semi automatic sniper rifle


MAS Mle49-56 military rifle

Made by the Manufacture d’Arme de Saint-Etienne in France c.1956-70′s - serial number G81988.
7,5x54mm MAS Mle1929C ten-round removable box magazine, direct impingement gas operated semi-automatic, Mle 1953 APX 806L scope mounted on a rail on the left side of the receiver, muzzle adapted to fire rifle grenades, with accompanying folding grenade sights.

The 1956 modification shortened the barrel but also and most noticeably the foregrip of the rifle, making it a very compact and sturdy battle rifle.


M1C Garand sniper rifle

Manufactured by the Springfield Armory between 1943 and 1945, scope mount manufactured by Griffin and Howe, serial number 3495645.
.30-06, 8-round en-bloc clips, M82 2,2X scope offset to the left, MRT leather cheek rest and M2 flash hider.

Looks like a star wars prop.

Sauce : James D Julia Inc.


Knights Armament M110

High end military issue semi-automatic sniper rifle, the M110 is chambered in 7.62x51mm. Meeting the Army’s requirements, Knights Armament released a very small handful of these complete packages to private hands, supposedly less than 20. Price varies widely; I’ve seen them over the years for $18,000 up to $30,000, but yet they do sell. They’re rare, they’re a mil-spec issued sniper rifle, and they’re made by one of the top tier AR manufacturers in the world. (GRH)