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I know nothing about guns. As a communist this makes me feel ashamed. What videos do you recommend I watch on youtube to start learning?

Firearms knowledge basics:

Shooting basics:

Common questions:

A few disclaimers: these are all videos pulled from gun YT. Ignore the politics of literally all the uploaders and you’ll have a much better time. I’m not condoning literally anyone in these videos. And this is meant to give a very basic understanding of what guns are and how they function, not an in depth overview of everything there is to know about firearms, and a few of the videos could use slightly more accurate language.This is meant to serve as an intro for people who know absolutely nothing about guns. @ragemovement you are much more knowledgeable about firearms than I am- if you can think of other stuff you think beginners should know, let me know!


Franchi SPAS-12

Dual action 12 gauge shotgun that can switch to pump or semi-auto. The example above is in the most desirable configuration that the SPAS-12 was available in. It has the folding stock with hook, updated safety, full length magazine tube, the forward extended front sight and the enlarged bolt release button. Replacement parts used to be very hard to find because there are so few of these shotguns in the U.S, but the SPAS-12 Project now supplies spare parts. (GRH)

Mateba Model 6 Unica, aka the Mateba Autorevolver
Manufactured by Macchine Termo-Balistiche in Pavia, Italy, following the design of Emilio Ghisoni. This example is chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special, but this revolver was also produced in .44 Magnum/.44 Special and .454 Casull/.45 Long Colt - switching from a cartridge to another with a given caliber required to change the frame’s spring for the weapon to cycle properly.
As per usual with Mateba revolvers, it features a six o’clock barrel, aligned with the bottom chamber of the swing-out hexagonal six-round cylinder in a way that - supposedly - suppresses barrel flip by aligning the barrel with the user’s hand, a profile even more pronounced in the Mateba MTR series.
The most distinctive feature of the Mateba Unica however is that it is one of the very few commercial automatic revolver design in existence, like the Webley-Fosbery series, and the only one to have been produced in living memory (except for a bunch of very old ladies that were born around 1900, they might remember that since the production of the Webley-Fosbery ran up to 1915).
Upon firing the revolver, the whole frame, cylinder and barrel would slide back on the handle for about 12mm - sorry for my Imperial buddies, I don’t care - and cock the hammer for the next shot.
A very cool-looking, cyber-punkish gun that’s both sexy and unique.

Also exists as the Griffone Carbine for extra sexiness !

pictured here along with a MTR series carbine

the Webley-Fosbery M1903 automatic revolver


NEMO Arms Executive Order

High end AR-10 built by the company known for their semi-auto AR patterned rifles chambered in .300 Win Mag. There appears to be two different variations of the Executive Order; this model with the extended handguard, and another with a shorter handguard but different type of barrel. You can also get the Executive Order in either .308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor. As you’ve probably suspected, this is not a cheap AR-10. MSRP is about $4,500. (GRH)


Mauser ‘Siderlatch Special’ 1910 Pocket pistol

Mauser Pocket pistol M1910 manufactured my Mauser in Oberndorf, Germany c.1910~1913.
6,35x16mmSR/.25ACP, extended magazine.
This interesting piece comes with a Wespi Lichtzielgeräte battery-powered torch-scope, an early precursor to the modern laser dot sights with rather macabre branding.



Czech semi-auto that bears some similarity to the Russian SKS. Originally chambered in 7.62x45, later models called the vz. 52/57 were chambered in 7.62x39. Those examples are quite rare in the U.S. Century Arms attempted to create a copy or knockoff by installing a 7.62x39 barrel sleeve into original vz.52 rifles. These rifles are known for having poor condition stocks, which is why many that were imported were sprayed with bed liner to cover up the terrible wood. (GRH)


Salvator-Dormus Self-Loading Pistol

Designed and patented in 1891 by Archduke Karl Salvator and Sir Georg Dormus, started production in 1892 to a total of about 50 guns that ended in the Austrian military trials of 1896. SN27.
8mm centerfire, simple blowback, internal magazine fed with stripper clip through an opening in the bottom of the grip through a cover pivoting on the lanyard ring’s axle.

Unlike the Schönberger-Laumann M1891 which followed the exact same life cycle and is considered a predecessor, the Salvator-Dormus was not based on any previous work in manual repeater designs.
It is thus incredibly sexy.


Ian from Forgotten Weapons on the Turner Semi Auto Conversion of the Lee Enfield.


Walther PK380

Compact semi-auto pistol chambered in .380 ACP, the PK380 is quite comfortable to hold and use but ergonomically its lacking some key features, primarily a slide release. The PK380 comes in black but also in a color called “Angel Blue”. Some have said that it looks like the color Tiffany Blue but because that is trademarked Walther had to come up with a different name for the same color. (GRH)