semi acoustic guitar

hummingbird heartbeat - pt 10

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It was a relief, heading back to Samwell. Going back to the Haus and his friends and people he was, well, out to really lifted his spirits. It wasn’t that Bitty didn’t love his parents, it was just that sometimes being home in Georgia felt stifling. He’d missed the Haus. He’d missed hockey. He’d missed his friends.

And, honestly, he was looking forward to being able to talk to Sweetie back at the Haus without worrying about how he’d explain him. Even if someone did overhear them, nobody would think it was weird at all – probably. Meeting someone online wasn’t what it was back in the early 2000s. Bitty didn’t think anyone at the Haus would think it odd to find his door locked. Hell, Ransom and Holster would probably be thrilled if they knew why.

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