semi classics

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Relationship Status: single and ready to mingle (progressive bois hmu)

Favourite Colour: Wine Red because I am already a wine mum 

Lipstick or Chapstick: They serve different purposes???

Last Song I listened to: Aaja Nachle 

Last Movie: Thor: The Dark World

Top 3 TV Shows: OHSHC, Firefly, and currently Greenleaf (I love way too many shows to actually rank them though)

Top 3 Bands/Artists: Faun, árstíðir, Florence and the Machine

Books I’m currently reading: A History of Christian Mysticism, The Divine Dance, A Time to Dance, and many many more

Occupation: Semi-professional classical singer and also Freelance Language Teacher (hmu if you want to learn Spanish lmao)

Love to collect: CONCERT PROGRAMMES and also instruments… I have so many instruments… send help…or more instruments

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I’m also for some weird reason 100% convinced Sakusa listens to death metal

  • Guy: hey what's your number?
  • Me: 24601
  • Guy:
  • Me: I'm a wanted criminal
  • Me: I stole some bread once
  • Me: I wouldn't get involved it's really not worth it, you'd be dealing with like at least another 8 musical numbers