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Conflicting Love

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Genre: romance/Fluff/Angst/Semi smut (maybe ?)
Pairing: Jungkook& Unknown 
Length:  754 words
Summary: Your friend Jimin is a new intern at your workplace and your boyfriend Jungkook ,who happens to be a superior, isn’t pleased at the sight of you and Jimin together.

You stared at him and he stared back at you. You knew something was wrong with the way his piercing eyes were glued onto you. He had this way of staring you up and down as if it was something natural. Jungkook never had any shame to express how he felt and this time his blood was boiling with anger at the sight of you and the new intern Park Jimin. Watching you from afar was only adding fuel to the fire.

“Are you sure this is alright?” Jimin stuttered as he watched jungkook’s orbs darkening at the sight of jimin whispering onto your ears

“Are you scared of my boyfriend, jimin?” you chuckled in response “He doesn’t bite! I promise”

“No, he doesn’t bite but he probably has a plan to murder me” Jimin bit on his bottom lip

“Relax” you rub your friend’s arm in reassurance

“No, how can I relax when Jeon Jungkook is staring at me”

“What?” you raised a suspicious brow “Do you like him or something?”

“E-Excuse you!!!! I do NOT LIKE HIM! WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?!”

“Oh lord” you sighed before tapping his arm “You’re the third one”


“The third friend who falls for him” you rolled your eyes

“Pardon?” jimin stepped back

“Get in line buddy, Jungkook is quite popular” you comment “I, myself can’t even believe he’s my man”

“I don’t like him!” jimin protests “I’m about to shit my pants because he keeps on staring at me with knives in his eyes!”

“Jungkook does kill people though” you nod


“He’s amazing at seduction that’s what I meant “you add before whispering in his ear “One smirk and he gets what he wants”

“Just exactly…” Jimin runs his tongue across his bottom lip in frustration” why are you so cool about this?! He could be a player! Why are you dating him?”

“I got used to it” you cross your arms on your chest “Jungkook is not a player if that’s what you want to know. He may get what he wants, but once he’s stuck onto something, he never leaves it.”

“Are you sure this is a healthy relationship?” Jimin rubs his temples in frustration

“Oh no jimin, you don’t understand” you shook your head “there’s nothing healthier than a relationship with jungkook”


“This kid forces me to eat vegetables everyday” you growl “Can I just squish his face” you express discontentment

“Am I allowed to puke now?” Jimin cringed

“You do like Jungkook” you nod

“I do not!”

“Oh look! Jungkook is coming over here!” you comment

“F*ck” Jimin pulls your arm and hides behind you

“Why are you hiding? Does he makes you nervous?” you smirk

“Stop speculating shit like that! And why did you lie! I almost shat my pants you son of a @#$E@#$@$”

“I’m a female” you stare at him

“And I’m a mochi! So what?! You’re still being unfair to me!”

“Jimin…” you turn around to face him “It’s okay to fanboy over my boyfriend”

“I am NOT FANBOYING” jimin scowled

“Who’s not fanboying?” Jungkook’s voice made every nerve in jimin’s body freeze

“I-I-I… Good morning sir” jimin bows

“Is he the new intern we hired ?” Jungkook stared at you

“Yes” you smiled “He’s very cute isn’t he?” you poked jimin

“You better shut the front door before I—“jimin glared at you “I mean… yes sir…” Jimin bowed to jungkook

Jungkook stopped on his tracks to analyze each and every feature of the new worker. From his clothing style, to his hair to the way his eyes crinkled every time he made that dumb smile. One thing that caught jungkook’s attention was…

“Very small…” Jungkook smirked

“S-Small?” Jimin stuttered

“Jungkook” you furrowed your brows “Don’t be so rude”

“Not rude. I was just stating facts” he responded staring at jimin “ I believe you might want to make your presence as small as you are if you want to keep on being an intern here , Park Jimin-ssi”

“Jungkook” you pinch his arm “I-I’m sorry jimin-ah, he can be a bit cranky in the mornings”

“No… It’s all good” Jimin stuttered “I’ll just go do my work” he stammered before leaving both of you in a staring contest

Jungkook wasn’t being his usual self and the way his dark orbs locked onto yours, gave off a completely different feeling than the normal Guy you were used to. What was wrong with him?

To be continued…


I wrote this on impulse lol and I wanted it to be more dramatic than that but I ended up writing fluff/crack.Request for a part 2 if you want more :) <3 This is just a drabble I wrote for fun, so I hope you had fun reading it as well <333

I’ll Always Come Back

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Forever Tag: @angelicshinigami @tothetardissterek (if you’d like to be added to this list, please notify me)

Prompt: “Ok but Jerome coming back to life and having to rescue his gf who is locked up in Arkham, cause when he died, she was crying over him and the cops took this chance to cuff her. He finds her tortured(like HQ in SS)and insane. He takes her back and When she recovers, maybe some smut can happen with dom!reader, which takes Jerome by surprise cause this is new. Hope this isn’t too long 😂” - Anon

Summary: The prompt says it all.

Word Count: 738 (I guess the 700s is the normal length now)

Warnings: Jerome’s death, torture, some angst, some semi-fluff.

A/N: I’m sorry but I felt going down the fluff road instead of the smut road for this imagine. I hope that was okay with you, Anon. Btw, the Arkham Asylum I was imagining here was the one in Batman: The Telltale Series.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, semi-suicidal thoughts, near death experience (If this is a trigger for you please be aware!!!)

Word count:  1542

A/N: Yup, I’m finally back with a new fic! I don’t know how I feel about this one but I hope you guys will like it. Lots of love xx

Feedback is highly appreciated as always!

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“She loved the ocean because every time the waves left the shore, they always came back.”

It was early in the morning when you drove down to Lake Alvin just outside Sioux Falls. The sun was about to rise and the fresh summer air calmed you. It felt like this was the thousandth night you woke up from a nightmare. So you decided to come here like you always did when everything got too much to handle.

This place was you escape. There were hundrets of memories attached to it.

The first time you kissed someone was at this lake with Dean when you were ten.

The first time you made love with someone was at this lake with Dean when you were sixteen.

The first time he told you he loved you was at this very lake, under the stars on a warm summer night many many years ago.

But now he was no longer with you.

It was unbearable to sleep without Dean next to you. You were exhausted and sleep deprived but there was little you could do about it. Every night when you closed your eyes, his face would haunt you in your dreams. He would beg you to save him from the torture he was enduring and every night you would wake up, covered sweat with tears running down your face.

You got out of one of Bobby’s cars and walked towards the small pier. You took your shoes off on your way there, the old wood under your foot soles feeling rough and dry. Sitting down on the edge of the pier, you let your feet dangle over the water.

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Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Part 3

Summary: I’m falling deeper and deeper, like a child who has seen the world for the first time - EXO “First Love”

Genere: Fluff, semi-smut, some angst at the end (but just a little bit…)

Warnings: Sexual tension

AU: Royals

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“Wait” I pulled away “H-how? And… Why…”

My thoughts were a mess. I had no idea which question should I ask first. He knew I wasn’t some kind of lady from northern kingdom. He took me to his favourite place in palace’s gardens and he kissed me. I took a deep breath. Was this day even real?

“You wanted to know why I’ve kissed you?” Jongin’s voice made me snap out of my thoughts

I nodded shyly.

“Your presence in the castle was driving me crazy for over a month” he said quietly “When you first came here I thought that you were just another, ordinary servant, but with every new day I started to… Be more interested in you. In fact, more than I should be…”

I was staring at him with astonishment. I wasn’t able to say anything.

“There’s something… Special about you. And that makes me want you more and more with every single second” he came closer to me “I tried to distract myself from you, but I can’t. I struggled with more chores, and that didn’t help. Next, I invited some ladies for dates, but I didn’t feel the spark between us”

Thinking of Jongin with some other woman, made my heart ache.

“The only person that can make me feel the way I feel now, is you” he continued as he grabbed my hand “Even watching you from afar was making me happy. Your voice, your moves, your gestures. It all made me feel like someone casted a spell on me” “Jongin, I-” I tried to say something, but he placed his finger on my mouth

“I haven’t finished yet” he whispered “I want you to know that I think I fell for you, and it’s too late to go back”

“B-but I’m a servant” my voice was shaking “And you’re a prince, a royal”

I never actually thought of him confessing to me. It was just too impossible. This was the reason, I never wondered how I would react. A treasured dream I thought would end long before achieving. Words weren’t coming out of my mouth and my heart was beating one thousand times per second.

“Do you think I care?’ he gave my hand a squeeze

“But the others do!” I exclaimed “Your parents, people from the kingdom…”

“And do you care?”

His question surprised me. The worst thing about it, was that I knew the answer. Of course, I didn’t care. But a servant and a prince? That’s not going to work out. His parents would like him to be with someone from nobility or even just a wealthy family. Not a servant. Maybe, if I was still a princess, they would consider me as possible option. Because the truth is that I don’t feel like a royal anymore. The feeling of being a daughter of king and queen disappeared with their death.

“No” I responded quickly “I don’t”

Jongin took my chin between his fingers and gently tilted my head. Again, my eyes met his. I’ll never get enough of them. Our breaths started to mix with each other. He moved his hand to my cheek and gently caressed it.

“So what’s holding you back?” he whispered

Before I could answer, his lips found mine once more. The kiss was soft, but passionate at the same time. I wanted to give him all I’ve got, all the words I couldn’t say before. He was driving me crazy. His tongue swept against my bottom lip and I impulsively opened my mouth. My mind was screaming ‘no’, but my heart told me ‘yes’. Encouraging voice was getting louder with every second. I had no idea what I was doing. The kiss became more rough so I had to hold his jacket to keep balance. His kisses were like drugs. Prince Jongin was like a drug himself.

“Your highness!” I heard a man’s voice

We immediately jumped away from each other. Someone was looking for Jongin.

“Damn it” he cursed and looked at me “It must be Kyungsoo. He knows I like to hang out in the garden.”

“Who’s Kyungsoo?” I was sure I’ve never heard that name before

“My private servant… And a friend” he said quietly “But that definitely doesn’t change the fact that he can’t find us here”

He gently placed his hands on my shoulders.

“Don’t go back to the party. I’ll go to Kyungsoo and tell him I just went for a walk. In the meantime, you’ll go to the big willow and turn right just behind it. There should be a small gate that leads to a chamber where gardeners keep their equipment. That’s the easiest way to get to the palace”

I nodded trying to remember everything, Turn right just behind a willow, go through a small gate to gardener’s chamber. Seems easy.

“Your highness!” this time Kyungsoo’s voice was closer

“I need to go” I whispered

“I know” said Jongin “Meet me here tomorrow at noon, okay?”

“I can’t. I’m not allowed to be in the garden”

“Then I’ll call you to my room at evening”

He pressed his lips to my forehead.


I quickly started to walk away. Suddenly I remembered about something.

“Jongin” I turned away and when he looked at me I whispered “Happy birthday”

He flashed me one of his beautiful smiles, right before I went to the big willow tree.

I lied on my bed with a huge grin on my face. I still couldn’t believe that this night wasn’t some kind of dream. Jongin really confessed to me. I guess, we both knew that what we’ve done was really risky, but it was worth it.

When I came to the room, Yeun wasn’t here yet. She must’ve been still at the party, but she could come here in any moment. If she finds out I was dancing with the prince at the ball, she’s going to kill me. I dragged myself up and changed from beautiful silver gown, I was wearing. I put it under the bed, along with the mask. At least now, I had one more dress.

Once more I lied down. My thoughts went to my family. Strange. I didn’t think about them often. Would there be any chance that Jongin would feel the same about me if I still was a princess? Daughter of king a queen? I laughed quietly. Maybe I could’ve been his fiancé. Thinking about it was odd. I got used to being a servant and I always knew, Jongin was forbidden.

Suddenly, something made me form a small speech in my mind.

I’m Y/N. Princess of Southerlands. Daughter of king Hyungwo and queen Sooyoung. Out kingdom fell during the 4th war. To survive, we ran away and started to live in king Doyun’s kingdom. It was…

Before I realised, I was fast asleep.

The next day, Jongin did as he said last night. At about eight in the evening he called for me. I tried really hard not to smile while I was walking to his room. Usually, only private servants could enter the part of the palace where royals lived. It’s another place in the castle I’ve never been to. I saw a big white door. Two guards were standing on both sides of it so I immediately figured out it must’ve been prince’s room. I smiled to them and knocked on the door. Good they didn’t think a servant could harm the hier. In a few seconds, Jongin appeared in front of me.

“You called, your highness” I bowed quickly

“Yes” he said moving himself so I could go inside “Come in. I would like you to clean the room”

Jongin closed the door behind me and grabbed my waist with both of his hands.

“You really want me to clean?” I asked with confusion

“Of course not” he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on my lips

I smiled and looked around the room. It was really big. There was a large sofa, wooden desk with a chair and a huge bed with baldachin. I saw a huge chandelier and other decorations. Behind the window there was balcony.

I stepped away from Jognin.

“Your room is so big” I spinned around “I wish mine was like that!”

“One day it will be” he said and I looked at him

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing” he shrugged “You know, one day I’ll become a king and them I’m going to need my queen”

“If you think about the things, I think you do then just stop it. We both know it’s impossible”

“Have some faith” Jongin sat at the edge of his bed “Everything is possible”

“Let’s just don’t talk about it” I came closer to him and pointed at the mattress “May I?”

“Don’t even ask”

I sat next to the prince and gently caressed the sheets with my hand.

“I can’t believe you sleep here on your own” sigh escaped my lips

“We can always change it” this made me look at him, but when my eyes met his, I turned away blushing

“Don’t do that” he cupped my face with his hands

“Do what?” I asked

“Don’t turn away from me” he kissed me and I quickly parted my lips

I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. The kiss was much more heated than the ones we shared in the garden. His hands started to roam over my body. I placed my palms on his chest. With every second I was becoming more addicted to him, to his touch, to his lips. The worst thing about it, was that I knew, I should stop. But I couldn’t. I agreed to come to his room and that meant, I definitely crossed the line.

One of his hands went to my thigh and pushed up my dress. I bit his bottom lip making him growl, and then I gently pushed him onto the mattress. Now, I was on top of him and his palms were on my waist.

“I want you” Jongin breathed against my lips “God, I want you so badly”

I kissed him roughly because this time, I wanted to be in control. I used my tongue to part his lips. He lightly squeezed my ass, making me gasp. Using his opportunity, he flipped us over.

“Your time is over” he laughed and started to kiss my jawline

I tangled my hand in his hair and let out a quiet moan when he sucked the skin on my neck. I bucked my hips up and I felt him smirk. I was about to undo the first button of his shirt, when I heard a sudden knock on the door.


Oh, no. If the king will find me here, I’ll be dead by tomorrow morning.

“Quickly” Jongin got up from me and held out his hand “He can’t entre while you’re in here”

His lips were swollen and his hair was a mess, but he still looked perfect. I grabbed his palm and I looked around the room. There was no place to hide.

“See that door?” he pointed on the left, and when I saw what he was talking about, I nodded “It’s the wardrobe. Hide there. He won’t find you”

I came closer to him and placed a quick kiss on his lips.

“Why do we always have to be interrupted…”

“I promise I’ll make it up to you” he laughed quietly “Now, go hide into the wardrobe”

I made my way inside the small room. He really had another chamber for his clothing. It was almost the size of his bedroom.

“I’m sorry, father” I still could hear Jongin opening the door “I had to pull myself together”

“It’s okay” king’s voice was really deep and strong “I came here just for a few minutes. I’m bringing some news”

I tried to hold my breath. I was so scared that the king will find me. My heart was beating so loud, I was sure he could hear it.

“That’s what I thought when you came” said Jongin “You usually don’t come to my room when you don’t have a reason”

“You’re right” I couldn’t see king Doyoun, but imagined him sitting on the sofa “And about the news… Me and your mother… We…”

“You what?” prince’s voice was so harsh I almost didn’t recognize it

“We found you a fiancé”

Author’s note: The gif above is not mine. Thank you so much for over 90 notes on Part 1 and almost 70 on Part 2.

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Well have no fear! The master list is here! Below, you will find a whole guide to everything you might be looking for ^^

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Dean Winchester Headcanons Master Post


A R76 week contribution.

Day 3 - At Your Back.

It was painful.

Every punch in the gut, every slash across his marred skin, every abuse given…They were all real. Hair matted in sweat and blood, it was a challenge to keep up right. Still, his back was straight, restrained as it was, and blue eyes unwavering in his burning hatred.

Empty owl mask stared back.

There wasn’t much to say anymore and Soldier76, even with all his enhancements, was exhausted. Accusations, insults and rage-filled screams had already gone flying in the first few days. Or weeks. It was tough to tell the time when the cell they kept him in had no window. Soldier knew damn well nobody was going to come for him. He got himself into this, no one else knew. Even if they did, they would have told Jack he was an idiot.

And idiot he was, but he needed to see this through with his own eyes.

A punch knocked the wind out of his lungs. Couldn’t even double over to lessen the impact. Talon must have thought he had some kind of super strength, given all the steel cuffs. Even the cell was lined with steel, fully machine operated.

But they didn’t need all that to keep him in. Not with the jailer they had assigned Jack.

He must admit, the taunting jostled him more than the physical stuff. There was so much history between them, so much hurt that was buried away and under that explosion. Jack thought whatever memory left was misted over by scars, and yet here they were. He was surprised at how deep every word cut. At how many memories resurfaced, that, after all these years, the betrayal still stung.

Talon did their research. They knew what would hurt most.

But just like the man sent to torment him, Jack was just a ghost of the past. There wasn’t much he could offer them that would benefit the organization in the long run. Soldier76 was a nuisance at best, raiding their abandoned facilities and foiling petty gang activities. No, if he heard it right, Talon was into the bigger shit, now that Overwatch no longer could hound them.

Jack Morrison was a dead man, but if he could spite some old enemies before he died, then he would sure take that chance.

Not exactly keen about having Reaper’s mask in his face as the last sight, though.

A talon-clad, gnarled fist sent Soldier blacking out.

Jack came to what must be hours later, because he was alone. It was pitch black in the cell and there was no sound to be heard. His joints were more than just stiff and he could feel caked blood flaking off of his skin.

Reyes had always been thorough with his work.

Speaking of which…

The cuffs suddenly snapped open, all but spat Jack tumbling to the floor. The thudding pain of countless bruises almost shadowed over the door’s opening, hissing as the power was cut. The slapping of metal-studded boots was deafening with how Jack’s ear pressed against the floor, and how he was yanked to his back did nothing to lessen his aching.

Still, it didn’t deter his mocking smirk, even if he knew it was crooked from his split lips, “What took you so long? Needed to find a cane?”

Gabriel didn’t even look impressed, “You’re a fucking idiot.”

Jack laughed, delirious. Gabriel propped him up and, without warning, injected a whole syringe of biotic energy into his system. Needless to say, Jack’s surprised yelp didn’t exactly help his case. In fact, it had Gabriel sighing, “Really? And you didn’t even make a sound during that whole interrogation.”

“Gotta…make it believable.” He managed between grounding teeth and gasps, the rush of energy was dizzying, “…Tough and gritty, that’s how they like it.”

Shuffling somewhere in the room, Gabriel made an uncommitted noise. Still regaining his breaths, Jack allowed himself a moment to watch his lover setting up the scene. Cocking his head to the side, “Haven’t seen you in that hoodie in a while. What’s up with Hot Topic? Couldn’t get a deal outta them anymore?”

The dark man paused, giving Jack an unsettling crimson glare. Jack just shrugged. Gabriel went back to whatever he was doing, mumbling under his breath. In the distance, alarms were going wild. Jack could pick up rushing footsteps and shouting. Whatever Gabriel had set off must not have been pretty.

“…Is that gorilla hair…?”


“…Did he punch you good?”


Jack threw back his head and laughed. Still, Gabriel didn’t seem amused. And yet, when he helped Jack up, his touch was gentle. Scared, almost, as if Jack would break.

It had the old soldier feeling slightly guilty, having been the one to suggest all this.

“I’m fine.” He assured Gabriel, lamely so. The answering grunt didn’t sound very convincing.

With how long he had been bound, Jack was slow. Gabriel didn’t say a word, simply guided him down the corridor. Everything was a bleak red in emergency light, made harder to navigate with how Jack was trying to slip on his getups as they went. The noises suggested that it would take a while for Talon to even remember Jack was there, but still, he worried.

“You got everything in the clear?”

Gabriel’s stare was flat, but he answered anyway, “As far as they are concerned, I am on a plane to Mexico right now and Widowmaker is being flown in to be my replacement. The time gap is perfect and only a handful of people know of this.”

Good. Talon would bite off their own. Just like what they had done with Overwatch. They would get off Gabriel’s case, too.

Jack didn’t get any more question out afterwards. Gabriel shoved his visor on, and wraith-walked both of them out via air duct. Didn’t seem like Gabriel wanted conversation either. Jack didn’t blame him.

If Jack was hurt by all this act, then Gabriel must have been tenfold. He hadn’t wanted any of this to happen. He would have never laid a hand on Jack. Never wanted to dig up old memories. In his own wording, he would have figured this out on his own. That this was risky, and Jack actively putting himself into Talon’s hand to cement Gabriel’s cover was plain stupid.

Jack, on the other hand, was selfish.

The things he had said were probably a thousand time more painful than what Gabriel did in the cell.

They reformed miles away from the Talon’s base. Dawn was barely touching the horizon, giving Jack just enough light to see Gabriel’s face.

He squeezed the man’s hand once. It wasn’t enough. So he stopped and pulled Gabriel into his arms instead, feeling muscles tensed in his embrace.

“I’m alright. Don’t worry.”

“…Don’t ever ask me to do anything like that again. You hear me, Morrison? Don’t fucking ever do that again.”

Jack didn’t deserve this man’s devotion. Even in captive, under harm and helpless, deep in his heart, Jack knew Gabriel got his back. That he was foolish to ever have that trust wavering.

But he learned.

And by God, he would never lose this man again.

Could This Be Our Last Goodbye

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     Michael wasn’t even sure what to think. The sound of his heart was pounding loud in his ears. He never wanted this day to come. In fact he didn’t want to be here at all. Feeling his blood run cold as he saw you across the room. All Michael had ever done was love you. Loved you with his all and nothing else. He had no idea where it all went wrong. No idea on why you left and no idea on why you were here now. Looking at you now made his mind fuzzy. You were like a drug to him. Seeping inside his veins and making him feel high. His hand quickly reached out to grab Luke’s arm, breath becoming shallow. Luke’s head swiveled around and he looked at Michael with confusion.

“Are you okay?” Luke asked, his own hands landing on Michael’s shoulders. Michael shook his head fast.

“I think I need to sit down,” he breathed out. Luke was quick to get him to a chair, still unsure of what made his once happy friend look so shaken. Clearly he couldn’t see what Michael had seen. Luke stood over Michael with furrowed eyebrows and waited for his friend to catch his breath. 

“What happened?” he asked once Michael looked normal again. Michael wasn’t sure why he was feeling like this. It had been months, nearly a year since the two of you had split up. The fact that it had been nearly a year and you still had such an effect on him was scary. It scared Michael. Scared him to death and he feared what would happen if the two of you actually spoke. 

“Y/N’s here,” Michael told Luke. “Y/N’s here and seeing her again is-” he ran a hand through his hair and shook his head. Michael was lost for words and slightly drunk. Heartbreak and being drunk seemed to go hand in hand for him. Tongue poking out to lick over his red lips. Just looking at you now brought Michael back to the night you broke his heart. The night he drank away his pain.

One of the the light bulbs above the bar kept flickering in and out. It almost symbolized how Michael was feeling right now. His heart aching as his mind replayed your breakup. The vacant look in your eyes as you told Michael you were leaving him. You seemed so emotionless. Mind already made up and bags packed. He wasn’t given any explanation at all. The fact that you just walked out of his life as if nothing happened was appalling.

“One more please,” Michael mumbled towards the bartender in front of him. For the past hour he’s been drowning his sorrows in alcohol. The poison he had chosen first was Tequila then at some point he switched it to Vodka. 

“Alright man, but first drink some water you don’t want to be nursing a hangover later,” the bartender said, sliding a glass of water towards him before pouring another glass of Vodka straight up. 

“What’s the point,” Michael sighed, beginning to sip on the water. “A hangover sounds better than what I’m feeling right now.” He grabbed the Vodka, drowning half the glass in one gulp. “She just left me man,” he cried, “Five years together and she decided to leave me.” Michael wasn’t sure what was happening. He wasn’t sure why he was telling this stranger everything, but right now he needed to vent. Michael could feel tears prick at the corner of his eyes and he rested his head against the counter. His heart ached and Michael didn’t know what to do. You were his everything and now you were gone. He was drunk there was no doubt about that. The bartender shocked at what Michael was saying. 

“Okay it’s beer from here on out,” he sighed, grabbing the half filled glass of Vodka and replacing it with ice cold beer. “Heartbreak sucks I know, but you’ll get through it,” he chuckled, patting Michael on the shoulder and giving it a squeeze. It was going to take time, but eventually he wasn’t going to feel heartbroken anymore. 

“What is she doing here?” Ashton questioned, nudging Luke in the side. The tall boy shrugged and glanced towards Michael. 

“Michael’s not taking it well and she’s yet to come talk to him,” Luke replied, rubbing at his nose. When you left Michael you had also left behind your friendship with the guys. They were just as confused as Michael when you disappeared. The news coming as a shock since they had thought you two would last forever; you both were in fact engaged. This tiny fact was probably the reason why the breakup hit Michael so hard. You were perfect for each other, but apparently you thought otherwise. “Shit she’s looking this way,” Luke hissed, turning away fast. It didn’t take long for you to make your way over to them. 

“You could’ve walked over to say hello,” you chuckled, the smile on your face flattering at their hard stares. “Okay I guess a hello is too friendly,” you mumbled, beginning to chew on your bottom lip.

“Yeah well what do you expect?” Ashton asked, “You left Michael out of the blue and threw him in the wind.” They were very protective of Michael. Your eyes cast down in shame and your lips parted as you tried to figure out what to say. What could you say? Leaving Michael had been hard on you too, but you knew it hit him the most. You were the light of his life. His future wife. 

“Okay you guys have a reason to hate me I know,” you said. They both nodded at your words. “You deserve an explanation, so I sho-”

We don’t don’t deserve an explanation Michael does,” Luke interrupted. Your mouth closed shut and you wanted to cave in on yourself. Luke was right. Michael deserved to know why you left. You weren’t sure if you could face him. Just like Michael you were terrified of what he might say too. You never intended to leave him, or maybe you did. It was all a blur in your mind. Everything that happened that night was fuzzy, but you could still remember the look on Michael’s face, the heavy weight on your heart as you walked out the door. “Where is Michael anyway?” you asked, eyes scanning over the crowd.

“He was right th-” Ashton stopped mid sentence, staring at the empty chair Michael had been sitting in about twenty minutes ago. “He was right there,” Ashton sighed. The two boys looked at each other in confusion, shrugging at a silent question being asked. 

“He couldn’t have gone too far let’s split up and look for him,”  Luke suggested, “Oh and just so you know he is a bit drunk right now so make sure you choose your words carefully around him…he’s had a hard year.” Luke looked at you with a raised eyebrow. Giving you a look that said ‘don’t break Michael’s heart a second time.’ You nodded in understanding. You really couldn’t blame them; Michael’s melancholy year was because of you. 

One hand slid against the side of the wall while the other yanked at his hair. The room felt like it was spinning as Michael tried to keep his balance. He had far too much to drink. A cup filled with some liquid hanging from his lips. Teeth indents in the plastic as Michael held it up without hands. He had no idea where he was going. Not too long ago Michael had been so close to you. So close and you hadn’t even realized he was there. He had only heard parts of the conversation you were having with the guys, but it was enough to make him almost lose his mind. All he needed was a breath of fresh air. It was happening all over again. His downward spiral of drowning his feelings in alcohol arising once more. Michael sighed loudly halting against the door that led outside and resting his cheek on the window. He let out a puff of air then tried to push the door open with lazy limbs. After the fourth try Michael gave up and he slid down the wall to take a seat on the floor. That’s where you had found him; sitting in the hallway and nursing the cup of alcohol. “Mikey,” you whispered loud enough for him to hear. His head shot up at the sound of your voice and you could almost see his eyes roll.

“No. No, don’t Mikey me,” he angrily sniffled, “I can’t believe you’re here. After a whole fucking year and now you decide to come back?” He stared at the opposite wall while saying this. Not daring to look at you. This was the first time you’ve laid eyes on him since you left. He had changed a lot since then. Hair back to its normal color, facial hair grown, eyes swollen and puffy as if he spends his time crying. Now that you noticed it Michael was crying. You were lost for words. Everything you had planned on saying being sucked out of you as you looked at him. “Why did you leave me?” he cried out, finally looking at you

“Oh Mikey,” you whimpered, feeling your own tears spring at the corner of your eyes. You were quick on your feet and sat down on the floor next to him. Now you were crying with him. It was always hard to see Michael upset and the fact that you were the reason for his pain was unbearable. 

“Why’d you leave me?” he asked again. This time the words morphed as his tears grew. For the longest Michael had bottled up his feelings. Only once had he actually cried over the breakup, but something about seeing you again brought back those feelings. He was breaking down and you were too. 

“I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry,” you kept repeating, pulling at him into your embrace. As much as he didn’t want you to touch him right now it was just what Michael needed. To feel your arms around him once again. It had been so long since he’s felt your touch and it only seemed to make him cry harder. That was what you both needed; to just cry everything out. Cry away the sadness, the pain, the betrayal. Hold each other again for just another moment before you could talk about what happened. The flash of light had been quick, but Michael had saw it clear as day through his blurred vision. There sitting on your left hand was an engagement ring.

Mirrors (Part 1)

Request and Song Inspiration: Anon - Can you do a Song-fic with Mirrors by JT and it could be like where the reader gets hurt on a hunt or something? Please and thank you!

Summary: While working a case, Dean can’t shake the feeling that there is something off about the reader.

Word Count: 2900-ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN related violence, Angst, semi-original lore (not addressed in this part, but it will be in part 2. If this might bother you make sure to read the author note in part 2 for more info before you decide)

A/N: Not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for nonnie but it’s what immediately came to mind :) Hope it works and hope you like it! The next part is where it gets a little more angsty. As always feedback always appreciated!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The motel room door swung open as the three of you piled in to what was to be your new home for the next few days. The latest 11-hour car ride, while by far not the longest drive you had ever shared with the two brothers, had left you feeling exhausted. 

You had been hunting with the Winchesters for almost two years now, but apparently that still hadn’t been long enough for Dean to trust you behind the wheel of Baby, much to your disappointment. A human being could only take so many hours of staring mindnumbingly out of a side window, and 11 hours was far to many. You had tried to get some sleep like Sam (and Dean when they had switched briefly) but no matter how long you had lain spread out in the back seat with your eyes shut, sleep had never came. 

You yawned, tossing your duffle onto the bed nearest the door, hoping that with an actual bed underneath you you could finally get a few hours of much needed rest. Slipping off your shoes, you bent down to pick them up before turning around with the intention of setting them by the door only to find Sam and Dean still standing there, bags in hand.

You raised an eyebrow. “Is there a reason the two of you are still standing in the doorway looking like a pair of lost puppies?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! it's the anon who sent you the thing about John being very upset. I honestly don't know why I wrote that, I just kind of thought of it. I really didn't put much effort into it and I really didn't have a reason why John was so upset, I just really wanted to send you some semi-fluffy angst for no reason. sorry if you don't like it.

It was very sweet dont worry!

anonymous asked:

oooh I really like the Semi angst story! Really angsty T^T Can I please have the continuation with the same s/o but with Kawanishi. The prompt is “It’s been too long since you’ve really smiled.”

Okay, so just continue it but have Kawanishi with the s/o instead? I hope this is correct.

Just a note! I know they adress eachother by last names but I just use (Name) to make it easier, but I use (Last Name) when nessasary.

Part 1 here!

It had been a month since your break up with Semi, and to be honest, you weren’t over him. You missed him to be quite frank, but you knew you were better off without him.

“Hey (Name), how’s it going?” Your best friend asked as she took a seat in front of you during class. Looking at her you sigh and turn your head away, “Bad.” Frowning, she places a hand on your shoulder, shaking you lightly, “Hey, cheer up! You have got to get over him,” A groan escapes your lips as you bring your head up dramatically. 

“Here, take this and go get yourself a drink before class starts,” reaching into her pocket, she pulls out some coins before taking your hand and dropping them onto it. “Go, now,” She stands you up and pushes you towards the door as you sigh and walk towards the vending machines at the end of the hall. 

As you walk to the machines, you gently toss the coins up and down in your hands looking around at the connecting halls. You see Semi talking with some friends in the middle of a hall and your eyes follow him while your feet continue to walk. Not paying attention, you run into a figure as you were still focused on Semi, sending your drink money rolling in all sorts of directions.

“Ah, my money!” You yell as you try to stop the coins but to your dismay, the coins roll into an area where you’re unable to reach. “I’ll buy you a drink,” The voice says as you look over at them, “Ah, Kawanishi-kun!” 

He gives you a nod in acknowledgment and you walk up to him, a hand rubbing the back of your head, “Sorry for bumping into you, I was…distracted.” You say awkwardly looking back at the hallway you came from. “It’s fine, what would you like?” Kawanishi says looking at the vending machines. Walking up next to him, you look into the vending machines as well deciding on a drink.

Little did you know Semi had heard your voice and quietly popped up around the corner, frowning as he saw you with his teammate. 

“I’ll just take some milk, thanks Kawanishi-kun,” You answer as he slips in the coins and presses the milk button. Bending down he picks it up and hands it to you as you accept it. “Well, see you around!” You say giving him a small smile as you poked the straw in the hole.

“Wait (Name)-san,” Kawanishi reaches over to grab your wrist and you turn around with an arched brow, “Is there something you need?” He looks away, realizing his hold on your as he stuffs his hands in his pockets, “It’s been too long since you’ve really smiled.”

Fully turning around to face him, you looks at you with his brown eyes before he steps a little closer with his serious face, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to help you get your smiles back.” 

Your eyes widen and your cheeks turn rosy as you look up at him; Kawanishi’s cheeks slightly pink as well. Pursing your lips, you look around before answering, “I’d like to be able to smile again as well.” Kawanishi gives you a smile before bowing politely at you, thanking you for giving him a chance.

Semi clenches his teeth as he watches the scene play out in front of him. Turning around, he walks back to class upset as you chatter away with Kawanishi. Kawanishi glances at Semi’s retreating form at the corner of his eyes with a small smirk before focusing back on you.


“You’ve… used me”. — “I’m sorry you feel that way”.

Unanswered Questions

Requested by Anonymous: “Can you do a scenario where you like Leo as more than a friend? You two are childhood friends and he’s always been quiet and aloof with you. So you are unsure about how he feels?”

Genre: Slight angst, Semi-smut, maybe a lil bit of fluff?

Word count: 1354

Warnings: Nothing too sad, and nothing too smutty

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Paper hearts  Chapter 1/???

Originally posted by jengkook

Description: After many years of hurt from Jungkook you decided enough was enough.

Warnings: Swearing, self-harm, trigger warning, suicide talk


Comments from author: I really hope ya’ll like this I worked real hard on this. This is my first angst and I’m most likely gonna turn this into a series. So let me know what you all think by asks, reblogging, likes or messaging you choose :). This man is such a bias for me and i’m trying to make room for others but clearly he won’t let that happen. Sorry I have been gone for such a while school is just kicking me in the butt right now and I have been working on getting my grades to be better. Anyways I do apologize so please do enjoy.

          It was all good in the beginning of the relationship, cuddle sessions, late night calls, passionate kissing but, since you caught Jungkook passionately kissing another girl. His makeup artist specifically who you thought were just good friends but were clearly more than that. The relationship had turned south and just gone sour. He tries to show his affection to you but you can’t help but thinking of the two of them making out right in front of you as you walked in to wish him good luck in his performance like any good girlfriend would. His hands holding her neck in place and his tongue going deep into her mouth. Until he noticed you out of the corner of his eyes and pulled away from her in shock that he had been caught. After that it’s all a blur something your mind probably wanted to just forget the yelling and pain he had caused your heart.

          Today however you were going to go over to the dorm because he said he had it alone today and you were going to tell him it was over. Being with someone who you couldn’t trust but loved deeply was just a toxic relationship you couldn’t deal with. You were even beginning to self-harm because you didn’t know who else to talk to the hyungs would just tell him which led to meaningless sex that apparently Jungkook thought would fix everything. However he was wrong it didn’t fix the pain in your heart and the scars that were beginning to form on your wrists. Nobody ever noticed them before not even Jungkook because you were pretty good at hiding them and didn’t want anybody else to worry about you. It was time to face what you have never wanted to do and you were going to do it you were done with all of it. It all just hurt way too much. You got in your car and called Jungkook to let him know you were on your way.

Jungkook: Hello.

You: Hey, I’m on my way/

Jungkook: Ok. Are you okay you sound different?

You: Ya, I’m just tired.

Jungkook:Okay you know you can talk to me about anything right?

You: Ya I know, but I’m on my way so i’ll see you in a bit.

Jungkook: Ok, I lov-

          You cut him off before he could say those last three words as you knew it would just make it harder on you to break up with him. Those three words coming from him used to mean something but now it felt as if they were nothing more than just words he was forcing out. Almost like he was pushing them out almost like a stutter. Before when they actually meant something they came out of his mouth like silk. But now it was a boulder trying to be pushed off a cliff by one man it was hard to do but when it finally happened to fall off is was a relief until he had to do it again.  It was like he wasn’t even trying to be sincere he just felt bad for you and you weren’t going to be part of this pity party any longer.

          Soon you arrived at the dorm and took a deep breath preparing yourself for what was about to happen. Though you knew you were never going to be prepared for what you were about to do. You took the keys out of the ignition and got out of the car pulling your long sleeve knit sweater down past your wrists to cover the scars so he would not see what you had done to yourself. You knew if he saw he was going to make a even bigger issue in the fight and somehow manage to woo you again with his caring abilities again. Not again though not this time you were done with this torture on your fragile heart. You had gone through this too much in the past enough was enough.

          You went up to ring the buzzer and soon a smiling Jungkook was standing at the open door with open arms that brought you into an embrace.You smelt the cologne on him, the one that you had boughten him.The one that was nearly intoxicating. The one that when you were crying into his shoulder you could smell and you were instantly comforted. Not today though you didn’t want his comfort you didn’t want any of it you just wanted this whole thing to be over. You had been hugging him for a tad too long.That was when he knew something was up. “Are you okay?” he said lifting your chin up seeing the tears starting to well up in your eyes.  “I’m fine, I just think we need to talk.” you said. “ You’re clearly not fine if you’re crying. Did somebody hurt you?” he asked concerningly.

          “The only person who hurt me was you.”  you said almost angrily. “ Oh please, not this again. I told you it was a mistake she came onto me.”  he had given that excuse a billion times. You had no time to keep believing all this. “JUNGKOOK I’M TIRED OF ALL THESES EXCUSES ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! WE ARE BREAKING UP I’M DONE!” you screamed at him. “If you really don’t think you hurt me why don’t you look deep into my heart think back to the day when I caught you. Think about it. I was crying I was begging you not to do this to me and here you are making the same damn excuse!” you said in rage. “I knew you were hurt you don’t think I was. I didn’t like seeing you like that. Hell if you were to leave me that day I would have probably went home and killed myself.” he said on the verge of tears. “Don’t worry Jungkook I almost did too, in fact I have already thought of it more than once.” you said bursting into tears showing him your wrists.

          He looks down at them in complete and utter shock. He grabs one of them and examines it very carefully. Then he looks up at you turning your head away in shame and breathing heavily from all the yelling you were doing. You couldn’t believe you actually showed them to him. You promised yourself you would show no one, obviously that changed. “Why?” he said crying. “WHY?!?! IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY?” you said in a frustration. “I DON’T KNOW MAYBE BECAUSE THE ONE PERSON I THOUGHT WHO ACTUALLY LOVED ME BROKE MY FUCKING HEART!” you say. With that sentence he pulled you by your wrist into a deep kiss one so passionate you have never felt him kiss you like that since you first started dating. You couldn’t help but sink deep into the kiss as tears still streamed down your face but much slower and more calm now. You tried to pull away but he only pulled you deeper into him. You tried pushing him back as this was his way of trying to get you back but like you said to yourself earlier you were not going to fall for it.

          You were finally able to break free from him by giving him a hard push. “Does that not show you that I care for you Y/N?” he says panting trying to get back the air from the heated kiss. “No Jungkook and you know why?!” you said angrily. “Why?” he said with a raised eyebrow in confusion. “It’s the exact way you kissed your whore-of-a-makeup artist!” you said running out of the dorm with loads of tears streaming down your face, with Jungkook screaming your name running after you. You were running and crying so hard you didn’t think of what was in front of you as you were wiping your face of tears that you had bumped into somebody. You bowed your head and apologized before you heard a familiar voice. “Y/N?” they said lifting your chin up to see the tears running down your face as they wiped it with their thumb. It was Jin the most motherly and caring person you knew at the time. “Why are you crying?” he says being truthfully worried.

          Soon you heard a panting Jungkook behind you and you started to try and run away again before Jin grabbed your wrist and shoved you behind his back to protect you. Throwing his arm in front of you to protect Jungkook from getting to you. Jungkook was trying to grab you from Jin but Jin kept shoving him back until Jungkook looked Jin deep in the eyes with anger. Then Jin finally spoke “What the fuck is going on Jungkook?!” he said demandingly for an answer.

Rain Pt.3

Rain | Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 |

Guess who over-wrote again and has to cut it into two other parts. Yep, you guessed right. I think by the end I will have 200 parts.

Thanks to @btssugafairy for cheering me on and helping me through this -although she will deny it-

Genre : Fluff / Angst / Semi-Smut

Warning : Sexual content.

Word count : 4K

Request :  Where he make it up to the reader and she got pregnant and he just shower her with his love. just continue the story until the child has been born. Pretty please?? 😙 !!!! by : @m-a-r-i-c-r-i-s

“ I love you ” He whispered kissing your forehead.

“ I love you ” He repeated while moving down to your nose.

“ I love you ” He chanted as he started to thrust in slowly and passionately. His eyes never once left yours and his fingers forever brushing your skin.

He kissed you every chance he got, making your every insecurity fade away, nibbling and tugging at your lips so gently it sent tingles through your veins.

“ Jungkook-ah …” You met his every thrust with the same desperation, the same love. He missed this feeling, he missed seeing you writhe underneath him and because of him, he missed you.

“ I love you ” He breathed out in your ear as he came, his lungs airless but his heart and mind full.

“ I love you too ” You nuzzled his hair wrapping your arms and legs around him to keep his body close. To feel more of him.

With both your breathing, movements, and fluids blending together you just laid there and in every possible way, even though it wasn’t the first time, it was perfect. It wasn’t going to be the last either.

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Addicted (Pt.2/2)

Request: Can you write a Jared Leto Joker imagine where the reader is famous (in a band)  and the reader and her band go to J’s club. J sees her from afar and invites her to come sit with him in the VIP area and the reader invites him to her concert tomorrow. When the reader leaves the club some guy tries to rape the reader and J saves her. The next day J goes to her concert and they start talking.

Warnings: Language, Slight angst, Semi-fluff/smut

A/N: I am so so sorry this is late. Please don’t hate me. 

“You little bitch.” He snarled, hand slapping my left cheek. It stung like a motherfucker. I flipped my head back, glaring at him with all I had. He slipped out of his suit jacket, throwing it across a chair. He then rolled up his sleeves. Oh joy.

“Ouch that one hurt a little.” I mocked, confidence building. You see I am not fearful of any man, woman or thing. Except him…oh yes him. He could make me run and hide with just one look and I have only ever met him once.

The guard gripped onto my hair, yanking my face upwards to his rage filled eyes. “You must think you’re some kind of funny.” He spoke, breath puffing. Disgusting. I just stared at him, smile carving into my face.

“Exceptionally. Especially when it comes to a sick son-of-a-bitch like yourself. What do you think he will do? Promote you?” I laughed spitting in his face. That broke him. He threw me down, my chair impacting with my head. Fuck that one really hurt. I lazily lifted my chin, his face leaning down as his hands pushed up my dress bottom.

“What-t are you doing?” I coughed, eyes rolling back. Dammit my head hurt. He didn’t respond, my legs being forced open. No no no. I then started to panic as I kicked him, his groan sliding past my ears.  I didn’t let up as I wiggled, desperately inching upwards. He grabbed onto my ankle and pulled down his strength out-weighing mine.

“Don’t have anymore jokes do you little slut?” He smirked, my eyes brimming with tears. Okay now I was beginning to worry. I did not want to die like this. My underwear was ripped from me and I was exposed rawly my legs closing again. He punched me in the stomach, my lips curling into a scream. I heard his belt buckle turn loose.

“No please Go-” I screamed, but he cut me short stuffing a tie down my throat. I gagged. He finally dropped his pants, his bulge showing as I cried silently my heart seeming to shut-down. This is it.

“This is for embarrassing me in front of him you whore. You made him threaten me. ME. He has always been loyal to me, and then here you come.” He seethed, teeth clenching. Before he got to move another second, the door was opened. My vision was too blinded but I heard a gun cock. Him.

“Hello Hunter funny seeing you here. Who is she this time?” He sounded normal. Did this usually happen….?  I couldn’t breathe as “Hunter” fell off of me, pulling his pants back up in the process. I instantly closed my legs, my coughing wheezing throughout the room. He then looked at me, his once blue eyes shading over into onyx. He didn’t know it was me.

He twisted his neck back to Hunter while the poor guy wrung his neck collar, the room suddenly feeling all too hot. I tried to warn the bastard. He slowly walked over to me, bending down to take the tie out of my mouth and to slice open my restraints. His eyes pinned all over my face, gouging out the rough parts. His left hand gently reached up to wipe away the last of my tears, jaw clenching together. Without saying anything he stood back up reaching for my hand to bring me as well. Legs almost gave out.

I pulled up my underwear and straightened my dress, the wobble in my hands noticeable. He was already walking back to Hunter before I could look up at him. The heels of his shoes were the only noise as the room held silence, the situation too much. Then out of nowhere he sliced Hunter across the face, the guard slacking back.

“You dare to touch her.” He barked, throwing the knife at a wall. He went to step over Hunter but Hunter scrambled up, nearly knocking him down. This made it a challenge. He switched legs and smiled, silver teeth gleaming. Hunter raised his fists, knocking him a clean one.

“She is a whore and always will be.” Hunter hollered. All he did was howl my skin crawling at the notes. Hunter you stupid fool. The laugh seemed to offset Hunter and make him realize what he was doing.

“Oh Hunter you will feel pain.” He beamed eyes widening with madness. This was the real man everyone feared. This was the real man that made me quiver whenever I heard his name on the news. This was the real name that was going to fuck up Hunter. Hunter tried to shove him and break for it. He should have known better. 

That’s when the shot echoed and a shriek right after that. He had shot through Hunter’s right kneecap, the man recoiling with pain. He walked up to him and tugged him back up, the man crying harder. I felt my chest expand with an emotion that would terrify the entire nation. Happiness.

“I do believe you owe Miss (name) an apology.” He growled, Hunter’s eyes glancing over at me. He gurgled an apology. I laughed. That made the both of them stare.

“Mean it.” I shot. He pushed Hunter down to his knees, the man pleading again as he spat apologies. I walked over to him and tipped his chin back, blood dripping out of his mouth onto my fingers. I don’t know why I was acting this psychotic but it was something about him that made me want to. Made me want to give my entire soul.

“You see Hunter there’s just one problem, I don’t believe you.” I sympathized, his eyes growing wide. I reached my hand out as a cool metal slipped into it. I aimed it straight for his forehead his cries having no effect on my subconscious. What am I?

“Do it baby.” He urged me, my lips curving as blood splattered. Hunter dropped, my hand lowering. He didn’t say anything as we stared at each other, eyes going back to blue. All i remember was his sadistic gleam.

I was sitting with him in the V.I.P area, legs crossed as he drank me in. My show has not started yet and I still had a good 45 minutes before it would. I decided to spend it with him. He stood up to go get another glass of scotch as I shifted, watching.

“Tell me something doll, why did you take the opportunity to shoot Hunter?” He spoke, back still turned. The question caught me off guard as I thought about it, the answer already made present.

“Do you want my honest opinion?” I muttered eyes watching as he turned back around, body leaning against the bar. He raised his brow waiting for my response. I turned my chair all the way towards him now, voice getting serious.


He raised his maroon lips, eyes questioning my response. His left hand motioned for me to come forth as I did, chest heaving. There was that electricity again. I stopped just inches away from his chest as he reached up and stroked my cheek, the lonely act making me tremble.

“What about me.” He growled, eyes showing delight.

“It’s not easy to explain. I have never met you before last week and I already feel fireworks. The way you take your time during every heist or every kill mesmerized me and it may be crazy but just about everything is crazy now-a-days. I seek a life that is full of surprises and pain and when I got the invitation to come to your night-club I almost thought I was dreaming. It is a rush to be by your side and I feel a sort of pull to you. Plus you did tell me too.” I never wavered my eyes from him and neither did he.

He then pulled me close, breathing in everything about me as he closed his eyes. Our lips met and it wasn’t anything I had expected. It was 10x better. Everything was better with him. His tongue invaded in, my whole being evaporated. It was hammered inside of him as he gave his all to me my heart melting . He leaned back, lips making a popping noise as his hooded eyes bored into mine.

“Would you do me the honor of being mine.” He mumbled, his taste still on my tongue.

“I thought I already was.”

anonymous asked:

Aomine + Akashi + Murasakibara + Midorima screwing up something important (forgetting their s/o's birthday/anniversary, etc..), but instead of getting angry or scolding them, their s/o pretends to be fine about it, causing them to feel even more guilt. Hope that makes sense >_>

Damn the boys dun goofed this time. This got a bit long so more under the cut! Enjoy! -Admin Fyre

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