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{PART 1} A Perfect Fit // Min Yoongi

Originally posted by haru-haru10

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: smalliemichelle99 said: Okay so can I request for a suga scenario  where he wants to propose to his girlfriend so he made a rap for her?? Can it be smut also?

A/N: This will be a 2 part series! Part 1 is fluff and Part 2 will be smut ;) I hope you enjoy! (I will upload Part 2 soon ^^)


Read Part Two here~

Yoongi had been acting incredibly strange all day – never giving you straight answers and when he did decide to answer you properly, it seemed like his mind was somewhere else entirely.

“Why are we going to your studio? Seriously Yoongi you’re being so weird today” you protested as he practically dragged you along behind him. His studio was usually, extremely off limits to anyone who wasn’t directly involved in making or producing the tracks he worked on, so for him to be willingly leading you right to the door made you feel as if he had gone and lost his mind.

“Yah just be quiet! You’ll see when we get there” he whined back at you, trying his best to keep his emotions in check as you both reached the studio door. You watched him with confused eyes as he unlocked the door and swung it open before pushing you inside.

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anonymous asked:

How would the girls react if they had planned to go on a date with their s/o but it turns out that their s/o was really sick, and had tried to go on the date anyway?

This S/O is a trooper. ;A; Thank you for sending this! Enjoy!


  • Ann’s enthusiasm could barely be contained as she waited for S/O to arrive at their date destination: Odaiba Seaside Park.
  • She tapped away on her phone and twirled her golden pigtails with her index finger to pass the time.
  • Her eyes sparked with fireworks when she discerned their familiar figure steadily approaching her. 
  • Yet something seemed… off about them.
  • “Uh… S/O? Why are you wearing a mask?”
  • They timidly rubbed the back of their head, and their nasally voice was muffled from the cotton surgical mask adorned with a cat mouth. “Um… fashion?”
  • Ann’s sea-foam eyes narrowed with suspicion. “You’re sick, aren’t you?”
  • She’s so cute when she’s mad, S/O thought. “Th-that’s…”
  • She shook her head, her wavy locks dancing from the gesture. “You should have told me, S/O. Let’s reschedule for when you feel better.”
  • “But you came all the way here.” Their mask disguised the mischievous smirk forming on their face. “And… you seemed pretty happy to see me.”
  • Ann sighed in response. “Well, you’re not wrong there… but I’d be even happier to see you healthy.”
  • “Babe, it’s just the sniffles. Come on, I’ll be fine.”
  • She hesitated, surveying S/O for any sign of discomfort. Their eyes shined with sincerity as they patiently awaited her response.
  • “Well… if you’re sure,” Ann replied.
  • The corners of S/O’s eyes crinkled with exuberance. “Great! Now let’s have some fun!”
  • S/O sprinted toward the bathroom to vomit shortly after that.
  • Their girlfriend dragged them to the train station once they relieved themself. “Ann, it’s just-”
  • “Nuh-uh, no more excuses! You’re going home, and I’m gonna take care of you.” 
  • And that’s exactly what she does, despite their protests.
  • S/O couldn’t complain too much, though; Ann’s fun and spirited company surely was the best remedy that they could have hoped for.


  • From the instant she stepped through the door of the diner, Makoto discerned that S/O had come down with an illness.
  • They were fiddling with their reddened nose, and their eyes were swelled from what she assumed was their sinuses.
  • “S/O… are you okay?” Makoto inquired, her voice brimming with concern as she slid into the booth across from them.
  • “Don’t worry about me, dear. I’m fine,” S/O sniffled.
  • Makoto’s ruby eyes darted to meet theirs. “S/O, you look…”
  • “Terrible?” they offered knowingly.
  • “Well… yes.” She sighed and cradled her arms. “You shouldn’t have forced yourself to come meet me when you’re feeling sick.”
  • A small chuckle slipped past S/O’s lips. “I guess I really can’t stay away from you.” 
  • Makoto lifted a hand to her mouth and giggled, smiling sweetly at them once she had finished. 
  • S/O’s heart fluttered like butterfly wings; how could they possibly deny an opportunity to see her when she was so divine?
  • “Always the charmer… but you won’t get away with that this time. We’re going straight to your place after this, okay? You really need to rest,” she said.
  • S/O bobbed their head and rubbed their nose. “It’s a deal.”
  • Makoto urged them to order the chamomile tea, and she proceeded to lecture S/O on the numerous health benefits of drinking a variety of tea. 
  • They weren’t bothered; rather, they were intrigued by their girlfriend’s vast wealth of knowledge and insight.
  • The couple finished their beverages and retired to S/O’s apartment, where Makoto spent the rest of the night tending to them.


  • Fortunately, S/O’s date with Futaba was going to take place at their apartment.
  • Guilt gently caressed their heart since they had no desire to inflict illness upon their girlfriend; however, Futaba was exuberant about watching Harry Potter back to back. 
  • She had even mentioned that she was going to be ornamented with her House scarf and hoodie; after knowing that, S/O didn’t have the heart to refuse.
  • They had just finished preparing the popcorn when the sound of the doorbell reverberated throughout the apartment.
  • S/O briskly opened the door for Futaba and they were greeted with a beaming smile that made the sun appear dim in comparison.
  • “Oooh, popcorn! Don’t mind if I do,” she said as she helped herself to a fistful of the snack and strolled inside.
  • “H-hey! Wait until we start the movie,” S/O stuttered. They were certain that they were going to regret not microwaving a few more bags.
  • Futaba snickered. “Sorry, but the popcorn isn’t gonna eat itself, you know.”
  • They opened their mouth to agree with that assessment, but a line of sneezes erupted from them instead.
  • “Whoa, are you okay?” Worry was scribbled across the redhead’s face, and S/O felt a twinge of guilt for concealing their condition.
  • “I… think I might have come down with something,” they admitted.
  • Futaba’s nose wrinkled. “Really? Um, well… I’ll take care of you!” 
  • She jerked her arms up with determination as her eyebrows furrowed.
  • Despite their honest effort to hinder themself, a laugh bubbled out of S/O, provoking an offended pout from Futaba.
  • “Hey… I’m serious here!”
  • “S-sorry.” S/O’s voice quivered with amusement. “You’re just so cute.”
  • The petite girl blushed and buried the lower half of her face in her scarf. “Th-thanks.” Her resolve returned to her face. “Now go relax on the couch while I make some tea and start the movie.”
  • S/O didn’t have time to argue since Futaba had already pivoted them around and pushed them toward the couch.
  • She was actually quite adept at brewing tea, and the two snuggled contentedly under their blanket for the duration of the day, only leaving to fetch more snacks or tea.
  • However, their close proximity to one another resulted in Futaba becoming sick.
  • She reassured S/O that it was worth it.


  • Haru and S/O had already discussed plans to go on a date in Shibuya, and they agreed on meeting at her house.
  • She sent her driver to retrieve them from their apartment, and the driver’s eyes glossed over S/O with a doubtful look on their face.
  • Their hair was unkempt, their eyes were hollowed and bruised with dark circles, and their lips were dry regardless of the excessive coats of chapstick they applied; they were a walking corpse donning semi-formal apparel.
  • S/O awkwardly smiled at the driver, and followed it with a sigh. “It’s that obvious, huh?”
  • The driver sympathetically nodded their head. “I’m afraid so.”
  • They hunched their shoulders dejectedly. “Please take me to her house.”
  • With a nod, the driver cruised to their assigned location and wished S/O luck, to which they nodded appreciatively.
  • S/O sharply inhaled and turned around, nearly sending themself backward from surprise; Haru was standing inches away from them, an expression of apprehension blanketing her delicate face.
  • “You came here even though you’re sick?” she reproached.
  • S/O bit down on their lip; they should have discerned that the driver was going to snitch on them. S/O admired their loyalty to Haru, at least.
  • “U-Uh-” they stammered, a rosy blush dusted upon their cheeks. S-she’s so adorable, they thought.
  • “Please, come inside. We’ll postpone our date for another time; your health is far more important, dear.” 
  • Haru ushered S/O inside her luxurious lodgings and promptly seated them at the dining table. 
  • “Fortunately, I already brewed some tea for you to taste. The combination of herbs is supposed to revitalize and energize the one drinking it,” she elucidated, her dainty hands pouring the steaming liquid into a decorative china cup.
  • With the cup in hand, Haru glided over to S/O and gently placed the tea in in front of them. “Thank you, darling,” S/O said. 
  • They intended to plant a kiss on their girlfriend’s cheek; however, they reluctantly halted themself.
  • Haru perceived their disappointment and smiled compassionately just before she pecked their forehead. “You’ll be better before you know it, sweetie. I promise.”
  • She readied a cup for herself and joined S/O at the table. They chatted about an abundance of subjects until they realized that dusk had fallen, and S/O was sent home feeling infinitely more alive than they were prior to spending time with Haru.
  • She had that effect on most things.

Series: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Pairing: Todoroki Shouto/Yaoyorozu Momo

Title: Surprises

[[ God I hate title. Anyway, I recently got to attend a party on a yacht and got inspired by it. Kids are aged up a bit. //Throws this into the BNHA fandom and runs ]]


The party was her parents’ idea but Todoroki was on board with it since it would make Yaoyorozu happy. 

It took weeks to plan and set up in advance and despite it being her parents’ idea for the event, they insisted that the party be for Yaoyorozu and her friends only. They could always celebrate with their daughter the next day for a private family celebration. So at Yaoyorozu’s mother’s request, Todoroki helped with the invites and was able to get in contact with friends and former classmates from UA, though he got most of the help from Midoriya who had an incredible knack for keeping in touch with their former classmates. 

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Heya babe, khr first

So for me to like actually write something would take ages so this is me rambling again i’m sorry

This is basically another scenario I could think of for the HC you put up when I was feeling sad so here goes!

Imagine this semi-important Don has come to the Vongola mansion to discuss a possible alliance with Tsuna and he was met by the Rain Guardian and The Baby Prince of the Mafia (sudden random HC that this was like lowkey nickname for Tsuna coz the Arco probs followed him around when he first took over) and they head in to Tsuna’s office. As a show of trust, the other Don asks his bodyguards to stay outside the mansion while he enters with only his right hand (everyone in the mafia knows by now that Tsuna wouldn’t hurt anyone who came in peace but would at the very least seriously maim anybody who came to his home with violent intentions barring the Varia, the Arco and basically the rest of his srsly screwed up famiglia) 

Now Tsuna is a gentleman and he respects everyone regardless of their positions in the mafia, so some of his staff offer these bodyguards tea in one of the outdoor parlours and they accept. All of them are very impressed by the mansion because who wouldn’t tbh and are complimenting the staff and the like while there is this one asshole who is snubbing everything and the staff are gettiing incredibly pissed off but their Don doesn’t like it when they mess up the house so they try to maintain their composures not working not even a tiny bit so when the staff end up maybe breaking tiny things they have in hand this guy is still fucking talking about how the help at their head office are so much better and the other bodyguards are super fed up by now as well so they’re begging the staff in whispers not to kill him (because again everyone in the mafia except for this tool know that you do not get to work in the head office without a bare minimum knowledge of some type of weaponry/martial art and that the ones assigned to visitors have much more than a bare minimum) and they’re telling the staff that the only reason he’s with them is as a favour to an old aquaintance by their Don and that they will move him to a different country soon so don’t maim him pleeaseee

The staff reluctantly agree and seat them on a small patio overlooking the garden and bring them some food (the housekeeper has to be restraiend from sneaking in poison in asshole’s cup, this naturally does not mean she doesn’t give him mild indigestion, Bianchi does her work thoroughly, she’s taught them all well) there are quite a few people milling about the gardens and the asshole is still mouthing off. But by no, the other bodyguards are so done and are like cold-shouldering him so he just wanders off to look around the gardens. As he’s walking he sees this flash of silver and hears someone humming so he sets off in the direction of the voice and he sees Gokudera Hayato.

Hayato has his hair up in a pony tail and he’s digging at the ground with a shovel and sweating and only has a single ring on his fingers unlike the 10/20 that normally cover his beautiful hands but his chains and bracelets are all still in place and maybe its better to say he’s attacking the ground rather than digging. And despite the anger he’s displaying he’s humming a very calm (almost serene) tune under his breath. 

The asshole is now overjoyed because he knows Gokudera Hayato and he can finally have some fun. He walks toward him and hails him with something along the lines of “Yo, bastard.” Dera ignores him because he can’t comprehend someone daring to challenge him in his own home and assumes that it was met for someone else until the asshole puts his hand on his shoulder, turns him around and starts spewing crap about how he’s not surprised at all to see you here! Of course you’re some lowly gardener, I wonder how much you had to beg the Decimo to get him to give you even this you bastard child and you’re not even doing your job properly! Honestly I’m surprised he even agreed to let filth like you onto his grounds, have you not told him about your parentage? 

Hayato is stunned because it’s been a long time since anyone challenged him like this, wherever he’s met anyone its always been as the right hand of the Decimo and no one’s dared to insult him in front of his famiglia (there was that one time, when Tsuna and his guardians, sans Hayato, had destroyed a small famiglia for thinking they could insult their Storm and get away with it.) By now quite a few of the staff are hiding in the hedges and recording this shit because the Tenth generation would be very disappointed if no one caught this on camera (they’d raze cities for him but they know that he can take care of himself too so when he does they’re all encouragement and support)

The asshole is still completely oblivious and continues spouting bullshit and Dera lets him plow on for a little longer but Uri is fed up by now and pounces on the asshole and claws at his face leaving deep wounds that will most def scar. The asshole then takes out a gun to dispose of that fucking cat and that’s when Hayato punches him in the face and sticks his hand in front of him so that his Storm Ring is blatantly displayed (he’s learned to accept that his Famiglia loves him the way he is and he wears their love proudly dammit) and that’s when the asshole realises that he may have stepped into some quite deep shit.

Bonus: Tsuna and the rest of his Famiglia watching the video with their staff and eating popcorn and the like while Hayato has his face in his hands in embarrassment. Mukuro is probs ribbing him about his lectures to the rest about not getting in fights with potential allies you shitheads, they could be important! Tsuna does end up allying with this family but tells them they’re on probation and that if they have anyone like the asshole in their family again the alliance is off.


<3 Fae