semester in spain

50 Things I missed out on while on exchange

1. journaling

2. taking pictures of some random things

3. trying some weird food

4. buying a book in my host countries language

5. going to a disco

6. traveling with my organisation

7. a lot of small souvenirs

8. trying a bit harder to learn the language

9. making more friends in my host country

10. celebrating the shit out off holidays

11. having fun on my birthday

12. buying a flag of my host country

13. going to a sports event in my host country

14. doing something fun with my host family

15. take a trip with a friend

16. trying a new sports

17. eating as if I were going to die tomorrow

18. taking videos

19. seriously trying to ace a test

20. trying to regularly watch a TV series that’s an original in my host country

21. do something I’m scared of

22. Look at every single church

23. take a picture of all the food

24. random selfies

25. sending my friends/family at home pictures

26. sending my friends a long message in my host countries language just to brag

27. spend way too much money

28. try somthing that’s totally not from your host country but you don’t have in your country

29. take pictures of the airport

30. take pictures when I arrived

31. take pictures when I left

32. told that boy that I like him

33. dressed a little slutty

34. trying weird products

35. buying presents for my friends back home

36. writing on my tumblr

37. getting excited about little things

38. take pretty pictures of myself

39. take pretty pictures of landscapes

40. trying not to talk to my friends at home at all for at least a month

41. writing a letter to myself before going on exchange

42. spending more time outside

43. not worrying about school

44. crushing on boys but not caring too much

45. hanging out with people I normally wouldn’t hang out with

46. becoming a fan of a regional sports club

47. going to every into meeting

48. trying to teach someone my language

49. cry less

50. laugh more

phichit is born without words. sometime after his first birthday the words ¿hola, como estas? appear, inscribed on the inside of his wrist. when he is old enough to understand what the words mean – and not their meaning, since he can’t read them, but their significance – he learns he has a soulmate.

it isn’t until much later, when he is old enough to recognize the significance of the words being in a different language.

at first he panics because what if his soulmate speaks a totally different language than him? hes…fairly fluent in english but spanish seems so different and complicated. they don’t offer spanish as an elective in general schooling.

at the most he knows hello, how are you, where is the bathroom, and i like cheese because those phrases are about the only ones offered by free spanish learning websites.

instead he decides to add a minor in foreign language in his second semester at university. his roommate, yuuri, is studying social sciences and he refuses to show anyone his soul mark. phichit used to tease him about it but it made yuuri uncomfortable so phichit stopped. maybe he didnt have a soulmate. maybe his soulmate died. but phichit catches a glimpse one day when yuuri is leaving the shower, with the words “would you like an autograph?” in english. maybe his soulmate is a celebrity. maybe he’s going to marry an american movie star. yuuri never talks about it.

yuuri says he’s being impulsive because he’s sure phichit’s soulmate won’t care they speak different languages. or that they can’t understand each other. yuuri is a romantic at heart so he doesn’t see phichits fear. phichit consumes spanish telenovas and as many books in spanish as he can. he follows a spanish bot on twitter to learn new phrases and repeats them to himself when they appear on his feed. he takes out his spanish textbook and reads a new chapter before he goes to bed, and then stuffs it under his pillow, hoping to learn through osmosis. 

something his professor didn’t warn him was spanish is really hard after a certain level. there’s no more counting or reciting colors. grammar, conjugations, pronouns, bizarre adjectives and some of the most stressful speaking exams of his life. as hard as english was to learn it’s like trying to unlearn english. “you’re being too hard on yourself,” yuuri says. “you’ve already got a huge jumpstart, phichit,” he says. “and whatever you don’t know now, you’ll learn later. you have time.”

he takes as many spanish classes as his credits will allow. celestino, one of the language advisors, tells him hes never met a more dedicated and determined student. he suggests phichit take a semester in spain as part of the exchange program.

he says goodbye to yuuri in detroit and hops on the next flight to madrid. the host family he stays with is nice, and spain is beautiful. it is very hot, much like his hometown, and he is able to wear his shorts and t shirts again. the crowded city is familiar and relaxing, in a way.

he returns to detroit after the semester is over, a new arsenal of spanish vocabulary (mostly swears), watches yuuri graduate and flies back to bangkok for the summer term. his professors congratulate him in the next term for improving his accent, and he’s proud of all the work he put into learning spanish. this is more than just his soulmate’s language; he’s learned to love spanish as an academic. he reads don quixote. he reads as many spanish literature books he can. he almost considers adding a focus in spanish literature but decides he’d like to graduate sometime this century.

he graduates with honors, major complete, and a spanish minor. he spends a few months lounging around detroit, not really sure where to go after he finished his degree. interview after interview and nobody’s really interested in hiring a social media and communications major. he sleeps on the couch at a friend’s house. he passes by an old record store and sees the “HELP WANTED” sign on the door. he passes it again the next day. after the fourth day he dares to venture inside. it’s dusty, and smells like cigarette smoke, but there’s an aged charm to it. there’s old tapestries and rock posters lining every inch of the walls. 

the man at the counter greets phichit in roughly accented english. he says his english is not very good, and mumbles something, but phichit thinks he recognizes the words “another one” in spanish. it’s not like the spanish he learned in spain, so more likely mexico, or a different regional dialect. it’s okay, i speak spanish, he assures the man in spanish. the man smiles at him. and after talking for a few more minutes, phichit mentions he’s looking for a job in between jobs. the man shakes his hand and hires him on the spot.

his first day of work he shows up at the record store and is greeted by a different man at the counter. he’s much younger, almost a boy. “¿hola, como estas?” the boy yells in the most american accent phichit has ever heard, pulling off his headphones. 

of course, phichit thinks. 

he doesn’t know how he knows, but he does. countless other people have used the exact same greeting and his heart used to skip a beat when the words passed their lips, but he looks at the boy at the counter and he knows.

“i’ve been looking for you for a long time,” phichit says, in spanish. the boy tilts his head to the side, obviously confused.

“tio mentioned you spoke spanish, but i don’t know anything besides hola,” he says, and shrugs. he blinks, squints to look at phichit. “wait. sorry, do i know you?”

“that’s okay.” phichit says. he holds up his wrist. sees the understanding and awe pass over the boy’s face. “and yeah. you know me too.”

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disposable camera
my phone

empty water bottles
film camera
a specific chair where i throw clothes on
unused film?
clothes and shoes lol

travel to new york with my best friends for suuuuure (when we are all legal)
study a semester in italy or spain
live a nice financially stable life and find someone who im interested in and just live that cute life of doing things that we love together
adopt a puppy of my own!!!!
get to have a job that im in love with/doesn’t feel like work and im excited to do everyday

my two best friends (22 days until i see them yay)
eating good food
interesting/vulnerable/deep conversations
being in the car listening to music

disposable cameras
learning and practicing the ukulele more
finding things to do on my trip to chicago that’s coming up
making playlists??? Lol

honestly start going to sleep earlier
be more on time
learn to organize my money better
putting myself out there to make friends
sing more tbh

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  • NYT: Who is your favorite novelist of all time?
  • Matthew Weiner: Gabriel García Márquez. I suppose there’s no doubt that he is considered one of the greatest writers of all time, but I’m aware that this is a product of the time period in which I live. I read “One Hundred Years of Solitude” in college during a semester abroad in Spain and was on a train when I finished it, surrounded by strangers, dumbstruck that it was over and marveling that all of this came out of a human being. What was called then “magic realism” was exactly how I experienced the world. And the little poetic justices, like the character who had a withered arm because he once raised it to hit his mother, filled me with the desire to create.
5 Things Tag

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5 things you’ll find in my bag
- Rituals chapstick
- Wallet
- Tide to go
- Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer
- Earbuds

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom
- A Mozart statue head
- 6 pieces of street art
- The complete Harry Potter series in Spanish
- Two mini chandeliers
- A tiny gold mirror

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
- See the northern lights
- Swim with dolphins
- Do a semester is Spain
- Sky diving
- Attend Harvard University

5 things that make me happy
- Hanging out with friends
- Getting good grades
- Thunderstorms
- Good food
- Stargazing

5 things I’m currently into
- The 1975
- Prison Break
- Daughter
- Astronomy

5 things on my to-do list
- Complete a Chemistry lesson
- Do a chemistry lab
- Excersize
- Practice Spanish
- SAT prep

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Retracing Footsteps

Inspired by the prompt “i got you for secret santa so i got you this really expensive but sentimental gift that you’ve always wanted, hoping you’ll never find out it’s from me - and that i’ve been in love with you 1234567 years” because it was the first one of the list that jumped out at me.

Took me forever but I finally finished it yay!

“All right guys, gather ‘round.”

The occupants in the Cortex of S.T.A.R. Labs stopped what they were doing to turn and look at Cisco and Iris as they came out of one of the attached laboratory rooms, the engineer shaking a large beaker filled with crumpled balls of paper as he walked.

“So I know things have been tense with Zoom around, to say the least,” Iris started once she had everyone’s attention, “But Christmas is coming up, and anyone who knows me knows it’s like my favourite holiday.”

There was a light snort from the speedster, and Joe let out a laugh that was quickly muffled by a hand. Barry crossed his arms as he regarded his best friend, leaning against the central computer desk. “That’s the understatement of the year.”

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Part Ten

I can’t believe this became ten parts long. Also, now that I’ve wrapped this up, I can focus on all the other things that I’ve neglected. So that’s the good news! Thank you for the kind words and all the encouragement. You guys da best.

Claire unlocked the door to the house and threw her purse onto the counter.

It had been a long day.

She sighed as she hung the keys up on the hook, grabbing the bottle of wine she had picked up from her bag and crossing to where they kept the corkscrew. She was in the middle of pouring it into a glass when she heard the door open and her name being called.

“In the kitchen,” she called back, taking a long drink.

“Hitting the bottle already?” Claire could hear the smirk in her sister’s voice, and she rolled her eyes. “Couldn’t even wait for the rest of us?”

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"Just Lipstick", Lora Mathis

He leaned in to kiss her cheek and then paused. “Is that lipstick?” he asked, as he studied the faint pink marking on Eleanor’s cheek. She blushed and hurriedly wiped away the stain which rested a little too close to her mouth.

 She had not told him about Pattie yet. Somehow, mentioning her would spoil her. When she began getting coffee with her on Mondays after their shifts at the library, she told him she was working late and he believed her without a doubt, using the time to watch the game in peace.When coffee had progressed to wine at an Italian restaurant, she’d told herself that after twenty years of torturing honesty, she deserved a tiny secret.

Every other friend she’d made had been the wife of one of his colleagues-nice women, but drab. She was tired going to dinner with them and still tiptoeing around contradictory conversational topics, as if they had not known each other for years.

She knew he would not approve of Pattie. She knew her dyed crimson bob or perpetual bubblegum chewing habit would not strike his interest, but something about Pattie had captivated her.

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