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Watch: We found Carrie Fisher’s hilarious and classically weird semi-in-character monologue on SNL from 1978

Fisher took the stage as host when she was just 22. She did so in costume as Leia, opening with a legitimately great nonsense joke that involves Jabba the Hutt’s daughter, a Bantha, and an invitation to the Millennium Falcon for some “cola and Wookies.”

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I’m also for some weird reason 100% convinced Sakusa listens to death metal

  • Guy: hey what's your number?
  • Me: 24601
  • Guy:
  • Me: I'm a wanted criminal
  • Me: I stole some bread once
  • Me: I wouldn't get involved it's really not worth it, you'd be dealing with like at least another 8 musical numbers

Today I found several minutes to fix my old nes game console and even to play couple of games.
So I have got an idea to mention several of my most favourite here.
I really love “Hudson’s Adventure Island” (“ 高橋名人の冒険島”) series. The first part was really adorable, even though there were not the dino-like sweet monsters like in the further parts still the general atmosphere was great there. Tropical landscapes, jumping along the jungles and the steep slopes and fighting the foes with a classic stone made hummer of course.
“Super Mario Bros” (“スーパーマリオブラザーズ”) is somethong that doesn't really need any introduction. I think it’s one of the most famous video games ever. And it’s hard not to get fascinated by all these kingdoms with unusual creatures in them.
“Galaxian” (“ギャラクシアン”) is an all time classic in sci-fi genre. I hardly ever was able to finish 10-15 rounds of it. But this space adventure is something that can send you back in the beginning of the 80’s without any additional means.
“Zippy Race” (“ジッピーレース”) is probably less famous than three previous games I mentioned. But in fact it’s quite nice moto-racing simulator. In this game you are travelling across the USA. And I personally think that it conveys the spirit of an adventure… After all I would be super excited to explore american highways in the 80’s while being accompained by a steelhorse.

god i had the stupidest idea earlier today as we were driving back from nc

i was listening to “ram” by steve howe, you know, the very jaunty, semi-classical, semi-country western guitar piece, and thought to myself, what if this was played at my funeral as they lowered my casket into the grave, as slowly as possible, so that it took the duration of the song (two minutes) to get to the bottom.

i dont knwo why this cracks me up so hard but god it. jsut, does. like its just the most inappropriate song for the occasion idfk

Romantic Getaway (6/11/2015)

Hello from Missouri Wine Country! We had a gift certificate for a Bed & Breakfast about 45 minutes from home and decided to retreat from real life for a few days. We arrived at Stoneridge B&B just in time to take in the gorgeous autumn sunset.

After a bit (and by that, I mean a bottle) of wine from our host, along with some cheese and deer sausage, we headed out to a local microbrewery for dinner. I decided to sample what’s known as a flight of beers (basically four samples).

Sherlock, on the other hand, went with a classic semi-sweet red wine.

My sample glasses of beer were labeled with abbreviations to show which brew they were (I promise you, we did not alter these). Sherlock decided the abbreviations stood for, left to right: himself, Benedict, Hamlet, and Rory.

Then it was back to the B&B for some champagne and a swim in the tub. And now, as Sherlock is ready to advance to the next activity, I’d best be signing off.

- JW

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Different grades of leather (Natural Veg, Shell Cordovan, and Dublin), mixed with classic semi-precious metals like bronze, brass and copper make for the vibe I want in my everyday quality carry items.