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Shoved; Then Jumping

She wakes early — the sky outside his window is barely lighter than the humid, musky darkness inside — and her first semi-conscious thought is don’t move, don’t wake him.

She needs a minute to herself before she has to deal with whatever’s about to happen.

Images from last night flood her brain: him clutching her as he sat in his desk chair, weeping and lost, abruptly and painfully an orphan; her moving off her knees once his tears had stopped and him pulling her close in a different way that was at once shocking and completely expected; his mouth on hers, his hands everywhere, his erection pressing hot and hard against her — and her immediate response in kind, the feeling of being so blazingly alive, so raw and vital, of sudden, animal heat rising to match his; the frenzied unbuttoning, tearing, yanking-off of clothes; his teeth scraping at her nipples through the lace of her bra; his fingers sunk deep inside her before her underwear is all the way off.

Oh shit, she thinks, forehead resting against the bare skin of his back, inhaling his scent, her traitorous body anticipating more — when she’s reasonably certain he’ll never be able to look her in the eye again.

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Does my art suck?

So this is a post that’s coming out of anxiety, confusion, and pain regarding my art… I’ll probably take it down in a little while but for now I just have to get it out of my head and somewhere else.

So I entered a contest on Deviantart feeling good about what I drew for it. I’ve been in plenty of contests before and have lost pretty much every one (except for one in high school but that really wasn’t a contest in which I used my style of art). Every time I enter one I feel that my art has matured and I’ve improved and think maybe for once I have a chance… I feel like I need to give up on that kind of thinking now. 

I lost yet again even when there were 25 spots in the semi finals. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for everyone who made it to the semi finals. It’s awesome. But it makes me question my art… I can’t help it.

I get denied for comic cons all of the time… I can never win a contest… I’ve had teachers tell me I have no sense of composition or original skilland it’s in these moments that I wonder if they were right. Maybe I’m not good enough. I know I have so much room for improvement… But will that ever get me anywhere? Does my art, in the end, just suck?

Baby Tsutomu learning how to serve
  • Tsutomu: *frustrated because of his 'home runs' while serving*
  • Semi: Don't worry too much, Goshiki, with practice you will improve your serves
  • Tendou: Yeah, relax kiddo! With a little bit more of practice you will be serving like your mother!
  • Tsutomu: ...
  • Semi: ...
  • Semi: what?
  • Tendou: My bad!! I meant, Eita-kun!!!
  • Ushijima: Did your mother practice volleyball, Goshiki?
  • Yamagata: *facepalms*
  • Tendou: As I said, I made a mistake!!!
Only For You[Smut]

Word Count: 3k
Warning: female!reader, oral, smut, dirty talk, daddy kink, very explicit ! ! !
Synopsis:Warren’s the hot bassist in an underground band, you’re a fan who was forced to one of his shows. He notices you in the crowd and you guys end up hooking up.  

A/N: this is my first smut on this blog omg sorry if it sucks I didnt proof-read it because it was hella long and I promised it would be up tonight

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anonymous asked:

Ask box is open yaay 😍 please mama lana give more hc's of semi. I love him soo much, I need more of him. Maybe hc's with him as a Boyfriend (nsfw are welcome too~) thank you~ <3

I’m honestly so in love with Semi, you guys don’t understand. He’s just so pretty and hot????

  • He has no qualms about PDA. It makes him happy if you hold hands or even share a kiss or two in public. It’s lets everyone know that you’re his partner.
  • Everything is a competition with you two. Whether it’s who can get ready the fastest for date night or who can build the better snowman, someone is going to lose. Semi is quite competitive and hates to lose, but you always kiss his hurt pride better.
  • Absolutely hates it when other people hit on you, especially right in front of him. How rude can you get?? But it doesn’t make things any better since he’s hot headed. He will literally chew someone up and spit them out for even thinking they had a chance with you.
  • Has a huge soft spot when it comes to you. He’ll bend over backwards if it’ll make you smile. I’d love to see you bend over too, Semi.
  • He’s actually quite the sweetheart, but only a few people get to see this site of him. This is when he’s clingy and simply wants to hold.
  • When it comes to cuddling he’s always the big spoon. He wants to be the person you can always rely on and confide in. Think of hi as your knight or protector.
  • Semi enjoys forehead kisses, not that he’ll admit. And if you’re significantly shorter than him, he likes to watch you struggle to reach. Finds you adorable.
You Are Important To Me

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 704
Warnings: Fluffy out of character John?
Written for my 400 Followers Celebration
Requested by:@paranormalsupernaturalgirl. Prompt:Pizza / Quote: “I hope you don’t mind I helped myself to your semi-automatic rifle.”

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anonymous asked:

People always refer to that part as Chichi's worst moment but seriously. Her son was there, badly Injured, completly unconscious, laying in the ground, with blood all over his body and worst of all completly naked. Like HOLLY SHIT that the worst state you can be find your son after not seeing him for an entire year, only second to being actually death. Goku was at least semi-conscious.

I really don’t know what else anyone could expect from Chi-Chi.  Was she supposed to start making out with Goku right then and there?  Was she supposed to praise him for his performance in an epic battle she never really got to see? 

I’d be a lot more upset than she was if I were in her shoes. She’s incredibly resilient, but the haters can’t step outside of the audience POV long enough to appreciate that.  They think she’s just some jerk who hates superhero fun, like J. Jonah Jameson.


Title: We Were Liars
Author: E. Lockhart 
Pages: 227
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)


A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense novel from National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart.

Read it.
And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.


Dear E. Lockhart,

I was incredibly emotional after reading this book and I’m still in a semi-shocked state so don’t expect much from this review. This book has been extremely popular on Tumblr and Goodreads and if I’m being honest, I had zero desire to read about a rich family and their problems while they visit their gorgeous summer home. So why did I pick it up? Well I saw it on Amazon just staring at me so I downloaded a sample of the book. It was only a few pages long but I was addicted, I needed to know what happened.  I won’t summarize what the book is about, after all you can just read the synopsis above, but I will tell you how it made me feel.

The writing was slow but well paced. It was like watching something interesting in slow motion, noticing the fine details that would later add up to something much larger. The writing was deep, dark, and poetic. While others found the prose to be annoying I found it to be really beautiful and I took comfort in it. As for the characters they felt like they were just out of grasps. You were close enough to see them but not to touch them, not enough to truly understand them. All of this added up to the big mystery. What caused Cady’s amnesia? What was this accident that everyone has kept secret these past two years? I thought I had figured it out but I was so off the mark, and I’m normally great at solving mysteries. The reveal left me in shock. I’m still in shock. When all is explained you can’t believe you missed all the small clues. The end of this book left me an emotional mess, I won’t lie, I cried… I genuinely cried. 

In conclusion, I liked this novel. I was ready to give it a 3.5 or 4 star but then the plot twist was revealed and I became a mess. When everything is pieced together this book deserves a 5 star.

ifirestone  asked:

I have a question I was hoping you might be able to help me with. In my story one of my characters get's cursed, but I'm not quite sure what kind of curse to use. I don't want it to be something regular, but also not like death or something of the sort.

Hi, there!

Your question is pretty general, so I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for. But usually if I find myself in a situation where I need a [semi-specific thing] but don’t know what to do to make it work in my story, I pull up various generators and start jotting down ideas from them. Some of them are utterly silly, while some are too dark or too LOTR or too wacky. But some of them are incredibly helpful, especially when you start cutting and pasting and making the ideas into something of your own. 

First, narrow down exactly the type of curse you’re looking for. Do you know what you want the end result to be? How deeply will the magic of the curse fit into the magic system of your world, if at all? Will the nature of the curse have repercussions in the plot or in the world? 

Figure out your stipulations and then start brainstorming.

TV Tropes “Curse” page; always good to know what the trope entails
Seventh Sanctum Magic Generators
A (rather silly) magic spells generator
List of random curses for tabletop RPGs, but still applies
Incantation generator

Hope that helps!

Happy writing

anonymous asked:

Jw, did you get some sort of sick pleasure by building up your readers' hope then shitting all over it. it's hard af to find bottom viktor fics, especially semi-coherent ones that don't read like they were written by 15 year olds.You said you wanted to break stereotypes?By yet again writing the guy who is whole 4(!1!) years older and like 2 inches taller than his partner as the dominant? Ground breaking stuff here. i wouldn't care if you stayed in your own power bottom!1! yuuri lane but why bait

Since you decided to follow me here and didn’t keep your whining to comments… 

I never once used the term bottom Victor. It’s not in the tags, never was, never will be. I used the term Omega Victor, which is correct. 

Omega DOES NOT immediately mean bottom, so who’s falling into stereotypes if they read it that way, huh?

They switch, get over it. Neither is purely top or bottom. Victor isn’t dominant, he’s actually more likely to tend submissive due to the gender dynamics. Yuri is slightly more dominant by nature, but doesn’t want to exploit it. 

They’re equals. And that’s more beautiful than any discussion of who’s plugging what when. 

I know that I haven’t been active lately but I just saw that I had gone over 1000 followers now and I just…. wow…. THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH! It wasn’t even that long ago when I posted the 500 follower mark post. Thank you thank you thank you so much! 

What do people usually do when they hit 1000? I didn’t know what to do so I did this quick drawing for you guys. I’m still on semi-hiatus but don’t worry, I’m working on your requests in between school work. See you guys on September! I love each and every one of you 💕


Hi guys! We are glad to announce that we are now accepting MatchUp asks! HOWEVER, there are some rules you need abide by! This is to ensure that we have useful information to accurately partner you with someone :)

Matchups should include ONLY the following:

  • Height 
  • Star sign 
  • Main facial features (sharp eyes, rounded chin, green eyes, short wavy hair w/full bangs, etc.)
  • How you dress (casual; semi baggy; I don’t really care to LOOK good, as long as I’m okay looking; etc.) 
  • One to three hobbies
  • What makes you feel loved by your partner(”I like physical touch”; “I enjoy kisses in public”, etc)
  • How you show love to your partner (”I always look out for my lover”; “I care about their safety”; “I make food for those I love”, etc)
  • How you act around others [nonpartner/friends]
  • Something Unique about yourself AND/OR Something about yourself that you are Proud Of

Here’s a couple small examples done by team, but it can have as much detail as you want!:

Here are a few things you should keep in mind as well!

  • Do try to keep it to one ask, but it’s totally fine if you need two! Just try to send the bottom/(2/2)/Second half first! But, if we want the amount of detail that we’re asking for… we highly recommend using our new option below!
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