 26: formal/semi-formal wear
November 27:new hairstyle
November 28:high school
November 29:reverse au
November 30:anything
Any questions just ask me!

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Working at a dealership is something alright, but thanks. Also, Yuri and Beka are the Aesthetic(tm) kind of nerds who wear a shit ton of Harley stuff, just so they can always keep up their image. This includes, but is not limited to, the t-shirts, semi-formal wear, and pjs. We have an awful set of white cheetah print pj set that I can just picture Yuri wearing and actually enjoying. The blankets they have also have the insignia on them, because no one is allowed to forget how "cool" they are.


I love this Biker Image AU so much. And I also highkey headcanon them matching their clothes?? Which is such a dorky/cute thing to do but they somehow try and make it badass anyways? 

And CAN WE PLEASE TALK MORE ABOUT NAPPING!OTAYURI? I can just picture Yuri leaning against Otabek, mouth semi-open, and napping under a tree while Otabek is reading.

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Generally, "dress code" for seeing shows is somewhere between business casual and semi-formal...I usually wear a dress and a coat (and sometimes heels depending on the venue tbh). Another thing I like to think about is what bomb-ass outfit I would want to wear if I meet/take photos with any of the actors at the stage door. I'm so excited for you to see Hamilton and I hope you have an amazing time (and maybe meet Karen???)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is really helpful, thank you! And I would love (it would make my lifetime I’m not even kidding you she’s my Queen) to meet Karen, we’ll see what happens!!


Gyeongbokgung Palace - Hanbok by Casey Friend
Via Flickr:
Hanbok are traditional Korean dresses that are characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Although the term literally means “Korean clothing”, hanbok usually refers specifically to clothing of the Joseon period and is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations.


The Chords of Love by SBK (Day 7)

A/N: So I had more than one idea for this prompt, therefore three different scenarios were written.

Scenario I

The familiar tune drifts through the air of the ballroom as Rick looks to his beautiful wife and notices as she immediately starts to sway to the music.  She loves this song.  He knows it because she has played it at home during one of her many nights of being in the mood for music and maybe some living room or kitchen dancing.  The last time he heard it, he really listened to the lyrics as she sang along and he couldn’t help but be moved by them.

He stands and offers her his hand.  She looks up at him and gladly accepts as they move onto the dance floor.  It’s their last night on the cruise and they attended an elegant dinner for guests. Even dressing in semi-formal wear for the occasion.

They wrap their arms around each other and move rhythmically to the music.  Michonne looks to Rick as he slowly mouths the words to the song.  She smiles, feeling the weight and meaning of those lyrics deeply.  She has truly found her soul mate and she has never been happier. He takes care of her like no other, always there no matter what she needs.  I guess it’s true when they say love is something that finds you.

Rick drops his forehead to hers as she joins him in singing along.  All those moments he’d heard the song, he never realized that she was voicing it about him.  He can feel it on such a major level right now, her body language, her eyes….everything about her is telling him how much she loves him.  He feels compelled to give it all right back.  He places his lips against hers softly, giving her the lightest of kisses as they continue to move together.

Scenario II

Rick and Michonne are on grocery aisle number 7 looking for a particular cooking oil they’d like to try.  An upbeat 80s tune is playing over the PA system and Rick only smiles as his wife bobs her head to the music.  He takes a look towards the end of the aisle, wondering what was taking Carl and Judith so long.

Michonne gasps as one of her favorite songs starts playing.  She closes her eyes for just a moment, a brief sigh escaping her lips as she begins to sing along.  She feels a soft touch on her forearm as her husband calls her attention to him.

He pulls her into his arms right there in the middle of the grocery aisle, moving their bodies from side to side in tune with the music.

Carl and Judith step onto the aisle with boxes of cereal in their hands and come up short with the sight of their parents slow dancing right next to their shopping cart. Judith looks up to her big brother as they share a knowing look, both hoping the song is almost over.

Scenario III

King County Middle School is teeming with activity as the spring dance is in full swing.  Rick and Michonne Grimes watch diligently as parent chaperones, their son, Carl, attending his first official dance with his first official date.

What would I do without your smart mouth?  Drawing me in, and you kicking me out.”  Those lyrics float through the air and propels Michonne to grab her husband’s hand and lead him to the dance floor.  Rick can only smile as they wrap their arms around each other and get lost in the song if only for a little while.

 Carl feels a nudge in his side and looks to his date, Ariel, a petite Asian girl.  She points toward the floor and asks, “Isn’t that your Mom and Dad?”

 The tall teen searches for only a matter of seconds before he spots his parents wrapped around each other like they are getting ready to make out.  He drops his head with a huff and utters, “Sorry.”

 Ariel smiles and asks, “Why?  I think they look cute together and they’re drawing other couples onto the floor.”  She was hoping Carl would get the hint since they hadn’t had one slow dance all night.

 “Cute?  Really?” He inquires.

 “Yeah. It’s obvious your Mom and Dad are really in love with each other.  Do you know how many kids wish they still had a Mom and a Dad who were actually together and liked each other?  You’re lucky,” Ariel explains.

 Carl considers her words and realizes how right she is. The floor is actually crowded and he knows his parents had a lot to do with that as the slow songs weren’t popular for dancing at all tonight.  He offers Ariel his hand and asks, “Would you like to dance?”

 She smiles with delight and accepts graciously.


It’s a typical Friday night at the Grimes household and Michonne is in the kitchen taking care of some cleaning duties while listening to a little music.  Rick arrives home from work and makes his way to her to plant a kiss on her cheek as they greet each other.

 “How was your day?”  They both ask simultaneously and then laugh.

 Michonne goes first, giving a short synopsis of her work day then listens intently as Rick relays the events of his day.

 “Oh, I found an awesome song too.  It’s that same guy you like so much.  John Legend.  I think I want it as my special song just for you,” Rick says.

 “Special song for me?  Well, let’s hear it,” Michonne encourages.

 Rick grabs his cell phone and searches through his apps to pull up the song.  Michonne is most impressed that he is utilizing the device more and more these days.

 She gasps as the song starts to play and she recognizes the tune.  A blush colors her face as Rick pulls her to him and sings the lyrics with gusto.  Well, I know what we’ll be doing tonight.

Check out this awesome video by Alanabond007 aka @starkchemistry101 featuring All of Me by John Legend

Bonus Song: Tonight by John Legend

Dear Followers Outside of Pakistan

Hi girls & guys! :)

Hope this finds you in the best of health and happiness! In the course of running this blog about Pakistani couture for the last 5 years, I’ve come across many of you Pakistani fashion aficionados who do not have access to the semi-formal and casual pret wear that we in Pakistan can easily get our hands on. 

Even though you’re living in countries outside of Pakistan, I’m a 100% sure that you regularly attend events around the year for which you require either some gorgeous Pakistani semi-formal wear or elegant Pakistani casual wear (like Eids, desi family gatherings, multiple iftars during Ramzan etc.). And most of you find yourselves in a bind about what to wear to these events. Especially if you don’t get the opportunity to travel to Pakistan often to stock up on the latest desi wear, or don’t have relatives here that understand your style preferences.

Say there was a service being run from Pakistan that puts you in touch with a fashion stylist who you can chat with regarding your personal style, and who could then shop for you keeping in mind your style aesthetic, your body shape and your budget, would you be interested in availing this service? 

What have I been up to? Where do I begin?

I went to 3 weddings in 3 weeks.  I perfected my red lip. I got soaked in a rainstorm, ate passed canapés, became an expert at fitting a night’s necessities into a tiny beaded clutch. I drank lots of white wine and sang along to “Shout” (a little bit louder now, a little bit louder now) and took pictures, pictures, pictures. I packed and unpacked and packed and unpacked and packed and unpacked again. I slow-danced. I compared myself to every other girl in semi-formal wear. I picked a fight under twinkling lights because I felt out of control. I bemoaned scratchy, too-small hotel towels. I stayed in an inn with a balcony, crept up the back staircase in an old, lakeside mansion, stood under a sky full of stars at a bonfire.

I squeezed myself into a too-small strapless bra, three times. I rode New Jersey transit and SEPTA and in two rental cars. I gave hugs and handshakes, goodbyes, good luck, best wishes. I toasted 3 happy couples with champagne and signed guest books and burst into real tears one time and then felt embarrassed when I couldn’t stop. I went to rehearsals and brunches and cocktail hours and after parties. I felt genuinely moved again and again by love, by friends, by the way we’re all growing up so fast and the way we take care of each other and show up for each other.

I love weddings. I love bouquets and cake and everyone silly slow-dancing after too much wine. My friends looked so beautiful, are so beautiful. I felt like I was running out of words to say how happy I want everyone to be, how much and how deeply they deserve it. I would go to a wedding every weekend for life. I would raise my glass every Saturday night to hopeful happy futures and to finding love and holding onto it for dear life. I would toast this dear life again and again.


We bought a car.

It’s going to live at my dad’s house for now, until we’re ready for it. Moving is becoming real, although we don’t know to where or to what, or even why exactly. I only know that I’m drifting out of this city already. I’m so broke and so tired and so happy here. I’m frustrated and worn out, but I don’t blame New York. I love Brooklyn with that deep home-love. I don’t want to leave yet, but I want to leave. The car is the first step. Our trip south is the second. I don’t know the third yet. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself anywhere else. I don’t know what my life is going to look like in a year, and that doesn’t scare me the way it might have once.


I’m having an endoscopy next week. Ben has surgery the day before. We’ll both get anesthesia and be each other’s escorts home. Funny the way things like that work out, the way unusual events seem to pair themselves. I feel lucky that we have each other to lean on. 


They’re renovating my apartment building. They tell me my ceiling may fall down. I take it in stride; it already feels like the sky is falling. Yesterday, waste from the toilet upstairs leaked down into my bathroom light fixture and trickled into the tub. Let me tell you again how I love this building. How I want to leave it and can’t bear to at once. I’m in an abusive relationship with my apartment.


My dad breaks some news to me. I don’t want to hear it. I won’t let myself think about could have beens and might have beens, but I don’t feel ashamed of my anger. I respect and take pride in it. I prefer it to tears, although they came, too, later.


All of these things are happening at once and still I am expected to remember to keep my apartment clean, to shop for groceries, to arrive at work on time. There are months when just living feels like wrestling a tiger. I’ve got a throat infection and a stiff neck that’s been sore for a week. “It is June, I am tired of being brave,” and all that. When Ben and I tell each other “everything is going to be ok,” we sound less sure. Sometimes it even comes out like a question.

I am hopeful, though. I am holding on for dear life.