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Drabble(?) #2

Ship/Pairing: Fontcest or UT Papyrus x UT Sans
Rating: PG-13(?)
Fandom: Undertale
Tags: Fluff, Anniversary

“Hello? Yes, I would like to order a bouquet with red and white camellias, ambrosias, and arbutus flowers. Yes. Thank you so much! Have a nice day!” Papyrus ended the call and placed the phone down.

It had been two years since the two skeletons had began to date. Papyrus couldn’t believe how quickly the two previous years had passed, the happiness of the very first date they shared still flooding his mind. It was nothing too special, just a simple date going to the old spot where Sans and Papyrus would do snow Papyrus and Snow Sans. 

Sans began to explain that he wanted to remind himself that they had always been together, through thick and thin bonements. Papyrus still remembered slightly choking up on the fact that Sans still had time to make puns. Sans wanted to start dating and thought that heading back into the UNDERGROUND would give him confidence. Sans felt calmer in his own hometown and Papyrus completely understood the sentiment.

Nonetheless, that day filled Papyrus with joy, a grin beginning to form all over again. He’s sure that Sans would love anything he did for him, but as always that simply wasn’t enough for Papyrus. Papyrus had to show in more ways than one that he truly loved Sans. 

This morning had started off with Papyrus seeing the most beautiful sight, Sans was cuddled up to his side, drool slightly coming out of his mouth. The expression on Sans face made him seem so fragile, vulnerable. Papyrus smiled softly before kissing Sans forehead, a small clank was heard. Prying himself away from the bed, he began to quietly make breakfast. Although Sans was not a light sleeper, Papyrus wanted it to be a major surprise. He had full faith in his cooking abilities ever since he began to take cooking lessons from Grillbz. 

Nonetheless, he was ready to begin his plan. He cooked a regular ol’ scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice, and some bacon strips, with a small ketchup bottle on the side. It wasn’t anything too fancy, but he felt that it would get the message across all the same. 

Once he had finished his call, Papyrus dressed himself in a semi-formal attire. His long sleeved sweater vest matched surprisingly well with his old but nicely managed one of a kind scarf. He then made sure to leave a small note on the side of the bed saying “Morning sleepy head. Breakfast is downstairs. Love you. -Sincerely the Great Papyrus.

Papyrus walked fairly quickly to the nearby florist shop where he had ordered the bouquet. He knew this shop to be exceedingly efficient in arranging flowers marvelously. He gathered the bouquet and began walking home, he’s sure that by now Sans would have began to wake up from his slumber. 

Sans got up and realized that Papyrus wasn’t in bed, not that wasn’t unusual. He sat up and wiped away the drool coming out of his mouth “Heh, guess I was hungry even in my sleep. Well, no bones about it.“

As he got up, he noticed a small card on the nightstand. As he read it, he gave a genuine smile. He’d never get tired of the kindness and love Papyrus always gave him; it always made him feel like the happiest skeleton alive.

Fixing the bed, Sans gave a small yawn before finally heading downstairs. He gave a small sniff of the air and finally realized what was cooked, “Smells delicious Paps.”

He began descending the chairs to find Papyrus at the doorway with a bouquet in his hands. He was a little surprised to see Papyrus all dressed up and with flowers, it simply took his not required breath away. 

With a big smile, Papyrus walked over to Sans “Thank you Sans. I’m glad you think so.” He gave Sans a small kiss, a soft clank echoing through the room. He handed Sans the bouquet and smiled “Happy Anniversary to us.”

With a quick jerk upwards, Sans hugged Papyrus fairly tightly “Happy Anniversary. I can’t believe I forgot.”

Papyrus shook his head and hugged back “It’s okay Sans.”

Sans blushed slightly before speaking again “It’s just that the days pass by so quickly and every day with you is just simply a blessing.”

With a blush forming across his features, Papyrus grinned and kissed Sans again. “I love you Sans.”

“I love you too Papyrus.”

With a soft smile, Papyrus motioned Sans to the kitchen table “Let’s eat before deciding to celebrate the rest of the day together.”

“Sure thing Paps.”

The Meme and His Tutor

So the way this fic is going to be laid out is that the chapters are days or moments. I plan for this to be a fluffy, light-hearted fic. No angst. I’ll also suggest a song to listen to per chapter to help readers know what tone I was trying to achieve.

Part 1: The Day The Meme Met His Tutor

Recommended Song: Love by MAMAMOO

|All Chapters|


It all started with a fan meeting. You had wanted to make an impression on your bias, Jungkook, so you used what Korean you had learned so far to put together a compliment. Little did you know how that one moment would lead to many more.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: None for now. May change. Who knows.

Word Count: 1444

Length: 1/?

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Something Unspoken Part 2

You guys, Part 1 is my most popular post so I have to say than you so much for the feedback it means the world to me. I hope you guys like part 2 just as much, and let me know if I should make a third, and most likely final part!


Something Unspoken Part 2

I have to wait a few days before I can see what Peter has planned for our date. The day after our little encounter we had to speak with the Nova Corps about another mission which takes about a week before we’re finished, and even after we take a few more to ourselves; our energy completely wiped from the consecutive fighting. I had to get involved at one point, fighting off a band of rouge officers that had been a larger group than expected meant Peter had to reluctantly hand me a gun in the middle of battle. I still remember the look on his face as he opened the secret door underneath the hull of the Milano as he came to fetch me.

“We need every person we can get out there. Can you do it?” I remember him asking.

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don’t you want to take me home?

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: “wanted to request one (with Diggs if you don’t mind) where you’re an old friend of Lin’s and you and Daveed meet on opening night. You can take it anywhere you want after that.”

summary: reader is one of lin’s oldest friends, so of course she’s at the opening night after-party. and of course diggs is into her.

warnings: NSFW! smut, alcohol, flirting, bathroom sex

word count: 4,262

a/n: title from clippng’s ‘tonight.’ this happened. idk. still going to hell.

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Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt.4

B/N realizes that talking to her as he usually would to other people wouldn’t work. It’s clear to him now that his manipulation has no effect on her whatsoever which was evident by her jamming on the brake and almost breaking his nose. 

“Understood?” she asked, her jaw set in the fact that either he respect her or she was done with him and he can’t have that. He has to find out why she has this ability. 

“Understood,” he replies, he feels his pride crumbling and he swallows his anger.

“What?” she’s surprised at his response but she has no idea how shocked he is himself. 

“I said…understood,” 

She eventually nods and turns around and B/N sighs because he’s never had to lower his head for anyone. 

He has her drive him everywhere he would ordinarily take himself. The first place he goes is shopping because where else to test one’s patience in a clothing store? 

She’s sitting by the window as he walks about. He calls her to him. 

“Carry these for me,” 

She looks him up and down, one eyebrow raised, “What do I look like?” but he places the clothes he’s been carrying in her arms. Her eyes widen but without a second thought she drops the clothes on the floor, “What did I say about demanding me? I will leave you here,” 

“Right. Sorry,” She sits down, legs crossed. How long will he have to push her for her to use whatever abilities she has?

He glances at her, unable to figure out what’s so special about her. Is this how the Green Lantern felt when he realized his own weakness was the color yellow? He then wonders how that has any relation to his situation. Or was his other weakness Lois, like Superman? Again, how does that have any relation to his situation?

Because to be Lois he’d have to actually like her and he knew without a doubt that she did not like him because he simply made himself unlikeable. And thinking about it now, he’s not even sure why he made himself that way or perhaps that’s just how he is. 

Either way, he needed answers, and his only way to get them was incapable of working. 

When he’s done shopping and gets back in the car, she notices he hasn’t bought anything. 

“After an hour in the store, you come out empty handed?” 

“I didn’t see anything that I liked,” 

“But you had an arm full of clothes,” 

“Yeah anyways,” he’s not focused on that, “what’s your name?”

“Why?” she asks. 

“Well, I’m entrusting you with my life, so I’d like to know who my driver is, just in case,” 

She thinks for a moment and agrees. She tells him her full name and he immediately text Jesse to do a background check on her. 

This is illegal, you know,” he texts back. 

But within five minutes her information is in his phone. Her age surprises him. She looks young for her age. She’s not from this country, and she’s never been in trouble with the law. 

He looks out the window biting his lip. That was useless. But his curiosity is killing him and he ends up blurting out his question out of desperation. 

“Can you control minds?” he clenches his fist once the words leave his mouth, unsure of what her response will be. He can’t erase her memory if this goes wrong and he might have just sealed his fate.

Her eyes flicker to his through the rearview mirror, “If I could, you wouldn’t be in my car right now,” 

Fair enough, he thinks with a sigh of relief. She also doesn’t seem to suspect a thing. 

“What kind of question is that,” she mumbles to herself. 

You accept the fact that B/N wasn’t a normal person. Maybe he had a condition where he made demands instead of asking nicely. Or maybe he was just an entitled ass. Either way, you were getting paid and that’s all that mattered. 

You drive him everywhere he needs to go, waiting patiently as best. You even ate while you waited on him which he didn’t even seem to mind. But you realize he’s been watching you. 

Staring so blatantly that you stopped mid-chew to stare back, “What?” you ask with your mouth full. He comes back to the present with a look of disgust, “Nothing,” 

At the end of the day, he pays you without you having to ask. One thousand dollars in cash even though the price was only half of that.

You hold the money in your hand, moving your eyes to him, “Who are you?” 

“That’s something I should be asking you,” his tone isn’t sharp or aggressive, it’s normal, almost gentle. 

“I told you who I was already,” you say, noticing he doesn’t answer your question, “You’re quite an odd realtor, you know,” 

“So I’ve been told,” he says with a smile, which surprises you because he hasn’t smiled yet and his tone is still gentle. And you find that you’re surprised you liked the way he smiled. Now you’re the one staring and he the one looking uncomfortable under your scrutiny. 

“Anyways,” he steps back, “there’s your money. Keep your phone close cause I will be calling you again,” 

You hold the money in your hand, watching him walk away in his semi formal attire, still wondering who on Earth this man is. 

Closer (Part 1)

Summary: The discovery of a tattoo on Y/N’s body turns a sexy photoshoot even sexier.

Pairing: Daveed x reader

Warning: NSFW(ish?)

A/N: *Waves hello from the corner of the room, embarrassed and waiting for the responses from all of you.*

In the same way that Javier Muñoz was dubbed the “sexy” Hamilton, you’ve become known as the “sexy” Eliza. You were the alternate for Phillipa Soo, and you quickly gained popularity through your vocal abilities and as much as you hated to admit it, your looks. Your mother was Korean and father German; your fair skin, almond-shaped green eyes, and silky straight black hair made it difficult for people to guess your ethnicity. You truly were blessed, inheriting the best genes from both sides of the family.

But you wanted to prove to people that it was not your looks that brought you here, but your talent and hard work. That was why the minute Entertainment Weekly gave you call about being voted as the “Sexiest Breakout Broadway Actress of 2016”, you jumped on the opportunity immediately. It was your chance to let people know who you were and to silence the criticism about your abilities. Even better, your cast mate, Daveed Diggs, was voted opposite of you.

You glanced at Daveed from the corner of your eye and couldn’t help but agree; he was sexy. The towering height, ridiculously defined arms and abs, impeccable hair, and brilliant rapping made him a dangerous package. The two of you were somewhat close, having gotten to know each other through rehearsals and the casual get-togethers with the cast.

Today was the day of the photoshoot for the four-page spread, having done the interview two days prior. At the moment, the two of you were in the process of getting hair and make-up done.

“You are a man’s wet dream,” the make-up artist sighed, lightly dabbing foundation against your skin.

Next to you, Daveed sputters, choking on his water.

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Heart Beats For Two


Pairing: Theo x Parrish x Reader

Summary: Hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader was Theo’s girlfriend before he “died” or whatever and then Parrish comforts her and they get close and become a couple a while later and one year later Theo comes back and he finds out that the reader is with Parrish and he wants to get her back and she doesn’t know what to do because she loves both and you can go on from there?

Today marked one year of not only your relationship with the handsome deputy Jordan Parrish, but also the day that your old ex-boyfriend Theo Raeken got literally dragged to hell. Your life changed that day, you were staring at your whole world when Kira decided to use her powers to send Theo away. The scene still stayed with you, how could it not? The moment where he got pulled away by his sister which most thought was dead, Theo’s face and his constant pleas for Scott to help, the memories all still remained.

After that night you never thought you would ever love someone so passionately, intensely and wholeheartedly again. But that’s when Jordan came along, it took some time but he showed you that it was okay to love once more.

Walking into the police station, you were greeted with nods and hello’s from 2 deputies leaving. You of course replied back politely and made your way over to where you knew Parrish would be.

“Good morning my handsome deputy” smiling at Parrish who stood up to give you a quick, swift kiss.

“Good morning my beautiful girlfriend. What brings you all the way down here?” he asked, sitting back down in his chair, while you sat at the edge of his desk.

“I did a little shopping and thought I would see if you wanted to go grab dinner tonight?”

“Absolutely, gives me something to look forward too. Pick you up at 7?”.

Hopping down from the desk you kissed him, “See you tonight babe”.

His warm smile, was one that would automatically make you smile. Exiting the station you made your way home.

Feeling like you were on cloud nine, you couldn’t wait for tonight. Jordan had made this past year so unbelievably magically. Walking up the pathway you made sure to grab the mail sitting in the letterbox, before letting yourself into the house. Sorting through the bills, you put the ones that were urgent in the urgent pile and left the junk mail to the side.

Hearing your phone beep, the screen lit up and it was a message from Parrish.

I love you, just wanted you to know - Parrish

Thank god no-one was around because you were blushing like mad, sending back a I love you with a heart emoji you couldn’t help but re-read those words even though he had said them many times before. The doorbell broke you from the daze, rushing over you weren’t prepared for what, or most importantly who was on the other side.

“Theo?” breath hitched, throat dry and your brain was still trying to register that this was in fact real.

“Hi babygirl, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you”. Before you could ask how he was standing at your door, he pulled you in planting his lips on yours. A second later and Parrish’s face appeared in your mind, coming to your senses you immediately broke the kiss.

“How are you here right now?” letting your emotions come back to normal, Theo had let himself in walking straight into the living room.

“Does it matter? I’m here, I’m back and there is no way I’m letting something like that happen again. It was torture not being able to see you, to hold you, god Y/N I missed being able to touch you”.

You couldn’t believe this was happening, what do you do in this moment? How do you tell Theo that you were no longer able to be with him, due to finding comfort and love with Parrish?.


He cut you off, “I don’t want to talk anymore, all I want to do is hold you”. He stepped forward to pull you into a hug or kiss, you weren’t exactly sure but you had to tell him. You couldn’t allow Theo to find out from anyone else, it had to come from you.

“I’ve missed you, and I can’t even explain how good it is to see you again. But Theo a lot has changed in a year…more than you know”. Holding back any tears, it was already tearing you apart and you hadn’t even told him the news yet.

“You’ve gotten more beautiful, but that doesn’t surpise me since you were already beautiful to begin with” he added.

This Theo standing in your living room, staring right at you was different. Whatever he went through, whatever he experienced it changed him, you could see that. Glancing at the clock it was nearly time for your dinner date with Parrish, you had to tell Theo before Parrish came to pick you up otherwise you weren’t sure what the outcome would be.

Taking his hand and sitting down on the couch, you figured this was a conversation he wouldn’t want to stand up for. “Theo I love you and losing you like that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. And after I was a complete wreck, not wanting to leave the house, not talking or seeing anyone…but then I realized or more so I was show that I couldn’t live like that anymore. So I got up and as hard as it first was, I had to move on”.

Breathing was becoming rapid, and he grabbed your hand for extra support. “I started to spend more time with Parrish, and the longer we did we fell for each other”.

His hand slipped from yours, and that action broke your heart. “What are you saying?”.

“Parrish and I have been dating for roughly about a year”.

Theo found his feet and paced, after watching him debate with himself he finally stopped. “Do you know what kept me alive the whole entire time that I was literally in hell? You babygirl, you were my one constant thought. Just knowing that once I got out that I would be able to see you again, that kept me alive, that kept me from losing it. And now you’re telling me that I’ve lost you to some deputy?”

He was trying to maintain his anger, and as the clock ticked further towards 7 you knew that would be hard once he saw Parrish’s face.

Standing up, now it was your turn to provide comfort. “You have to understand Theo I thought you were dead, I didn’t know when or if I was ever going to see you again! For the sake of my sanity I had to find a way to move on”.

Theo affectionately stroked your cheek, you weren’t going to lie you did miss his touch. “I get that, I do. But babygirl I’m not going to be okay with seeing you with him around town, so please don’t ask me to be. I love you.”

It had been a while since you last heard Theo say that, and the difference between the way he said it and the way Parrish said it was noticeable. You held onto his arm, wanting to just collapse in them, wanting him to just hold you.

“I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what you want me to do” whispering to him.

“Our time got cut short Y/N, it was taken away from us. I know you love Parrish, as much as I don’t want that to be the case, I can’t erase or change the past year. But I’m here, I’m standing right here asking you to give us one more chance”.

You were feeling the pressure, and it didn’t help that Parrish was going to be here any moment to take you to dinner.

“But your not only asking me to give us a chance again, your asking me to break Parrish’s heart Theo”.

He removed his hand from your cheek, and the lose of contact left you feeling disappointed. “I know baby, but your going to have to break someone’s heart. And it sucks and I hate that I’m putting you in this position, but we deserve our second chance!”.

The atmosphere gained twice the anxiety when the doorbell echoed, Theo spun around and his eyes were glued to the door. Your feet just didn’t seem to want to move, so that only left you frozen in your spot.

The doorbell rang again, “You should answer it before he comes barging in” Theo said.

Knowing that he was right, you made your way to the door. Opening it Parrish’s smile was the first thing you saw, however it didn’t have the same affect like it did this morning.

“Hey, ready to go?” he asked, looking super good looking in his semi formal attire.

“I hate to do this, but could we possibly reschedule?. I’m just not feeling up to going out”. It wasn’t exactly a lie that you told, although it wasn’t exactly the truth either.

“That’s okay we can just order take-out and stay in” he suggested.

“Parrish I promise I’ll make it up too, but I just want to be alone right now”.

There was no way Parrish didn’t know that something was up, and you hated lying to him. “Okay, I love you” he said.

“Love you too”.

Shortly after you closed the door you walked back to face Theo.

“Why did you do that?” he asked.

Sighing you wish you knew, “I have no idea. But I do know that I love you and I love him. And as much as I don’t want to hurt you, I can’t just leave him not when his become such an important part of my life. Please understand Theo…the timing just sucks”.

A tear rolled down, making this more real and more painful. Theo didn’t hesitate to wipe it away, “I’m going to keep saying this to you until the day I die. I love you babygirl and if I have to wait, then that’s what I’ll do”.

He kissed you one last time, and left leaving you feeling empty.

Theo reached the streets and heard a voice shouting after him, “Why did you come back? To make her life even more difficult, it took her so long to get over you why would you put her through that again?”.

The voice belonged to Parrish, who was walking towards Theo. “Because I love her, but if you really must know she choose you okay. And it all honestly you don’t even deserve her, but she choose you anyway. I love her and that won’t ever change, but don’t think for one second that I won’t fight for her” Theo stated to Parrish, who looked ready to punch him.

“Leave us alone Theo, if you love her like you say then let her be happy” Parrish shoot back.

“She was happy with me! Until I got sent to hell and we lost our chance to be together. Let’s be honest Jordan” he taunted the deputy, “You wouldn’t be here arguing with me on the streets if you weren’t worried, that there is a slight possibility that Y/N could end up running back to me”.

Parrish stepped forward, “I’m not worried about anything Theo”.

“Then why did you heart skip a beat?”. Feeling like he had won, Theo walked away leaving Parrish in the street.

What the two didn’t know was you had witnessed the whole thing. You choose Parrish, but you weren’t going to deny that your heart in some way or another belonged to Theo. But you made a commitment and it was one that you had to see through. You knew Theo was going to be okay, and when the time is right you like to believe the two of you were going to find a way back to each other…But for now your heart was with Parrish.

A Gamble With Love, Part 2: I Guess This Isn’t So Bad.

Hey guys, heres part 2, it’s a lil longer than part 1. Hope u guys enjoy

Summary: A date with a gangster? No thank you, or at least that’s what you thought. The night definitely could have gone worse.

Genre: Slight Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 4,185

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Xiumin, Mentions of Kai and Jongdae

It was almost 3:00 in the morning when you finally plopped down on your bed, exhausted. Nobody really talked about what had happened after you left the garage, not even during your late night fast food trip, which was good. You needed some laughter to help loosen up your body after how stressed and tense you’d been the whole night. Now that you were laying in bed alone in your apartment, there was nothing to distract you from the “not threat” you’d received from Xiumin. Sleepily, you picked yourself up from your bed and walked over to your purse that you’d left hanging on your doorknob. You rummaged through it until you found the crumpled sliver of paper with Xiumin’s sloppily written digits on it.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a one shot of Bambam? He likes his noona who is usually really hot and tough (but still playful) & he decides to take control and convince her to be his. She's 4 years older so there's a lot of hesitancy. She also works at JYPE. Thanks!

“Bam Bam, don’t forget our lunch date tomorrow, okay?” his noona smiles as she’s about to leave the practice room.

He stiffens up and bows to her. “Yes, yes, I’ll be there d-don’t worry!!”

As she exits, he leans against the walls and slides down to the floor. He doesn’t know how he got this far, but he scored a date with his noona.

Well, somewhat of a date.

It started like this: Bam Bam’s always been a quick learner, and JYP admired him for that, which is why he was selected to train under the company. Throughout his years in JYP, he’s mastered rapping and dancing very well. However, Korean has always been a struggle for him. It wasn’t that difficult, but sometimes his forgets a few words or forgets what etiquette he should use for certain situations.

This is where his noona comes in. She enters his life suddenly, and he immediately falls head over heels. He forgot his own name when he tried to introduce himself to her. She thought it was cute, but she knew he had a lot to work on.

Every night, after dance practice was over, she’d go to the practice room and he’d stay after with her to learn grammar and sentence structure and all that jazz.

One time, Bam Bam was feeling confident enough to ask a certain question.

“Ah.. Noona? How do you say ‘I love you?’”

She smiled. “Saranghaeyo.”

Along the lines of admiring the voice of an angel and eyeing the body of a goddess, Bam Bam wanted her to be his.

But how could a young boy convince such a lady to be his? She’s intelligent, beautiful, and has her priorities straight. Bam Bam asked what her future plans were and she confessed that she wants to teach orphans how to read and write, which he truly admired and truly made him fall even more. Beautiful inside and out, he thought.

Every night, he’d lie in bed thinking about every lesson she’s taught him. Especially one’s where she’d act a bit harsh towards him. It hurt him a bit, but he knew she was probably just tired since lessons were past nine in the evening. He tried to think up scenarios of him possibly asking her out on a date or something, but he was too nervous to do so.

But not as nervous when Mark and Jackson found out. Hearing their dongsaeng’s story, they laughed a bit. This made Bam Bam blush even more than he was before and he buried his face in his hands out of hopelessness. The two looked at each other and then back at the younger boy, assuring him that he should just ask her out for a lunch date. 

Then he started staring at his phone, his hands shaking as he texts his noona.

Noona, can we can have lunch on Saturday? Together? Practice is in the afternoon and I thought maybe we could do a quick lesson over lunch?

Oh gosh, he felt like an idiot. She was going to say no. She was going to deny him right there and he would never be able to confess his feelings for her.

He felt a vibration from his phone.

Sounds like fun. See you on Saturday for our lunch date! <3

And here he was, on the practice room’s floor, feeling his heartbeat in his head as he thought about the lunch date tomorrow. He sighed and stood up. He’s going to do this. He’s going to put 200% into this confession that’ll surely win her heart.

“Bam Bam is that you?” a familiar voice says. Bam Bam stands up and bows from his table as he gasps at how beautiful his noona looks in such a simple white and black work dress. “Wow, you dress up really well,” she observes as she looks at his semi-formal attire (courtesy of JB and JR hyung who found out about the date because of Jackson). 

“Thanks, you look beautiful as well,” he compliments. “I mean— you always look beautiful.. but today you look exceptionally beautiful?” he scratched the back of his head as she giggled and thanked him. He mentally slapped himself as they both sat down.

She brought out her binder of language worksheets because he totally forgot that this was still a “lesson” and not an actual “date.”

Before she went to get more worksheets, Bam Bam went for it. He counted to three and then took the flowers from under the table.

“Uh—t-t-t-these are for you,” he says, shaking as he holds it in front of her. She gasps in surprise, thanking him again for such a lovely bouquet. “And um— noona—”

“Yes, Bam Bam?” she looks up after admiring the bouquet.

“I have something to tell you..or rather.. something to rap to you..”

He stands up, pushing his chair underneath the table, and takes out a folded piece of paper from his back pocket. He breathed, and then he got into his element

My noona, worth more than a pile of gold
Your beauty captivates my soul
Along with your angelic voice, it keeps me up at night
And I’d like to express myself if that’s alright

What can I give you, to show my drift?
Some chocolates? a gift?
A letter?
Something better?

Noona, I love you so much, that’s why I sing
I’ll treat you like a queen if you’ll let me be your king
I promise you I’m not like other guys
I’ll tell you I love and I’ll show you why

With his last breath, he bowed. He was sure that she was going to deny his feelings so he figured that he would just leave right then and there.

But his noona thought otherwise. She quickly grabbed him by the arm, tugging him to stay. He sighed, figuring he should just deal with this rejection quickly.

"Okay, look noona I’m sorry but I—”

“I like you too.”

“—I know that you proba— wait what?” Bam Bam shakes his head in disbelief.

“I like you too, silly,” his noona giggled. “Why else would I continue tutoring you?”

“What do you—”

“Didn’t you hear that I moved a few months into our tutoring sessions? Your manger suggested that I should stop since I live so far away now, but I don’t want to spend too much time away from my Bam Bam.”

My Bam Bam, the words repeated in his head. “So,” he asked reassuringly still in disbelief, “you—”

“Bam Bam,” she interrupted as she held his hands. “That was the best confession I’ve ever gotten, and it was from the boy, no, guy I’ve been eyeing on. The answer is yes.”

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♡ + ties

Send me ♡ + a word, and I’ll write a headcanon. 

A fan of a standard Four-In-Hand necktie, Harry prefers the common Windsor knot, though he changes things up with semi-formal attire and goes with the same sort of necktie, but with a Christensen knot. Bowties for full-formal, and ascot for formal, social gatherings. Ascot, it’s said, requires a top hat, so it’s traditionally over-the-top formal, and Harry goes this route less and less as time goes on.

Ties are also useful for field missions, as they can be both costume and functional fighting weaponry. Removing one’s tie to strangle an opponent is useful, as is using said tie to bind a foe’s wrists or ankles, or to silence them during more covert moments.

And let’s not forget the bedroom, wherein Harry has used no less than a hundred Kingsman-issued ties to bind his bedmates–or have them bind him–and he’s received no less than a hundred reprimands from both the Kingsman clothier and Harry’s handlers for being wasteful. The ties are rarely damaged other than a bit of stretching during more stressful, acrobatic bed sessions, but the bulletproof fabric the ties are made of doesn’t dry-clean as well as the bespoke suits do, so they’re often simply replaced, rather than bothered with.

When We First Met - Part 2 + First Date Imagine

Jungkook X Reader

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Bts first date with you?

@zxtlx (I’m sorry, idk why the tag isn’t working ;-;)
hii i would like to request a “when we first met” part 2!thank you so much!:)

A/N: I am mixing these two requests together! It’ll mostly be on the “When We First Met” Side, hopefully that’s okay!

Genre: Too much Fluff to handle

Word Count: 1024 (Meant for it to be longer but oh well)

When We First Met [Part 1]

| Jin | RapMon | Jimin | Suga | Taehyung | Jhope | Jungkook |

After all that happened between you and Jungkook -and with Taehyung’s permission- you were finally going to be able to have your first date.

You talked to Jungkook every day, whether it was texting, calling, or actually seeing each other in person. You loved it when he randomly grabbed your hand as you walked and interlaced your fingers. You often went out to the movies or to his house, but you never went on an actual date with dinner and everything. But today, you finally could.
Jungkook being in a band and having a busy schedule doesn’t allow him that much free time with you. So finally, after your brother told you when they were coming back, you and Jungkook planned a date for the day after they came, just to give him a day’s rest.

You dressed up nicely, not your usual style. But you wanted to impress Jungkook. You wore a nice, flowy dress and did your hair. You looked at yourself in the mirror and made sure everything was perfect before heading downstairs to find Taehyung. He was on his laptop downstairs, and watching tv at the same time, casual him. You rolled your eyes as you continued walking, grabbing your bag and slipping on your shoes. That was the only time Taehyung looked up from his computer screen to you, who was already opening the door, “Y/N Wait!” He said as he threw his laptop onto the couch beside him. You looked at him with a blank face, your hand on your hip. You watched as your brother tripped over his wire cord before flailing over to you.
“Y/N Y/N”
“What do you want Tae? I’m gonna be late” You slouch
“You’re going like this?” He asked as he put his hands on your shoulders and spun you around
“Yeah, Problem?” You said, giving him a bit of attitude
“Not at all” Taehyung smiled, “You look beautiful Y/N” He smiled. You got embarrassed a bit, “Stop it Tae, you’re so embarrassing”
“That’s what brothers do, right?” he said, “Now go, go get him” he said as he pushed you out the door, patting your back, “Be back before 10!” Taehyung yelled from the door
“Okay Mom” you said as you waved

You met up with Jungkook at a small café that was around your neighbourhood. You walked in and searched around for him until your heard someone call your name from the side. You quickly noticed Jungkook and smiled as you walked over to him. He placed his phone in his pocket as he stood up to greet you in a hug, “I-I’ve missed you so much Y/N” he said. You hugged him back, “I missed you a lot too”
He pulled away from you and took a moment to look at you, “W-Wow Y/N… is this… for me?”
You blushed and nodded, “You look so beautiful”
“Thank you” you smiled, “Shall we go?” He nodded as he took your hand and walked outside. Jungkook took you to a fancy restaurant. It wasn’t so fancy as for you to feel underdressed, but it was pretty semi-formal attire.

You chatted and talked with Jungkook all night long, covering the silliest topics to some really deep thinking ones. After the nice dinner, you walked along the coast until you found a bench to rest upon. You stared into the starry night sky as your head rested on his shoulder.
“Thank you for planning all this, Jungkook” You breathed out
“Of course, anything for you. Today was a lot of fun” he smiled. The way he worded it saddened you because it meant that your first date was going to come to an end soon. You lifted your head away from him to find his stare on you. You nodded, “It was…”
“Y/N? You seem sad, are you okay?”
“I’m fine… I just, didn’t think this would be over so soon”
“Aww” He cooed as he pinched your cheek, “This is far from over, I’ll take you on a hundred dates, maybe even a thousand” He smiled as you laughed. Then he whispered something to himself, “That is, until we get married at least”

“What was that?”
“N-Nothing” He said as he shook his head, still smiling at the thought, “come on, I’ll walk you home”

It was around 9:30 by the time you reached your house. Your hand was still intertwined with Jungkook’s, loving the warmth behind it. He took you right up to the door, but still held onto your hand tightly, as if not wanting to let go anytime soon.
“Well…” you both smiled, “I’ll talk to you soon”
“Yeah… I guess, I’ll see you later” He finally said as he let go of your hand.

‘If you want to do this, you better do it now Jeon Jungkook’ he thought to himself as his hands clenched into fists. You were just about to open your door but then you felt a sudden weight pulling you back and capturing you in a kiss. Your eyes widened for a second before quickly closing to embrace the warmth. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he slowly pulled away, settling his hands on your waist, “That was… something” You smiled
“O-Oh my god, did you not like it??”
“No… I loved it” You smiled as you kissed him on the cheek, his face reddening slowly

“Awww” You heard a voice behind you echo. You whipped your head around and instantly took your hands away from each other, “T-TAEHYUNG!” You yelled
“I kinda wish I had a girlfriend now too” he said as he pouted. You just rolled your eyes as you looked back at Jungkook, mouthing an ‘I’m sorry’ with a sympathetic look. You watched as he smiled shyly and mouth back ‘It’s okay’
“So uh… I guess I’ll get going” Jungkook said as he slowly backed away from the two of you
“Bye Kookie!” Taehyung waved. You just smiled and walked towards him to give him a hug, whispering into his ear and telling him something that he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life, “I love you”

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——Just a lil sum sum…I wrote this in the car like five minutes ago…sorry if it sucks but I thought it was kinda funny 😅——

“Hey baby.”

I spoke quietly to Justin as I approached him in the kitchen. He stood, leaning over the counter while scrolling through Twitter on his phone.

Dressed simply in a dark blue t-shirt and black skinny jeans, I took it that he’d just gotten back from the recording studio. My heels clicked against the dark brown hardwood floors as I neared him and I brushed my fingertips over his elbow before leaning up to press a chaste peck on his lips.

Just as I was turning away to get a banana from the rack near the cupboard, Justin grabbed hold of me by my waist and pulled me into his chest. Smiling down at me, he slipped his hand down to cup my ass. “You look hot, baby.” He complimented, chewing on his lip as his creamy chocolate eyes raked me up and down. I’d just gotten back from a lunch date with Kendall, Ariana, and GiGi and I didn’t have time to change yet, so I was still sporting my semi-formal attire.

“Thanks,” I cheesed, hoisting myself up on my tiptoes to give him another kiss.
Instead of allowing me the leeway to leave this time, he pulled me in front of him, squeezing my curves between his heated chest and the kitchen counter. I didn’t have time to protest, for he’d pulled out his phone, sucking in his lip between his teeth and grabbed a harsh handful of my left breast, snapping a picture, and posting it to Snapchat.

“Justin!” I squealed, forcibly removing myself from his grip. He laughed, rolling his eyes and annoyed, I hit him softly in the back, “Why would you do that?” Without a doubt, I knew that the fandom would go crazy and that picture would make the headlines for the next few days.

“Just showing off what’s mine.” He trailed pressing a wet kiss to my lips. I sighed and started towards the bedroom, jumping as I felt a stinging smack to my backside. “Run a bath,” he called.

“Go to hell.”

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Christmas prompts- dialogue 17 Snowbaz pls :)

Ah yes of course!!!!!!!!!

17- “Thanks for lending me your jacket.”

Penny needed to stop. She was really getting annoying with finding Simon’s “soulmate.” Like anyone believes in that crap. It’s been a few months since Simon broke up with Agatha, and he was still beating himself up about it. It’s not like he doesn’t trust her decisions and understands perfectly why she broke up with him, but it kind of made him feel like he would never be good for anyone. Penny has been trying to cheer him up forever. It started with warm blankets and hot coco, and now she’s playing matchmaker. 

“Simon!” She says, bursting into their flat, hanging up her coat. A wide grin spreads across her lips and the look in her eyes is like a devil. 

“What Penny?” Simon asks. He was watching TV and was forced to pause the episode right when it got to the climax.

“Simon I got it.”

“What is it now Penny.” 

“I found the perfect person,” she exclaims, bursting with energy.

“That’s what you said last time. Just let it go Penny.”

“No but this guy’s perfect,” Penny says excitedly. 

“Guy?” Simon says, spitting out his tea. Of course, he never told Penny that he might be, at least a little, tiny bit bi, but apparently she assumed it already, without him coming out to her. 

“Yeah…” she says, biting her lip.

“He works with me at the coffee shop. He’s single and looking for a boyfriend, but he takes a bit of warming up to.”

“Penny I don’t know….”

“Well too bad. A date’s already set up for next Friday after he gets off work.”

“PENNY!!!” Simon roars, rushing to her.

“You did what?” he yells. Of course she did this. She needs to be locked up in a room away from society entirely. 

“Oh come on Simon. It’s not like it’s going to be the end of the world!”

“But Penny! How would I even act around him? You know I have horrible people skills!”

“Simon that is a lie and you know it. I think you had more friends in high school than any person has ever had in their lives.”

“Still Penny! It’s a boy. You know they’re different.”

Simon listen to me. Just try. Worst case scenario you’ll never have to see him again.”

“Ugh fine Penny. But if this goes horribly wrong I’m blaming you.” 

Baz was more nervous than he’s ever been. He should’ve never let Bunce hook him up with someone. Someone named Simon Snow of all people. What kind of person is named Simon Snow anyway?

Baz waits nervously outside Simon’s door. He debated for a long time what he should wear for this specific date, and settled on semi-formal attire. He didn’t want to overdo it, but he was Baz so of course he showed up in dark, expensive jeans and nice shirt. But he soon realized that he didn’t have to even try. 

When he knocked on the door, a man answered, his blue eyes looking nervous. He had on a beat up pair of sneakers and light jeans with a band t-shirt. His bronze curls where a mess, like he just rolled out of bed. Baz wasn’t sure he didn’t just roll out of bed. 

“Um….” Baz says, not sure what to say.

“Are you the guy Penny sent?” the man says in a tone that’s not quite excited but at the same time isn’t quite bored. He fiddles with his hands nervously. 

“Yeah. You must be Simon….” Baz says. He puts out his hand. 

“I’m Baz.” 

“Hi Baz,” Simon says, looking as if he was trying to get the name to stick. “Do you want to come inside?” he says awkwardly. Baz nods his head. 

Inside… the house is… not anything that Baz has ever seen before. Not really. He was used to everything having a place and elegant sofas with not a speck of dust to be seen. Here, it was the exact opposite.

Dirty dishes where piled in the sink and paperwork was spread out on the kitchen table. The blankets folded in a basket seemed hastily done and peaked out over the edge. Pillows where spread out unevenly throughout the furniture and a tray filled with scones sat on the kitchen counter, flour still dusting it. It was a mess, but still, something seemed calming about the clutter. 

“Sorry I was just finishing up making some scones,” Simon says apologetically. It was then that Baz noticed that his hair was dusted in flour and his hands where stained red at the fingertips from cherries. 

“It’s okay. Um… what where you planning on doing?” Baz says, starting to itch with anticipation. He didn’t want to make small talk in Simon’s kitchen. If they where going to see a movie or something, they should go now, 

“There’s a movie theater down the street…?” Simon suggests. Thank god.

“Sounds good, I guess.” They walk to the movies. Snow was falling around them outside and stars shimmered in the night. Everything about it was beautiful, and Baz tried not to admit that the boy he was on a date with was very handsome. When they had a rare chance to share a smile, he had the cutest dimples. His hair shimmered under the city lights and his eyes twinkled. No matter how hard Baz tried not to, he was falling for the boy with an idiotic name. 

The movie was lame. You could see the plot twist coming from a mile away and there wasn’t much of a baseline, but Baz found himself watching Simon instead of the movie anyway. Is there such thing as love at first sight? Was it possible that Baz could really be falling in love with Simon Snow? Of all people? The boy he just met (but then again, Bunce talked about him a lot during their breaks and he felt like he already knew the guy)? Baz knew it was possible as soon as Simon held his hand out to him to hold. We’re holding hands. Baz couldn’t pay attention to anything now. His head had alarm bells screaming through it. 

They ended up just strolling through the neighborhood after, watching the snow fall around them, dusting their hair with snowflakes. There was a park nearby that was beautiful with the freshly fallen snow and frozen lake. It would’ve been perfect if it wasn’t so cold. 

Of course, Baz didn’t think ahead to bring a thicker coat. His fingers felt numb in Simon’s and his arms where covered in goosebumps. He was pretty sure he was shivering. Simon touched his arm, stopping him.

“Do you want my jacket?” he says, looking worried. 

“N-n-no you k-k-keep it,” Baz answers, his teeth chattering. Simon shrugs the coat off and gingerly puts it around Baz’s shoulders. It’s so warm and it smells like scones and cinnamon rolls. It smells like Simon, and there is nothing that Baz likes more. He pulls it around himself. 

They talk, they laugh. Baz slowly starts to come out of his shell and make snarky and sarcastic comments that make Simon laugh. The sound is like music. I definatly need to thank Bunce when I see her again

Simon hasn’t felt this in so long, and it’s amazing. The cold is biting at his arms because Baz is wearing his coat, but he doesn’t care. It was never like this with Agatha. There is something better here then there was then. Maybe true love does exist, Simon thinks with a sigh. 

Too soon, they are back at Simon’s doorstep. Simon is completely aware of Penny watching them through the window, but chooses to ignore her. Baz awkwardly shrugs off Simon’s jacket, holding it out to him.

“Thanks for lending me your jacket,” he says, blushing fiercely. For some reason, Simon went for it. He pecked Baz’s cheek. 

“Any time, pretty boy.” Oh god was Baz’s blush cute. Then…..

“You missed,” he whispers.

“What?” Baz puts his cold fingertips on Simon’s cheeks and presses his lips to his. This definatly isn’t like what I felt before.

And then Baz is gone, driving away to whatever magical place he came from. 

Inside, Penny is smirking.

“Well that went well.” 


Christmas Prompts

steve’s not exactly a party person, but when he is invited to one, he doesn’t oblige. usually the parties he attends are a bit more HIGH END — semi formal attire and expensive drinks and all, but this… he liked. it’s simple, just like he is. there’s just something about having to walk around only in his navy blue swim shorts to at the event that’s so satisfying to him.  so what do people usually do in parties like these ? he curiously asks the one beside him, taking a large sip from the colorful iced drink resting in his grip. ‘ do we just… do this ? he’s motioning towards the entire environment. if he can’t decipher the purpose of the small umbrella in his drink, he sure as hell is clueless about everything else.


Bittybone au is by @fucken-crybaby​ and these are just some lil skellies.
I would love it if you tagged/mentioned me so I can catch up with bitty funs.

I would advise against adopting these two if you don’t have enough space. Both of them tend to end up gathering ‘companions’. Especially Thetha. Yeah, both of them have feet bones that are ‘paws’ rather than feet.
Honestly I just wanted some buff skellies. Whoops.

Feel free to dress them however you want and give them nicknames. Just keep in mind Thetha prefers casual clothes and Alph has a tendency towards semi-formal attire. 

Info under cut.

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First Dapper Outfit of 2K15!

Went to an award ceremony tonight and put together this outfit. I wanted to stand out. Add something different to my usual semi-formal attire. Simple and affordable.

So I added this red blazer to my brown pants, navy blue polka dot shirt, grey tie, and heather grey tie. Happy I had the blazer to kick it up a notch.

Which is all I really work with to be honest.

DSW / Shoes = $30
Gap / Pants = $35
Forever 21 / Shirt = $19
Forever 21 / Blazer = $20
Forever 21 / Tie = $3


King Gorey’s semi formal attire. Being that he’s still techincally an official king, he’s got onna those fancy sashes some royal types wear, instead of wearing a crown or anything. It’s a more subtle approach to it. (and yes he was trying to match Tori’s dress color. he’s off a little, but they still look good together)

tori made him trim his beard for the event lol