semi formal

This one, I’m NEARLY sure, is in fact a dance or stage houmongi! The colors are bold and graphic, intended to be seen from far away, and they are printed simply, without the minuscule detail common to semi-formal kimono–and the obi is metallic and houmongi, displayed here without obiage and obijime.

But even if this piece is not really a high-fashion product, the design is still lovely enough to warrant a long look. I am a big fan of traditional Japanese water, as seen also on tattoos–it’s the same design!


Blazer: The Nottingham - Bonobos - $227 (similar)
Shirt: Indigo Japanese Chambray - J. Crew - $88 (cheaper alternative)
Jeans: Levi’s 510 - Amazon - $49
Boots: Dario Wingtip - Vince Camuto - Nordstrom - $105
Pocket Square: PP344 - The Tie Bar - $8
Tie: Vintage - eBay - $5
Tie Bar: 1” Silver Shot - The Tie Bar - $15
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Clubmaster - $87 (cheaper)
Watch: Bristol - Daniel Wellington (c/o)
Bag: Lyle Tote - Brahmin (c/o)

This colorful set is a graduation kimono set, with hakama skirt and half-furisode. I love the bright asa-no-ha (hemp leaf) geometrical design on the kimono and how powerfully it plays with the burgundy hakama and yellow obi. You have a strong complimentary color scheme here devoid of any blues or violets, with just a sprinkle of bright pink on the hakama to carry the saturated green down into the desaturated burgundy–it carries the viewer’s eye all through the piece. This kimono looks classic but really reads modern.

Semi Formal || Phil & Will

Sushi– Agent Phil Coulson could handle sushi. In fact, if this was anything it was a covert operation. He’d already met his targets. Subdued and unsuspecting, they sat in pairs on the other side of the restaurant, their night’s meal already ordered. Phil cleared his throat at his own booth, resisting any need to check his watch. 

At least the atmosphere was relaxing, the agent noted with relief. He sat under the warm lighting of his booth, the city outside already dark. –Perhaps he shouldn’t have picked a booth. What if the bar was better suited for he and his– Date?

Phil sighed heavily. Fake-date.


Tsubaki has posted a slightly different take on Halloween Kimono on her blog: she seems to be a colorful demon!

This chu-furi (midway between a normal sleeve and a furisode sleeve, sometimes a furisode that has been cut off to become wearable). The orange and violet is a great idea for Halloween, along with the yellow and red in the obi–I even like the dark Royal Blue obiage which brings vivid balance to all the red and orange. 

Happy Halloween!