semi detatched

British working class history is heavily domestic service aka slavery to the rich. The conditions were brutal, you’d be underfed and overworked, you’d sleep 5 to a bed with no access to sanitation or cleaning facilities. You’d be referred to by your job not your name, you weren’t allowed to speak or to sit down. There were no breaks or holidays. You’d never stop grafting, cleaning, cooking, emptying their pots of piss and shit while being physically/sexually assaulted and degraded. You’d exist in secret passages and rooms so the rich didn’t have to see you. It was born out of pure disgust by the rich for the working class who they saw as subhuman.

And it wasn’t just the rich. In the early to mid 1900s teachers, bank clarks in semi detatched suburban homes kept domestic servants who they treat as second class citizens. They had special devices built so they didn’t have to acknowledge the cleaner, the postman.

That’s our working class history. Chances are one of your ancestors worked as a domestic servant.

I’ve moved a large percentage of my Enekjaer sims into TS4. Most live in Crestwood for the moment!

Enekjaer was eaten by the sea or bought over by Llama Research Corp. or something…basically in this AU they had to move off of the island.

* The Clairmonts have moved (with Farid) and Danni runs her own bakery.
* The Astins live in a semi-detatched property with Harry, Farrah, Lloyd, Jelena and baby Hadi on one side and Genevieve, Colm and Aoife on the other.
* Pasqual and Corina live in their own little house. Corina works in Danni’s bakery.
* Khizer and Aimal Al Farsi live with their youngest two children, Khalid (who is still hormonal and grumpy) and Jasmeen. Zaid, Farid and Farrah live with their partners. 
* The Emmett-Lysles and their adopted children Arun and Devon are joined by Benny, who they are fostering.
* Sophie, Zaid and Lucie are settled into their own home and Sophie is fed up with being pregnant.
* The McGoverns also live in Crestwood and the move seems to have distracted Bernice from kicking Marina out…for the moment. 

Edyta is due to move in soon! Her parents and her brother will be moving too!