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I really don't know what I'm suppose to do because if I don't have my own career, I'll have to marry to be financially supported, which will require talking to a male at some point. My mom is on my side and she knows I don't talk to boys because I'm such an introvert. She's tried talking to my dad and he won't let me go back to uni. I already missed registration so it looks like I'm screwed. I'm so upset because I would be a junior in college and I've dreamed of being a doctor since I was four.

Take this semester off and work and study for the MCAT on your own. Then register for school early next semester and attend school. Your dad cant do this to you. Contact a sheikh of authority at your masjid and explain to him what your dad is doing there is no way they will agree with this. We will get you back into school insha’allah. 

Also, I haven’t told you guys but I’m not going back to school in sc. I’m takin a semester off and staying in Disney and then continuing my education in Florida.

Tanasuga Single Dad AU

the longest AU i’ve ever written on my own, but still had an absolute blast in doing so. i present to you the joy that is tanaka as a father

AU where suga loses touch with everyone. Daichi dumped him a year into their long distance in-college relationship, and out of pettiness or heartbreak or just the end to a terrible day, he wrecks his phone. As that first year of college winds down, he impulsively decides to leave Japan, do peace Corps or a long internship or something, and after two years, he wants to revolutionize the whole world. He starts by going back to his hometown to teach at karasuno, and as the semester is off to a great start with fantastic kids, he runs into Tanaka, and Tanaka’s two year old bab.

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Reading in the library before semester 2 kicks off next week. It’ll be the last semester before I get my bachelors 🎓🎓

FYI I’m reading ‘Humanise’ by Anthony Howard. It’s about human-centred leadership in the 21st century.

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What are ideas for stuff to do during a short gap year if you're not 18 yet?

Volunteering and work/internships is what you should focus on.

Here’s some links for more info:
A company of scholars, a society of friends

Wait this is brilliant. 

It might seem counterintuitive at first, but it was with this perspective in mind that I notified my residential college dean early last September that I wanted to take my senior fall semester off. For the 90 days that followed, I lived and breathed the liberty at the core of a liberal arts education. Without a room or a class schedule, I crashed at my friends’ places off-campus. It was an amazing social experience that made me realize how aptly George Pierson had captured the Eli spirit when he described Yale as a “a society of friends.”

The days were filled with Master’s Teas, panel discussions and film screenings. I took the opportunity to work on my senior thesis, teach myself some minimal programming, Photoshop, video editing and sailing skills and grow The HappyHap Project team. And that was just the beginning.

Why I Occupy

Some of you might know me; I’m Elizabeth Roland and a senior at Saint Mary’s. I am a Women’s Studies Major and History minor and have worked damn hard to keep a 3.808 GPA. I am super active and social on campus, the only thing is….  I am not on campus this semester.

Instead, I work in a factory in Los Angeles, 45 hours a week making aerospace printers for minimum wage. I am sure that sentence was hard to comprehend but, yes there is such a thing as aerospace printers, and yes I work in a factory that makes them.

I got to this point because my SMC Endowed scholarship was cut by 78 percent for this 2011-2012 school year. When I tell this people immediately I am asked, “Did you parents make more money?” The answer is no.

The answer to why my scholarship was cut is because I perused another scholarship. The saddest oxymoron a college student can experience. I was offered the position of Resident Advisor for this school year, only to have to turn it down. The sum for the RA scholarship was simply subtracted from the original financial aid that I have been receiving for three years. My financial aid became a math problem a fifth grader could do:

(Original financial aid – sum of the RA scholarship) +RA scholarship = the exact same amount of money, but now I must be an RA to receive it. 

This logic made and still makes no sense to me. I was and still am devastated.  Instead of spending the first half of my senior year in a collegiant, educational atmosphere surrounded by friends and professors. I am surrounded by printers.

The Occupy movement protesters on campus has been criticized for being these, “selfish, privileges kids protesting for no reason and if they have such a problem with SMC they should just go somewhere else.” The main thing to realize is that the Occupy protesters, protest for me. They protest for students who are unfairly treated by institutions that are supposed to protect them. Like these protesters and like me, we do not want to go to another college. We just want to ensure that our college is a place that values students’ educations over money. 

For all of those who criticize Occupy SMC I have a few things to say. Learn about the movement; learn about what these students are protesting for. Talk to someone. And remember that these students are NOT protesting for some abstract concept. They are protesting for to change, not destroy our college.

I was unfairly treaded and it feels amazing to know there are students, some I know- some I don’t, who are taking to the lawn for me, walking out of class for me, protesting on the streets for me. And when I say “for me”, I am saying not only for my experience, but for any student who has been through something like this and has not had the opportunity to share their voice.

I have felt so silenced this semester, so let down by a college I call home. That is why I am sharing my very personal story.  I want the college community to know my story, know my pain and realize that change needs to happen, or there will be more stories like mine. Once it becomes personal, it’s really hard to allow the status quo to remain. I guess what I am asking YOU the reader, is imagine my story with your best friend in my place. I bet you would be protesting for them. Make it personal and you will understand the Occupy Movement.

Hearing about Occupy SMC has given me hope, given me hope that our college will be accountable for its actions and for its students. Saint Mary’s was my home but unlike most students, I only get to spend three in half years there. I’m returning to finish my degree in Jan Term and will be graduating in spring (thank you AP credits) but I will stand in solidary and protest for all the students who have been silenced in the past. Thank you Occupy SMC for everything you have done for me.

o my

tomorrow i go back to college.. i took a semester of to be a mom and now i have to go back.  I don’t want to… I’m not ready to not be 24/7 with baby Em. She’s just 6 months, my family is going to take care of her while I’m at school, but I still feel so anxious about leaving her. I’m doing this for her tho, so I’ll have to suck it up. 
Wish me luck! 

Having a semester off...

What I expected

1) I would accomplish something profound, for example become more in touch with my spirituality through meditation or become more routed in nature

2) I would get in shape, perhaps take up a sport

3) I would take the time to develop any skills I have and possibly learn some new ones

4) I would get another job in my field and volunteer in my community

5) I would begin to learn a new language (probably Japanese) and brush up on my high school French

6) I would organize and redecorate my room

7) I would get my license

8) I would plan some sort of getaway for myself, possibly some sort of spiritual rejuvenation  

What I actually did with my time

1) Work part time at a crappy retail job

2) Go on tumblr

3) Watch anime (specifically One Piece)

4) Read fanfiction

6) Eat (a lot)

5) Avoid the rest of society