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Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

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Genre: Drabble/Angst(?)

Summary: You and your boyfriend argue because he’s so jealous

Word Count: 327

Pairing: Kris Wu x M Reader

“What was that y/n?!” The angry shouts of your pissed off boyfriend rang through the previously silent apartment. You rolled your eyes and shoved your coat and shoes into the closet as he continued to scream.

“Why were your hands all over him? Huh?! Because you want him and not me?” He began accusing you, but you just ignored it until he punched a wall beside him. “Fucking answer me!” You rolled your eyes again and pushed him into the bathroom. You sat on the stool in front of him and began tending to his bloody hand. 

“Yif you have to stop.,” you mumbled sadly and continued bandaging. “That was my brother in law.” You blinked away the tears that were threatening to spill. He became tense under your touch, knowing what you were about to say. “I-i don’t think I c-can do this anymore.” You stood up and went to your shared bedroom and began packing your stuff. You had almost finished packing your first bag when you felt the arms around your waist and the soft lips brushing against your ear. “Babe I’m sorry,” he pulled you closer against him. “I’m sorry I'm always so jealous, I promise to get help.”

You tried to pull away from his touch but stopped when his lips dipped to your neck. “Baby I promise~” His hand snaked their way to your pants, palming you gently. “It’ll be ok~” You tried to resist but instantly crumbled when he began sucking on your sweet spot. A small whimper left your lips and you felt him smirk against your neck. “O-ok hyung..” He pulled away from your neck and spun you around, pressing a delicate kiss to your lips. You eventually pulled away, a sweet smile on both your faces. 

You reached a palm up to his cheek and caressed it gently, a soft gaze in your eyes as he leaned into your touch. “I love you hyung, and only you~”

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GOM and their gf broke up leaving the boys emotionally shattered. They meet reader-chan (you) who slowly mends their broken hearts piece by piece. Eventually they start to fall for each other then BAM, ex wants to work things out. What happens next?

Kuroko: “_____-san, will you be mine ——“ Kuroko starts, but is interrupted by a shrill cry. “KoKo!! Oh my gosh, I’ve been looking for you for so long! I want to get back together!” ___ looked at the other girl as she grabbed onto his arm and pressed her boobs against him. “This is the girl who broke his heart? Well, my chance is gone now.” ____ thinks as she looks away from the situation, about to cry. Suddenly, ____ feels an arm wrap around her waist before she looks up to Kuroko, seeing him pull her closer. “(Ex’s Name), I’m actually glad you’re here. I want you to meet my new girlfriend, _____. She’s the one that showed me what real love is.”

Midorima: “Shinshin? I can’t believe I finally found you here! Fate must want us to be together!” A high-pitched voice cuts through the air as ___ and Midorima pull away from their kiss. “Uhm, who is this?” The mystery girl says as she realises ____’s presence and position. “This is ____. My girlfriend.” Midorima says as he pushes up his glasses. ____ is surprised at the fact he does not pull away from their close position. “But..we’re supposed to be together? Remember! Your psychic even said so!” The girl pouted, obviously annoyed at the fact someone had taken Midorima’s attention and pain away. “Sorry, (Ex’s Name), but our signs are not compatible at all. She actually told me that you were bad, but I didn’t want to listen. However, ____ and I are perfect for each other, and that’s approved by my psychic. Do not get in my way with happiness this time, nanodayo.”

Kise: “___cchi, I want you to be my girl—Huh? (Ex’s Name)? What are you doing here?” Kise starts before looking past ___’s shoulder, behind her. ___ turns just in time to catch the picture-perfect girl give Kise a flirty wink and an alluring smile. “Kise-kun! I’ve missed you! I’m a little bit insulted that you’ve dropped ‘cchi’ on my name, but I’ll forgive you this time. I want to get back together!” (Ex’s Name) murmurs while walking past you and up to Kise, leaning a bit too far in for ____’s liking. “And just when he was going to ask me out, she comes waltzing back into his life. Absolutely stunning and the number one female model of the year, how the hell could I compete? Just walk on out quietly before you lose any more dignity, ____.” ____ thinks before trying to turn and walk out before Kise can catch her. Kise immediately sees that ___’s trying to leave so he speaks up. “Sorry, (Ex’s Name), but I don’t have time to talk. My girlfriend’s leaving, so that’s my queue!” He starts walking over to ____ as ____ and (Ex’s Name) turns towards him in shock. “Girlfriend?!” (Ex’s Name) beats ____ into questioning him as his ex flip her silky hair as if she was insulted. Kise gives off a cheeky smirk as his aura changes into a little less ‘happy-go-lucky’. “Yes, you heard me. Girlfriend. Bye, (Ex’s Name).” Kise grabs ____’s hand and looks down to her blushing face, pecking her on the lips, before quickly turning back to his ex one last time. “Oh! And (Ex’s Name)? My model agency says we won’t be working together anymore. They found a new girl who’s beautiful inside and out.” Kise remarks, looking back towards his girlfriend and giving her a wink.

Aomine: “No you do it like this, baka.” Aomine’s voice vibrates through ____’s ear as his arms have a secure hold on her waist and he guides her body to shoot correctly at the hoop. She giggles in response and glances into his eyes, her eyes twinkling, before she turns her attention back towards the goal. Just as she’s about to shoot, a voice cries out making ____ miss the goal. Aomine’s eyebrow twitches in annoyance at whoever interrupted their cute little moment (although he would never admit that). “Dai-chan!” The stranger’s voice squeals making Aomine flinch again. “Who is this? Why help her when you can help me! I want you back, Dai-chan!” His ex comes running up and pushing ____ out of the way, making her fall in the process, before running into Aomine’s arms. ___ cries out as Daiki’s eyes widen, concerned. Quickly he forcefully pushes his ex out of the way before running over to ___ to make sure she’s okay. Once he realises nothing is hurt, he fiercely glares back up to his ex. “I’m not taking you back, (Ex’s Name), and if you ever touch my girlfriend again, we’re going to have a major problem.”

Murasakibara: “____-chin, doesn’t it taste good?” Murasakibara says as he shoves a little cake down ___ throat. His hand then goes to rest on her arm as he caresses it. “Mmpft!” ___ chokes before reprimanding him. “Sushi-chan, I can’t eat as much as you can at once! Be careful before I cho—“ Suddenly, Atsushi’s arm is ripped from ___’s as someone tugs him up out of his seat. “Atsu-chin, what the hell are you doing with this girl?!” A cry yells out from the stranger girl, as she stares up to the giant with a glare. Murasakibara’s mellow expression drastically changes as he directs an intimidating glare to his smaller ex. He tightly grabs onto his ex’s hand that was on his wrist and throws it off with a force that’s just enough to leave a red mark so she knows he’s seriously pissed. “(Ex’s Name), we once had a thing, but it’s long gone. I love ____-chin now, and if you get in the way of that, I won’t hesitate to crush you.” And the red mark on her arm says just that.

Akashi: Akashi knew his ex was going to try something the moment she passed ____ and him in the park. A swift walk-by before she turns around and runs back up to him. “Sei? I knew it was you! This must mean something. I’ve been wanting to get bac—“ She interrupts the special moment between ___ and Akashi did not appreciate that. “Excuse me, (Ex’s Name), but it seems that I was in worse condition than usual back then.” “What?” She’s taken aback by the riddles Akashi was giving her; meanwhile, ____ was just looking on, hoping and praying that Akashi would not take her back. He did just admit his feelings to her. “I must have been at an all-time low when we were dating because I see things so clearly now. You were into me because of my status, that much I knew, I just always thought that you had enough class to fulfil your part of being my significant other. But it seems now that you are nothing but home-wrecking trash. Excuse us.” ____ blinks as she’s tugged along with Akashi. Omg the sass, though.

I’ll Always Come Back

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Forever Tag: @angelicshinigami @tothetardissterek (if you’d like to be added to this list, please notify me)

Prompt: “Ok but Jerome coming back to life and having to rescue his gf who is locked up in Arkham, cause when he died, she was crying over him and the cops took this chance to cuff her. He finds her tortured(like HQ in SS)and insane. He takes her back and When she recovers, maybe some smut can happen with dom!reader, which takes Jerome by surprise cause this is new. Hope this isn’t too long 😂” - Anon

Summary: The prompt says it all.

Word Count: 738 (I guess the 700s is the normal length now)

Warnings: Jerome’s death, torture, some angst, some semi-fluff.

A/N: I’m sorry but I felt going down the fluff road instead of the smut road for this imagine. I hope that was okay with you, Anon. Btw, the Arkham Asylum I was imagining here was the one in Batman: The Telltale Series.

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sCREAMING- ITS OPEN!!! might be adult au? maybe.. angst where midorima cheats on s/o? s/o walked in on him when he did "it" with another girl. s/o ends up locking herself in her bedroom until the next day. she leaves him, leaving no traces behind when midorima isn't home. so when he comes home he sees that all her things are gone. years pass, and he meets s/o's son which is also his when midorima teaches an elementary class about what being a doctor means. ( 1/? )

hi love! thanks for being so excited; i really do enjoy writing out all the scenarios. so, since this ask is well descripted and sort of written out already, i’m going to just continue and go in depth with the son-meeting-father-angry-mom part. (also, i just wanted to add that my precious Midorin would never cheat, just because he doesn’t like sordid actions, as it was obvious during his middle school days when he didn’t participate in the score challenges, but this is an ask, so i’m going through it! o//////o )

-this is part of the ask-

(2/?) the son then approaches him (after school) and is like “cool! you’re a doctor!” and midorima is just like, “I’m just a doctor, its nothing special.” the son is like i think its cool bc you save people. and then as the days go by, they become closer. then the son drops a personal question: do you have a family or someone you love a lot? and midorima is like: i do/did.. but I’m looking for her. (something like that) and he asks the son the same thing. but the son said, “i have a mom. my dad (3/?) the son said, “i have a mom. my dad left my mom before i was born. but my mom told me he’s a doctor too.” & then midorima is curious. before he can ask about his dad; s/o goes to the son’s classroom seeing the son & midorima talking. she gets really defensive & is like, “get away from my son.” & hes confused bc he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. but then she somehow blurts out that the son is midorima’s son. a scenario of that- apologies bc this description is so long omg-


‘You’re so oblivious, Midorima-cchi!’

Those words seemed to echo and repeat in Midorima’s head as he observed the little boy sitting on the abc block carpet. Back then, when he secretly went to watch the game between Aomine and Kuroko, Kise had called him a monkey for never noticing Momoi’s feeling towards Kuroko. He should have noticed the signs-the emerald eyes, the way the tuff of his hair fell into his eyes, straight as a stick, and the curious quirks he seemed to have.

“_____, get away from him." Midorima heard a quiet, yet intimidating and mildly reminiscent voice from the back door of the classroom. His eyes looked over your figure, raking and taking in everything he had missed. Your hair and they way it fell over your shoulders, and the scent of your perfume that never changed; it was still the same lavender and jasmine smell he had once told you he loved. The little boy grinned, and raced over to his mother.

"Mama, this man is a doctor, too! Remember you told me daddy’s one, too!” Your lips strained a smile, the smile not quite reaching your eyes.

“Did I ever? No matter, we should go now ____.” The boy pouted, pulling at your hands, hands he’s held for years.

“Mama, he’s a doctor, a real life one! Can we stay for a moment, please?” Looking troubled, your eyes flitted towards him for a nanosecond before shaking your head as an affirmative no. Walking to them, he handed out his hospital pamphlet to the young look alike.

“It’s never too early to learn, nanodayo.” The smile he wore brightened at the image of the pristine white building warmed his heart. Pushing his glasses upwards, he ruffled the boys hair before turning to you. You averted his gaze, hand tightly gripping your sons.

“It’s been a long time, ____.” You nodded curtly, holding back the anger and frustration you had been bottling up inside for six years.

“Yes, and I don’t intend to make this longer than I’d like, Midorima-san.” He winced at the formality and the bite under your tone. The air was pricked with awkwardness and frost, coming straight from your attitude.

“Is this your child?”

“Yes,” You looked at your son with a soft gaze, and exhaled a deep breath of air.

“He’s a good child,”


“He’s my child,”

“Yes,” Caught. Surprise and shock etched into your features as what you had confessed sunk in. Midorima’s twenty questions had spurred you and your deepest secret had been revealed to the one person you absolutely did not want finding out.

“Why did you not tell me nanodayo.”

“What do you mean ‘I didn’t tell you’; If you think for one second I would have told you this while you were in bed with someone else, you aren’t as intelligent as I perceived you to be.” He blushed, deeply ashamed of his act back when he was in college. He had gotten drunk at one of Takao’s party, and one thing had led to another. He had lost all contact with you when he found out you had been aware of what happened.

“I know it’s too late, and I should have done more to seek you, but you just disappeared and on top of that, I had heard you dropped out of med school. Now, I can see why. You’re very strong ____. I deeply apologize for not being able to help you raising him.” Your eyes were glazed with tears by now, and all the snark from you had disappeared.

“You meant so much to me, Shintaro. I truly fell in love with you.”

“You’re using past tense,” Sighing, he tentatively touched your free hand, one that wasn’t being held tightly by your son-his son. “Is it possible for me to earn your forgiveness?”

“I’ve forgiven you a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean we can go back to being what we were. It wasn’t fair of me to separate you from your child, but it was the only thing I could have done to distance myself from you for a while.”

“I would like to start as friends then, if I’m not being too presumptuous.” You had finally smiled, tuckinig a string of hair behind your ear. Your son was too busy reading the pamphlet to pay any mind, but you knew they would get along wonderfully.

“Of course, Shintarou. Let’s meet tomorrow at the park near this pre-school. I’m sure he’d like to get to know you better, also.” He let out a tiny smile; although he hoped for more, he knew this was all you could afford to give him now.

“I’ll see you then.”

Conflicting Love

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Genre: romance/Fluff/Angst/Semi smut (maybe ?)
Pairing: Jungkook& Unknown 
Length:  754 words
Summary: Your friend Jimin is a new intern at your workplace and your boyfriend Jungkook ,who happens to be a superior, isn’t pleased at the sight of you and Jimin together.

You stared at him and he stared back at you. You knew something was wrong with the way his piercing eyes were glued onto you. He had this way of staring you up and down as if it was something natural. Jungkook never had any shame to express how he felt and this time his blood was boiling with anger at the sight of you and the new intern Park Jimin. Watching you from afar was only adding fuel to the fire.

“Are you sure this is alright?” Jimin stuttered as he watched jungkook’s orbs darkening at the sight of jimin whispering onto your ears

“Are you scared of my boyfriend, jimin?” you chuckled in response “He doesn’t bite! I promise”

“No, he doesn’t bite but he probably has a plan to murder me” Jimin bit on his bottom lip

“Relax” you rub your friend’s arm in reassurance

“No, how can I relax when Jeon Jungkook is staring at me”

“What?” you raised a suspicious brow “Do you like him or something?”

“E-Excuse you!!!! I do NOT LIKE HIM! WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?!”

“Oh lord” you sighed before tapping his arm “You’re the third one”


“The third friend who falls for him” you rolled your eyes

“Pardon?” jimin stepped back

“Get in line buddy, Jungkook is quite popular” you comment “I, myself can’t even believe he’s my man”

“I don’t like him!” jimin protests “I’m about to shit my pants because he keeps on staring at me with knives in his eyes!”

“Jungkook does kill people though” you nod


“He’s amazing at seduction that’s what I meant “you add before whispering in his ear “One smirk and he gets what he wants”

“Just exactly…” Jimin runs his tongue across his bottom lip in frustration” why are you so cool about this?! He could be a player! Why are you dating him?”

“I got used to it” you cross your arms on your chest “Jungkook is not a player if that’s what you want to know. He may get what he wants, but once he’s stuck onto something, he never leaves it.”

“Are you sure this is a healthy relationship?” Jimin rubs his temples in frustration

“Oh no jimin, you don’t understand” you shook your head “there’s nothing healthier than a relationship with jungkook”


“This kid forces me to eat vegetables everyday” you growl “Can I just squish his face” you express discontentment

“Am I allowed to puke now?” Jimin cringed

“You do like Jungkook” you nod

“I do not!”

“Oh look! Jungkook is coming over here!” you comment

“F*ck” Jimin pulls your arm and hides behind you

“Why are you hiding? Does he makes you nervous?” you smirk

“Stop speculating shit like that! And why did you lie! I almost shat my pants you son of a @#$E@#$@$”

“I’m a female” you stare at him

“And I’m a mochi! So what?! You’re still being unfair to me!”

“Jimin…” you turn around to face him “It’s okay to fanboy over my boyfriend”

“I am NOT FANBOYING” jimin scowled

“Who’s not fanboying?” Jungkook’s voice made every nerve in jimin’s body freeze

“I-I-I… Good morning sir” jimin bows

“Is he the new intern we hired ?” Jungkook stared at you

“Yes” you smiled “He’s very cute isn’t he?” you poked jimin

“You better shut the front door before I—“jimin glared at you “I mean… yes sir…” Jimin bowed to jungkook

Jungkook stopped on his tracks to analyze each and every feature of the new worker. From his clothing style, to his hair to the way his eyes crinkled every time he made that dumb smile. One thing that caught jungkook’s attention was…

“Very small…” Jungkook smirked

“S-Small?” Jimin stuttered

“Jungkook” you furrowed your brows “Don’t be so rude”

“Not rude. I was just stating facts” he responded staring at jimin “ I believe you might want to make your presence as small as you are if you want to keep on being an intern here , Park Jimin-ssi”

“Jungkook” you pinch his arm “I-I’m sorry jimin-ah, he can be a bit cranky in the mornings”

“No… It’s all good” Jimin stuttered “I’ll just go do my work” he stammered before leaving both of you in a staring contest

Jungkook wasn’t being his usual self and the way his dark orbs locked onto yours, gave off a completely different feeling than the normal Guy you were used to. What was wrong with him?

To be continued…


I wrote this on impulse lol and I wanted it to be more dramatic than that but I ended up writing fluff/crack.Request for a part 2 if you want more :) <3 This is just a drabble I wrote for fun, so I hope you had fun reading it as well <333

Return To Me [Part 1]

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Warning: Semi-smut.

It was almost comical how backwards every aspect of your life had gotten. Just a few weeks ago the aspect of a night to yourself, followed by the next day off, was a blessing. You’d have no work, no school, no responsibilities or obligations. You could curl up in bed and remain there for the next thirty hours or so. Now you had that night to yourself, you had nothing that required your immediate attention tomorrow, and you hated it.

You lay in bed, your cheek pressed into your pillow as you stared at your wall. Occasionally a car would pass your bedroom window, and you’d watch as the headlights shone against the painted surface in a slanted square of yellow light before they disappeared and you were left watching blank space once more. You were tired, exhausted. The kind of tired that made your eyes sting and the lids feel weighed down. But you weren’t being granted the luxury of sleeping tonight.

This was the first night you’d had entirely alone since Yoongi had ended things with you. Up until tonight, you had forced yourself to keep a full schedule; working double shifts after a morning of university lectures, trudging out to buy groceries when your cupboards were already beyond well-stocked. Tonight there was nothing for you, you were caught up on your assignments and you weren’t scheduled to work for the next few days. Maybe the universe was telling you that you needed a break.

Maybe the universe could fuck off and mind its own business.

Your hand dragged idly over the rumbled bed sheet, fingers following the curves and valleys of the rippled fabric. You were so used to reaching out and being able to touch the warmth of Yoongi next to you that with him missing, it felt like the bed didn’t belong to you. The tears had subsided within the first week, now there was just a kind of emptiness. An emptiness that made itself known in the form of an incessant ache in your chest.

The worst part of it was that you still didn’t really know why it happened. Yoongi was a man of few words more often than not, and a man of many when it suited him. The day he came to your house and sat on your couch, avoiding your eyes and your touch, was the day he decided to be a man of few words. He gave you no explanation further than the fact that he believed it’s what was best for the two of you. This was the first time in about two weeks time that you’d allowed yourself the luxury of pondering it over, and the more you pondered the more that ache grew and grew until your hurt was mingling with a fiery, betrayed fury.

It was enough to drive you to reach behind you and snatch your phone that lay on the bed, charging. It was enough to drive you to convince yourself that it wasn’t a terrible idea to tap the small photo to the two of you that served as your contact picture for him, and bring the phone to your ear. Each ring on the line had your heart thudding louder and louder against your chest. Each second made you doubt yourself more and more.

Then you heard his voice. It was an easy-going ‘hey’’. He sounded happy and you could feel a lump forming in your throat. You opened your mouth to return the greeting, but you were interrupted by the rest of Yoongi’s voicemail greeting, requesting you leave a message, but he probably wouldn’t listen to it. Then the anger was back, and you decided you’d take your chances.

Once the beep signified your go-ahead to leave a message, you let loose. “Who the hell do you think you are?” You tried to sound angry, you felt angry, but your voice wavered and it just gave away that you were teetering on the edge of sobbing. “You break up with me, you don’t even tell me why, and now you don’t have the courtesy of answering the phone after blatantly ignoring me for the last month? You–,”

Your body betrayed you, your words catching in your throat as you choked out a strangled sob. When you spoke again, your voice was small, “You made me feel like I never mattered to you… If it was that easy to throw away our relationship, then it never meant anything, right? But why couldn’t you say that?” You were wavering between wailing and using an unlevel voice, a hand coming down to smack at the mattress in frustration. “Why couldn’t you just tell me that I meant nothing to you?

There was another beep in your ear that cut off anything else you wanted to say, signifying that the machine was forcing you to end your message. Maybe it was for the best, because if you had been given another few seconds, you might have given in and admitted that you missed him more than you ever thought possible. You stared at the illuminated screen of your phone, debating with yourself whether or not you should call back and continue. Apparently screaming had brought you a bit more to your senses, because you decided against it and tossed your phone to the opposite end of the bed. You buried your face into your pillow, smothering your face into the plush material and letting sleep overtake you finally.

The obnoxious sound of persistent thudding at your front door is what pulled you from your sleep. You simply rolled over and pulled your pillow tightly over your exposed ear, eyes squeezing shut because you were hoping that you could just drift back to sleep and be at peace. You weren’t that lucky. With each passing moment, the thudding got louder and more insistent, until you were wide awake and sleep was no longer an option. With a grunt of frustration, you threw your blankets off of yourself, pushing yourself out of bed and rushing down the hall on bare feet. As you neared the front door, you could see it rattle against the frame with the force of the knocking. You slide the chain lock,–something you never did before you knew who was on the other side of the door–and unlocked it, turning the knob and yanking it open.

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@semi-poly who rioted because of the angst

Prompto pulled the hood further over his face and continued to hurry further down the busy streets. It had been only a couple of days since Nifleheim and Lucis had gone to war for the second time, people were conscripted and sent away from their families. Even now, Prompto winced at the sight of family members having sad little send-offs outside of their tiny houses. Surrounded by friends and family.

He didn’t want to send them off to war.

He didn’t want war.

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Master List!

So you’ve come to my blog, and you’re looking for the scenarios. Good luck with that, considering all the other things I do on here (ex. reblog, chat, post other shit, etc) 

Well have no fear! The master list is here! Below, you will find a whole guide to everything you might be looking for ^^

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Rule #1 - Taeyong x Reader - HighSchool!AU

Requested by: @aesthedick-cheol , sorry for the delay and i hope you and your friend enjoy the request! <3

Word Count: 1381

Trigger Warning: Possibly offensive language, Hints at bullying

Genre: HighSchool!AU, Angst, Semi-fluff

If you wanted a clean reputation at your high school, all you had to do was stay clear of Lee Taeyong.

It was a simple step, the one and only rule to follow.

You still managed to screw that up, but you were not complaining.

He wasn’t a troublemaker. Not in the sense everyone thought, anyway.

Lee Taeyong never picked fights at school or bullied other kids or joined gangs and came into class all beaten up, but he certainly had his own aura about him.

He slept at the back of the class and never turned in any assignments, he never showed up to group projects and still managed to pass his classes, and nobody knew what his grades were, but being asleep in classes all the time never really bodes well for exams anyways.

You had, of course, seen him walk the hallways. He looked intimidating, menacing even, and people stepped out of the way just to clear a path for him.

His sharp features and deadly stares made everyone flinch away in under a second, and conversations completely halted whenever he was around.

He was like a shark, swimming around everyone and not really doing much except terrifying them and keeping them quiet. 

He was like a ghost, appearing at the most random of times and disappearing when nobody notices, his presence overbearing and heavy.

He was fear itself for whatever reason it became attributed to him, people fleeing from the rooms and hallways whenever they felt him come around.

But most of all, he was lonely. Because this entire time, he couldn’t even approach people without having them shy away in discomfort or awkwardly make excuses to avoid being in the same space as he was.

So he became the monster everybody made him out to be, lashing out at anybody who tried to talk to him and burying himself deeper into the shell he had created for himself.

And then you came along.

You had caught his attention before, and it wasn’t exactly hard to notice because you could always feel his gaze burning holes into the back of your head, making you usually more annoyed rather than jittery or uncomfortable.

Your day hadn’t exactly been the best, and this was the last lesson of the day; you were finally getting assigned to your partner for the project that was worth about half of your grade.

When the teacher, however, announced that your partner was to be Lee Taeyong, all you felt was confusion.

So you looked around the classroom, watching some people’s relieved faces when their names were cleared and some other classmates stare at you in horror, and you began to feel dread.

Your eyes landed on a flustered Taeyong, his face tinted a color that was clearly not his natural skin-tone. He quickly averted his eyes, and your confusion grew.

Of all the people you could have ended up with in a class of forty-six, it just had to be Lee Taeyong.

When the bell rang to dismiss everybody, your things were already packed away, and you saw Taeyong hurriedly make his way past you and outside the classroom.

You were absolutely not going to be working on this entire project alone and risking your teamwork grade on some delinquent.

Holding tightly to your backpack, you sprinted right after him and off campus, seeing him bent over to catch his breath at the end of the street and sneaking up on him.

“You’re fast, but I’m definitely faster,” you remarked sourly, slightly heaving.

You had startled him, making him jump a little and trip over his own feet, eyes round and wide.

“Hey, are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you,” you said, extending your arm so you could help him up, only to have him scowl at you and shove your hand away, standing up on his own.

“You didn’t scare me. Why are you here? Leave me alone,” he replied, tone venomous.

“Sure, I will as soon as we work out a schedule to meet up for the project,” you answered casually, folding your arms as your tried not to draw back from his intimidating stare.

“You’re going to be one of those people whom I have to painstakingly get rid of?” he was still annoyed.

“You know, for a delinquent, your vocabulary sure isn’t the smallest,” your eyebrows furrowed, trying to remember the stories you had heard about him being the only son of a mafia boss and bullying kids from other schools.

For a second, his facade shattered, and his expression went completely curious as he tilted his head a little to the side. “Delinquent?” he asked lowly, more to himself than to you.

“Yes? Aren’t you the Lee Taeyong who passes classes by getting his father to threaten his teachers with the power of the Yakuza? Or the Lee Taeyong whom everyone is afraid to talk to because he terrorizes middle schoolers across town? Because if not, you two sure look the same.”

His expression wasn’t that of anger or irritation or annoyance.

It was one of hurt and disappointment.

“That’s what people say about me?” he questioned in a broken voice, slowly sitting down at the curb, you feeling guilty and following suit. This was definitely not how you had expected this conversation to go.

“If it makes any difference, I never believed all of it,” you tried to amend your words, realizing the weird looks people were giving you as more students began leaving school grounds.

“But you believed some of it,” he replied sourly, staring at his shoes in disgust.

“I believed what I could see. Like the way you bark at people who try to talk to you or give people death glares if they come so much as five meters away from you.”

“I don’t do-”

“Yes. Yes, you do,” you answered, this time holding his gaze. Not angrily, but deadpanned, proving your point.

He looked away again, rubbing at his arm awkwardly.

“Yeah, well, you get used to it,” he said softly, not daring to look back up at you.

“I know,” you said, smiling sheepishly. “I remember what you were like before. I always thought you were so cool, but then everybody demonized you until you started acting like one.”

That definitely took him by surprise. Maybe it was because he didn’t really talk much to people, or maybe it was because you saw the situation the way it really was.

Or maybe it was just because it’s you, and his cheeks turned a little pink.

You were definitely not oblivious to his little crush. Nobody stares at the back of someone’s head for four months unless they want to date them or kill them, and you were praying it was the former.

“I’m sorry if I behave in a monstrous way,” he spoke, voice strained and eyebrows furrowed, trying not to say the wrong things when someone was finally actually making an effort to talk to him.

“Don’t apologize for acting like a monster, no one ever apologized for treating you like one.”

The more you sat in his presence, the more comfortable you felt. The rumors were sure as hell wrong.

He was trying his hardest not to break down in front of you, a small smile plastered to his face.

“If you hang around me, your reputation is going to get ruined. People will be afraid of you and stop talking to you, and your own friends might even hate you.”

“Does it look like I care?”

“You can’t just say that and throw your social life away, Y/N,” he whined, and in that very moment, you almost couldn’t believe how someone so unreal and soft could be the cause of so much fear.

“Yes I can. I’d rather spend my time with you. We need to work on our project together anyways, no?”

His lips were slightly parted, his expression of disbelief adorable and making you smile, only causing his pink cheeks to darken in hue. He nodded cutely, almost childlike.

“Let’s start over, then, shall we? Hi, I’m Y/N,” you began, smiling sweetly as you extended your arm in greeting.

His smile was breathtakingly beautiful and his hands so delicate and warm.

“Hey, I’m Taeyong.”


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, semi-suicidal thoughts, near death experience (If this is a trigger for you please be aware!!!)

Word count:  1542

A/N: Yup, I’m finally back with a new fic! I don’t know how I feel about this one but I hope you guys will like it. Lots of love xx

Feedback is highly appreciated as always!

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“She loved the ocean because every time the waves left the shore, they always came back.”

It was early in the morning when you drove down to Lake Alvin just outside Sioux Falls. The sun was about to rise and the fresh summer air calmed you. It felt like this was the thousandth night you woke up from a nightmare. So you decided to come here like you always did when everything got too much to handle.

This place was you escape. There were hundrets of memories attached to it.

The first time you kissed someone was at this lake with Dean when you were ten.

The first time you made love with someone was at this lake with Dean when you were sixteen.

The first time he told you he loved you was at this very lake, under the stars on a warm summer night many many years ago.

But now he was no longer with you.

It was unbearable to sleep without Dean next to you. You were exhausted and sleep deprived but there was little you could do about it. Every night when you closed your eyes, his face would haunt you in your dreams. He would beg you to save him from the torture he was enduring and every night you would wake up, covered sweat with tears running down your face.

You got out of one of Bobby’s cars and walked towards the small pier. You took your shoes off on your way there, the old wood under your foot soles feeling rough and dry. Sitting down on the edge of the pier, you let your feet dangle over the water.

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Paper Hearts Pt. 2

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Part 1

Jungkook X Reader

Genre : Angst, Semi-smut

Summary : Jeon Jungkook, your best friend, soon becomes something you never thought possible : Distant…. All because the one he cared about most was oblivious towards his feelings.

A/N : I’m back again! To be honest I really didn’t think I would get this much notes on pt. 1, so I am very happy. And the comments I saw on pt. 1 made me very happy, as well. Especially LovelyRose18… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!! That really made my day. Thank you for your support!!!

What you weren’t ready for was the sudden pang of sadness you felt deep in your stomach when you turned to your right and found a woman basically throwing herself onto a man. But not just any man.

The guy had dark brown hair, and he wore a black suit. His pink lips were parted, revealing what looked like bunny teeth, and his nose was unmistakably rounded at the tip.

You were quite close to the two, which allowed you to hear what the girl said next. “Jungkook, baby, maybe we could go over to that back room over there?” she asked as she lifted a hand to a room at the corner that was currently empty.


As the man turned to follow the girl’s finger, his dark orbs locked with yours, causing you fluttering heart to skip, not one beat, but multiple beats as your breath hitched in your throat.

The Maknae stiffened at the sight of you, and he cleared his throat while attempting to step in front of the desperate woman.

The eerie silence wavered in the air, and you were the one to break it as you inhaled as much oxygen as possible.

“Jungkook… W-what are you doing here?” you asked, attempting to sound as nonchalant as your body would allow you to. Did you succeed?

Hell no.

He didn’t look as enraged as you thought he would, but that didn’t mean that all his anger disintegrated completely.

“Y/N..” he breathed. “I should be asking you that, shouldn’t I?” His voice was cold and harsh, but you weren’t fooled. His posture slumped and his hands shook, indicating that he, too, was nervous about the situation.

You tried to muster up any strength and courage left in your stomach to answer his question, but failed miserably as you let out a defeated whimper.

Just then, Jinsoo snaked his slender arms around your waist, leaning into your ear. “C'mon, Y/N! Let’s get another drink,” he slurred as he pulled you close to his warm body.

Your frightened eyes settled on Jungkook’s now-stiff muscles as he snapped his head towards the drunk man beside you.

“Oh, who’s this?” Jinsoo questioned, completely oblivious to your shaking body.

“A boyfriend?” Jinsoo’s jealous words hit your ear as he turned his fiery gaze to the other male.

“N-No! Uh… He’s a close-” you began, but Jungkook raised a hand to halt your frantic words.

“She’s friends with some of my friends,” he answered dryly, turning his attention back to the drunk woman impatiently waiting behind him.

“Sorry I took so long, Jagi. Let’s go to my place.” “Sure thing. Can’t wait!” The woman replied, a little too giddy, as she looped her arm with Jungkook’s and popped out her chest proudly.

The couple waltzed out of the club, leaving you embarrassed and Jinsoo confused. However, Jinsoo didn’t take long to transform into his usual bubbly state as he stepped in front of you and grinned.

“Hey, I’m gonna go grab a drink and I’ll be right back, okay?” He hollered, running towards the already crowded bar.

Not paying an ounce of attention to Jinsoo, you took a seat, rubbing your temples in attempt to soothe the aching in your head. Not only did it feel as if there was a rock bouncing on top of your brain, but your stomach clenched, the knot becoming tighter by the second, as bile made its way up your esophagus.

Why, just why, did you have to see Jungkook? Of course, luck wasn’t on your side, and you shouldn’t have been so surprised to see him here. He did visit this place whenever he needed a brake from his tiring job.

But what really surprised you was the sight of him rubbing his body against a complete stranger, getting ready to do the obvious at any given time.

You were mad; you couldn’t deny that. Who wouldn’t be pissed after witnessing your best friend do the nasty with some girl in a club - who could have HIV, too - that he most likely only knew for a couple of hours… If even that long?

Your mouth filled with bile as you felt your previous drinks make its way up your throat. Sprinting towards the outdoors as fast as possible, you yank the door open and kneel down on the grass as you empty the contents of your stomach.

Your stomach clenched one last time before finally relaxing. You took a seat on the cold grass, hugging your knees, as you rocked back and forth. You felt much better. Well, all except for the sour taste that remained in your mouth, stinging the back of your sore throat.

Fatigue drowned out your thoughts, your eyelids becoming heavier by the second. Jinsoo was very kind to you this evening, but you just met him, so abandoning him didn’t seem like such a bad idea. After all, falling asleep on the grass didn’t seem like such a smart idea, especially in an area like this, where people walked around with guns and knives strapped to their waist.

Darting up from the ground, you sigh and walk in the direction of your home. Your heels were almost fully covered in the three-inch snow, and you admired the white sparkle it revealed when you moved.

The coolness of the snow traveled from your feet to your spine, causing you to shiver. Just as you were about to turn a corner, you heard what sounded like kissing noises and moans on the other side of the building.

Being the nosy person you are, you popped your head out and observed the love scene that took place. You couldn’t tell who the two lovers were, but you could tell that they were enjoying themselves.

The woman’s back was against the brick wall of the building, her hair falling haphazardly over her face as she wrapped her slim legs around her companion’s waist. The man’s hands were on either side of her head as he began to grind into her center.

Shameless moans fell from her swollen lips as she toyed with the male’s dark brown hair. “Jagi, I don’t think we’ll make it to your house,” she whimpered. “I think we might just have to do it in the car.”

You internally cringed at the way her voice sounded like people croak as you began to walk away from the scene.

“W-what?! Jungkook, what’s wrong?” The woman’s words halted your actions as you whirled around to take your previous place behind the wall.

This time, the woman had no one hovering over her, and she looked as if she’d been hit by a bus.

Her ebony mascara fell onto her pale cheeks as tears stained her face, her hands coming up to wipe away the mess, but only to create an even bigger one.

The male you once saw grinding on the woman was now taking slow steps away from her. His face was no longer concealed from your view, and you inhaled a sharp breath of cold air, the oxygen stinging your lungs.

His blue contacts shimmered in the moonlight, making it look as if he was an angel from the heavens. But at that moment, he was anything but a holy angel. To you, he reminded you of a deceiving angel, the ones Satan breeds in Hell.

It was pretty wrong of you to be thinking these things when you were the cause of his ignoring you, but the way he treated you tonight made up for everything.

“Jeon Jungkook… Why? I bet it’s because of that little slut you saw earlier,” the sobbing woman groaned. At this, Jungkook’s eyes widened as his moistened lips quivered.

“Don’t talk about her like that, you bitch! You’re the real slut! I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked up your desperate and needy ass of the road,” he screamed as he marched in your direction.

Shit. Shit. Shit. He’s coming, Y/N. Do something!

Your body was frozen in place and you cursed yourself for your stupidity. The Maknae made his way to the corner of the building, exactly where you were. The light crunching sound of his feet sinking into the snow gradually became louder, and it soon stopped altogether.

You tore your enlarged eyes from the ground, bringing them up to the opposite’s face, as you trapped your bottom lip between your teeth. “Jungkook, I… I’m so sorry, I never meant to eavesdrop on your conversation! I’m so so sorry!” You breathed frantically. “I’m sorry, I was just trying to make my way back home!”

There was a hint of amusement in Jungkook’s eyes, but it was gone in an instant. There was no reply from him, but only a stiff nod, as he passed you and made his way towards his car.

You weren’t going to be left hanging there again like the last time. Turning on your heel, you yell your best friend’s name, sighing in relief when his feet stopped.

“Jungkook, I’m sorry for what I said earlier today. I… I think I may have feelings for you, as well,” he admit. You had been feeling this for a while, but you ignored it, believing that it was a friendship love.

You were very overprotective of him whenever someone made an insult, even if it was a joke, and you always fed and cuddled with him whenever he was having a tough time. But of course, that meant nothing to you because he did the same to you, which caused you to believe that it was what best friends did.

A bitter laugh escaped Jungkook’s mouth as he turned to face you. “Did you just say that so the guilt can come off of your shoulders? Do you even mean it?” He asked, hurt and sorrow in his once strong voice.

You were taken aback by his cold words, but kept your strong demeanor. Now was not the time to look defeated. That would just give him a reason to walk away.

Moistening your lips, you reach a hand towards Jungkook’s warm, muscular arm, a typical method you used in order to calm him down. “N-no, Kookie,” you coo. “I’m sorry, I really am stupid. You have every right to be angry with me-” you started, but was cut off by the bitter laugh he exhaled.

“So if that’s true, then why am I still here… Listening to you babble about something you’ve never experienced?” He ran his free hand through his shiny, coffee colored hair and then shook his head in disapproval. His soft locks flew into the air, but soon landed haphazardly onto his forehead, making him transform from a stiff man to a vulnerable bunny-toothed baby.

Your chest bloomed with an energy you’ve never felt before as it traveled to your fingertips, causing you to flinch away from his touch. “Jungkook, please. Hear me out, I listened to you earlier,” you pleaded, desperation and fatigue in your whining voice.

The boy’s silence hinted you to continue with your (rather poor) explanation.

“I.. I know what I said was so.. So sudden, but I’ve been feeling this for a while. I just thought it was like a friendly love. Not an intimate love, but I was wrong,” you breathed quickly, not wanting to spend the whole night confessing in front of a run down building, and in the freezing cold with no jacket over your shoulders…

“Seeing you with that stranger just aided me in finding out my true feelings, and my feelings are the same as yours, Jungkook. I-I think I’m in love with you, too, Kookie.”

A huge weight instantaneously lifted itself off of your tired shoulders, and you felt less stressed and anxious when you met Jungkook’s innocent orbs. You spotted no cold, hard hate in his eyes, which meant your speech hit a serious soft spot in his chest.

“Y/N…” He groaned.

“I… I don’t know what to do or say right now. But I do know that I would still like to take a break from you, for my benefit. Things just can’t go back to how they once were!”

At his words, not only stress piled itself onto your chest, but also pain, sorrow, and fear accompanied the rest of your depressed emotions. You thought you were safe from the dark side of life, but fate played you…. It played you real good.

Your bottom lip began to quiver of its own accord, tears stinging your reddened eyes, as you blinked furiously in a failed attempt to see through the blurryness. “Sorry for interrupting your lovely evening, Stranger. Tell the others I said hello,” you sob as the drops of saltwater you produced finally spilled onto the apples of your cheeks.

Seeing you cry was a scene Jungkook could never handle. But seeing you cry because of him was even worse. Guilt stung his lungs, his breath hitching in his throat as he furrowed his eyebrows. He was utterly confused… He had no idea what to do when you confessed, so avoiding you was the easiest, most sensible way out. To him, at least.

If you ever called one of his hyungs, especially Jin, he knew he would be lectured until his life ended for his foolish and spontaneous actions. Jin, Hoseok, and Taehyung were the ones who would lecture him even when he was already dead. They’d haunt his grave, then harass his soul when all he would try to do was live in peace.

Those three hyungs had a real soft spot for women’s emotions, especially yours. He could already see Seokjin pointing an accusing finger in his direction as he screamed at the boy.

‘What the fuck, Jungkook?!’ He’d say. ‘I thought you loved her… This isn’t what love fucking looks like! Go calm ignorant your ass down and think about Y/N’s emotions, for once!’ Then, Jin would drive his index finger into the Maknae’s chest as he continued with his endless banter.

‘I can’t believe you. I mean, I know you’re pissed about all of this, but she confessed! What do you want her to do, bow down and kiss the dirt?! I. Am. Disappointed. Hella disappointed,’ he’d deadpan, then he’d walk away with a smug look plastered over his usually calm face.

And if that happened, what would Jungkook do? He’d throw himself down on his bed and beat himself up over what a complete retard he had been to you.

But he wasn’t going to let that happen.

Not today..

Peering up at your shaking figure, Jungkook locked his eyes with yours, opening his mouth to let out something… Anything.

‘Too bad,’ fate laughed. ‘You can’t say shit, because I won’t let you!’

Jungkook stood there like an idiot, opening and closing his mouth like a fish under water. After mustering up enough courage (and sanity), he inhaled a deep breaths that stung his lungs, helping him to concentrate on what he wanted to say to you.

“Y/N, I… I’m sorry. I didn’t-” he started, but you held a hand in his face, halting whatever he was going to stutter out next. “Have a nice day, Jungkook,” you deadpan, turning on your heel as you began your journey towards your apartment. “Don’t forget to say hi to the others!” You call back in a mocking tone, never turning your head to look at the Maknae.

Once you entered the warmth of your welcoming apartment, you threw your bag down on the coffee table and headed for your room. Stripping off your rather tight dress, you throw on your night clothes. Your next tear get was your freezer, which held the food you needed most whenever you were sad.

Grabbing a tube of vanilla ice cream, you pull out a spoon and dive onto the nearby couch, turning on your smart TV and opening Netflix.

This was normal for you, as ice cream and Netflix was your go-to when you had no one to talk to about your problems. Did you do this often? No. You had Jungkook… Had.

But now the bright, bubbly boy was out of your hellish life completely, leaving you with pixels that blurred your vision and sugar that clogged your arteries as your only comfort. Damn, you messed up big.

He was most likely chocking some random girl with his tongue right now, as you sulked and ate unhealthy at will.

By the time you completed two rom-coms - which never even had you laughing in the first place - tissues formed a mini wall around you, moist from snot and tears. An empty box of Kleenex lay on the coffee table, looking as dull and hopeless as you felt.

You shouldn’t be crying this much, but you lived Jungkook so much, it was as if someone had snapped your neck, but you never died, causing you to have to live with the unbearable pain. The pain never came to an end, even when you attempted to fall into a deep sleep, which ended up being a long suffering.

Tossing and turning on your fluffy mattress, you even flipped your pillow into its cool side, believing that it would aid you in gaining some type of rest. Nope, not today…

You slowly opened your heavy eyelids, squinting them as the bright light from the sun attacked your pupils. Huh.. You had gotten some sleep, maybe two to three hours, but it was still sleep.

No school and no work meant no reason to part from the relaxing heat of your down comforters. Snuggling into your sheets, you close your eyes once more, oblivious to the sound of knuckles tapping against your front door.

The visitor had to call your name in order for you to snap out of your trance. “Y/N!” The voice called. “Open up, I need to talk with you!”

Well, it definitely wasn’t Seoyeon or any of your other female friends.

And it definitely wasn’t Jungkook.

If it wasn’t who you were looking for, no need to sacrifice your comfort for some needy stalker.

Your room door was pushed open with a bang, as two familiar male idols stood in your view. The one on the left had burgundy colored hair, still messy from him rolling in his sheets. Th one on the right, however, had coffee colored hair.

“Jin… Taehyung..?“ You were utterly confused. First, why were they here? And second, how the hell did they even get into your house? The silent question wavered in the air, no one bothering to speak up. Soon, Jin was the one who had to break the awkward silence with a clearing of his throat.

“Hello, Y/N,” he began. “Uh, we kind of… Borrowed Jungkook’s key to see you. I haven’t heard or seen you in a while. Tae and I were really worried.” So they used theft to see me…? Seemed like something they’d do, anyways.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N! You look like you’ve been run over by a bus!” Taehyung gasped, rushing over to your side of the bed. “What happened?!” Brushing the stray hairs out of your face, the older plopped himself next to you, kicking off his shoes while doing so.

Seokjin placed the stolen key chain on your dresser as he, too, strolled over to you. “I’m fine”, you lie, your voice cracking from your sleepiness.

Jin then pushed his head in your face, his nose brushing against yours, as he inhaled sharply. Fluttering his eyelids shut, he shook his head in disagreement, his red hair flying from the movement, as he finally backed away from you.

“Have you been drinking?” He asked in a rather calm and soft tone. Opening his eyes to look at your startled face, he sighed, the answer quite clear although you said nothing. Taehyung pushed his face into yours, his lips almost brushing against your own, as he also smelled your breath.

“Y/N! Don’t do that,” he cried. “I don’t want my friend to die from loss of brain cells.” He paused for a minute, horror plastered onto his handsome features, as he held you hostage with his strong, muscular arms.

“Or worse, I don’t want you to get into a car accident, or for someone to rape you when you least expect it!” Screaming as if he was being stabbed, Taehyung shook his head wildly and clutched onto you tighter, nearly cutting off the circulation in your arms.

“Y/N, you don’t usually do things like this. What’s wrong?” Jin questioned as he, too, sat down on your mattress. “I… I don’t want to talk about it, Seokjin. It’s all my fault anyways, so there’s no need to get others involved in the shit I created for myself,” you groan, shielding yourself from the two men’s view with your sheets.

The immediate understanding of the situation clicked in the older’s mind as he stood up and walked towards the hallway. Turning to face you, Jin held out his hand, smiling warmly. “Y/N, can I talk to you? In private?”

Taehyung, who was a bit slower when it comes to situations like these, eyed Seokjin with a blank expression, but soon nodded for you to follow the boy standing by the doorway. You rolled out of the warm cloth and dragged yourself over to Jin’s side. He held your hand, pulling you towards the nearby living room, and sat the both of you down as he crossed his long, slender legs.

“Y/N…” He began, hesitation lingering in his deep voice. He gulped, the movement of his Adam’s Apple catching your eye. “Jungkook has been pretty out if it these days. Please don’t tell me you’ve been in an argument.” Rubbing desperate circles on your palm, Jin sat back in his seat, slumping his broad shoulders.

Nodding your head, you also sit back in your chair, mustering up the right words to explain what happened. “I… We got into an argument yesterday. Jungkook expressed his feelings for me, but got pissed because I was too stupid to figure it out myself,” you breathe.

“He left after punching the mirror in my bedroom, but I spotted him getting ready to fuck a random girl at the club close by.” Lacing his fingers with yours, Jin furrowed his brows as he cursed under his breath. “I knew something was up. He’s been acting so on edge today. He didn’t even come out of his room. His breakfast is still waiting on the kitchen table, probably no good by now,” he groaned.

His glossy coffee colored eyes met yours, anger and pain swimming in them. “I’m so sorry, honey. I’d slap the life out of Jungkook if I could.” His free hand rubbed your arm as you leaned your head on his strong shoulder. He was so comforting, like everything would go back to normal within seconds. But both of you knew that wasn’t possible.

Jungkook was brutal whenever it came to someone toying with his emotions. Even if it wasn’t intentional.

Within minutes, tears began to prick your eyes, and you clutched onto Jin as you started to cry. “Why me? Why. Fucking. Me?!” You scream, causing Seokjin to flinch at the sudden outburst. “Y/N, we can stay the night if you’d like, so you won’t have to be alone,” he offered.

Just then, Taehyung rushed down the hall, panic in his voice. “What wrong?” He asked, his hands shaking. Jin lifted the hand that rested on your arm as he waved the younger boy off. “Nothing, Y/N’s just going through a tough time right now. Here,” he instructed. “Take the key and go back home. Don’t wait up for me, I probably won’t return until tomorrow.”

Giving his hyung a stiff nod, Taehyung grabbed the dangling key from Jin’s hand and exited the now silent home. “You know, Y/N, people have lots of problems. We all have hard times,” Seokjin cooed. Letting out a bitter laugh, you pat his shoulder. “I know, but I’m sure even you haven’t experienced this kind of shit. It’s pretty fucked up, you know.”

“Wrong,” he dead panned. “There’s this girl I like… We’re really close, but not as close as she is with this other guy. To keep the peace, I never told her my feelings. Nor did I express it to anyone else.”

Warmth bloomed in your chest at the new information, but disbelief soon replaced the relaxing feeling. “She’ll notice you soon enough, Eomma. I think you should tell her how you feel. You’re a handsome, caring guy. And your cooking is to die for!” You encourage him. “If she says no, then she’s blind… So god damn blind.”

Running a hand through his delicate strands, Seokjin pulled you closer to his side, your shoulder brushing against his own. “Y/N, I’d like to take you somewhere later on today. You know, to help get your mind off of your problems,” he grinned. “It’s a very special place to me, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.”

“Hurry up in there! By the time you come out, I’ll be 30!” An impatient Seokjin teased as he banged on your bedroom door. He’d went to the dorms, changed and returned to your house, but you still weren’t even halfway done.

“Hush, I’m coming!” You groan as you apply a layer of foundation to your face. Finishing your look with a light pink lip gloss, you grasp the shiny brass doorknob and open it to find Jin, your ebony heels in his large hands.

“Wow. You look beautiful,” he gasped. Kneeling down, the well dressed male slipped your feet into the shoes. He wore a dark grey suit with a pink shirt, as well as a black tie to compliment his look. “Ready to go?” He breathed, standing up from his previous position. His red hair was brushed over his forehead, and the apples of his cheeks raised as his lips formed into a bright smile.

Just when you were about to nod your head, you heard a banging sound in the living room area, followed by a deep grunt. Your head snapped in the direction of the hallway, you neck aching from the sudden movement.

“Y/N!” The man screamed. “Where the fuck are you going with Seokjin?! You should be studying for your goddamn classes!” Your mind instantaneously traveled to the scene where Jungkook slammed his bare fist into your mirror. There was no question about who was causing all this commotion. You and Jin already knew the answer.

Brushing past a startled Jin, you jog down the hallway and turn a corner to enter the living area. “Jungkook…” You groan. “W-what are you doing here? How did you even get here? Jin has the key!” Eyeing you as if you were an idiot, the Maknae pointed to the spare key on the coffee table.

“Wow, babe. You really forgot about the shit we shared?!” Surprise bubbled inside of your chest at the new “nickname” he’d given you, spreading to every limb in your body. “Baby, I’m sorry for last night, okay? I fucking miss you, and I can’t stand being without you, Y/N,” he whimpered.

“Should’ve thought about that when you shoved your dick up some girl,” you snort, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Fuck, this is all because if that ass, Jin! If it wasn’t for him, you’d believe me!” He screamed, the smell of beer lingering in the air between the two of you.

Marching down the hall and into your bedroom, Jungkook slammed the door behind him. Followed by the rather vulgar action was the sound of shattering glass, and a scream that belong to none other than…

Kim Seokjin.
a semi, kinda, sorta fairytale

Summary: Where Park Chanyeol is a modern day prince looking for his true love and Byun Baekhyun isn’t exactly Cinderella. Also, there are no magical pumpkins or a fairy godmother here but there may be a talking mouse.
Author: YoungWoo17
Side Pairing: ChanSoo
Length: Chaptered (5)
Status: Completed
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst
Rating: PG

Admin Z: This is such a cute and cliché fic. The ending is so sweet. 

The Neighbors (9/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing,  flirting, a little angst & fluff , semi smut

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Chapter 9: How to (attempt to) Save a Life

“Y/n- do you know-”

“Steve, either shut up or go in the hall,” you bark at him. He stays silent, watching as you start on Bucky.

You start cleaning the large gash on his thigh. He yelps out at the sting, so Steve steps up to distract him. He starts rattling off memories of them from the 40’s and it seems to work. You numb around the area and begin stitching his thigh, being as gentle as possible. It takes you about 15 minutes to get it closed, then you tape a bandage over it.

“This will have to do until you can get him to the towers infirmary Steve. Call Tony now and have him send transportation over.” He does as you say, leaving the room to make the call. You start assessing the damage the glass caused. There’s a range of small and large shards decorating his arm. You sigh, then start slowly pulling the pieces out with the forceps.

“You know Doll, you’re even hotter when you’re at work.” Bucky’s voice startles you, but you laugh.

“Barnes, you’re not hitting on your best friend’s girl, are you?” You ask as you keep extracting glass from him. You hear him suck in a sharp breath, then release it shakily.

“I’m hitting on the nurse that is saving me, instead of her douche canoe Boss.” You snort. You feel bad that he must of heard what was said in the hall.

“I’ll always save you Buck, don’t ever doubt it.” He winces again as you pull out one of the larger pieces, blood starts trickling out of the wound. You press gauze over  it.

“You’re probably going to have some scars, Buck. But chicks dig scars,” you say, trying to pull his mind away from the pain.

“Trust me doll, I know.” He winks at you, pulling a giggle from you. As you pull out your fifth piece of glass, Steve re-enters the room. You replace the blood soaked gauze with a fresh one and begin going after some of the smaller pieces.

“Alright, Stark said 15 minutes. You think he’ll hold over until then, Doll?” Steve asks as he pulls a chair next to the bed.

You nod, keeping your focus on the stubborn piece you picking at. Steve starts up with the memories again, getting Bucky to join in. You wish you could listen to their stories, but you can’t risk losing concentration on his arm.

When Bucky’s ride shows up, there’s only four small shards, and two large left. You managed to get the other 80% out, littering his arm in stitches and gauze covers. As they wheel him out of the room, you follow behind Steve.

“Are you coming with?” Steve asks.

“I’ll meet you there, I have to take care of something first.” Oh I’ll meet you there honey, after I destroy my dickhead boss. You send him a grin, but he sees right through it.

“Y/n, don’t do anything stupid. Do I need to stay?” You see the lines appear in his forehead, adding to his disapproving expression. You roll your eyes.

“No, Dad. I can take care of this myself. Just make sure Bucky gets there okay? I’ll see you soon.” You peck his cheek, then send him out the door. You watch as they load your soldiers into the back of the ambulance Stark sent. As soon as they were out of sight, you storm to the nurses station, paging Dr. Johnson. All the nurses have nervous or terrified looks spread over their faces. It’s not their faults. Just his.

“Listen guys, none of you are at fault here. This wasn’t an easy situation, but I don’t blame you for wanting to obey orders. Just know, I enjoyed working with all of you.” You send them a sweet smile, but as the Doctor approaches it turns into a full scowl. You march yourself up to him.

“Who the hell do you think you are? What makes you think you get to play God? Deciding who gets to live or who you watch die?” You yell.

“He is a mur-”

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“No, he is not a murderer, you asshole. He was forced, he was a slave to people that made him do those horrible things. How dare you take his life into your own hands and throw it away. He fought for this damn country, he fights to save the world now! How do you think he received all those injuries, Doctor? Because it wasn’t from running through a field of fucking Daisies, it was from stopping the people that want to ruin this damn world.” You feel all eyes on you, nurses, hell maybe even some patients. Johnson stays silent but holds his glare on you.

“You are a sorry excuse for a doctor, and an even sorrier excuse for a human. I refuse to work with someone as indecent as you. I quit. And your superiors will be hearing about this, so please, kindly go fuck yourself Dr. Johnson.” You turn away, waving goodbye to the nurses as you leave. Well, this is going to bite me in the ass later. But fuck it.

Time Skip, the next day

  You spent most of the night at the tower by Bucky’s side with Steve. The doctor, Helen, told you that you did a pretty good job on him from what she could tell. She was totally on board with helping get Johnson’s license revoked, but Tony beat you both to it. As soon as the boys arrived at the tower, Steve informed him what happened and Tony had already made the phone call. Thank God for Tony Stark.

    You finally step off the elevator with the boys following. Thanks to the serum, Bucky was healing quite a bit faster than a normal person, but he still wasn’t close to being 100%. He gives you a thank you kiss on the cheek, then makes his way to their apartment.  You and Steve stand in front of your door, just looking at each other.

“You going to tell me what happened when I left the hospital?” he asks.

“I just had a few choice words with the Doctor, then quit. No biggie.” You shrug him off, opening the door to your home.

“Yeah, I heard.” You whip around to face him.

“What do you mean you heard?”

“When Tony made his phone calls he was informed you quit. Which is why he spoke to Helen and arranged for you to work at the tower in the infirmary.” I’m sorry, what ?  

Your mouth is hanging out, eyes wide. “Did you - did you just say I’m working at the tower?” you stutter out, still in shock.

He chuckles, moving closer to you, winding his arms around your waist.

“Well, you can’t be jobless, sweetheart. Tony appears to have a soft spot for you.”  Well, I’ll be damned. I’ll have to call Tony later.  

You leap up, hugging Steve tightly. He laughs, holding you to him.

“Steve this is great! But are you sure you’re-”

“Yes, I’m  okay with this Y/n. It’ll be the best of both worlds. I really can’t seem to get enough of you, Doll.” His voice is deeper, sending a wave of chills through you.

“Oh really, Captain?” You purr, trailing your hands over his chest. He tilts your face up to his, then leans down pressing his warm, soft lips to yours. You move your hands, running them through his hair, pulling him right against you. You bite as his bottom lip, as he parts his lips to groan you slip your tongue passed his lips.

You tangle your tongue with his, as he starts leading you backwards. The back of your knees hit something, and you find yourself on your couch.

“I thought you were leading me to the bedroom, Rogers. A little impatient much?” You tease as he moves to hover over you. You’re caged under his body, head between his arms.

“I have to keep you on your toes, sweetheart.” He dives right back into it, slotting his lips against yours in a fierce kiss. You feel his hips beginning to move against yours, making you even more wet for him. You break the kiss for air, but Steve goes right for your neck, biting hard enough that you’re positive you’ll have marks. He soothes them over with his tongue, beginning to create hickeys as he sucks. He finally lets off your neck, instead ripping your shirt clean off your body.

“Steve! That was my favorite scrub top!” you gasp. He ignores you, slipping his hands behind you to unclasp your bra. He pulls it down your arms, then flings it behind him. Right as he goes to take your hard nipple into his mouth, you hear someone clear their throat.

 Steve immediately throws his body over yours, covering your chest but also smashing you under his weight.

You wiggle your head, and as soon as you see your guest, you both burst into laughter.  Sam is standing in your doorway with your bra in his hands.

“Barnes is driving me insane. I just wanted to come here and hide out. But instead I’m welcomed with a bra to the face. You two are animals, lock the damn door!” He stomps away, and you hear their apartment door open and slam shut.

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 "Did Sam just take my bra…?“

Steve leans his head down against your chest, releasing a long sigh. "Yeah, I think he did.”  A giggle bubbles through you. You pull Steve’s face back to yours, giving him a quick kiss.

“Well, Captain, where were we?” You whisper.

He immediately pulls your nipple into his mouth, gently biting it. A gasp falls from you as he does the same to the other one. He kisses down your stomach to the top of your pants. From there, he sends you a mischievous grin.

“Steven Grant Rogers, don’t even thin-”

As if you didn’t even speak, Steve rips your pants, pulling the scraps off you. Damn it Steve. He pushes your legs apart, placing kisses against your covered center. You back arches as the contact, he slowly slides your panties off, again flinging them behind him. Except this time, you open your eyes and feel them go wide, as you watch your underwear bounce off Bucky’s face.

“OH MY GOD, DOES ANYONE KNOCK?” What are the fucking chances. Steve’s body is over yours within seconds, again. Bucky just leans in your doorway, dirty smirk playing on his lips while your soaked underwear is in his hands.

“I’m pretty sure I heard Sam tell you to lock the door…”

“Barnes, drop my underwear or so help me God, I will cockblock you for the rest of your life.” You threaten.

He drops your underwear but not the smirk. He sends you a wink, while Steve glares at him.

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“Is there a reason you’re here Buck, or just coming to watch?” You ask angrily.

“Is that an option?” He shoots back. Steve just shakes his head, probably regretting his choice in friends right about now. You roll your eyes, not bothering to respond. “Doll, my bandages on my thigh are bleeding through. I was wondering if you could help me. Sam’s being a pansy.”

“I am not!” You hear Sam shout.

“Of course Buck, just…give me a minute to not be naked, okay?”

He nods, then leaves you and Steve. As the door shuts, Steve moves off you to sit on the floor. You stand up, going to your room and throwing on some boyshort underwear and your go-to sleep t-shirt, then grab Steve’s hand and haul him across the hall with you.

Time skip - 1 day before leaving for home with the boys.

As you sit in front of Wanda bandaging a few scrapes up from her recent mission, you tell her about Gloria’s wedding.

“So when do you leave for your hometown, Y/n?” She questions. You place the last bandage on, then pick up all the used gauze for disposal.

“Tomorrow actually!” you excitedly answer. She smiles brightly at you.

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“You better take pictures! I wanna see you and the boys dressed up! Oh, and the wedding dress!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll take plenty of pictures. I can’t wait for the next time Gloria’s out here, you and Nat would get along well with her!”  

She thanks you then heads out. When she leaves, you think about how your life has changed since starting to work at the tower with Helen. It’s been so unbelievably amazing. You’ve gotten closer with the other Avengers besides your boys. You’ve especially  been around Wanda and Nat a lot. So far you’ve went shopping three times with them and had a few movies nights. You love everything about this job, including getting to be near Steve while he’s at work. You get to see him in his Captain America uniform, and man, does that drive you crazy. You can’t even count how many times you’ve begged him to wear it home for you, but Captain Buzzkill refuses every time.

As you get ready to leave for home, Steve finds his way to you. When you see him walk in, you can’t help but smile.

“You ready for tomorrow, Steve?” You ask as you place the last of the files away.

“I can’t wait to finally meet your family. Bucky and Sam are thrilled too.”

“Of course they are, they’re going to be supplied with endless amounts of blackmail on me.”

  All he does is laugh and reaches for your hand to pull you to him. He leans in for a kiss, carding his fingers through your hair. You let out a moan against his lips at the feeling of his fingers slightly tugging. The kiss turns desperate and hot, and Steve picks you up and places you on counter behind  you.

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You lock your legs around his waist and fist his shirt as you deepen the kiss. His fingers are digging into your hips, causing your to grind yourself against his crotch. You feel the familiar heat spread through you, driving you crazy. You slip your hands under his shirt, and he lets you lift it off his body. He copies the action, dropping your top on to the floor with his. He moves himself lower on your body, pulling the cup of your bra down to suck on your nipple. Your knuckle are turning white from how hard your holding onto the edge of the counter.

“Steve please.” You whine and you start to squirm. He slips his hand under the top of your pants and under the line of your panties. He rubs his fingers over your wet slit, teasing you further.

“Please what, sweetheart?” he whispers in your ear. Your back is painfully arching towards him as he plays with your clit between his fingers.

“Please, finger me, Captain.” He moans, finally pushing two fingers into your dripping entrance. He starts at a slow pace but soon starts thrusting his fingers at an animalistic pace. You try holding in the noises that are falling out of your mouth; after all, you’re still at work.

The way Steve’s had is angled against, his palm is brushing against your clit as his fingers slam into you.

“ I’m going to-”

“Do it doll, finish all over my hand.” His words throw your over, sending you spiraling through your orgasm. You slump against Steve and watch as he pulls his fingers out of you, slowly licking them clean of your orgasm. You groan at the sight. Everything that man does turns me on, that can’t be healthy. You pull him to you in a kiss, tasting yourself on his tongue. You only pull away from him when the speakers sound.

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“Sanitize that counter Immediately, Rogers. And stop acting like horny teenagers, you have your own freaking room here idiot.” Tony’s voice blares over the intercom. Your cheeks turn dark red at being caught. You burry your face in your hands, causing Steve to chuckle. You hop off the counter, retrieving your shirts. Well, better to be caught here than when we stay at my parents house.  

Time Skip - Getting off the Plane

All four of you are making your way to the lobby of the airport. As you walk through the doorway, you look out into the sea of people waiting for others and your eyes go right to the giant sign towards the middle.

Bucky reads it outloud while he chuckles. “(Y/l) and her super hot friends.”  Damn it, who did Gloria get to pick us up? When the crowd starts dispersing, the owner of the sign is revealed. You see your sister, Marie, starting to dance awkwardly while she wiggles the sign in the air at you.

Oh fucking hell, here we go.

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hello-pastel-dreams  asked:

If you're still doing the angst prompt would you do "Wait. I didn't mean that. Please, come back" with Tensemi please? Also I really love your writing!

oh no this is going to break my heart. thank you for your request !! <3

Tendou liked to say that, even though he had the red hair, Semi’s head was full of fire. Quick to get angry, quick to snap at others. It was a quality that couldn’t be helped, he was hot headed. 

Tendou knew that when Semi yelled, “no wonder people called you a monster!” he didn’t mean it. He knew that. But, even if he did, when the words filled the air, Tendou froze.

Every memory of being excluded, taunted, feared…it rushed to greet him. Like a brick being thrown at him, he felt like someone had shot him. And the one holding the gun was someone he loved more than anyone else. 

Semi seemed to realize was he said and the anger in his eyes dissipated. He looked like he was trying to say something, but it all was a low gurgle to Tendou. Time slowed, sounds hushed. 

“Tendou isn’t a human, he’s a monster!”

“Only humans can play with us!”

“You’re insane Tendou, not even a person…”

It all felt like someone stabbed Tendou in the gut. His eyes were wide, unblinking.

“I-I…” his loud, boisterous voice was a hush, dark and scary, “I have to go.”

Semi grabbed his arm as he turned away, tugging at it. Tendou looked at him, his face was stricken with panic. Utter panic and fear. 

“Satori, wait. I didn’t mean that! Please, come back!”

Tendou didn’t reply, he had to get out of here. He had to just…leave. He pulled his arm away and continued walking to the door. He couldn’t stay here, this room was tainted with the jeers of the past. Even, now, his most beloved person was tainted. 

“Satori, please! I’m so sorry, Satori, come back!”

He wouldn’t. 

oh god im so sorry *hides face*

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Always - Taeyong x Reader - GuardianAngel!AU

Requested by: anonymous - taeyong semi fluff and angst about the reader dying in an accident and becoming his guardian angel; thank you for requesting <33

Word Count: 776

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of freak accidents and death, Ghosts and the afterlife

Genre: Semi-fluff, Angst, One Shot, GuardianAngel!AU

He could remember every single second, but he also couldn’t.

He recalled every single detail, but he also didn’t.

He could evoke every memory from that day, but he didn’t want to.

They had called him from the emergency room because he was listed as one of your emergency contacts, and they had informed him that you had been crossing the road when a truck with faulty brakes had run you over, your body already disfigured and dead from the shock when they had tried to pull you from underneath the wheels.

He remembers screaming until his throat wouldn’t work for days and got him sick.

He remembers crying until he was dehydrated.

He remembers not being allowed in to see you because there wasn’t enough of you to see and the doctors thought it too traumatizing to let him in.

He remembers going insane and breaking everything in your shared apartment, helplessness and desperation clawing at the inside of his skin, shrieking at him to let them out.

And you know that because you watched over him as he went through that with tears in your eyes, begging him to stop while you knew he could not hear you.

After your passing, you had sought him out. You looked for him, following his voice like it was second nature for you in an attempt to comfort him.

But he couldn’t see you.

And so you sobbed when he did, and screamed your throat raw until he did, too.

You sat there, unable to help, as you watched him destroy himself.

He went by like that for days, shutting himself in and refusing to let anybody help, crying your name out in his sleep as you tortured yourself and watched.

One day, he was absolutely still, dazed somewhere in his thoughts.

This beautiful man whom you loved so dearly, you missed him with everything you had.

So you reached out and cupped his cheek in your hand, staring into his mesmerizing eyes, and you felt him jump a little, his hand coming up to his cheek right through yours.

“Y/N? Is it you?” he whispered into the empty room, his tears leaking again as you cried to him and told him that yes, you were there.

He felt like he recognized your scent.

How could he not?

He’d know you anywhere.

So you comforted him more when you could, and he could feel your presence but never see you, eventually feeling calm and relieved instead of crying every time.

Your unknown presence became his salvation, and he eventually went back to living.

But Taeyong never found anybody else. They were just not you.

So you stood by him his whole life, watching him age and let his hair go grey, watching his bones become tiresome and his breathing become labored.

And your presence always comforted him.

You’d cry to him, tell him to live, but every night, he’d take out the photo album you two had printed for your last anniversary together and look through it, smiling as he reminisced having you there with him in person.

It was one day, a few years later, when Taeyong was looking at said album while lying down in bed. He was too tired to get up, so he left the album there as he fell asleep, breathing uneasily.

Some hours later, his breathing came to a halt, and your eyes widened, fearing that the love of your life was no longer alive.

“It was always you, wasn’t it?”

You turned around to see Taeyong, his face bearing a broken smile as his tears rolled down freely, looking just like he did the day you had left his world.

“Always. I never left your side. I thought you’d find someone else; have another life I could not spend with you.”

“I wanted nobody but you. I want nobody but you. I’ve waited for you all this time.”

“So have I.”

He stepped closer, carefully raising his hand as he softly caressed your face.

“You’re really here,” he choked, smiling nonetheless.

“Always have been.”

You paused a little, debating the words you had practiced for decades.

“I’m sorry for the pain I’ve given you.”

He pulled you into a hug, resting his head on your shoulder as he breathed out a sigh.

“You’re here now; that’s all that matters. You never left my side, did you? You’re the one who sat with me and kept me sane every time I felt someone tell me it’s okay.”

And you smiled, your own tears falling.

“Of course. I didn’t think you’d recognize it was me.”

“Always. I’d know you anywhere, my love.”

For Me (alt. end)

Original End

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/(semi-)Fluff

Summary: You wanted to go on one final date before finally letting him go.

Word Count: 3465

Originally posted by shishikookie

He looked at you, looked at your radiance, looked at your beaming smile as he complimented your cooking. He looked at you with caring and loving eyes, just not the kind of love that you had thought. He didn’t know when he fell out of love for you, but looking at you now he felt guilty for keeping you at his side when you could be out there looking for someone who could truly love you.

You looked at him, looked at his tired eyes, looked at his forced smile as he complimented your cooking. You looked at him with caring and loving eyes, the kind of love that you wanted him to have. You didn’t know when he fell out of love for you, but looking at him now you felt like you didn’t want to let him go even if he didn’t truly love you.

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